Thinking of you

Viva las VegasStamps, Cogs embossing folder from Tim Holtz. Not sure how I made it… looks like I embossed the paper, coloured it with inks (or couloured the embossing folder) then flattened the middle piece again by making a small rectangular stack. The edge is done with crayons and distress inks. A ghost image of the soldier and the dancing lady in the frame.

The question is, who is thinking of who? The soldier, masculine, “business” (as in, war, violence) or the dancer (love(r), emotion, pure). Is he in her mind of is she in his? Are they truely seperated in distance or are they separated in class? The soldier, following the laws and rules without question vs the gypsy, free thinking spirit. No matter what, they are longing for eachother.daqadoodles160606ma1641n7946




Birth basket

Not sure what it is called in English, but these are gifts for a women who has just given birth. It’s not a national tradition / custom, just something some people do. You make a basket with gifts, I think it was originally one for each day the mother had to stay in bed. (used to be a week? No idea). Anyway, the gifts are for the mother, who has had both physical and emotional a major experience. So no or not only baby things that make the mother feel good. My friend lives at 3 hrs driving so I made her a nice package. Gifts included chocolate from a chocolatier (not sure if that is English), instant soup, lavender oil, olive oil soap, felted flowers and some more I forgot.


Daqadoodles151012ma003450147 Daqadoodles151012ma003440146 Daqadoodles151012ma003435145 Daqadoodles151012ma003503149 Daqadoodles151012ma003459148
Daqadoodles151012ma003429144 Daqadoodles151012ma003424143 Daqadoodles151012ma003414142 Daqadoodles151012ma003407141 Daqadoodles151012ma003351140 Daqadoodles151012ma003343139 Daqadoodles151012ma003621153 Daqadoodles151012ma003604152 Daqadoodles151012ma003553151 Daqadoodles151012ma003511150

Happy new ye… eh…. happy February!

As usual limited time and energy, and time available was spent crafting not blogging.

So again, a post full of cards I finished earlier. Some cards were started a while ago (a year?) and finished this autumn, but not shown here yet. So picture heavy blogpost again!


Image from Connie Fong – Sweet Pea Stamps (now closed), stencil Maidenhair Fern from Designs by Ryn

Aurora from Santoro - Willow series and Maidenhair Fern from Designs by Ryn.

Santoro Willow and Maidenhair Fern from Designs by Ryn.

The hair of Mademoiselle Snow (Willow - from Santoro London) is Wild Honey distress ink, same as the leaves.

The hair of Willow (from Santoro London) is Wild Honey distress ink, same as the leaves.

Lavinia clearstamp zen tree and Chocolate Baroque text stamp (I think). Apply distress ink on a sheet of paper, spritz with resist spray (I used homemade one with decoupage glue and water), let dry and then add the next shade of distress ink. Hmm I think I had stamped the tree first and made a resist to cover it (self adhesive window foil).

Lavinia clearstamp zen tree and Chocolate Baroque text stamp. Apply distress ink on a sheet of paper, spritz with resist spray (I used homemade one with decoupage glue and water), let dry and then add the next shade of distress ink. Hmm I think I had stamped the tree first and made a resist to cover it (self adhesive window foil).


Upside down

It’s a busy period, so posting is absent. Going to try to catch up a tiny but.
A while ago (in August) I made a card for a challenge with this flowerlady stamp from Chocolate Baroque (Forget That). I was “working” on a card with the head popping out of the tress, but didn’t quite know how to continue from the idea.

This is the starting point:


The right one is the first finished card, the left one was the one I was thinking about of turning it up side down. I made a copy of the card and gave some stamps a try.

Daqadoodles150811di001536002The head wasn’t popping out really, there should be leaves covering her “body”. This is what I came up with:


Tree stamp is from part of a Lavinia stamp, the leaves are from De-Stempelwinkel, flowerlady and sentiment from Chocolate Baroque. As the lady is in the tree I thought the quote might be funny, like: get down to earth!


Also around that time (beginning of September), on a day it wasn’t that warm anymore. I was busy with putting the youngest to bed (who was over-tired & crying because I had to get the eldest from school while it was actually his napping time). The other two (4 and almost 3) were playing a fantasy game in the garden when I looked out of the window of the youngest. I get downstairs, start tidying outside a bit when I see a naked kid running around. It was 16 degrees Celsius. Suddenly I notice the hose is coming out of the garage, meaning he has connected it to the tap… I tell the oldest to put his clothes back on, while turning off the tap and disconnecting the hose. He runs at me with a watergun and fires at me, I go inside to get a towel. I think F, the girl of almost 3, is safe as she is wearing her raincoat. But when I get outside she is naked to. The oldest comes running at me and says proudly: mommy, we made a washing machine!

This is what I saw:

Daqadoodles061Ofcourse I had run back inside to get my camera. Couldn’t really get angry at them as I was laughing about it. Really everything they had on them went in. Shoes, DIAPER (no poo, don’t think they’d have done that), precious favourite teddybear (a grey hippo), pacifier, shoes, coats… all.

Nice of them to help me with the laundry ;).


An old friend of my partner got married last summer, and all guests were asked to write something about how they knew the couple. The tekst/photos would be bound to an album. As the  “ceremoniemeester” (wedding planner?) had a non functioning e-mail adress of ours it took a while before we got this question. I had two weeks to come up with something, and as usualy, started on time. (Right… 2 days before we had to mail it…)

Here is what I made:


I wasn’t happy about the last page. But we’ll get to that later, first, the first page (which actually isn’t the text, which I put last).


The song and adresslist is copied from the yearbook. The books is a Crafter’s Companion stamp, moustache is a Tim Holtz die, sun is also a diecut, stamped sun is  from Stampinback. The layout of the page (swirl and stripes on the side) was done by the mother of the bride to get a uniform look.  The lightbulb stamp is Stampers Anonymus. I had edited the picture on the computer, aging the colours and fading the two other guys out as this wasn’t about them. colours: brown, yellow, metallic white (perlen pen)Daqadoodles043

The text is a bit messy… I’m not very good at stamping those tiny letter stamps. (little wood mounted stamps, love the typewriter look of the letters).


The next page: A picture of the graduation – stars and moons background is Scrapberries I think, the telephone cell (Dr Who) is vivalasvegas, as is the robot head. The text is the Fysica song, copied from the yearbook as well. The “ribbon” is a sizzix die. The thingy (astroplaneworldbulbthingy) is from stampinback. I think.


colours of this page: brown, blue, (metallic) white. It is my favourite page.


The text page. I had several diecuts which I loved, but didn’t know how to put them on the page with the text. Then I decided I would place them behind the text.


Huisje, boompje, beestje. It’s a dutch expression for “settling down” – home, tree, pet.AFter this picture I coloured the edges of the diecuts, used a gray marker to follow the lines.


Printing the text onto tissue paper. Taped it with washi tape to regular printing paper and put it in the printer. This can be a bit tricky, as the tissue can tear or move and the print ends up not being entirely straight. The last bit is no problem, as with the next step theres a 90% change lines won’t be straight anymore.


Laying it out roughly. Next step is to put decoupage glue on the paper and glue it on. As I wanted the edges to blend in, I’ve torn them. Cut edges stand out, torn edges fade more gradually into the background. I didn’t want glue outside of the text or on top of it, so I had to put the glue on the back of the text. That is a challenge – gluing up a tissue paper, THEN picking it up and laying it flat in the right spot in one go – if you try to move it too much after you put it down, it tears.Daqadoodles036a

The result is a subtle layering. Inking up the edges worked out great, if I hadn’t done it many details would have been lost. Or entire diecuts would be lost.

The third page: I wasn’t happy with it. The first and second were great, they matched. The text page was different then the others, but as it is a text only page it was good. But the third page.. too much colour of the pictures.

First try. They both work in IT so I liked the printplate (is that the english word as well?) stamp from vivalasvegas a lot. I also wanted to use a diecut of the Netherlands: we moved from the Hague (the milled lavender part) to the south of the Netherlands. He moved to the east of the Netherlands (end of the arrow) and found his love there. And now it’s time to get married.

But, as said, I missed the brown. So I started again.


Indeed more brown, but still… not right.


This is it. A picture less, more hearts and more uniform colours – the same blue as the pages before, and some bundled sage green. Colours: brown, blue, green and a bit of milled lavender. No die cut this time but and outline (and inline?) using the die itself. Diecuts from Marianne Design, Amy design and Sizzix.


So this was a bit of scrapbooking for me. It’s not really for me, as I leave no place for pictures 😛 Pictures supplement my layout rather then the other way around, haha!

Next post is about the card I made for them, with their invitations as inspiration.

Birds don’t lay pears

But why would it like to nest in a tree with pears? It only attracts wasps… Or do doves like them? Hmm.

Anyway, maybe even more in a hurry then before as the deadline is now – what, half an hour? an hour?

So, this post is my second entry for the 14th Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge 5d847-cbc_13









Stamped and embossed the tree, then coloured it with distress ink and markers. Covered the coloured tree parts with teykol, than applied the acryllic bloc technique. Stamped the branches, coloured the berries. De little doves were made the same time as in the previous post. They were added to the card with adhesive foam so they’re raised a bit. Stickles on the star and on the doves again.

The background card is made with paint – I didn’t have a fitting background ready and had to finish it, so I grabbed one with a print I didn’t quite like, added paint – purple only at first. Then decided I wanted a lighter edge as well, so added bundles sage distress paint.

Thanks for you visit!

Doves of joy

Deadline, in a hurry!
For the 14th Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge:





Some outdoor pictures when it wasn’t finished yet:  Daqadoodles150915di182945128



Stamped with multiple colours distress ink, then added teykol (a kind of resist thingy, like decoupage glue) on top of it. Then used the acryllic block technique for the other colours and added some more shade lilac with a sponge. I stamped and heat embossed the doves onto another paper, coloured them and cut them out. Added Stickles, and some more Peeled paint around the tree as I missed some more green. Last, I heat embossed “Joy” with gold tinsel.



Catching up – cards, skirts and hanging around.

Been almost a month since my last post – how time flies! Holidays are over, work and school started again, back to the regular routine. Crafting does happen, but blogging less. Hope to be able to make something for the Chocolate Baroque challenge in time!

I’ll show some things I made the past year (or still haven’t finished) which I might not have shown yet on my blog. These things include a skirt for my son, natural ink and many cards. First a gallery with the ink, then a gallery with the rest. The ink pictures are from May. I haven’t touched the jars since except for once, and then I threw out the onion one as it smelled horrible. Not sure how moldy the rest is… Ink was too ligh to be really usable. Another chance soon, the walnut is shedding it’s nuts and they /their shells are great for ink. (But then again, what do I do with this ink? It’s not stamping ink…)

And now the rest:

WOYWW #x – Workspace then and Now.

It’s been a while since I participated in WOYWW, and I am not doing so now as this post has been ready for a while but somehow I don’t manage to post it on Wednesdays. Didn’t participated for the most common reason: major lack of time to be online. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to visit people, so I didn’t participate. I still don’t have much time, but I’d like to show the changes made to my workspace.


An open cupboard, (actually an IKEA PAX cupboard, 58 cm deep, 100cm wide, 236 cm high) with a curtain (from the childrens room from the previous appartment) in front of it. Lots of storage space, but not it didn’t turn out very convenient as I had to keep moving stuff to get to the stuff in the back.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

Turning around, you can see the table, and 3 chests of drawers. Or actually, you can only see one. Two are stacked, and the other one is next to them, below the shoebox decorated with white-rosed paper.


Here you can see the two stacked ones.

Wednesday 00:40

Wednesday 00:40


(Or rather, end of february 2015). I got another pax, the less deep one (35 cm, still 100cm wide and 238 cm tall) and added doors. Our current bedroom is differently shaped and a bit smaller then the previous one (moved april 2014), so we got sliding doors instead of these hinged doors. At first, I didn’t think they’d fit well in our living room. But now I think they do, it looks way better then the curtain, it looks less cluttered as the floor and cupboardoors match quite well. Also, as you can see, the tower of drawers is now next tot the cupboard.


Which makes it possible for the tabl e to be extended more, and which makes it look more calm in that corner. (just hink away the mess on the table).Daqadoodles150228za001041005


Then onto some (I think clever) storage system. You know how supermarkets sometimes have special offers where you can save stuff? This sheet of metal is from Jan Linders, you could save grocery magnets so the kids could make a grocery list with images. The backside is covered with chalkboard paint.

With double sided tape I stuck it to the door and added some of the sizzix movers and shapers dies to it. This way I can SEE them, and therefore hopefully use them more. I added some tape at the height of the shelve, as I shouldn’t put dies there – they’d hit the shelve if I do. I did add a little helper thingy there, that small square isn’t a die but is meant to be able to lift paper out of sizzix bigz frame dies more easily.


Note that purple thingy on the cupboard door? It´s a Grippy. It´s meant to keep your cellphone from sliding all over the dashboard of your car. It´s made of the same material as the old slimy hands which you could throw against a wall and then it would walk-climb down. We liked it so we bought a few to give a way as gifts to other nerdy friends, but we forgot about them. Later when I found them I thought I might be able to use them. Now I use them indeed… Put it on an acryllic block, put your unmounted stamp or mounted-but-not-sticking-stamp on it, and voila! Same effect as the tack’npeel, only now both sides are tacky instead just one, and you don’t attach it permanently to your acryllic block. Reason I used this is that I didn’t have a large enough size of tack ‘n peel on an acryllic block, and you attach the tnp permanet to a block. I don’t have multiple same sized big acryllic blocks so I didn’t want it permanently attached.


On the other side I stuck two A4 magnetic sheets. I didn’t have any more at the time, meanwhile I have added two more to have a bit more space for my dies. Many dies are on there, some that aren’t are nesting dies, I still prefer those in the metal tin (that used to hold pencils) which I lined with magnetic sheets as well. Now it is very easy to see my dies and pick one. I haven’t noticed I used them more often by the way. I love dies, I keep buying some occasionally, but I don’t use them a lot anymore, I often find it hard to combine them with stamping.

Daqadoodles150228za001440007The bottom shelve is still unsorted, I just stuffed all (or most) remaining paper there. On the next shelve are my binders with stamps, stencils, inventory list, spare mounting foam and a few stuff-tainers.

The third shelve: on the left part in the back are A4 papers/cardboard in my self made magazine files (made from cat litter boxes). I hardly use those papers. In front some tins with brushes and the plain tape. In the tin with the apple on it (stroopblikje) are brushes which my kids are allowed to use. Next to it, HEMA correspondentie kaartjes which I bought recently, I quite like them. In the brown box is A5 cardboard in several colours or designs. Don’t use those often either. Sometimes as backing card. In the blue plastic bin are the larger sizzix dies, many of them second hand. On top of it, you can see the pencil tin which hold some nesting dies, and on top of that a lightly decorated shoebox with unfinished cards inside. I have a new stack to add to it.

4th shelve, more little and big shoeboxes. Above it a shelve with A3 sixed paper and other bits that don’t fit on another shelve.

6th shelve, (6th if the bottom is a shelve too, that is): lots of small shoeboxes. My sponges are on there, distress markers, a very nice wooden alfphabet stamp set.

Shelve above that contains stuff. (Mostly used item from this shelve: the glues that are on the front. The other boxes are much less used).

Top shelve: acryllic paint, finger paint, childrens paint and finished cards. Stored out of reach of enthousiastic childrens hands. Ofcourse, the paint should be in the plastic bin with the yellow lid behind it, but you know how it goes… you grab some paint out, put the bin back, use the paint, clean up everything and quickly store the paint somewhere near the place it should be stored.

Nowadays I don’t buy those large containers of paint anymore – it’s good for large projects but I hardly have those. Now it’s just the ranger paint dabber/do crafts/alleene’s/hema small sized acryllic paint containers. Those fit into the drawers on the right.

The pictures were taken a few weeks ago, currently working on a different project.

Oh I made one more change to the workarea, this was before Easter to be able to hang up some cholates. Let me make a picture, brb!


…… sorry it took a bit longer, ofcourse cleaned the table empty (still was stuff on it) and removed the chair with all the clothes.

Bundis upcycled – I’ve always wanted a decorating thing ( those circles which hang above a table and you can decorate?) but not enought to actually buy one. We didn’t have space to hang it anyway. But I wanted to hang up chocolate easter eggs! So I made this, and hung the eggs beneath and had put young plants/seedlings on top.


The eggs are ofcourse eaten, the seedlings gone outside, and the space reclamed for my glass jars.

Beneath it now are 3 hearts – the smalles one is from Freya, she got it from one of my sisters on her birthday. The other two was a gift for me, they were plain white and for me to decorate. I’ve decorated one with alcohol ink, then put a varnish on top and then stmaped the drops. Problem is I stamped with Versafine rather then Stazon, and oily ink on varnish is not a good idea, doesn’t really adhere/dry. Still have to do the edges and the other side. Oh, and the other heart as well ;)/



The kids aren’t allowed on the table and know glass can break. They’ve left it alone so far, only time when they wanted to get something is the hearts or the mini chest. The hearts can be seen in the bottom of the closet – still brown/not painted. Here, my kids have painted them. For Denise Silva from I’ve put the tissue boxes on the table.  Oh and I altered/repaird my Ikea lampshade a bit more. See here for the first part – now I have repaired the two holes on the edges. Didn’t have that decoupage paper anymore so made my own using plain white tissuepaper and some distress colours.


Making Berry Inks (Huckleberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Pokeberry, etc.)

This week I came across an e-book, called Perma Art, and it was about making your own art supplies. I also bought another e-book about green crafting. It seems to be quite easy to make your own non toxic, non environmental damaging ink! So ofcourse I set out to make that this evening. I’ve boiled some plants, nearly set the house on fire (was called upstairs to help with the kids and forgot about the pots on the stove. Suddenly a smell… oops… rushed down, the waltnushells/onion pot had cooked dry. I’ve still got some scrubbing to do to clean that one out.
Anyway, the ink I got looks ok, but very light still. Also, it needs some preservative. But what? Is vinegar ok, or should I use alcohol? And do I need to make it less fluid? The books mention ingredients I don’t have yet. And what are all those ingredients in Dutch? I know some translations, but sometimes it really is important to get the right thing – soda and baking soda for instance are not the same. (No, not used in ink, but for homemade washing detergent).
I searched online for more info about home made ink and stamping and came across this post, which looks great:

The Druid's Garden

Inkmaking is a wonderful way to use up some of the fabulous berries that you can forage for outdoors or grow in your garden. With a berry ink, you can do wonderful water washes, use a dip pen and write great letters, or use it for various drawings and sketches!  You can also use your ink for spiritual journaling or magical work.  Having an ink you’ve made yourself allows you to be creative while making use of sustainable materials that are locally harvestable!

Which Berries to Use?

You can use any berry that has a nice dark stain when you cut it open.  The list that I’ve made ink from, and the colors they produce, are as follows:

  • Huckleberry (Garden, Wild) – Produces a nice denim blue ink (PHOTO BELOW)
  • Pokeberry – Produces a hot pink ink (please don’t eat these berries, they are poisonous) (PHOTO BELOW)
  • Buckthorn, common –…

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