Some other projects in progress…

…back in August. A key-hanger, decorated letter and a Darth Vader furniture knob.

(I’ve been a bit ill last week, and still very busy with Sinterklaas, now I finally have some time and engery to post what I’ve been doing. Not yet the energy to craft though).

They haven’t changed a lot since the pictures.
First, the more plain projects.

Sleutelhanger / keychain

I decorated wooden “things” to use as sleutelhanger (key-hanger?).


I tested my pyromancy skills (a wood burning tool) – I guess this isn’t the best wood to use it on. Too soft.Daqadoodles140723wo134103

And another lesson: write the text the other way around if you want to hang it by the big hole in the hanger. You can see I made a tag-shaped one earlier, sort of same process using turqoise and copper acryllic paint.


Decorated letter

My next project: decorate a letter for my daughter, to put or hang in her room. She is (now) 2 years old.

This was at the table outside obviously. Just crafting in between toys.


Time to get messy. I had allready glued design paper on the letter, and added some ribbon to the outer edges.Daqadoodles140805di125208 Daqadoodles140805di125217

I’m not sure what I wanted to do, I guess I wanted to try out the colours. They were too vibrant / not matching the design paper so I didn’t use them.Daqadoodles140805di125248

Here is what I used instead.



Gold glitter embossed edges:Daqadoodles140805di133644

These are glued on now (or 2 are) but that’s about it. And it’s standing on the piano, not in her room as we haven’t got a shelve to put it on yet.

Dart Vader furniture knob / pull
Darth Vader knop of handgreep

Now the next project is really cool, I forgot where I got the inspiration from. A Darth Vader furniture knob. (Darth Vader knop.) Could be

I had an icecube tray and lots of leftover hot glue (due to me messing with my new mod melts mold and using toouch glue). Making this one used up a lot of glue, much more then the leftover glue I had.

I made just one. If you check out the link, you see that they didn’t put the bolt inside the glue/material. That might look better inside the drawer, I’d have to saw a bit of my bolt off (or accept that there is a part of the bolt sticking out into the drawer). Anyway, this is just a prototype.

Also, if you’d want to make more of these with the bolts in the materials, here are a few tips: take a wooden paintstick, drill holes with a diameter larger then the bolt (but only slightly larger), and glue some nuts on.

Next, turn in the bolts, all approx. the same height. Then put the bolts in the material, making sure the wooden stirring stick doesn’t touch the glue.

The glue stays hot and fluid for some time, but probably not long enough to fill up all shapes and then add the nuts. If it looks like it’s cooling too much, just dip the nose of you glue gun in.

Anyway here was my setup:


The result:Daqadoodles140820wo145843




I painted it with cheap acryllic paint. I should have used gesso first. I didn’t have black, so couldn’t use that. In case you’re wondernig what he hangs into now, it’s the side of my chest of drawers. I drilled holes in the sides and into the drawers and put a dowel in it to prevent my children from opening the drawers (with my hobby materials). The eldest is 3 1/2 now and hasn’t yet noticed how it works, he just ignores the drawers. My middle child (2 now) is occasionally trying out if the drawers open, as sometimes I forget to put the dowels back in place.

So far so good, but there will be a time when they discover how it works.


Oooh I just realized…. if I glue nuts to the inside of the drawer I could use Darth Vader to close them! I might do this after my kids have figured out how the dowels work (push them in the drawer with a pencil) as this guy stands out a bit more then dowels.

For now, the guy is lying around in one of my boxes, waiting for his final treatments and placement. it’s been fun making him. Next time I might try out other materials, although hot glue is something I have in my drawers allready.


My heart belongs to you

The card I made for my partner, who had his birthday 13 days after our son was born. I loved making it, and like the card whic is a bit of a mixed media metal foil canvas card. I started making it the evening before his birthday, and finished in the afternoon of his birthday – he was working.


Let me show you the mess on my desk. Not unusual when I’m crafting, although lately it’s been less of a mess – less time, so using less different techniques. You can see the main part of the card is allready finished in this picture, and I’m working on a frame or background now.


I used some leftovers for this project, and also made some new embellishments.

Daqadoodles140715di232214The cogs, green/copper swirls were leftovers. Not sure if the heart and hinge were. The flower and keyhole are new. I used two embossing folders, first a metal plate one, polished lightly after embossing. Then a tools embossing folder, and polished after embossing too.


Making very shiny and glossy pieces – cut out the heart and emboss (or the other way around), ink up, then spray with perfect pearls mist copper, and add glossy accents.

The border with the hinges I thought of a bookcover or door, so had to make a door/cover frame ofcourse.


Lovely intense colours.


I replaced the stencil, dabbed embossing ink on it, and heat embossed it with copper embossing powder.Daqadoodles140715di235647

The idea was to have more blue shown through, but I had stamped the embossing ink too much. Loved how it turned out anyway!

I especially loved the left part, so I tore it off and cut it in two pieces, and glued those further apart on a bigger piece of cardstock. I added some more ink to the edge. The main part later on hides the cut.


Also quite new for me is playing with aluminium foil and alcohol inks (and add to that, embossing).  Ofcourse that wasn’t flawles, I found the aluminium foil still very shiny, it tore up a bit so you saw the card underneath, and I’m not good at using alcohol inks (yet). I bet having holes in the foil and using that foil adds an extra difficulty level to it ;).

Finished, hanging on a fence outside



And in the grass, where you can see how it shines.




Magic happens all around

I started this card not as a card, but just playing around with a new stencil (stars), distress paint budled sage, distress stain bronze and rusty hinge on green cardstock. Then I also tried out my new Sheena Douglas embossing folder – it started to look quite ok, maybe I could use it? It had an autumn feel to it, with the leaves and brown and glimmering colours. So I searched for some challenges to help me by adding some boundaries within which I would make something.

The themes of the challenges I chose were: Autumn/Fall, inspirational image,  make your own leaves, Anything but CAS, Frame it, use stamping on tissue paper and decoupage technique and use Design by Ryn stamps.. Some might have closed allready as I dind’t like the finished card untill today, when the room was brightyl lit and I stood a bit further away – the card was as intended. Very autumn like, a bit of an ancient feel to it because of the mosaique, the pillars and colours, and the fairy not that well visible. I wanted her to be transparent – only visible to those who look.

An autumn scenery in an interesting frame. Here it is:


How I made it

I continued with the background by colouring in the leaves with barn door distress marker. I was wondering what to put on it – then I rememered the arch from a French Kissed card which I had laying around for ages, this looked like a card where I could use it. Imagine walking around in a forest, and stumbling on an ancient ruin where you witness this magical scene. I wanted it to be behind the embossing, so I put the card and arch on it’s place in the embossing folder, and then pressed with my hands only on the one pillar, rubbing that spot untill it was embossed as well. Then I knew where and how to cut it.

Next I stamped the fairy and squirrel with on tissue paper. It is one stamp, and I inked the body of the fairy with versafine grey and the squirrel, wings and nuts with stazon black. I coloured it (the fairy very lightly as she needed to be hardly visible) and glued it on. Unfortunately, my plan to make the fairy transparent succeeded. (uh what?) Yup. No fairy visible.


See the plant? It used to be full of flowers, just lovely. My children liked the plant too…

The prettiest side to the house. I've got little vases on the table, for when the children pick flowers (usually with a very short stem) - they are filled with these now.

The prettiest side to the house. I’ve got little vases on the table, for when the children pick flowers (usually with a very short stem) – they are filled with these now.

The emptiest side to the garden. In my kids defense, the stems break very easily.

The emptiest side to the garden. In my kids defense, the stems break very easily.

So I restamped onto tissue paper, cut out only the body of the fairy and decoupaged it. If you look closely (don’t do it!) you can see that decoupaging tissue paper on the exact same spot is impossible. (As some parts of the fairy were a bit more visible). I higlighted the squirrel by drawing black lines and white lines in some places, also outlined the nbuts and wings a bit more so the contrast between them and the fairy would be bigger. I stamped and embossed the text, adding the white higlight there as well, and also highlighed some parts of the Arch and the big leaf.


The leaves: The two big leaves in the upper rightcorner are from my stash, (sizzix die, and one leaf has moddeling paste through a leaves stencil) only coloured it a bit more red so it matched the card / autumn theme more. The 4 smaller leaves (Marianne Design die) were also from my stash, they are as old as the arch, which might be 3 years? ANyway, they were diecut from green cardstock on which I had stamped randomly in green and had aged it a bit with forest moss ink. It was too green for this card. I took some decopuage glue and followed the nerves of the leaf, let it dry and then ink it and add some perfect pearls copper on it. (The decoupage glue acted as a sort of rsist for the ink). The leaves were a bit lost in the corner, it needed something extra. That happened to be that piece of string that I found on the table (or ground)… no idea where it came from, maybe one of the kids found it outside, but it was great for this card 🙂


In the lower left I pt mod melts figures, the middle leaf is Martha Stewart clay and the outer two are made with hot glue. Several layers of yellow, green and red acryllic paint (too yellow – add some red. Hmm too red, add some green. Too green, the yellow is gone! add some yellow etc’. Finished with perfect pearls copper.

I forgot an important part, the frame! Ofcourse I made that before glueing the leaves in place. Cut from pink cardstock, then added some metallic colour (I honestly can’t remember if it is acryllic paint or the new copper distress stain – I got so many things in copper colour as I love it!) I put a Crafter’s Workhsop stencil on it, used modelling paste, let it dry. When dry I replaced the stencil and painted it with distress paint. Let dry, adhere to the card, and on to the leaves.


Last I wanted some more autumny things, and got out my paper pens. I don’t have the bright red, but the orange suited very well too to be little berries. I was trying some things out, like marbling with the paper pens, so they turend out to be more like mushrooms then berries, it’s up to the viewer to decide what they are 😉

Have a look at my second post to see the miniature marbled pearls which I made with my paper/gloss/perlen pens! (I have yet to write it, will be out late tonight at the latest).

I was worried that the card didn’t have enough contrast, the colours are very close to eachother. The frame was very light, so I dabbed an Black Sooth sponge on it which wasn’t inked, so just a tiny bit of black sooth. Not sure it is even very visible, I can’t really point it out now but at the time it seemed better.

It’s not really a card-card, it’s more like a small wallhanging. It’s A5 size so not too small.


I’d like to enter this card in the following challenges:

  • Stampingback – Anything NOT CAS (mijn 2e inzending, geen stampinback stempels gebruikt)
  • Our Creative Corner – Autumnal image (berries, autumn, leaves, texture, the beauty that is seen when you take a second look, or Look at the world around you,)
  • Simply Create Too – Autumn (oops, allready entered 3 times, which is max!)
  • Panpasteluk – Frame it (sorry don’t have pan pastels yet!) -oops too late for that one, but…
  • PanPastelUK – Embossing (The new challenge, my card fits that one as well, and I made the frame mainly for you! Following via RSS feed)
  • Ducth Card Lovers – Autumn and make your own leaves
  • Craftstamper – Take it Make it September: Stamping on tissue paper ( a day too late for it)
  • Designs by Ryn – Always Anything goes, use Designs by Ryn products.
  • Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge – #9: Autumn
  • The Artistic Stamper – Autumn colours;
  • Fantasy Stampers – autumn colours;

edit 28th of September: I found the pictures of the disappearing fairy.


Steampunk Prototype Hic Automatum Video

Or some half made up Latin for: Prototupe for a close-up automated view. (Although Video means “I see”). The thing has a name, there is a word for it, but I don’t know it. Not even in Dutch. Imaginarium? Automated moving puppet theatre? It’s the sort of thing you see in theatres, with moving waves (by moving cardboard). Only this one is automated – you wind it up by turning the wheel. The pin on the left hand side keeps the tension on it. (oh dang, I didn’t make a lever to release the tension! adding another note to the prototype…)

Oh I haven’t showed you yet what I’m talking about. Well here it is:


The waves, fish and clouds should move when the wheels turn, only the chain for the clouds is missing. (How do the clouds stay up then? Uhhh…) Once the gears(cogs) are fixed, the clouds wiggle because of the end of the beam on the left side wich touches the gear. Or cog.


The background is made with aluminum foil and alcohol inks, the clouds, fishes (who put those fishes in there? They’re not salt water fishes!) and the waves are given their faux metallic look by rubbing a crayon over the surface and then inking the surface. This effect looks better IRL. Really. Especially on that other card…


Cogs(gears) are from my stash, diecut from a Papermania? Cogs(gears) die set, painted with turqoise and copper acryllic paint. The frame underneat the gears (cogs) is made with rusty hinge and perfect mist perfect copper spray. The screws are made with a Paperpen, and then when it was fairly dry, I put a real screwdriver in it.

I’m tired, so this is it! Tomorrow I’ll add this card to the following challenges, if they haven’t closed yet and I meet the requirements (I always check right before I enter):

Country View Crafts – September challenge: Nautica hmm acutally Nautical means something else, it’s not just fishies but more about navigation, sailors, ships.)

Sandee and Amelie Steampunk’s steampunk challenges – Steampunk Stories – I did tell myself lots of stories while making this. About how I could have REALLY made this work – get proper cogs, line it up, make things really move. That would be fun to do! But oooh the time… That clock… Anyway, I’d envisioned some kind of steampunk tinkerer making this protype, and maybe one day he’ll make a real working model.

Nighty all!

Card display

Daqadoodles13_09_12_180112 Daqadoodles13_09_12_225418

A while ago I made a card display rack, meant for projects in progress. Or rather, cards that I still needed to finish, but when they were stacked away they didn’t get finished. I haven’t put the display rack back up after the move, but it didn’t really work in the way I hoped it would, it didn’t make me finish the cards faster :P.

Making the rack was fun though. It is made from a wooden childsafety fence for the bottom or top of stairs.

Copper Kisses

My choice and layout for now.

My chosen background and layout for now.

About a year ago (or was it more?) I had received several original vintage postcards with French Kisses on them, from Trishia of FrenchKissed Postcards. I had them in a drawer so they wouldn’t be damaged. Then I had them in a simple white frame (Nytta from Ikea) so I could see them.  I had bought several of these frames, with the intention of personalizing them. Well, I finally did.

Almost done! After this picture I might have added another layer and I took some cards out  and rearranged the remainder.

Almost done! After this picture I might have added another layer (or 2 or 3) and I took some cards out and rearranged the remainder. (Yes, pard of a wall is pained copper metallic!)

As often is the case with projects like this, I forget to take pictures at the start, so I only started taking pictures halfway through.

The starting frame is A3 size, white.

nyttja-wissellijst__0124867_PE281970_S4Nothing special.

I started with a layer of copper crackling paint from Viva Decor. It didn’t crackle very much though, I think the surface was too smooth/straight and the coat I applied was probably not thick enough.

Then I decoupaged the corners. And al ittle in the middle. I used roses napkins, flowers&birds napkins, and some decoupage paper.

After that coat I lightly put turquoise paint on it here and there, and swiped it off with a cloth so it would go in the cracks.

I thought the decoupage paper with the white background would be a nice touch, but I didn’t like it so I painted over it with copper metallic acryllic paint, and I might have applied even more decoupage pieces on it. Also, I thought the turqoise was too visible, so went over it also a bit with the metallic copper paint.

After I was done decoupaging, I added another layer of decoupage glue, and after that dried, I stamped some text on it. Sprayed with a bit of perfect pearls spray copper (from ranger) and finished it off with another layer of decoupage glue.

I might have added another layer in between (of glue, or copper paint), and I don’t think the copper spray had much effect.

I do like the end result! I put some of the cards in the frame allready and put it up, with the grey of the paper that came with the frame as backgroound . I still need to change that, because it doesn’t fit at all. I was thinking of making my own background, but just now while writing this, I’ve got a lightbulb moment: Use some of the wallpaper from the sample books I have! Easy peasy. I’ll go do that now, back in 15 minutes! (Have to take a picture too ofcourse). Meanwhile, take a look at my gallery of the frame-project. Lots of pictures to keep you busy.

I hope I put them in chronological order.

Ok, it was a bit more then 15 minutes. 30? 45? I forgot something important when guessing the amount of time it would take. And that is that I would have to choose a wallpaper….

Help me out here! Which background do you prefer?

The gears that make You

Online friend

The next card is a card for a dear friend who lives 900km away. I’ve met him “IRL” twice. Most internet friends are more on the level of acquiantances (or less) in terms of participating in your real life: no birthday visits or non-digital attention, no helping hand possible in times of need, no going out together, not really knowing other people around you other then from your stories. There are exceptions ofcourse. But mostly internet friendships are like collegues – they are part of your life, you share lots, maybe even more then to one you’d speak to face to face, but they are not part of your life. They are outsiders, hearing your story, telling their story, and emphasizing with you, but they are not real part of the story. But this guy is. He made me think deeper about a lot of things. He made me aware of my choices, where I thought I didn’t have them. He made me appreciate (my) life more, and made me enjoy (my) life more. And he did all this not intentional, it’s because of who and how he is. He’s a thinker, dreamer, filosopher, (a poet if he’d be a writer) and has(had) a different view on life, one that I don’t agree with. Not necessarily a depressed view, but a somewhat negative and “it’s all pointless and futile” view. Because of his views I am aware of my views, and appreciate them. An example: We are futile, our actions are lost in the vastness of the world, they are lost in time.

Allready told

I disagree. I see my actions as a snowball, which ofcourse can melt under the blistering heat of a hellish sun, but it can also grow. I might not notice it growing, it might be slow. A little seed. Not all seeds sprout, but some do, and grow firm trees. They might be lost in time to me, but not to the people I will never meet. I believe in spreading positiviness. Who knows what a smile in the morning to the busdriver will bring? Maybe he’s thinking: this is going to be a good day, is cheerful and greets people cheerfully. The people he greets, maybe they are pleasantly surprised by his cheerfulness. Maybe they are not, and are a bit grumpy still (remember, it’s morning). But maybe out of politeness they smile and greet back. When I worked in the service sector, in a restaurant, I sometimes was grumpy and didn’t feel like being friendly or smiling. But ofcourse, it’s work, so I am friendly (I actually alwasy am, don’t have the guts to not be friendly), and I give them the extra smile. And what do you know, after a few smiles and positive reactions back, my grumpy mood is gone. So, maybe those grumpy people will be less grumpy. And maybe they will be more generous.
I’ve told this “philosophy” before, but I keep repeating it, hoping more people will be aware of how their actions could influence others. How you could spread positiviness. With only a smile or a friendly word to start with.

Back to the receiver

Of the card I mean, not the phone. So, I wanted to really try my best for a card for him, make it masculine, but also a bit about him. The gears of his mind, the key to his thoughts. The hinge that holds the door, that he swung open for me. I hope to give him sunshine, light, warmth, happy things, good things, positiviness.

So here is my card.

Front: The gears that work the door, just insert the key.

Front: The gears that work the door, just insert the key. Get those gears oiled and moving!

I’ve used copper metallic acryllic paint, crackle medium, stamped the gears, added turqoise acryllic paint, bronze pearlen pen, pewter perlen pen, rusty hinge and tumbled glass stamped harlequin square. I had that one for quite a while, and loved it’s look, but never found a suitable project for it.

Venetian plaster

Old world and contemporary plaster finishes by Jay Bernard (I turned it 90 degrees for my card)

The base is an A5 sized cardstock card with a printed image on it. The image had been a test to see how the printer spits out the image. I did add the perfect pearls mist perfect copper to it, but it didn’t quite come out as coppery as I hoped. It still looked interesting though, so I glued it on cardstock to use it as a base for a card.

Now onto the back.

Some light so you can see the key.

Some light so you can see the key.

Backside of the key

Backside of the key


I’d like to enter this card in the following challenges: