Banksy and more

It’s been quiet here, but luckily I occasionally find some time to craft.

Here are a few cards again.

The first few were made from a big background I had made maybe a year ago (See Goodbye Lullabye part 1 and part 2). As the colours are very bright it just laid there, me not knowing what to do with it. Adding another colour would not fit. Then I got some Banksy stamps from Vivalasvegastamps, and some Art Journey stamps – both are stenciled style stamps, very suitable for stamping in one colour.


Background made with TCW cell theory 12×12 stencil. Text is from Indigo Blu and the painter is from Banksy via VivaLasVegaStamps.

The card isn’t rectangular, the lower right corner is 90 degrees, but the upper left is bigger.  I felt that fit the sentiment better then a straight card.




Same background stencil (TCW cell theory 12×12). Droplet branches and girl with umbrella are from Art Journey. The text is probably from De-Stempelwinkel, I love this poetry /proza kind of text. Lets imagination roam freely.



Oh this one isn’t finished yet. What I did here so far is add a layer of modelling paste through a TCW stencil. I stamped the Banksy girl onto regular tissue paper, carefully removed the upper layer of the tissue paper so there is only one layer left and then used decoupage glue on the card and carefully laid down the tissue on top of it and smoothed it out. It tears easily so be very carefull and accept a few folds here and there. To make the edges of the tissue paper less obvious, don’t use scissors to cut out the image but tear it out, the ragged edges blend better.

I’m back in a bit with more cards!

Bioshock – rapture

I haven’t played the game much – bioshock – but I like the graphic style. (Ofcourse, it’s a fps and a bit horror themed so it’s dark and aged. Dismiss the horror-elements and it’s a beautiful nautical steampunk forgotten city style, very athmosperic. Or so it seems from memory. Let’s see if I can find images…) The game is based on a book which I haven’t read. Maybe I should do that one day.


… allrighty, memory is better then the images I find. Let’s just stick to Nautical Steampunk then.

I made these last year as well, posted them allready a while ago on facebook but not on my blog if I am correct.

I do like these cards, I love how well the metal/rusty effect has turned out!


The capital S is from an alphabet set sold at Vivalasvegasamps, as is the quotation

The capital S is from an alphabet set sold at Vivalasvegasamps, as is the quotation



Spring reading

Spring is in the air – I noticed some trees in full blossom allready!Daqadoodles150401wo124148013

I have discovered a challengeblog of a shop I quite like, as they have so many different stamps!

It’s De-Stempelwinkel. So I had to participate in their challenge #7, which is ALL THINGS EASTER/SPRING/YELLOW’. (I’m following the blog via RSS feed as I can’t follow via blogger and don’t use a google account).

So I got out two stamps from them, and started crafting. (Although I realized later the reading girl is from VivaLasVegas I think, not from De-Stempelwinkel.


Above is the finished card, picture taken in the evening. The other pictures were taken during the day outside, see the fresh colours? The tree is from De-Stempelwinkel, and the green grasses is from the stame plate, it are branches of a willow, stamped upside down. The VLVS reading girl is a very nice image but the quality of the stamp is not very good, the rubber is so thin I can almost see through it, hence also the inkspots around her, it’s difficult stamping.

The tree plate is very nice, also includes tree stumps and broken branches. Lovely to build a scene with 🙂



Making of a Whispered Autumn Song

Some pictures I forgot to add. I had some trouble determining what or whom the fairy was singing too.

Decisions decisions…


Here is the card as it was then. I cut off the left side later, to balance the card more. I had wanted to make some more shade there, but it was distracting. Around the fairy are some stamps that might fit in there. Maybe the unicorns, coming in from the left of the card? All grey stamps are Chocolate Baroque, the red rubber is from Designs by Ryn, the white ones are from the set Pixie Glade by ?? (I’ve got them for quite a while). The pinkish stamp (high heels) is VivaLasVegas, as is the stamped, coloured and cut out gnome. The roughly stamped butterfly and castle are Chocolate Baroque too, as is the stamped, coloured and cut out mushroom barely seen on the left.

I stamped several images roughly and cut them out, to see how it looked.


This one looked like the sitting fairy is said, and the fairy behind her is watching her reaction while the big fairy sings.Daqadoodles141004za233609

This is the mushroom that was a left over from a failed card, and which I had wanted to use in the Psychedelic Party card but which was too big. It could be nice here, with the bird sitting on top of it.


Or would she be singing to a butterfly about the passing of days, the end of summer?



This one was a favourite of mine for a long time – like the gnome had been bad and got a speech. Or maybe the opposite, he was quite heroic and was praised? The gnome was stamped and cut for another card but I didn’t use it for that card. It’s a Viva las VegaStamp, and tiny, but cute.


His height didn’t match her LOS, so what if I raised him onto a mushoom? Gnomes do go well with mushrooms.


Or maybe she’s singing to a little elf castle, hoping to sing the elfs out? And that cheeky gnome just standing there, ready to do something naughty?


I think now I had too much mushroom tea and got a bit silly. What if she was having lunch with a cup of tea, and used the mushroom as a table?


Or this one, where the fairy is leaning toward her to listen. (Gnome is still hanging around.) I liked this one best, but I wanted some colour on the fairy.


Yup that is my table, and the workspace remaining in the end. I coloured some paper with the ranger airbrushtool and distress markers, then stamped and clearembossed the fairy and cut her out.Daqadoodles141004za235020


Here us the result. That note on the left, with “Fever” on it – I was trying some words for the Psychedelic party, and tried “disco fever”.

Daqadoodles141004za235136  And a closeup of the result. (and behind her you can see a big tip of mine: on all sides of your inkpad, glue down a strip, coloured with that ink and write the name on it. I started doing that on only 1 side, but then you have to stack the boxes neatly each time. So then I did 2 sides. But still too much searching. So now it’s 4 sides, just white paper and plain tape – if I would just glue down the paper it would be smudged in no time I bet, so cover it with something ink-resistant.)

(Don’t take any advice from me about cutting your stamps, as I sometimes cut the stamps first and then put them on the mounting foam, then cut them out. It doesn’t always match well, and if I stamp edges, then I cut those away after. I realize now that I should probably do it the other way around, and remove more from the cushion then from the stamp. Or would the stamp bend to the paper then?

If you remember the card, you might think: huh, but there was a fairy and a flower on it, not another fairy!

That’s right. I found the colours didn’t match, and the coloured silhouette didn’t work with the stamped and non-silhouette big fairy.

So I searched for a right sized image of something that would fit, and found this flower from Chocolate Baroque.

Daqadoodles141017vr152942The flower is stamped directly on the card, anything glued on would not match with this scene, it would take away the focus of the fairy too much. There’s red glitter on the flower, the harp is shimmering gold, as is the “fur” on her wings.

A picture says more then 1000 words they say, so let me just take a picture of it now.


And now you can also see how the fairy doesn’t fit:Daqadoodles141026zo205112

It’s not just her glossyness, the colours were not for this card.



I stored her in a box with more pretty cards / backgrounds, and put her on top of some sheets I had made with bister. She fits on those better!

Not a great picture, the detail is missing from the backgrounds, but the colours sure are great 🙂 Now I just need to make some cards out of them.


A whispered autumn song


Beautiful flower with your fragrance of Autumn
How you stand there, filled with the sun.
Do you not know, do you not feel
The change of the season, the turning of the wheel?

Around you leaves fall,
It’s Fall, they fall.
Let down your petals,
Let down, let go
Show us your seedsShow them, then sow,
For theirs is the Spring,
and for them, you grow.


Beautiful flower, so strong in this wind,
How you stand there, defying the time.
Do you now know, do you now hear
King Winter approaching, saying your end is near?

Around you leaves fall,
Like feathers, they fall
Your crown made of petals,
Goes down, goes off
Spread out your seeds,
with joy, with love,
For  you’ll live forever
It’s you, they’re made off.

Beautiful flower with your roots deep in the ground
Alone you stand there, calm in the present,
You always did knew, as you can sense
your return in springtime, winter is not the end.


The fairy was stamped, coloured with distress ink / markers and then I applied decoupage glue to her. I next stamped the rest.
She does have some bruises on her leg, that is where I didn’t apply the decoupage glue well enough and rubbed in the ink of the tree/ rubbed off the paper a bit when I cleaned her with a damp cloth. I thought about covering it with something, but I like it, it suits a Fall fairy to have some signs of withering and crumbling.  The sponging is done with a new foam sponge, I am still learning how to use it and wondering if I like them, they don’t really soak up the ink well so you get this more coarse sponging. For this card it fits, and I like it here. I’m slowly learning how to use the foam pods without getting this effect as I do like to make smoother backgrounds too.

  • Fairy is a Designs by Ryn stamp,
  • Flower is from Chocolate baroque,
  • Feather is Crafters Companion (something magical series)
  • Tree is from nonsequitur stamps / de stempelwinkel.

This card is my first entry for the Designs by Ryn October challenge.

Hallo-ween: Hello tears.


Hallo – ween.

In Dutch, Hallo means hello, and ween is an (old) word for “cry”. (I cry because something sad happened. The verb “crying” is “wenen” . Ween also looks like weeën, with an extra e, and which means contractions (as in, a pregnant woman being in labour).So a bit of creativity with the words, and it says: Hello tears. Or hello painfull spasms?

Anyway, it both can be applied to my first tries in making a halloween card.

I wanted a fairy scene which is brutally disturbed by evil. Or a normally fairylike scene with some sinister twists. I have unicorn stamps, and I thought of the pretty pure white of the unicorn. Do you know the movie The Dark Crystal, with a young (and not yet arrogant and strange religion worshipper) Tom Cruise? If I rememberd right, they tried to corrupt the unicorn.

This was my first theme, a corrupted unicorn. Lured into a trap by evil, having to kill and loose it’s innocense. Covered in blood, delirious with rage it traples all in it’s path. On the card I wanted to show a unicorn that is battling bats, with the light being clear before it, but turning dark with eerie faces behind it. Evil oozes from it’s skin now.

Default colours for evil are usually black and purple, so those colours where my starting points.

You’re wondering, no pictures yet? That’s right, because I want to tell the story first, as it’s prettier then the card.

I loved the background I made. Instead of cutting it to size like I planned, I left it, with the frays of dark shadows still lingering. I ripped the end of the card (which I did with each layer on that end) to give it a torn look. Left side of the card is still good, right side is not right.

I stamped bats (It’s one of the few halloween type stamps I’ve got, from the Chocolate Baroque steampunk Butterfly sheet, (the unicorn is also from Chocolate Baroque) and partially embossed the card (putting the card in the embossing folder which was a bit inked up, and press really hard with a heavy thing on the folder on the place you want the embossing. I think I used my salt-rock lamp for that.  I used the Spellbinders M-bossabilities folder Twigs and Tweets.

The ugliness came when I used glow in the dark embossing powder on it for the first time. Then, as it was ruined anyway, I tried a special effect with a skull stamp and placed that on the card as well.

Here it is in pictures:

A mask for the moon and a mask for the unicorn, and very inky fingers. See the swirls on the right? I kind of loved the look.

A mask for the moon and a mask for the unicorn, and very inky fingers. See the swirls on the right? I kind of loved the look.



I was making a crunchy blooded bat. The other bat was made out of regular cardstock, this bat was made out of tissue paper and richly embossed with black embossing powder. And then drowned in blood.

I was making a crunchy blooded bat. The other bat was made out of regular cardstock, this bat was made out of tissue paper and richly embossed with black embossing powder. And then drowned drenched in blood.


So far so good. It was missing something though. So I though, hey! Let’s use this glow in the dark embossing powder! (I had ordered a skull stamp from De stempelwinkel which I wanted to stamp behind the unicorn, like skulls floating in that dark cloud behind it). But before I show you that, I show you the card on which it would be matted.


Beter. Lovely grunge look. Too bad I am going to cover it up.

Beter. Lovely grunge look. Too bad I am going to cover it up.

I added some blood in the bloddy spots, and darkened some parts even more.

I added some blood in the bloddy spots, and darkened some parts even more.

The contrast between the two papers wasn't high enough though, so I took tissue paper and used the other Halloween colour: orange.

I wanted to add a bit of a bright colour into the mix, so I took tissue paper and used the other Halloween colour: orange.

Somwhere before or after this I used the glow in the dark powder on the unicorn and moon. I wanted to simulate moonlight falling on it’s nose and back. I didn’t take into account the shading or fading of the light.

A good view of the left looking floating skull.

A good view of the left looking floating skull.


Here is the finished card. The tissue paper isn’t glued down, but the effect is not what I hoped, it had to look a bit more wild. I guess I should have torn it instead of cutting it.
The skulls were a bit bigger then I thought, so no room for several skulls.

You can sort of see the special effect of the skull here allready: One skull, the red and black embossed one, is looking to the left, while the glow in the dark one is staring at you. Embossing both wasn’t a good idea, as it melts together a bit.

EEEK! See what I mean about the gradient / fading? If only I had drawn smaller lines...

EEEK! See what I mean about the gradient / fading? If only I had drawn smaller lines…


Do you know what I’ve just realized? My workname for this project was “The Nightmare”. Well, isn’t this kind of like a nightmare for crafters, to have a good idea, and a possible good card, but which is ruined because of something stupid you nearing the finishing of the card?

My next project with the Glow in the dark powder turned out lots better! Check back the next few days for that post.

I hope you this posts was helpfull to you in preventing you from making the same mistake. Happy crafting!