Spring is pink

I posted a snapshot of the finished background on facebook allready, but here is how I made it.


Put some pink/soft purple tones on the paper, then place the stencil and go over it with a brighter colour. Make sure it’s dry, and use anti-static bag. Put the stencil back in place, dab some embossing ink through it with a sponge, remove the stencil ans sprinkle clear embossing powder on it. Tap off the excess embossingpowder (ofcourse pour it back in the jar) and heat it with the heating tool.

I’m not sure if I added the dots before or after this, could very well be before this step. The dots are a tim holts stencil, and one part was done with mdelling paste and acryllic paint and the other with ink spray I think. Not sure anymore…



Next, take some contrasting colours (not too hard, but light) and ink it over the image.

Below the paper is cut in 2, for 2 cards. First picture is with a flash, second without.Daqadoodles150409do194539004 Daqadoodles150409do194525003

This last card turned into this one:


I added the butterfly, it was a precut vellum shape, which I coloured with alcohol inks a while ago. The stamp is from ArtSpecially.Daqadoodles150415wo084140004 Daqadoodles150415wo084148003

The second card still isn’t finished, I got a very pretty fairy to put on it, but it covers too much of the background. Maybe I should leave it as it is? Less is More? Hmm. but the fairy matches it so well… I guess I’l have to make another background like this.

This is my first entry for the Designs by Ryn May Customer Creation Challenge.

Toddlers doodling and wishing for summer

Sometimes you have these moments that you realize your toddler has been very quiet for a while. So you check out to see what he is doing.

He was happily drawing.

On the chair.


It was with chalk, and the cover is machine washable so no drama’s there. I got almost everything out, maybe you still see a vague line, but it’s ok. My youngest will probably do something similar, and I prefer this over markers on the wall (or any other surface any day!

On to the card for this post:


A May card, with a small contribution inside for a new barbeque. Therefor I wanted it to be an outdoor, colourful card. (And the weather in May wasn’t yet very summer-like, so it had to have a bit of a summer feeling to it). The ivy is cut out from coloured and embossed paper, then I stamped on it and embossed it with distress embossing powder.

Things used: (sorry, don’t have the time to look up the correct names of the items, but I do know the manufacturer/designer).

  • dies: Tim Holtz flowers die , Tim Holtz swallow die
  • dies: Marianne design Ivy die
  • Uknown brand stamp (the text), Christina Renee stamp (plants in the background), sunburst stamp on the flowers (stampingback), Viva decor by the sea side sea chart stamp on the bird
  • Embossing folder: Rays from Tim Holtz
  • Distress inks Mustard seed, Shattered Straw, Broken China, Vintage Rose and Vintage Velvet
  • Distress embossing powder shabby shutters

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Spring and rarely used or hard to use stash

This is a card I made a while ago. It is a strange card. I don’t praticularly like or dislike it. It seems there is something missing and there is too much. But at the same time, it’s good. I guess it just needed the right occasion, and the right occasion came up :).Daqadoodles13_05_07_164811

I’ve had this embossing folder since I got my Cuttlebug, I thought it would be a great folder. But I’ve never managed to use it – I just can’t seem to make cards with this folder. This card has started out as a project to use that folder. Once in a while I tell myself I have to go make something with something I’ve had for a while (like unused inked/stamped die-cuts or hardly used tools, or coloured or patterened paper like the green cardstock in the card below), which can be a frustrating challenge and brings me out of my comfort zone. Or rather, it brings me in my messy and not-quite-right zone. Like this card. I wanted it to be fresh, with spring colours, happy, joyful.

The dancing group is the joyful part, they’re ok. I love the banner with “spring” on it (lente) – I love those colours! I think what would have been better for this card is a different background, not the green (but I still have so much of that green!!) and something different with the treebranches.Daqadoodles13_05_10_15265

Still, it was a happy, good humoured, light card. I just didn’t know what to do with a card that said spring and is a bit… cheesy? But, as said before, the right occasion came by. I had set myself the goal of sending a card every week to a friend who needed it, and when FINALLY a bit of spring showed up I sent her this one. (Although the day of sending and arriving was very rainy and cold and not springlike at all.) It still feels like spring here. Maybe our calender raced forward while nature took it slow?

Daqadoodles13_05_07_16506 Daqadoodles13_05_07_16498 Daqadoodles13_05_07_16497 Daqadoodles13_05_07_16499 Daqadoodles13_05_07_16461

Last thing I want to show you is some nice background papers I made (I think on the pink cardstock). Don’t they look interesting? I just love blending colours! So I’ve made this about..more then 2 months ago, and still haven’t used the backgrounds, haha! I just don’t know what to do with them just yet. Probably the first three are suitable for a card, and the last one will be teard up to be used in pieces. I’ve got another order from Chocolate Baroque stamps coming in soon, and the stamps from Designs by Ryn are awesome as well, I bet I can work something out with those stamps and these backgrounds.

One last question: Do you have any suggestions on how to use the green and pink cardstock for cards? What are the materials you have but find hard to use in a project?

Geboortekaartje / Birthannouncement card

GeboortekaartTijdens mijn zwangerschapsverlof werd het toch wel eens tijd om een geboortekaartje uit te zoeken. Aangezien mijn kindje verwacht werd in de lente wilde ik iets met de lente. Schaapjes. Ik heb gezocht op geboortekaarten met schapen maar niks (wat ik leuk vond) gevonden, en als er iets was, waren dat kaartjes die uit het assortiment waren. Tijd om zelf iets te ontwerpen dus. / During my pregnancy leave it became time to search for a birth announcement card. Because I expected my baby to be born in springtime I wanted something that associated with it. Sheep. I searched for cards with sheep or lambs on them but I didn’t find anything (I liked), and if I found something it was out of the collection. Time to design the card myself!

Met behulp van wat bronplaatjes van het internet kon ik beginnen. Ik had ergens een foto van gras gevonden en dat bewerkt in paint.net, een aantal plaatjes van schapen bekeken en 1 als basis genomen en die aan allerlei kanten veranderd, ook de bijtjes hadden als basis een bestaand plaatje. De bijtjes heb ik uiteindelijk opnieuw getekend en gecontrueerd, maar het bestaande plaatje diende als hulpmiddel voor de verhoudingen. Hetzelfde bij de schaapjes. Paint.net is trouwens een gratis foto en afbeeldingsbewerkingsprogramma wat een alternatief is voor photoshop. Je hebt er wel nog wat addons/plugins/extra’s bij nodig wil je het als volledig photoshop vervanger gebruiken denk ik. Ik ben geen expert met beide. Paint.net voldoet voor mij prima, ik ben er blij mee 🙂 / With the help from some sourceimages on the internet I got started. I found a picture of grass and edited it in Paint.net, looked at several (tons) of sheep imates and took one as basis model and changed it. Even the little bees had an existing image as source. I did redraw the bees completely again, the existing image then only served as a means to get good sizes. The same for the sheep. Paint.net is a free photo and image editingssoftware, a good alternative for photoshop. I think you do need some addons/plugins/extras for it if you want to use it as a full replacement. By the way, I’m no expert with any editingsoftware.

De boom is wel een bronplaatje van Postxl.nl, dat is de site waar ik het kaartje heb samengesteld.
Eerst de buitenkant gemaakt:

/ The tree is an image from Postxl.nl, that is the site on which I composed and ordered the card.
First, I made the outside:


Daarna de binnenkant. De meeste eerdere ideëen mbt afbeeldingen en kleuren heb ik weggegooid, pas toen ik aan de tekst begon heb ik die ook bewaard.
/Then the inside. Most previous ideas in regards to images and colors I didn’t save, only when I started with the text did I save those drafts.

Hier wat tekst ideeëen: / Some text samples

en nog wat schuiven met de tekst en een andere kleur: / moving the text and changing colors.

Wat schuiven met de tekst / moving the text

Uiteindelijk toch maar wat geschrapt.

/Eventually I did delete some text.

Zijn de schaapjes niet schattig?

Aren’t the sheep adorable?