Tall as a tree

As lately I seem to enter the challanges within the nick of (closing)time, I decided I’d start a bit earlier on this one (actually I just continued the crafting flow). It wasn’t as easy as I though, my first three attemps failed (for this challenge) as the bister colours turned out too dark. So I started over and this is the result:


I made this card for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #16

And here is how it started.

I decided to get out my hardly used bister and have a play with it. I also got some stencils out – underwaterscene stencils as I wanted something underwater steampunk. Blue of the sea, green of underwater plants or rust, and the yellowish and purple for steampunkyness. I tried 2 methods, of which the last one is imo the best ofcourse – as then I stopped as the result was ok 😛

1.) Place the stencil on the paper, spray well with water and carefully remove the stencil. Take a bit of bister on a pallet (palet?) knife and gently shake it off. Could also use a brush but that didn’t hold enough powder for me.

Daqadoodles151021wo221653123 Daqadoodles151021wo221754124

As you can see, there is powder outside the wet areas, and in the wet areas there might be too much powder. Maybe I should have used a brush instead. Also, the colours don’t really flow yet – should I have used more water and risk having the water run under the stencil? I let this dry before I tried to remove the powder.

Method 2:Daqadoodles151021wo222131125

I think it’s clear what I did here – leave the stencil (wet as it is) in place and spread some powder over it. Ofcourse, it’s a waste to just rub the colour right off, so what do you do? Right, reverse stamp:Daqadoodles151021wo222241126 Daqadoodles151021wo222253127

Now this last one is the prettiest one! But too dark colours for hte challenge imo. Or maybe not. We’ll see how I finish it.Daqadoodles151021wo225041128

Here are the three results and the printed colour challenge image – doesn’t really look like it matches, does it? No, I didn’t think so either. The powder on the reeds below is removed, and as you can see it can’t all be removed. Maybe I should have used my magic static away dust pillow thingy?

Oh and another note: apply the bister / brusho on a different desk then the one you’re crafting on, the stuff gets everywhere and just a tiny speck of it has to come into contact with a tiny bit of wet water (I use my water spray a lot) and there’s a smudge on your card. Even if you think you wiped it all away. Maybe it would also work to not have your workspace so cluttered as I have 😛Daqadoodles151021wo230627129

Again the reeds stencil, but this time with inks. I usually gather all inks and paitns in the challenge colours so I can just go ahead and create instead of wondering during creating if the colour is right. Daqadoodles151022do011407131

Above: the gears stencil was laid down, then I applied some green and purple. It looked lovely. I spritzed with my home made resist spray, and made a reverse stamp of the stencil (seen in the next picture). I wanted the gears to be yellowish, so I applied the colour. The resists spray doesn’t completely block the colour, but in this case it let through too much yellow. Blergh. My idea couldn’t be realized – maybe I’ll find a new idea for it.

I was determined to get one card now. Between the “underwater” stencils is an airbubble stencil, and it gave me an idea: Acryllic paint should resist distress ink, so what if I use this as snow? Before I could do that I had to stamp the main image. And before I did that I wanted to stamp the background, the edge image. I thought the embossing would cover the background. The large tree is stamped and embossed with distress shabby shutters embossing powder – but oh noes! The background was still visible through the embossing! I really thought the embossing would be non-transparant.Daqadoodles151022do011355130

Oh well, lesson learnt. Don’t be lazy, cut masks. Then again, if I had cut a mask the background trees wouldn’t be visible through the main tree either. I put down the stencil and added picket fence paint throught it with the dabbertop. I was afraid it wouldn’t be “resisting” enough so I also took a pearl white paint dabber and randomly applied that, even in the tree. I like the effect of it, like the light reflecting on the snowflakes.

I coloured the gears and applied gesso to the treeparts that should not be visible, quite visible on the picture below.Daqadoodles151022do234352132

I applied distress ink on the sky, making it uneven as a sky (here) is hardly ever uniform in colour.Daqadoodles151022do234420133

Next steps I didn’t take pictures.. What I did was: stamp with stazon on the bottom part of the tree, as stazon IS darker. Also, the background was way to green, it should be more of a silhouette, so I went over it with my water brush dipped in Black sooth distress ink.I shaded the tree a bit and shaded some gears witha darker green, and last I added baubles in yellow and purple. The purple paper pen obviously isn’t fit (anymore?) for pearls, and the purple one is a bit more blotchy as well. Not waiting untill the card as dry (I had used a damp towel to clean off the embossing). It does look a bit messy. But then again…Daqadoodles151025zo164148136

It does fit the circles of the snow much better this way. These aren’t perfectly filled either, and it gives the card a bit more quirky look. Also the gessoed part looks good, it gives a bit of extra to the tree. Sometimes mistakes aren’t all that bad if you look at them differently.



And now to find an envelop. As you saw I just started on approximately an A5 sized paper, and I cut it to a size that looked good. A while ago I didn’t care much for different sized cards, I made my own envelops. But that was time consuming and less fun then making cards, that is why I started making them A6 size so they fit in these C6 envelops. I like the craft colour and alternative opening, and they’re not more expensive then regular ones but they are more sturdy (only have to watch the weight of the cards more now).

Hema: 20 enveloppen in C6 formaat met zelfklevende sluiting.

Time flies and a good year of construction

These two cards I’ve made as birthday cards for men.


The first card, “Time Flies”, was made for someone who turned 43, although he said on his invitational e-mail 34. That is why I chose the time flies stamp, and set the time at 16:43 (or at least, that was my intention). Often, when going for a masculine card, the colours get dark and all brown. At least my masculine cards tend to have only brown, creme and black as colours, see the next card for an example. I made the “Time Flies” card last. I wanted to add colour, to keep it light, but not make it very girly. Also, I wondered why usually flowers are seen as for females only – men enjoy flowers too!

All in all I’m very pleased with this card.

Materials/products used:
(if something is not listed then I don’t know the manufacturer/brand of the item or it is “brandless”, like the paper).

  • Ranger’s distress ink, colours seem to be rusty hinge, moss, peackock feathers, festive berry, pumice stone.
  • Stazon Jet black
  • Stampinback stamp “Time Flies”
  • Cart-us stamp: watch & plane
  • Sizzix Tim Holtz Alterations Sizzlits Decorative Strip Mini Paper Rosettes (2 sizes)
  • embossing folder Sizzix Tim Holtz Alteration


This card was made for my father in law. “Een goed bouwjaar” means: “a good year for construction”

When I look at the card now it’s a bit boring, too much brown and sandcolour.

Materials/products (I write down the names from memory, the actual names might be slightly different):

  • Le tres chic cardstock matstack
  • Craft Concepts embossing folder Hexagon Illusion
  • Distress ink photo vintage
  • Stazon Jet Black
  • Stampinback stamps: Ford, Een goed bouwjaar, Oldtimer, track
  • Cart-us stamp: airplaine
  • Crafty Individuals: CI 159 Boys Toys
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Kerstkaarten / Christmas cards

Hier mijn zelfgemaakte kerstkaarten. Sommigen vind ik erg mooi geworden, en sommigen heb ik uiteindelijk toch maar niet verstuurd. Ik wilde ze niet op mijn blog plaatsen voordat de ontvangers ze hadden gekregen, vandaar dit bericht pas in het nieuwe jaar.

Here my selfmade christmas cards. Some have turned out good, but others I didn’t like and didn’t send off. I didn’t want to show them on my blog before the receivers got them, that is why I post this message now in the new year.

Eerst een overzichtsfoto, daarna per stuk alle kaartjes./ First an overview picture, then one by one all cards.

Nadat de kaarten verstuurd waren zag ik dat de foto’s wat donker waren, ze zijn zonder flits genomen omdat de kleuren anders niet kloppen. Volgende keer voeg ik meer licht toe! / After I sent the cards I noticed the pictures are a bit dark, I made them without a flash because the colours wouldn’t be correct if I did. Next time I’ll add more light though!

Overzicht van de kaarten / overview of the cards

Overzicht van de kaarten / overview of the cards

Gebruikte materialen:

  • Gekleurd karton
  • Vivi Gade design origami papier rond Copenhagen
  • Vivi Gade design origami papier vierkant Oslo
  • Paper Pen Karmijnrood
  • Decoratief lint Copenhagen
  • Fiskars rand pons stippen (Effervescence?)
  • Schuimrubber stempels
  • Kerstboompons
  • Foam kwasten
  • Zelfklevend sjabloon voor papier
  • Clear-stamps
  • Embossing roller
  • Acrylverf
  • Inkt
  • Lijm
  • Glitter
  • verfkwasten

Materials used:

  • Cardstock paper,
  • Vivi Gade design origami paper round Copenhagen
  • Vivi Gade design origami paper square Oslo
  • Paper Pen dark carmine
  • Ribbon Copenhagen
  • Fiskars Border punch (Effervescence?)
  • Foam stamps
  • Christmastree punch
  • Foam brushes
  • Self-adhesive foil stencils for paper
  • Clear stamps
  • Embossing roller
  • Acryllic paint
  • Ink
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • paintbrushes

Om te beginnen 3 van mijn favoriete kaarten. / Starting off with 3 of my favourite cards.

Ik kan maar beter niet meer schrijven op de voorkant van kaarten, zeker niet met verfkwasten! I should not write on the front of cards, especially with a paint brush…

Deze kaart moet 90 graden gedraaid worden. Ik geloof dat ik nog wat achtergrondtext benadrukt heb of nog een aparte kerstwens heb toegevoegd. De achtergrond met kerstwensen in verschillende talen was wat aan de lichte kant. This card should be turned 90%. Also I think I highlighted or added a more clear christmas wish. The background (with christmaswishes in several languages) was a bit too light.

I don't think I sent this one, or I stamped snowflakes all over it. Verschillende kleuren uitproberen. Zoals je ziet, niet altijd geslaagd. Experimenting with different colours. As you can see not always succesfull.

Deze twee zijn beter gelukt, alhoewel de foto’s de kleuren niet mooi weergeven. De kaart hier direct boven is namelijk wit en niet licht-roze. Het wit is met mod podge ingesmeerd, daarna zijn de “sneeuwvlokjes” erop gestrooid. / These two are more succesfull, though the pictures don’t present good colours. The card directly above from here is actually white, the white part is covered in mod podge and then I sprinkled the “snowflakes” over it.

Deze laatste is weer wat anders dan de rest, en eigenlijk wel grappig geworden. Een landschapschilderijtje met kerstbomen, met een bijna omgekeerde creëer volgorde: eerst de lijststempel, toen het zilver, dan de balstempel, kerstbomen en toen pas de sneeuw. Daarna de “basis” kaart gemaakt. De ontbrekende kerstboom (links van het midden, dat blauwe vlakje) is later teruggeplakt. / This last card is a bit different then the rest, and ended up quite funny (in a good way). A landscape painting with christmastree, and an almost reversed creation sequence: First I stamped the fram, then painted the silver, added the ornamentstamp, chirstmastrees and then painted the snow. After that I made the card onto which I glued the painting. The missing christmastree (left from the middle, blue spot) was glued back before sending it off.

Welke is jouw favoriet? / Which one is your favourite?