Wedding card fifties style

Or rather twenties. I’m not good with years. I only got a feeling of old times when we got this wedding invitation.Daqadoodles150925vr140028122b

In case of birth announcements or wedding invitations I like to give a card in the same style. So for this card I used the same colour palette (with an added warm copper colour as they have sepia in the picture). After their wedding they would go on a honeymoon to Cuba. Her weddingdress was a fifties style dress, looked great! Totally not as on the card ;). Ofcourse I made this card way in advance and on time. (NOT! – probably was a day or two before…)


Daqadoodles150925vr140131128 Daqadoodles150925vr140121126

Oh wauw I only just noticed that now it kind of looks like she has a bare bottom! I’ll just say it only looks that way on the pictures, not IRL…



Bronze distress stickles as glittery accents and that pearl powder from ranger. Bronze coloured as well.

Daqadoodles150925vr140112125 Daqadoodles150925vr140035123a

Quite pleased with the result, it matched their invitation quite well (while not knowing the exact timeframe of their invitation).

Stencil is from, Stamp is from Papermania Art Deco Tall Urban Stamps Charleston (PMA-907149)

30’s Wedding

Or is it 20’s, or 40’s? I’m not good at styles. Their invitation does have this vintage feel, the Caro Emerald feel.

The stamps with the most period feel to it are the “roaring twenties” ones. Not entirely the same period but it has the same nostalgic feeling to it.  This is the card for the wedding mentioned in the previous post. Daqadoodles150925vr140028122bDaqadoodles150925vr140124127Daqadoodles150925vr140131128Daqadoodles150925vr140112125  Daqadoodles150925vr140035123a

Altered book – canvas

I especially left the caryons in, as she had seen another crayon art piece and had liked it a lot.

I especially left the caryons in, as she had seen another crayon art piece and had liked it a lot.

With better colours - I loved the card, was fast, quite simple but perfect.

With better colours – I loved the card, was fast, quite simple but perfect.

Made back in August but didn’t take the time yet to blog about it. I still don’t have time, so I’ll just upload lots of pictures I have from it and add coments with the pictures.

The reason for this book was that my best friend got married. Her best man asked everyone to alter a book (e.g. making a simple bookcover, theme was: a dancing couple) and write something for the newlyweds in the book. (I forgot about the last part, was too focused on altering the book!). The type of book could be one you love and thought they ought to read, or an old one to be altered totally.

It was late in the evening, and I was lost. I couldn’t remember the way to the hotel. The streets seemed empty an quiet. Or not? Music… I followed it, hoping to get directions to my hotel. The music was dragging me towards it, beconing me. I turned another corner a weak light come out of a door. That was the origin of the music. I walked to the door and stood in the opening. There was a heavy aroma in the air. It was dark, not much light. There was a light moving, shining . A dancing couple – I can’t remember if there were any other people there, the dancing couple hypnotized me. They seemed oblivious of their surroundings, totally immersed into eachother. The red rose in the hair of the lady, the red dress, the stare of the man.. I don’t remember how long I stood there in the dark untill someone offered me a drink. He guessed I was a stranger here by the way I had been staring at the dancers. I felt a bit embarressed, and said I had never seen people dance like this before. This intimate, close, passionate. What dance is this, I asked.

This, the man said, is the Tango.

I am adding this to the Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge of february: Antiqued.

Hidden jewels long forgotten

This card is based on CPS sketch #37. I started with the blue cardstock, embossed it, and then cut it to size. When looking for paper to match, my eye fell on the wallpaper I had used previously, for A little bird told me. That with the blue looked ok, but it was missing something. As I had a new dew drop (gold), I wanted to use it, and applied it to the blue. It looked great with the wallpaper, it was only a bit too even and too smooth, so i sprayed on some water and dabbed it with tissuepaper. This gave a lovely sort of worn copper look.

I was curious what was behind those diamonds, so I cut one out. And what did I see? Some very old flowers, and a gem hidden besides them!

I like the card, it’s like a forgotten Art Deco era. I had a hard time getting it right on the picture, and used auto-adjust colours on it to get it a bit better.

Whit this card I would like to enter the following challenge:

Here is how my scanner treated the colours. Not very good huh?

And here are more pictures:











I know the card doesn’t look pretty on the images. The mossy colour on the bottom pops out too much, it’s not like that in reality. Also, you don’t see the blue behind the gold as much. I took some new pictures: