New year cards

This year I wanted to make it a bit easier and use patterned paper with some diecuts. I liked the “twelve days of christmas”  paper/series of Do Crafts Papermania and Xcut embossing folders and cutting dies. So I bought the 12×12″  paper and cut it up in squares. And then I found out that an A4 size paper doesn’t fit for a card then – the 6×6″ is just a bit too big to make a card slightly bigger. So matting the paper wasn’t possible. It was also a challenge to find envelopes.

Anyway, here is my series of cards. There are a few that are not related to the 12 days of Christmas series at all, and some cards aren’t finished yet still (Maybe next year…)


Many of the cards laid out. I made a few more as this wasn’t yet enough.

An orange-squeezing christmas tree

I guess that’s why there is so much orange juice on the card. The cogs get a bit rusty from it, maybe even moldy. Guess orange juice is a bit too acid to just squeeze between cogs.

I’m going to present to you a batch of christmas cards. The colours (maybe the talk of oranges gave it away allready) come from a colour challenge: Chocolate Baroque colour challenge 4


Yes. You can make Christmas cards with these colours, all you need to do is pile up some cogs and splash em with these colours. One of the next batch of cards is my entry.The cards are very similar so I didn’t think it was necessary to post them seperately, ofcourse I’ll choose one to be the representative of the group. And I think it will be this one:Daqadoodles141026zo134123


I inked the stencil (Crafters Workshop) with ripe persimmon, sprayed with a bit of water and pressed onto the paper (I made a larger sheet and cut it up later). I stamped again with the stencil next to this one, you’ll see on the other cards. Let dry and continue 4 days later. Add ripe persimmon to your craftsheet and use a waterbrush to colour the stars and other white areas.

Stamp the tree with stazon, use the picked fence distress marker to colour the cogs, heat emboss “happy newyear” with copper embossing powder.


This is originally a piece of the paper of the second stamping of the stencil – it was very light. So I laid down the stencil again and coloured in the stars.

Next I stamped the tree again, and put distress ink (ripe persimmon, spicy marmalade, barn door, maybe some more) onto my craft sheet and coloured with my waterbrush, mixing the colours. I coloured the open spaces with a milled lavender marker. The white between the tree was a bit too white so coloured it a bit more. Next I inked up one of the flowery corner stamps of the same set, with two colours of distress ink, and sprayed it with water and stamped. The first print wasn’t good at all, so I restamped (without positioning it well, I wasn’t really bothering about preciseness, this would be a shabby grungy fast range of christmas cards – I’ve got about 40 to go still! No time for neat cards…) I disliked the blurry restamping anyway, so sprayed water over it to make it more blurry, and liked that effect. I stamped and heatembossed Noel.

Daqadoodles141026zo133952 On this one you can see a big bold background stamp, it’s added over the stars stencil print as that was too light to make a nice background. The big bold background was stamped with milled lavender. Next I stmaped and heat embossed the tree with red embossing powder, coloured with ripe persimmon and black sooth and added the sentiment “happy new year”


Chocolate baroque colour challenge entry #2

Ofcourse I inked up all the edges of the cards, if I had a marker in the right colour (such as the milled lavender one) I drew around the edge and used the waterbrush to soften the edges o the line.Daqadoodles141026zo134027


Three trees, the first for christmas. I loveed making them this way, no hassle over colouring precisely inside the lines, or colours fading into eachother. A perfect style for batches of cards 🙂 I made 5 more in this colour setting, 3 big ones and 2 matching smaller ones, so stay tuned!

Christmas (2013) in August (2014)

I found a memory card with some pictures of unposted cards on it, including my christmas / new years collection.



I think I sent about 40% of the cards between christmas and new year’s eve, and 35% before 5th of January, and the last 25% never got made or sent… (sorry friends/family who didn’t get a card, I was just too tired and too busy to craft! Adress selection was quite random, I always print out all adresses on labels, so I won’t forget relatives or friends. Adresses that are near me aren’t printed as well, as I deliver these cards myself. Still, they are written in that adressdocument too. I noticed less people are sending cards now with Christmas or new year. I don’t exactly mind, as it has become a routine for many people, it has lost it’s meaning. Still, many people don’t receive cards from me except for this time of year, and those that do get birthday cards are quite close to me, so I want to make them something special too. So, I still continue to make “hurray the longest night has passed, we welcome a new year and hope for a good harvest” cards. (The original meaning of the feast, which was adopted by the Christian church).

So, what did I make last year?

Here’s a gallery:

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