New year cards

This year I wanted to make it a bit easier and use patterned paper with some diecuts. I liked the “twelve days of christmas”  paper/series of Do Crafts Papermania and Xcut embossing folders and cutting dies. So I bought the 12×12″  paper and cut it up in squares. And then I found out that an A4 size paper doesn’t fit for a card then – the 6×6″ is just a bit too big to make a card slightly bigger. So matting the paper wasn’t possible. It was also a challenge to find envelopes.

Anyway, here is my series of cards. There are a few that are not related to the 12 days of Christmas series at all, and some cards aren’t finished yet still (Maybe next year…)


Many of the cards laid out. I made a few more as this wasn’t yet enough.

Tall as a tree

As lately I seem to enter the challanges within the nick of (closing)time, I decided I’d start a bit earlier on this one (actually I just continued the crafting flow). It wasn’t as easy as I though, my first three attemps failed (for this challenge) as the bister colours turned out too dark. So I started over and this is the result:


I made this card for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #16

And here is how it started.

I decided to get out my hardly used bister and have a play with it. I also got some stencils out – underwaterscene stencils as I wanted something underwater steampunk. Blue of the sea, green of underwater plants or rust, and the yellowish and purple for steampunkyness. I tried 2 methods, of which the last one is imo the best ofcourse – as then I stopped as the result was ok 😛

1.) Place the stencil on the paper, spray well with water and carefully remove the stencil. Take a bit of bister on a pallet (palet?) knife and gently shake it off. Could also use a brush but that didn’t hold enough powder for me.

Daqadoodles151021wo221653123 Daqadoodles151021wo221754124

As you can see, there is powder outside the wet areas, and in the wet areas there might be too much powder. Maybe I should have used a brush instead. Also, the colours don’t really flow yet – should I have used more water and risk having the water run under the stencil? I let this dry before I tried to remove the powder.

Method 2:Daqadoodles151021wo222131125

I think it’s clear what I did here – leave the stencil (wet as it is) in place and spread some powder over it. Ofcourse, it’s a waste to just rub the colour right off, so what do you do? Right, reverse stamp:Daqadoodles151021wo222241126 Daqadoodles151021wo222253127

Now this last one is the prettiest one! But too dark colours for hte challenge imo. Or maybe not. We’ll see how I finish it.Daqadoodles151021wo225041128

Here are the three results and the printed colour challenge image – doesn’t really look like it matches, does it? No, I didn’t think so either. The powder on the reeds below is removed, and as you can see it can’t all be removed. Maybe I should have used my magic static away dust pillow thingy?

Oh and another note: apply the bister / brusho on a different desk then the one you’re crafting on, the stuff gets everywhere and just a tiny speck of it has to come into contact with a tiny bit of wet water (I use my water spray a lot) and there’s a smudge on your card. Even if you think you wiped it all away. Maybe it would also work to not have your workspace so cluttered as I have 😛Daqadoodles151021wo230627129

Again the reeds stencil, but this time with inks. I usually gather all inks and paitns in the challenge colours so I can just go ahead and create instead of wondering during creating if the colour is right. Daqadoodles151022do011407131

Above: the gears stencil was laid down, then I applied some green and purple. It looked lovely. I spritzed with my home made resist spray, and made a reverse stamp of the stencil (seen in the next picture). I wanted the gears to be yellowish, so I applied the colour. The resists spray doesn’t completely block the colour, but in this case it let through too much yellow. Blergh. My idea couldn’t be realized – maybe I’ll find a new idea for it.

I was determined to get one card now. Between the “underwater” stencils is an airbubble stencil, and it gave me an idea: Acryllic paint should resist distress ink, so what if I use this as snow? Before I could do that I had to stamp the main image. And before I did that I wanted to stamp the background, the edge image. I thought the embossing would cover the background. The large tree is stamped and embossed with distress shabby shutters embossing powder – but oh noes! The background was still visible through the embossing! I really thought the embossing would be non-transparant.Daqadoodles151022do011355130

Oh well, lesson learnt. Don’t be lazy, cut masks. Then again, if I had cut a mask the background trees wouldn’t be visible through the main tree either. I put down the stencil and added picket fence paint throught it with the dabbertop. I was afraid it wouldn’t be “resisting” enough so I also took a pearl white paint dabber and randomly applied that, even in the tree. I like the effect of it, like the light reflecting on the snowflakes.

I coloured the gears and applied gesso to the treeparts that should not be visible, quite visible on the picture below.Daqadoodles151022do234352132

I applied distress ink on the sky, making it uneven as a sky (here) is hardly ever uniform in colour.Daqadoodles151022do234420133

Next steps I didn’t take pictures.. What I did was: stamp with stazon on the bottom part of the tree, as stazon IS darker. Also, the background was way to green, it should be more of a silhouette, so I went over it with my water brush dipped in Black sooth distress ink.I shaded the tree a bit and shaded some gears witha darker green, and last I added baubles in yellow and purple. The purple paper pen obviously isn’t fit (anymore?) for pearls, and the purple one is a bit more blotchy as well. Not waiting untill the card as dry (I had used a damp towel to clean off the embossing). It does look a bit messy. But then again…Daqadoodles151025zo164148136

It does fit the circles of the snow much better this way. These aren’t perfectly filled either, and it gives the card a bit more quirky look. Also the gessoed part looks good, it gives a bit of extra to the tree. Sometimes mistakes aren’t all that bad if you look at them differently.



And now to find an envelop. As you saw I just started on approximately an A5 sized paper, and I cut it to a size that looked good. A while ago I didn’t care much for different sized cards, I made my own envelops. But that was time consuming and less fun then making cards, that is why I started making them A6 size so they fit in these C6 envelops. I like the craft colour and alternative opening, and they’re not more expensive then regular ones but they are more sturdy (only have to watch the weight of the cards more now).

Hema: 20 enveloppen in C6 formaat met zelfklevende sluiting.


My last entry for the 5th Chocolate Baroque Challenge entry.

It’s Christmas-ed and CAS-ed from Shirley. Minimized the challenge image a bit more, as that is made with much more precision than my card. My card is eh, bohemian artsy style. (Or: I should hurry a bit more with making batches of cards, as it’s time to start send cards…)

Anyway, here is my card:


I do have ribbons. I only never use them, I’m not much of a ribbons person. But for this card, with such a background, it’s perfect with a label! The background was first made with the stitches stencil and dylusions ink spray. I had no idea what to do with it next (it’s just fun to put down stencils and spray / ink / dab paint etc. I often don’t think ahead :P). So I thought, let’s try stamping over it. The image got a bit lost at first. I coloured the flakes with distress ink on my acryllic block and a waterbrush, trying to fade the colour a bit more further away from the big snowflake. Used colours are probably milled lavender, maybe a tiny bit of worn lipstick, dusty concord, and seedless preserves.Daqadoodles141214zo23204505

The larger snowflake is also decorated with perlen pens and silver stickles, and outlined with white gelpen. Also coloured other little white areas with the gell pen in other snowflakes.Daqadoodles141214zo23205306

Barely visible on this picture is the label. This is a technique I used before and liked the result. Emboss a piece of cardstock (I used a snowflake embossing folder) and rub over the paper with a crayon while it is in the embossing folder so you don’t de-emboss it. (I used a white crayon). Take your die-cut stack (I have a cuttleblug), without the die and place your paper. Maybe add another paper. Put through your machine again so the paper is flat. An added touch to it is, (imo) the texture you get from the well-used B-plate. It’s not very visible on this tag though.

I should finally make a post about the cards I made a while ago, a series of 5 cards (made with design paper – something else I have but find hard to use!).

Here is a sneak preview: (maybe it will help to get it posted…)


Next, die-cut it and ink it up (Milled lavender and maybe a touch of tattered rose, and gothic purple stazon to the edges). Stamp the sentiment.

And the last series together:Daqadoodles141214zo23273719 Daqadoodles141214zo23261816

Now, should I continue making christmas card or finish the skirt for my son (yes, that’s right, skirt for my son… he’s 3 1/2 and wants a skirt to dance in. He likes the skirts of girls, the way they swirl. I don’t blame him, because it IS fun to have a skirt that swirls when you turn. So why stick to what people are used to, and why not open up and let boys wear skirts too? In the old days a skirt was common for men, and trousers not for women. It was strange to see women with trousers first, but we are used to it now. Emancipation. But is it emancipation if it is still seen as weird if a man/boy wears girlsclothes like a skirt or dress? In the arabic world a dress is common for men. And what about the very manly Scottish kilts?

So I’m making him a skirt of blue, black, denim and robot fabric. I am not much for planning (I think I allready said that) and have never really sewn, so it might not be all that straight or neat, but I’m sure he’ll love it and I’ll love seeing him dance in it ;). Ofcourse I’ll post pictures of it when it’s done!


Thank you for the nice comments! It’s not that I disliked the cards in the previous post, it’s just that I like the next batch better :P.

Another entry for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #5, although I’m not sure if the main image (the baubles) are still sold, I think I remember they were back in stock of  a limited time a while ago, so they’re not regular items.

Again, I used the leafy edges from the Steampunk Christmas set – they’re just so usefull to full up the card!

First, the card for the challenge. Due to timelimitations the pictures are taken indoors late in the evening, not very good lighting. I made three pictures of each card, one with flash, one without, and sometimes one closeup (with flash).


I think the above one (with flash) shows colours more as they are. The pictures without flash are too yellow.


The background is made on pink cardstock with Fern Leaf and (?? Flowerkindofthingy) masks, the fern leaf in green (d.i. Evergreen bough) and the flower with reddish/purple distress ink (can’t remember which one). Then stamped & embossed with WOW the baubles with purple embossing powder and coloured with Caran Dáche neocolourss. Added some white highlights and a sentiment, matted onto lila cardstock.

Next in this series (the other half of the A5 used to make the background) are two small cards. They are glued to purple cardstock as well. As they both are A7 sized it made it easy to fold the card itself from one piece of A5 purple cardstock. That is also why I glued them across the entire center, no matting this time.

Daqadoodles141214zo23241914 Daqadoodles141214zo23241613


Similar make as the first one – background was made from one A5 sheet (and then cut up into 1 A6 and 2 A7 sized cardbackgrounds). Only this time I embossed with Ranger Queens Gold embossing powder and added some perlen pen accents.

Daqadoodles141214zo23230911 Daqadoodles141214zo23230210 Daqadoodles141214zo23232312

I like these a lot too. A bit more focus on these cards.

Christmas again

What else, still so many card to make and so little time  – being ill for half a week, the second half an ill child, resulting in being behind on laundry/household which means another week lost to catch up (and rest) – not much time for crafting! But I managed to squeeze some time in for the Chocolate Baroque Colour challenge (which I ofcourse make with a Christmas theme).

Here is my first entry:


I’m not sure about the center image – I think it came in a grabbag I ordered at Chocolate Baroque. The side greens is from the Steampunk Christmas set and the – what do you call it – strings with dots? is from the Wisteria Lane set.


The leaves were stamped with dusty concord, and then partially embossed with verdigris embossing powder.


I struggled with the colourcombination and the Christmas theme. (That last bit was ofcourse my own doing). I kind of like the cards, but it still doesn’t have that thing that make them wow. Too busy I suppose, that’s usually the case with my cards ;).

Here are the other two, made on premade backgrounds.

I only noticed now that I didn’t stamp very well on the first card – that stamp isn’t mounted yet so I put the stamp down and lay the card on top and rub over it to transfer the ink, I probably didn’t rub in that corner. The green is too much present in this one, although the idea is ok.Daqadoodles141212vr17113007

Next is a bit similar to cards I made earlier and not entirely as I envisioned it either. Daqadoodles141212vr17134108The “stars” at the top, stamped with perfect pearls medium and then dusted with perfect pearls powder are too light, for instance. The word Noel was stamped with that medium too but dusted with plum perfect pearls, but I had expected the colour to be more purple. The tree is stamped with Gothic Purple Stazon. IT was stamped onto a background I made last year with a glimmerscreen (angelwing). I matted the card onto pink cardstock on which I had stamped a gothic fragment from the Steampunk Butterfly set – after inking I spritzed water on the stamp.


Just a few days left before the challenge closes – I’ve never been so late since participating (or since the start of the CB Colour Challenge). I still have a few other cards with this colour combination but they’re not ready yet. Will I finish, photograph and blog about them in time?

More orange christmas cards

Chocolate Baroque hosts a colour challenge each month, and you can enter 3 entries. That doesn’t stop me from making more cards in that colour combination. This is my third entry-post, and it contains 5 cards.

My challenge entry card is posted first, and repeated at the end of the post.

Card#1, Challenge entry


I Inked up my craftsheet / acryllic bloc with ripe persimmon distress ink, add a touch of red barn to it, spray wit hwater and press your card on it. Ink the edges with milled lavender distress marker.
The flower was a leftover from a previous project – I’m trying to reduce my pile of leftovers.
I stamped the two ornaments on the back with stazon, probably pumpkin orange, and then added the sentiment stamp with Clarinet red stazon.



As you can see, this background is part of the sheet I made earlier (see previous post). The cog-flower is also from a previous project (same as above). The edges are inked with the barn door distress marker. the sentiment is heatembossed with red embossing powder. I inked up the edges of the stamp with versamark and stamped & embossed on the left side  too, to make the swirls extend. No complete coverage of the embossing and I notice now I forgot to ink up some other edges, but it’s a cute little card.


I’m always trying to find a good position/light to photograph my projects. Seems in the full sun is best, altough I thought the colours look best/most intense if it’s not luminated by dirct sunlight, but indirect light, like a cloudy day. Still the pictures in the sun look brightest / most vibrant to me. And now I’m wondering, which of the two is closest to reality… I guess it’s negligible, as the monitor the pictures are viewed on is as important for accurate viewing as the lighting on the picture.  I guess every crafter knows this issue. Maybe I should just take a course about product photography!

Card #3


Another piece of the previously used background. This time it’s used more as a centerpiece then a background. Stamped the winter angel, inked the edges with clarinet stazon ink and heatembossed the word Joy with red embossing powder. It’s a “meh.” card. Boring, not completely right. Ah well, it’s one more handmade christmas card!

card #4

Daqadoodles141026zo134144 I liked this card. And I liked the borders. but I don’t like them together but I allready glued them down. Again, the flower is leftover from a previous project. The tree is stamped with stazon then coloured with distress ink and a waterbrush. The greenery (orangery!) in the corners is also stamped with distress ink. The borders are made out of the same colour. The borders just take up too much focus, I should not have used htem or placed them under the main paper.

Card #5


Can you believe I’m staring at the screen, trying to decipher what I used on the card, which stamps I got, while the cards are laying on a pile behind my keyboard? Duh. So much easier to look at the real thing. The background is originally also a pice of the stencil stamped background, but the second (or third?) stamping. After “stamping” with a stencil once, there’s always ink left behind. It’s actually not really visible on the card so I don’t know why I tell you haha. I laid down the stencil again and sponged in the stars with milled lavender, then stamped the steampunk christmas flower. Next I stamped the word Noel on top of it, and stamped the edges – again with 2 colours distress ink. The stamping of the word Noel wasn’t to my liking, so I stamped it again on another paper, tore that off, and inked it up. Before gluing it down on top of the other Noel, I sprayed the main paper with perfect copper mist, and Noel with heirloom gold. Then I glued the bits together – the little flowers being leftovers too. I think I’m out of flowers now.Daqadoodles141026zo135307

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder where people take their pictures. A sort of Whats on Your Workdesk but then a Where is Your Photocorner version. I don’t have room for a dedicated corner anymore (meaning a place where I can leave my glass plate lying without it being discovered by the kids and I don’t have time to get it out everytime, so I use what I have. Sometimes I just place the card in the bushes or on the grass if it’s dry. This spot is a spot I’ve been using lately, the birdhouse often still has sun at the end of the day. Because I photographed 8 or 9 cards that time I did get out my glass plate so I could use the barbeque and have a flat surface to put my cards on. This is what it looks like:Daqadoodles141026zo135537

And this is a bit what the rest of the garden looks like now. The birdhouse should be fixed to something but we just put it there out of the way. The board on top of the “schraag” (that wooden A form thingy) is nailed / screwed to it, it’s not like it’s a loose board and will tip over. It’s quite firm. It was affixed to the A-form when we were renovating, have a small place to put down tools. As you see, the garden didn’t get a lot of attention yet (empty planters, ladders that still need to be put away etc). The only thing we regularly do now is mow the grass. We did cut the side of the bushes, but we didn’t have time or tools to do the upper part then.Daqadoodles141026zo135551After taking these pictures and when the kids were awake again ( I probably took them after lunch when 2 out of 3 are usually napping), I cut the top part. It was nice weather and had to be done, good days will be less and less, so why not now? I’ll try to take a picture (during daytime) to show how it looks now. Be warned though, I didn’t make an effort to make it straight, my goal was: cut off the outgrow. Time was my limit, I didn’t want to spend hours on it, just a quick cut.

So, as promised, I close this post with my entry for the chocolate baroque colour challenge #4






An orange-squeezing christmas tree

I guess that’s why there is so much orange juice on the card. The cogs get a bit rusty from it, maybe even moldy. Guess orange juice is a bit too acid to just squeeze between cogs.

I’m going to present to you a batch of christmas cards. The colours (maybe the talk of oranges gave it away allready) come from a colour challenge: Chocolate Baroque colour challenge 4


Yes. You can make Christmas cards with these colours, all you need to do is pile up some cogs and splash em with these colours. One of the next batch of cards is my entry.The cards are very similar so I didn’t think it was necessary to post them seperately, ofcourse I’ll choose one to be the representative of the group. And I think it will be this one:Daqadoodles141026zo134123


I inked the stencil (Crafters Workshop) with ripe persimmon, sprayed with a bit of water and pressed onto the paper (I made a larger sheet and cut it up later). I stamped again with the stencil next to this one, you’ll see on the other cards. Let dry and continue 4 days later. Add ripe persimmon to your craftsheet and use a waterbrush to colour the stars and other white areas.

Stamp the tree with stazon, use the picked fence distress marker to colour the cogs, heat emboss “happy newyear” with copper embossing powder.


This is originally a piece of the paper of the second stamping of the stencil – it was very light. So I laid down the stencil again and coloured in the stars.

Next I stamped the tree again, and put distress ink (ripe persimmon, spicy marmalade, barn door, maybe some more) onto my craft sheet and coloured with my waterbrush, mixing the colours. I coloured the open spaces with a milled lavender marker. The white between the tree was a bit too white so coloured it a bit more. Next I inked up one of the flowery corner stamps of the same set, with two colours of distress ink, and sprayed it with water and stamped. The first print wasn’t good at all, so I restamped (without positioning it well, I wasn’t really bothering about preciseness, this would be a shabby grungy fast range of christmas cards – I’ve got about 40 to go still! No time for neat cards…) I disliked the blurry restamping anyway, so sprayed water over it to make it more blurry, and liked that effect. I stamped and heatembossed Noel.

Daqadoodles141026zo133952 On this one you can see a big bold background stamp, it’s added over the stars stencil print as that was too light to make a nice background. The big bold background was stamped with milled lavender. Next I stmaped and heat embossed the tree with red embossing powder, coloured with ripe persimmon and black sooth and added the sentiment “happy new year”


Chocolate baroque colour challenge entry #2

Ofcourse I inked up all the edges of the cards, if I had a marker in the right colour (such as the milled lavender one) I drew around the edge and used the waterbrush to soften the edges o the line.Daqadoodles141026zo134027


Three trees, the first for christmas. I loveed making them this way, no hassle over colouring precisely inside the lines, or colours fading into eachother. A perfect style for batches of cards 🙂 I made 5 more in this colour setting, 3 big ones and 2 matching smaller ones, so stay tuned!

Christmas (2013) in August (2014)

I found a memory card with some pictures of unposted cards on it, including my christmas / new years collection.



I think I sent about 40% of the cards between christmas and new year’s eve, and 35% before 5th of January, and the last 25% never got made or sent… (sorry friends/family who didn’t get a card, I was just too tired and too busy to craft! Adress selection was quite random, I always print out all adresses on labels, so I won’t forget relatives or friends. Adresses that are near me aren’t printed as well, as I deliver these cards myself. Still, they are written in that adressdocument too. I noticed less people are sending cards now with Christmas or new year. I don’t exactly mind, as it has become a routine for many people, it has lost it’s meaning. Still, many people don’t receive cards from me except for this time of year, and those that do get birthday cards are quite close to me, so I want to make them something special too. So, I still continue to make “hurray the longest night has passed, we welcome a new year and hope for a good harvest” cards. (The original meaning of the feast, which was adopted by the Christian church).

So, what did I make last year?

Here’s a gallery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Papieren kerstster / Paper star

Op verschillende sites een mooie ster gezien, en deze ben ik zelf ook gaan maken.

/ On several sites I’ve seen a lovely paper star, I was inspired to make it myself too.

Bronnen / sources:

Hier gaan we dan. Ik heb eerst een vierkant gemaakt van een A4 vel. Ik heb niet het sjabloon uit de tutorial van Craftideas gebruikt, ik heb mijn eigen sjabloon gemaakt. Ik heb het vierkant in 12 stukken verdeeld, dus welke maat je vierkant ook is, verdeel de lengte (L) door 12 en teken steeds kleinere vierkanten met die maat. Teken een diagonale lijn van de ene hoek naar de andere. Nu weet ik even het nederlandse woord voor “offset” niet, het is een tekenterm. Daarmee wordt bedoeld dat je de lijn op een afstand x van de oorspronkelijke lijn herhaalt. Doe dit met de diagonaal, teken een paralelle lijn op 1/12L aan beide zijden van de diagonaal. Het papier tussen deze twee laatste lijnen is de “ruggegraat” van je ster.

So here we go. I first made a square out of an A4 sheet of paper. I didn’t use the template of the tutorial above, but just drew my own lines. I divided the square into 12 sections, so whatever size your square is, divide the length of the sides by twelve and draw smaller rectangles. Draw a line from one corner to the opposite corner on the far end. Now, offset that line 1/12th of the length of the side of the square to both sides. The paper between those lines will be the “backbone” of the star.

Gum de lijnen op de ruggegraat uit om fouten bij het snijden te voorkomen. Afhankelijk van je voorkeur kan je het sjabloon nu overtrekken met een marker en het op deze manier gebruiken als sjabloon (via carbonpapier overtrekken op het uiteindelijke papier), of je kan het sjabloon nu al uitsnijden en dit bovenop je papier leggen en dan weer snijden. Ik heb dit laatste gedaan, zodat ik geen potloodlijnen op mijn sterrepunt zou hebben.

Erase the lines inside the backbone, to avoid cutting mistakes. Depending on your preference, you can either trace the lines with a black marker so you can retrace the template onto your piece of paper, or you can cut the template and lay it on your piece of paper and cut the paper then. I used the last way, so I didn’t end up with lines on my star-paper.

Mijn eerste vierkant was nogal groot. Te groot. Daarna heb ik een klein vierkantje gemaakt van het restje A4. Dat was weer te klein. Toen begon ik te variëren, Ik maakte gebogen lijnen. Dat zag er aardig uit maar het verschil met rechte lijnen was niet zo groot. De kans om verkeerd te snijden is groter en het tekenen kost meer moeite, dus ik maakte nog maar een recht vierkant. Deze keer was de maat goed.

My first square was rather big. Too big. Then I made a small square from the remains of the A4. That was too small. Then I started making a variation, I put curves in the rectangles. That was kind of nice, but the effect was not that great. I mean, it didn’t look terribly different from the straight lined model and it took lots more time and had more room for errors, so I made another square. This time, the size was right.

Ik maake mijn sjabloon, sneed 7 vierkanten uit en lijmde iedere punt in elkaar. Ik had 1 extra vierkant, ik rekende op 6 voor de ster.

I made my template, cut out 7 squares, and glued them up. I had 1 extra square, I was counting on 6 squares for the star.

Ik rolde twee hoeken tegelijk op, beginnen bij de buitenste en dan eentje overslaan en die daarna mee oprollen. I rolled two corners at a time, start with the outermost square, skip one and roll the next one along.

Ik heb de onderkanten van de punten niet aan elkaar gelijmd zoals in de tutorial. Ik heb een gat in de onderkant gemaakt en daar een stukje bloemdraad doorheen gedaan. Daarna heb ik de zijkanten van de punten aan elkaar gelijmd. Ik heb niet goed op de orientatie van de punten gelet toen ik ze aan de draad reeg, dat had ik wel moeten doen. Nu heb ik een buiten-vierkant aan een 2e buitense vierkant moeten lijmen, dat ging niet altijd even makkelijk.

didn’t glue the bottom together like the tutorial, I punched a hole through it and put a piece of iron wire through it. Then I glued the sides together. I had not paid attention to the orientation of the points when I put them on the wire, I should have done that. Now I glued an outer-square against a 2nd outer square. Outer-square on outer-square would be easier gluing I think.

Uiteindelijk stonden de punten wat onder spanning en de lijm liet los. (Ik was te ongeduldig om het goed te laten drogen voordat ik de laatste punt wilde lijmen.) Ik heb een 7e punt toegevoegd om de spanning te verminderen.

In the end, there was quite some tension on my star, and the glue let go (I was too impatient to let it dry properly before trying to glue the last one in place). I added a 7th point.

Ik heb de ster bespoten met een sneeuw-spray die ik al heel lang had staan. 7 jaar? Langer? Ik had het nog nooit gebruikt. Dat had ik ook nu niet moeten doen, want het “droogt” niet. Het is makkelijk verwijderbaar, te makkelijk: Ik kan het nu nog van de ster afvegen. Ik had mooier papier moeten gebruiken of zoals ik eerst dacht, de punten with spuiten met gewone witte verf. Ach ja, volgend jaar weer.

Then I sprayed it with a can of some kind of snow stuff which I had for aaaages (dunno, 7 years?) and have never used before. I shouldn’t have used it now either, as it doesn’t dry. I can still wipe it off easily now. I should have used prettier paper or spraypainted it white on the edges. A well. Next year.

Als laatste nog wat glitterlijm toegevoegd. Er lagen wat stripjes papier om me heen die een beetje krulden, dat zag er wel leuk uit. Ik heb ze nog iets meer gekruld en aan de punten gelijmd. Klaar! En het ziet er niet eens zo slecht uit!

I added some sprinkleglue. I had some pieces of paper lying around which where a bit curly, I curled them some more and glued them to the points. Star done! And it doesn’t look all too bad I think!

Nog een papieren kerstbal / Another Christmas ball ornament

Geinspireerd door deze foto van…/Inspired by this picture from…

Christmas Ornaments Decorating Ideas for Christmas Tree »

en nog meer inspiratie van… /and another inspiration from…

Homemade gifts made easy & Oh My! Handmade Goodness  (ballen met 2 segmenten / ornaments with 2 segments)

…ben ik aan de slag gegaan om zelf zo’n bal te maken. Ik vond die eerste bal met 3 vakken erin toch erg mooi, dus die wilde ik namaken. Ik heb een testversie gemaakt, rondjes tekenen met een schoteltje, plakken, losmaken en opnieuw lijmen. De testversie vond ik te groot, dus een kleinere versie gemaakt. Ook had ik bij de testversie meer rondjes gebruikt dan nodig. Ik denk dat ik het aantal cirkels nog kan verminderen, nu heb ik 2 verschillende kleuren cirkels gebruikt, maar zoals te zien is in de afbeelding kan je denk ik ook 1 soort papier gebruiken en het middelste segment “verven”./ …I went to work to make a ball like that myself. I really liked the first ornament with 3 segments, so I wanted to make one of those. I made a testversion first, drew circles with a teacupplate, glued it, disassembled it and glued again. The testversion was too big, so I made a smaller version. Also I used more circles then needed at the testversion. I think I can reduce the amount of circels needed even more, I now used 2 kinds of papercircle for 2 colours, ofcourse, like is shown in the picture, you can just use 1 type of paper and “dye” the middle segment.

Testversie / testversion

Testversie gesloten - Testversion closed

De uiteindelijke versie moet nog gelijmd worden en verder versierd. Ik heb 120 g papier gebruikt, het zal beter lukken bij iets dunner papier (niet te dun want ik denk dat het dan scheurt). Tip: maak eerst een proefversie met paperclips, zo zie je waar je moet lijmen! / The last version still needs to beglued up and decorated even more. I used 120g paper, I think it will be better to use thinner paper. (Not too thin because it might tear!) Tip: Make a testversion with paperclips first, this way you see where you need to pt the glue for best results.

Bovenkant, er staat flink wat spanning op / Upper side, there is quite some tension on the paperclips.

Nu nog lijmen en versieren – now only glueing and decorating