Dragons and their treasure

Here is the third entry for the Chococolate Baroque Challenge #34, the dragons card in the middle.

Here they are. Maybe I should call this set Og3ne as I finished the last one watching the Eurovision Song contest!

The idea was formed – I had an underwater card, an “on the ground” card so the next card would be off the ground. Not necessarily in the “air” – in space, another dimension… A dragon and his treasure.

Dragons with glittery bellies from sliding across the treasure, geometric and clean shapes like sparkling gems.

All stamps used are Chocolate Baroque sets, I’ll list the names of them later.


From lack of sleep… tired.. been to Hamburg this weekend with my sisters, it was wonderfull, but getting back and working early next day, followed by a night with not much sleep due to a baby wanting to throw a party in the middle of the night is a bit too much maybe.

A while ago I told you (goodbye lullabye part 1) I got sidetracked (goodbye lullabye part 2) while working on one project, and made a bunch of backgrounds of which I had no clue of how I was going to use them due to the bright contrasting colours.

Daqadoodles150417vr233012038 Daqadoodles150417vr233002040Well I took on the challenge, and used one sheet, the turqouise with orange bubbles one.

This is how it turned out:Daqadoes150515vr114315005

Modelling paste through one “sun” pattern, covered wit hcopper acryllic paint. Other places only acryllic paint.  Not sure what I used to colour the turtle: distress ink and/or Caran D’ache neon colour crayons.


Stamped the seadragon for placement, then added gesso on and over the stamped image, heat embossed the dragon with distress embossing powder and coloured with Caran D’ache neocolours. Embellisments (diecuts) are from my stash. The card is matted onto a white card on wich I painted a messy frame in copper.





One of these is my last entry for the Designs By Ryn May challenge. I think I’ll choose the seadragon, as I like how it looks somewhat plastered on, like he is in his own bubble.

Edit: I chose the turtle, it’s better photographed / better visible.

And now, bed!


Magic in the mist

Another card for the Designs by Ryn january challenge:


The above image is a scan of the card, it doesn’t show the glossyness.

I all started with this, made with bister and a bit of Wild Honey distress ink and maybe the red is stamped with fired brick distress ink:


Design by Ryn stamps used: Fish Scales and Sea Bubbles on the left card. The patio stone is on the right card, but that is still as is, and not finished. Hmm no, I think I stamped a tiger on it… still not finished though.

The fairy  was made for another card but not used, I coloured a background then stamped and embossed with clear embossing powder. The dragon emerges from the mist, both myst-ical creatures ;).




The dragon was embossed using left over embossing powder from another card, I stamped with imbossing ink and poured the embossing powder over, the embossing powder was allready a mix from a previous time. I used mainly stream (dark blue), white and distress tumbled glass embossing powder. Then I took a brush, added some water and removed the bister inside the dragon or spreading it out more. Then I consealed the dragon a bit again by adding Wild Honey distress ink.Daqadoodles150128wo204057006a

I then put glossy accents on top.

The photo’s of the unfinished card outside look best in terms of colour. It’s time for longer days!

Thank you all so much for visiting, as I find it hard to find the time to visit others! Leaving comments on blogspot blogs takes even more time due to blogger not “recognizing” wordpress accounts as valid acounts, it keeps wanting to verify I’m not a robot. Why can’t they just get along.

Oh I forgot about the background: made myself ofcourse, red and green spray ink (dylusions I think), stormy sky distress ink (to match the fairy wings) and distress paint walnut stain.

Stay warm and positive, and if you’d like to receive a real card, wobbly and not perfectly glued, then send me your adress. (The wobbly and not perfecly glued part doesn’t show on pictures luckily :P)


Dragon of the Sea

My last entry for the chocolate baroque colour challenge. First I had a seahorse, then a dragon, so now it’s a seadragon!

Pictures taken inside with flash, not the best but better then none!




The background had been lying around in my stash for a while, as I had made a card like this previously. As the (sea)dragons are fantasy creatures, any colour is possible. I usually make the belly another colour – usually a soft and vulnerable spot for animals – and make extensions a differnt colour as they can be used to distract, impress, or are less noticable so the “victim” doesn’t see the attack. This seadragon has a green head and wings – is it maybe because he is coming out of the water and shifting into a flying dragon? Is it because of the moonlight? I think the answer to that will stay a secret ;).


Daqadoodles150112ma204257103  Daqadoodles150112ma204322105

Poison fire

December has been very busy, probably for many of us. Hardly enough time to make all the cards which leaves no time to blog and read blogs. So I’ve got tons of cards still to show. Don’t worry, I won’t post them all individually, I’ll post them in groups.

However, ofcourse I’m not going to post in chronological order, that would be too easy now, wouldn’t it? So here is a card I made this week for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #6





The dragon is from the set: Here be dragons. Unfortunately the white embossingpowder was too thick for the text, and the white gellpen has got a heavy flow. But I do like how the dragon turned out a lot, I like the colous of the wings. The text says: Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.Daqadoodles150112ma204017100

The background is from a sheet of which the previous card was made as well. The yellow looks less yellow in real life (I think it might be the lamplight) or the printed colourchallenge looks more yellow in real life – the difference between the challenge colours and my card colour (the olive/light green or greenish yellow).

I stamped the dragon, coloured with distress inks, added some purple glitter and highlights. Stamped the dragon breath in green and turqoise (the swirls are also from that set, as is the text).

I made backframes for the card and added some bister to the frames as well, as if the dragon is spewing his fire even outside the middle frame.

The colouring of the dragon-likes is fun and quick with the distress inks and a waterbrush. My next card focuses on a waterdragon, they just go very well with bister it seems!