30’s Wedding

Or is it 20’s, or 40’s? I’m not good at styles. Their invitation does have this vintage feel, the Caro Emerald feel.

The stamps with the most period feel to it are the “roaring twenties” ones. Not entirely the same period but it has the same nostalgic feeling to it.  This is the card for the wedding mentioned in the previous post. Daqadoodles150925vr140028122bDaqadoodles150925vr140124127Daqadoodles150925vr140131128Daqadoodles150925vr140112125  Daqadoodles150925vr140035123a


An old friend of my partner got married last summer, and all guests were asked to write something about how they knew the couple. The tekst/photos would be bound to an album. As the  “ceremoniemeester” (wedding planner?) had a non functioning e-mail adress of ours it took a while before we got this question. I had two weeks to come up with something, and as usualy, started on time. (Right… 2 days before we had to mail it…)

Here is what I made:


I wasn’t happy about the last page. But we’ll get to that later, first, the first page (which actually isn’t the text, which I put last).


The song and adresslist is copied from the yearbook. The books is a Crafter’s Companion stamp, moustache is a Tim Holtz die, sun is also a diecut, stamped sun is  from Stampinback. The layout of the page (swirl and stripes on the side) was done by the mother of the bride to get a uniform look.  The lightbulb stamp is Stampers Anonymus. I had edited the picture on the computer, aging the colours and fading the two other guys out as this wasn’t about them. colours: brown, yellow, metallic white (perlen pen)Daqadoodles043

The text is a bit messy… I’m not very good at stamping those tiny letter stamps. (little wood mounted stamps, love the typewriter look of the letters).


The next page: A picture of the graduation – stars and moons background is Scrapberries I think, the telephone cell (Dr Who) is vivalasvegas, as is the robot head. The text is the Fysica song, copied from the yearbook as well. The “ribbon” is a sizzix die. The thingy (astroplaneworldbulbthingy) is from stampinback. I think.


colours of this page: brown, blue, (metallic) white. It is my favourite page.


The text page. I had several diecuts which I loved, but didn’t know how to put them on the page with the text. Then I decided I would place them behind the text.


Huisje, boompje, beestje. It’s a dutch expression for “settling down” – home, tree, pet.AFter this picture I coloured the edges of the diecuts, used a gray marker to follow the lines.


Printing the text onto tissue paper. Taped it with washi tape to regular printing paper and put it in the printer. This can be a bit tricky, as the tissue can tear or move and the print ends up not being entirely straight. The last bit is no problem, as with the next step theres a 90% change lines won’t be straight anymore.


Laying it out roughly. Next step is to put decoupage glue on the paper and glue it on. As I wanted the edges to blend in, I’ve torn them. Cut edges stand out, torn edges fade more gradually into the background. I didn’t want glue outside of the text or on top of it, so I had to put the glue on the back of the text. That is a challenge – gluing up a tissue paper, THEN picking it up and laying it flat in the right spot in one go – if you try to move it too much after you put it down, it tears.Daqadoodles036a

The result is a subtle layering. Inking up the edges worked out great, if I hadn’t done it many details would have been lost. Or entire diecuts would be lost.

The third page: I wasn’t happy with it. The first and second were great, they matched. The text page was different then the others, but as it is a text only page it was good. But the third page.. too much colour of the pictures.

First try. They both work in IT so I liked the printplate (is that the english word as well?) stamp from vivalasvegas a lot. I also wanted to use a diecut of the Netherlands: we moved from the Hague (the milled lavender part) to the south of the Netherlands. He moved to the east of the Netherlands (end of the arrow) and found his love there. And now it’s time to get married.

But, as said, I missed the brown. So I started again.


Indeed more brown, but still… not right.


This is it. A picture less, more hearts and more uniform colours – the same blue as the pages before, and some bundled sage green. Colours: brown, blue, green and a bit of milled lavender. No die cut this time but and outline (and inline?) using the die itself. Diecuts from Marianne Design, Amy design and Sizzix.


So this was a bit of scrapbooking for me. It’s not really for me, as I leave no place for pictures :P Pictures supplement my layout rather then the other way around, haha!

Next post is about the card I made for them, with their invitations as inspiration.

Mega Christmas 2014 post

Warning: Loads of pictures here! But only a few as standalone, the rest will be visible in the included gallery.

As it is still in my “ready to upload” folder, it seems I never posted about my Wintercards 2014. I prefer to refer to them as winter or “good year” cards rather then Christmas cards. As the season is slowly coming again it isn’t very strange to post these seasonal cards here. Can’t really say wintercards now either, with today having felt like september – 16 degrees Celcius! Tropical Decembercards seem very appropriate.


Daqadoodles141221zo22152279As you can see not many standard colours, this was due to the challenges of Chocolate Baroque and due to my own “challenge” of making winter cards with non-traditional colours.


The bottom two rows are all made with mainly Chocolate Baroque stamps – exceptions being the 1st card on the 2nd row and the two rays- backgroundstamps (Hero Arts I think). Õh I just realized that I did blog about several cards, I entered the challenge with them! Orange trees, Cards with the flowers and the card with the angel,

On the 3rd row from the bottom: cards 4,5 and 6,(and above) and the last one (nr. 7) are made with Chocolate Baroque stamps for their colour challenge too.

4th row: Card 1 and 2: I used patterened paper! card 3,5,6 CB again. Below a better view on some of them. Also used TCW stencils, Joy! Crafts and Marianne designs dies.Daqadoodles141221zo22155081

More Chocolate Baroque stamps used. The baubles on the almost bottom corner are from a clearstamp set – might be Viva Decor or a set from Kruidvat. The bright purple tree is Art Journey. The large wing cards are made with a stencil.


And finally the top rows, the first two cards not having been sent offas winter cards. The 1st row last two cards are much more grungy than the others, it was a bit more experimental. The 2nd row first two cards are also a bit more experimental, not sure if I sent those off. On 2nd row 3rd card I used some chipboard things I’ve had for ages! didn’t know they looked that good on a card. 2nd row last card: looks strange on the picture. It was patterned paper in which I embossed a bauble and then inked it up probably.


And now for the gallery:



A year’s journey

No, not a journey of a year. This card was made in October 2014, and has stayed put since, ever waiting for that day to be posted. Should I rename the post to: Waiting for departure?

This is the card, made with the Sizzix die “Valise” and a Quietfire Design text stamp.



And inside is a Chocolate Baroque text stamp.Daqadoodles141005zo173041



I made the card with someone in mind who has a lot of luggage that needs to be shed, but decided it was not up to me to give the message. One must start the journey themselves, I cannot start it for them. So this card is still waiting for the right person. Maybe I should give it in to “Lost and Found”?


Tall as a tree

As lately I seem to enter the challanges within the nick of (closing)time, I decided I’d start a bit earlier on this one (actually I just continued the crafting flow). It wasn’t as easy as I though, my first three attemps failed (for this challenge) as the bister colours turned out too dark. So I started over and this is the result:


I made this card for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #16

And here is how it started.

I decided to get out my hardly used bister and have a play with it. I also got some stencils out – underwaterscene stencils as I wanted something underwater steampunk. Blue of the sea, green of underwater plants or rust, and the yellowish and purple for steampunkyness. I tried 2 methods, of which the last one is imo the best ofcourse – as then I stopped as the result was ok :P

1.) Place the stencil on the paper, spray well with water and carefully remove the stencil. Take a bit of bister on a pallet (palet?) knife and gently shake it off. Could also use a brush but that didn’t hold enough powder for me.

Daqadoodles151021wo221653123 Daqadoodles151021wo221754124

As you can see, there is powder outside the wet areas, and in the wet areas there might be too much powder. Maybe I should have used a brush instead. Also, the colours don’t really flow yet – should I have used more water and risk having the water run under the stencil? I let this dry before I tried to remove the powder.

Method 2:Daqadoodles151021wo222131125

I think it’s clear what I did here – leave the stencil (wet as it is) in place and spread some powder over it. Ofcourse, it’s a waste to just rub the colour right off, so what do you do? Right, reverse stamp:Daqadoodles151021wo222241126 Daqadoodles151021wo222253127

Now this last one is the prettiest one! But too dark colours for hte challenge imo. Or maybe not. We’ll see how I finish it.Daqadoodles151021wo225041128

Here are the three results and the printed colour challenge image – doesn’t really look like it matches, does it? No, I didn’t think so either. The powder on the reeds below is removed, and as you can see it can’t all be removed. Maybe I should have used my magic static away dust pillow thingy?

Oh and another note: apply the bister / brusho on a different desk then the one you’re crafting on, the stuff gets everywhere and just a tiny speck of it has to come into contact with a tiny bit of wet water (I use my water spray a lot) and there’s a smudge on your card. Even if you think you wiped it all away. Maybe it would also work to not have your workspace so cluttered as I have :PDaqadoodles151021wo230627129

Again the reeds stencil, but this time with inks. I usually gather all inks and paitns in the challenge colours so I can just go ahead and create instead of wondering during creating if the colour is right. Daqadoodles151022do011407131

Above: the gears stencil was laid down, then I applied some green and purple. It looked lovely. I spritzed with my home made resist spray, and made a reverse stamp of the stencil (seen in the next picture). I wanted the gears to be yellowish, so I applied the colour. The resists spray doesn’t completely block the colour, but in this case it let through too much yellow. Blergh. My idea couldn’t be realized – maybe I’ll find a new idea for it.

I was determined to get one card now. Between the “underwater” stencils is an airbubble stencil, and it gave me an idea: Acryllic paint should resist distress ink, so what if I use this as snow? Before I could do that I had to stamp the main image. And before I did that I wanted to stamp the background, the edge image. I thought the embossing would cover the background. The large tree is stamped and embossed with distress shabby shutters embossing powder – but oh noes! The background was still visible through the embossing! I really thought the embossing would be non-transparant.Daqadoodles151022do011355130

Oh well, lesson learnt. Don’t be lazy, cut masks. Then again, if I had cut a mask the background trees wouldn’t be visible through the main tree either. I put down the stencil and added picket fence paint throught it with the dabbertop. I was afraid it wouldn’t be “resisting” enough so I also took a pearl white paint dabber and randomly applied that, even in the tree. I like the effect of it, like the light reflecting on the snowflakes.

I coloured the gears and applied gesso to the treeparts that should not be visible, quite visible on the picture below.Daqadoodles151022do234352132

I applied distress ink on the sky, making it uneven as a sky (here) is hardly ever uniform in colour.Daqadoodles151022do234420133

Next steps I didn’t take pictures.. What I did was: stamp with stazon on the bottom part of the tree, as stazon IS darker. Also, the background was way to green, it should be more of a silhouette, so I went over it with my water brush dipped in Black sooth distress ink.I shaded the tree a bit and shaded some gears witha darker green, and last I added baubles in yellow and purple. The purple paper pen obviously isn’t fit (anymore?) for pearls, and the purple one is a bit more blotchy as well. Not waiting untill the card as dry (I had used a damp towel to clean off the embossing). It does look a bit messy. But then again…Daqadoodles151025zo164148136

It does fit the circles of the snow much better this way. These aren’t perfectly filled either, and it gives the card a bit more quirky look. Also the gessoed part looks good, it gives a bit of extra to the tree. Sometimes mistakes aren’t all that bad if you look at them differently.



And now to find an envelop. As you saw I just started on approximately an A5 sized paper, and I cut it to a size that looked good. A while ago I didn’t care much for different sized cards, I made my own envelops. But that was time consuming and less fun then making cards, that is why I started making them A6 size so they fit in these C6 envelops. I like the craft colour and alternative opening, and they’re not more expensive then regular ones but they are more sturdy (only have to watch the weight of the cards more now).

Hema: 20 enveloppen in C6 formaat met zelfklevende sluiting.



Last entry for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge # 15


It started out of that same paper as the previous card.Daqadoodles151019ma223527123

It’s the top left part. At first I had stamped the buddha branches on the top (with 2nd and 3rd generation ink stamping) but it was way to busy, I had added the flowers and white pearldrops then allready too. So what do you do then? Add a coat of gesso on it. I made a bit of a texture in it. First I brushed it straight down, then on the top part of the gesso bit I brushed it like a pointed roof. It reminded me of a shelter. I added some paint which should dry up with a blotty effect, but it was paint on spirits base (not sure how it’s called in english) and takes a long time to dry. It was transparent too, too white. That is when I got out my brushed pewter and silver acryllic paint – added a few drops on the top, some water, and kitchen foil. Let it sit and focus on the other cards.


The effect when the foil was removed is great. It’s stoney, and the brushstrokes down give it more depth. And guess what, I even added a ribbon! I felt it needed some layering, some softening.



Oops, messed up the drop of stickles here… was looking for the shiny blingthingies which I never use but had found again and intended to use it for these cards and then when I needed them couldn’t find them…  Not sure if Ill add a sentiment to that card, I don’t think I will.


I love the contrast on these pictures, especially from the Shelter card, looks like a thunderstorm and rain like this. Love how it turned out.

Now I’ve got some cleaning to do and get to bed (way too late!)

First snow

Do you remember, the eerie light, the night the first snow covers the world outside? Like light coming from everywhere, a soft illumination…Daqadoodles151021wo005229134

Ofcourse nothing like my card!

This is my 2nd entry for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge # 15

Here is the piece of paper it came from:




I wanted to use it as it was there, with the distressed edges. But it wasn’t right.


Nicely framed with grey and straight lines is better, more view onto a scene like this.


Also here, I’ve been doubting about a sentiment, or something else. The card makes me feel a bit.. what is the word… melancholic inside, a memory with a touch of sadness. I prefer to make happy cards, not melancholic ones, as I want people to be a bit happier when they receive a card. But maybe it doesn’t have this effect on others, so it’s good like this. Thanks for visiting again! Let’s see if I can make the 3rd post in time as well.

Golden Christmas

Feels like I’m way too early for Christmas. Too make up for that, I’m almost late with posting/adding this card to the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #15.

Been busy here, also with some crafting but no time to take pictures (and no reason – besides no time – to blog about it).

Here is the first finished card (not sure if I can/will finish the others on time).


The ingredients: soft ancient silver acryllic paint, pewter acryllic paint, grey versafine, queens gold embossing powder and versamark.

Drop some acryllic paint on a craftsheet, add some water and put the paper on top, this time don’t move it around too much as you want some white left. I tried to put the darker grey on the bottom of the card and the lighter on the top. As you can see I somewhere failed, as it’s the other way around now :P


Take a blank piece of paper, stamp with versamark and emboss the angel with gold. Add some slight grey to her dress, hair and a touch of her wings so the white stands out more as white.  Mount the background and fold the card off center.Daqadoodles151021wo000158125

Use a stamping ruler for the next part. Ink up with versafine grey, stamp inside the card. The idea was that the gold would fade inside the card, leaving grey flakes, so the grey would continue inside.Daqadoodles151021wo000147124

Tape a piece of paper against the inside of the card so the ink won’t transfer to the other side of the inside (get it?). Now close the card, ink up again (with grey versafine) and stamp on the same spot. Add embossing powder on the stamped image, also opening the card and let it go inside a bit. Depending on how dry the ink on the inside is more or less of the powder sticks. Mine was quite sticky still so I wiped some powder away.

Then fire up the heating tool and emboss the flakes.Daqadoodles151021wo000211126

No time to flatten the card yet, has to go under the press a bit.


I’m not sure if I’ll add a sentiment, I do feel it still lacks something but there’s enough business on it allready. I guess I better leave it as it is, maybe add a sentiment inside. Thanks for visiting!


Birds don’t lay pears

But why would it like to nest in a tree with pears? It only attracts wasps… Or do doves like them? Hmm.

Anyway, maybe even more in a hurry then before as the deadline is now – what, half an hour? an hour?

So, this post is my second entry for the 14th Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge 5d847-cbc_13









Stamped and embossed the tree, then coloured it with distress ink and markers. Covered the coloured tree parts with teykol, than applied the acryllic bloc technique. Stamped the branches, coloured the berries. De little doves were made the same time as in the previous post. They were added to the card with adhesive foam so they’re raised a bit. Stickles on the star and on the doves again.

The background card is made with paint – I didn’t have a fitting background ready and had to finish it, so I grabbed one with a print I didn’t quite like, added paint – purple only at first. Then decided I wanted a lighter edge as well, so added bundles sage distress paint.

Thanks for you visit!

Doves of joy

Deadline, in a hurry!
For the 14th Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge:





Some outdoor pictures when it wasn’t finished yet:  Daqadoodles150915di182945128



Stamped with multiple colours distress ink, then added teykol (a kind of resist thingy, like decoupage glue) on top of it. Then used the acryllic block technique for the other colours and added some more shade lilac with a sponge. I stamped and heat embossed the doves onto another paper, coloured them and cut them out. Added Stickles, and some more Peeled paint around the tree as I missed some more green. Last, I heat embossed “Joy” with gold tinsel.