Mega Christmas 2014 post

Warning: Loads of pictures here! But only a few as standalone, the rest will be visible in the included gallery.

As it is still in my “ready to upload” folder, it seems I never posted about my Wintercards 2014. I prefer to refer to them as winter or “good year” cards rather then Christmas cards. As the season is slowly coming again it isn’t very strange to post these seasonal cards here. Can’t really say wintercards now either, with today having felt like september – 16 degrees Celcius! Tropical Decembercards seem very appropriate.


Daqadoodles141221zo22152279As you can see not many standard colours, this was due to the challenges of Chocolate Baroque and due to my own “challenge” of making winter cards with non-traditional colours.


The bottom two rows are all made with mainly Chocolate Baroque stamps – exceptions being the 1st card on the 2nd row and the two rays- backgroundstamps (Hero Arts I think). Õh I just realized that I did blog about several cards, I entered the challenge with them! Orange trees, Cards with the flowers and the card with the angel,

On the 3rd row from the bottom: cards 4,5 and 6,(and above) and the last one (nr. 7) are made with Chocolate Baroque stamps for their colour challenge too.

4th row: Card 1 and 2: I used patterened paper! card 3,5,6 CB again. Below a better view on some of them. Also used TCW stencils, Joy! Crafts and Marianne designs dies.Daqadoodles141221zo22155081

More Chocolate Baroque stamps used. The baubles on the almost bottom corner are from a clearstamp set – might be Viva Decor or a set from Kruidvat. The bright purple tree is Art Journey. The large wing cards are made with a stencil.


And finally the top rows, the first two cards not having been sent offas winter cards. The 1st row last two cards are much more grungy than the others, it was a bit more experimental. The 2nd row first two cards are also a bit more experimental, not sure if I sent those off. On 2nd row 3rd card I used some chipboard things I’ve had for ages! didn’t know they looked that good on a card. 2nd row last card: looks strange on the picture. It was patterned paper in which I embossed a bauble and then inked it up probably.


And now for the gallery:



More orange christmas cards

Chocolate Baroque hosts a colour challenge each month, and you can enter 3 entries. That doesn’t stop me from making more cards in that colour combination. This is my third entry-post, and it contains 5 cards.

My challenge entry card is posted first, and repeated at the end of the post.

Card#1, Challenge entry


I Inked up my craftsheet / acryllic bloc with ripe persimmon distress ink, add a touch of red barn to it, spray wit hwater and press your card on it. Ink the edges with milled lavender distress marker.
The flower was a leftover from a previous project – I’m trying to reduce my pile of leftovers.
I stamped the two ornaments on the back with stazon, probably pumpkin orange, and then added the sentiment stamp with Clarinet red stazon.



As you can see, this background is part of the sheet I made earlier (see previous post). The cog-flower is also from a previous project (same as above). The edges are inked with the barn door distress marker. the sentiment is heatembossed with red embossing powder. I inked up the edges of the stamp with versamark and stamped & embossed on the left side  too, to make the swirls extend. No complete coverage of the embossing and I notice now I forgot to ink up some other edges, but it’s a cute little card.


I’m always trying to find a good position/light to photograph my projects. Seems in the full sun is best, altough I thought the colours look best/most intense if it’s not luminated by dirct sunlight, but indirect light, like a cloudy day. Still the pictures in the sun look brightest / most vibrant to me. And now I’m wondering, which of the two is closest to reality… I guess it’s negligible, as the monitor the pictures are viewed on is as important for accurate viewing as the lighting on the picture.  I guess every crafter knows this issue. Maybe I should just take a course about product photography!

Card #3


Another piece of the previously used background. This time it’s used more as a centerpiece then a background. Stamped the winter angel, inked the edges with clarinet stazon ink and heatembossed the word Joy with red embossing powder. It’s a “meh.” card. Boring, not completely right. Ah well, it’s one more handmade christmas card!

card #4

Daqadoodles141026zo134144 I liked this card. And I liked the borders. but I don’t like them together but I allready glued them down. Again, the flower is leftover from a previous project. The tree is stamped with stazon then coloured with distress ink and a waterbrush. The greenery (orangery!) in the corners is also stamped with distress ink. The borders are made out of the same colour. The borders just take up too much focus, I should not have used htem or placed them under the main paper.

Card #5


Can you believe I’m staring at the screen, trying to decipher what I used on the card, which stamps I got, while the cards are laying on a pile behind my keyboard? Duh. So much easier to look at the real thing. The background is originally also a pice of the stencil stamped background, but the second (or third?) stamping. After “stamping” with a stencil once, there’s always ink left behind. It’s actually not really visible on the card so I don’t know why I tell you haha. I laid down the stencil again and sponged in the stars with milled lavender, then stamped the steampunk christmas flower. Next I stamped the word Noel on top of it, and stamped the edges – again with 2 colours distress ink. The stamping of the word Noel wasn’t to my liking, so I stamped it again on another paper, tore that off, and inked it up. Before gluing it down on top of the other Noel, I sprayed the main paper with perfect copper mist, and Noel with heirloom gold. Then I glued the bits together – the little flowers being leftovers too. I think I’m out of flowers now.Daqadoodles141026zo135307

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder where people take their pictures. A sort of Whats on Your Workdesk but then a Where is Your Photocorner version. I don’t have room for a dedicated corner anymore (meaning a place where I can leave my glass plate lying without it being discovered by the kids and I don’t have time to get it out everytime, so I use what I have. Sometimes I just place the card in the bushes or on the grass if it’s dry. This spot is a spot I’ve been using lately, the birdhouse often still has sun at the end of the day. Because I photographed 8 or 9 cards that time I did get out my glass plate so I could use the barbeque and have a flat surface to put my cards on. This is what it looks like:Daqadoodles141026zo135537

And this is a bit what the rest of the garden looks like now. The birdhouse should be fixed to something but we just put it there out of the way. The board on top of the “schraag” (that wooden A form thingy) is nailed / screwed to it, it’s not like it’s a loose board and will tip over. It’s quite firm. It was affixed to the A-form when we were renovating, have a small place to put down tools. As you see, the garden didn’t get a lot of attention yet (empty planters, ladders that still need to be put away etc). The only thing we regularly do now is mow the grass. We did cut the side of the bushes, but we didn’t have time or tools to do the upper part then.Daqadoodles141026zo135551After taking these pictures and when the kids were awake again ( I probably took them after lunch when 2 out of 3 are usually napping), I cut the top part. It was nice weather and had to be done, good days will be less and less, so why not now? I’ll try to take a picture (during daytime) to show how it looks now. Be warned though, I didn’t make an effort to make it straight, my goal was: cut off the outgrow. Time was my limit, I didn’t want to spend hours on it, just a quick cut.

So, as promised, I close this post with my entry for the chocolate baroque colour challenge #4






Christmas cards

This year I made my own christmas cards ofcourse. I started quite late (in the week before christmas…). The first batch was mailed the day before Christmas. The second batch was even be mailed after jan. 1st, but hey, a card is a card! The second Christmas day and following days I had a bit of a stomachflu, 2nd Christmas day I was in bed all day, next day was a bit better and on Friday I thought I was better.

Anyway, I had lots of fun making the cards and wished I had more time to make more. I tried to vary a bit, but sometimes I liked a certain theme or method a lot so I repeated it. I became quite good in making multiple cards now, like one evening (2 hrs or so) I made 8 base cards, and the next evening I finished them, adding variety and detail. Last, when I had a bunch of cards ready, I wrote them. I even made a few envelopes myself as I didn’t have enough and it was fun to do.

First and overview of the first batch of cards, 43 on the table of which 42 are sent, I think there was one (the first one I made) which simply wasn’t good enough, it was merely an inspiration card.

42 Christmas cards and 1 practise card

42 Christmas cards and 1 practise card

As it are quite a lot of cards I’m not going to discuss each card. I’m not going to make a post for every card, don’t worry, I just add them all on this page 🙂

Kerstkaarten / Christmas cards

Hier mijn zelfgemaakte kerstkaarten. Sommigen vind ik erg mooi geworden, en sommigen heb ik uiteindelijk toch maar niet verstuurd. Ik wilde ze niet op mijn blog plaatsen voordat de ontvangers ze hadden gekregen, vandaar dit bericht pas in het nieuwe jaar.

Here my selfmade christmas cards. Some have turned out good, but others I didn’t like and didn’t send off. I didn’t want to show them on my blog before the receivers got them, that is why I post this message now in the new year.

Eerst een overzichtsfoto, daarna per stuk alle kaartjes./ First an overview picture, then one by one all cards.

Nadat de kaarten verstuurd waren zag ik dat de foto’s wat donker waren, ze zijn zonder flits genomen omdat de kleuren anders niet kloppen. Volgende keer voeg ik meer licht toe! / After I sent the cards I noticed the pictures are a bit dark, I made them without a flash because the colours wouldn’t be correct if I did. Next time I’ll add more light though!

Overzicht van de kaarten / overview of the cards

Overzicht van de kaarten / overview of the cards

Gebruikte materialen:

  • Gekleurd karton
  • Vivi Gade design origami papier rond Copenhagen
  • Vivi Gade design origami papier vierkant Oslo
  • Paper Pen Karmijnrood
  • Decoratief lint Copenhagen
  • Fiskars rand pons stippen (Effervescence?)
  • Schuimrubber stempels
  • Kerstboompons
  • Foam kwasten
  • Zelfklevend sjabloon voor papier
  • Clear-stamps
  • Embossing roller
  • Acrylverf
  • Inkt
  • Lijm
  • Glitter
  • verfkwasten

Materials used:

  • Cardstock paper,
  • Vivi Gade design origami paper round Copenhagen
  • Vivi Gade design origami paper square Oslo
  • Paper Pen dark carmine
  • Ribbon Copenhagen
  • Fiskars Border punch (Effervescence?)
  • Foam stamps
  • Christmastree punch
  • Foam brushes
  • Self-adhesive foil stencils for paper
  • Clear stamps
  • Embossing roller
  • Acryllic paint
  • Ink
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • paintbrushes

Om te beginnen 3 van mijn favoriete kaarten. / Starting off with 3 of my favourite cards.

Ik kan maar beter niet meer schrijven op de voorkant van kaarten, zeker niet met verfkwasten! I should not write on the front of cards, especially with a paint brush…

Deze kaart moet 90 graden gedraaid worden. Ik geloof dat ik nog wat achtergrondtext benadrukt heb of nog een aparte kerstwens heb toegevoegd. De achtergrond met kerstwensen in verschillende talen was wat aan de lichte kant. This card should be turned 90%. Also I think I highlighted or added a more clear christmas wish. The background (with christmaswishes in several languages) was a bit too light.

I don't think I sent this one, or I stamped snowflakes all over it. Verschillende kleuren uitproberen. Zoals je ziet, niet altijd geslaagd. Experimenting with different colours. As you can see not always succesfull.

Deze twee zijn beter gelukt, alhoewel de foto’s de kleuren niet mooi weergeven. De kaart hier direct boven is namelijk wit en niet licht-roze. Het wit is met mod podge ingesmeerd, daarna zijn de “sneeuwvlokjes” erop gestrooid. / These two are more succesfull, though the pictures don’t present good colours. The card directly above from here is actually white, the white part is covered in mod podge and then I sprinkled the “snowflakes” over it.

Deze laatste is weer wat anders dan de rest, en eigenlijk wel grappig geworden. Een landschapschilderijtje met kerstbomen, met een bijna omgekeerde creëer volgorde: eerst de lijststempel, toen het zilver, dan de balstempel, kerstbomen en toen pas de sneeuw. Daarna de “basis” kaart gemaakt. De ontbrekende kerstboom (links van het midden, dat blauwe vlakje) is later teruggeplakt. / This last card is a bit different then the rest, and ended up quite funny (in a good way). A landscape painting with christmastree, and an almost reversed creation sequence: First I stamped the fram, then painted the silver, added the ornamentstamp, chirstmastrees and then painted the snow. After that I made the card onto which I glued the painting. The missing christmastree (left from the middle, blue spot) was glued back before sending it off.

Welke is jouw favoriet? / Which one is your favourite?