New year cards

This year I wanted to make it a bit easier and use patterned paper with some diecuts. I liked the “twelve days of christmas”  paper/series of Do Crafts Papermania and Xcut embossing folders and cutting dies. So I bought the 12×12″  paper and cut it up in squares. And then I found out that an A4 size paper doesn’t fit for a card then – the 6×6″ is just a bit too big to make a card slightly bigger. So matting the paper wasn’t possible. It was also a challenge to find envelopes.

Anyway, here is my series of cards. There are a few that are not related to the 12 days of Christmas series at all, and some cards aren’t finished yet still (Maybe next year…)


Many of the cards laid out. I made a few more as this wasn’t yet enough.

Mega Christmas 2014 post

Warning: Loads of pictures here! But only a few as standalone, the rest will be visible in the included gallery.

As it is still in my “ready to upload” folder, it seems I never posted about my Wintercards 2014. I prefer to refer to them as winter or “good year” cards rather then Christmas cards. As the season is slowly coming again it isn’t very strange to post these seasonal cards here. Can’t really say wintercards now either, with today having felt like september – 16 degrees Celcius! Tropical Decembercards seem very appropriate.


Daqadoodles141221zo22152279As you can see not many standard colours, this was due to the challenges of Chocolate Baroque and due to my own “challenge” of making winter cards with non-traditional colours.


The bottom two rows are all made with mainly Chocolate Baroque stamps – exceptions being the 1st card on the 2nd row and the two rays- backgroundstamps (Hero Arts I think). Õh I just realized that I did blog about several cards, I entered the challenge with them! Orange trees, Cards with the flowers and the card with the angel,

On the 3rd row from the bottom: cards 4,5 and 6,(and above) and the last one (nr. 7) are made with Chocolate Baroque stamps for their colour challenge too.

4th row: Card 1 and 2: I used patterened paper! card 3,5,6 CB again. Below a better view on some of them. Also used TCW stencils, Joy! Crafts and Marianne designs dies.Daqadoodles141221zo22155081

More Chocolate Baroque stamps used. The baubles on the almost bottom corner are from a clearstamp set – might be Viva Decor or a set from Kruidvat. The bright purple tree is Art Journey. The large wing cards are made with a stencil.


And finally the top rows, the first two cards not having been sent offas winter cards. The 1st row last two cards are much more grungy than the others, it was a bit more experimental. The 2nd row first two cards are also a bit more experimental, not sure if I sent those off. On 2nd row 3rd card I used some chipboard things I’ve had for ages! didn’t know they looked that good on a card. 2nd row last card: looks strange on the picture. It was patterned paper in which I embossed a bauble and then inked it up probably.


And now for the gallery:



More orange christmas cards

Chocolate Baroque hosts a colour challenge each month, and you can enter 3 entries. That doesn’t stop me from making more cards in that colour combination. This is my third entry-post, and it contains 5 cards.

My challenge entry card is posted first, and repeated at the end of the post.

Card#1, Challenge entry


I Inked up my craftsheet / acryllic bloc with ripe persimmon distress ink, add a touch of red barn to it, spray wit hwater and press your card on it. Ink the edges with milled lavender distress marker.
The flower was a leftover from a previous project – I’m trying to reduce my pile of leftovers.
I stamped the two ornaments on the back with stazon, probably pumpkin orange, and then added the sentiment stamp with Clarinet red stazon.



As you can see, this background is part of the sheet I made earlier (see previous post). The cog-flower is also from a previous project (same as above). The edges are inked with the barn door distress marker. the sentiment is heatembossed with red embossing powder. I inked up the edges of the stamp with versamark and stamped & embossed on the left side  too, to make the swirls extend. No complete coverage of the embossing and I notice now I forgot to ink up some other edges, but it’s a cute little card.


I’m always trying to find a good position/light to photograph my projects. Seems in the full sun is best, altough I thought the colours look best/most intense if it’s not luminated by dirct sunlight, but indirect light, like a cloudy day. Still the pictures in the sun look brightest / most vibrant to me. And now I’m wondering, which of the two is closest to reality… I guess it’s negligible, as the monitor the pictures are viewed on is as important for accurate viewing as the lighting on the picture.  I guess every crafter knows this issue. Maybe I should just take a course about product photography!

Card #3


Another piece of the previously used background. This time it’s used more as a centerpiece then a background. Stamped the winter angel, inked the edges with clarinet stazon ink and heatembossed the word Joy with red embossing powder. It’s a “meh.” card. Boring, not completely right. Ah well, it’s one more handmade christmas card!

card #4

Daqadoodles141026zo134144 I liked this card. And I liked the borders. but I don’t like them together but I allready glued them down. Again, the flower is leftover from a previous project. The tree is stamped with stazon then coloured with distress ink and a waterbrush. The greenery (orangery!) in the corners is also stamped with distress ink. The borders are made out of the same colour. The borders just take up too much focus, I should not have used htem or placed them under the main paper.

Card #5


Can you believe I’m staring at the screen, trying to decipher what I used on the card, which stamps I got, while the cards are laying on a pile behind my keyboard? Duh. So much easier to look at the real thing. The background is originally also a pice of the stencil stamped background, but the second (or third?) stamping. After “stamping” with a stencil once, there’s always ink left behind. It’s actually not really visible on the card so I don’t know why I tell you haha. I laid down the stencil again and sponged in the stars with milled lavender, then stamped the steampunk christmas flower. Next I stamped the word Noel on top of it, and stamped the edges – again with 2 colours distress ink. The stamping of the word Noel wasn’t to my liking, so I stamped it again on another paper, tore that off, and inked it up. Before gluing it down on top of the other Noel, I sprayed the main paper with perfect copper mist, and Noel with heirloom gold. Then I glued the bits together – the little flowers being leftovers too. I think I’m out of flowers now.Daqadoodles141026zo135307

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder where people take their pictures. A sort of Whats on Your Workdesk but then a Where is Your Photocorner version. I don’t have room for a dedicated corner anymore (meaning a place where I can leave my glass plate lying without it being discovered by the kids and I don’t have time to get it out everytime, so I use what I have. Sometimes I just place the card in the bushes or on the grass if it’s dry. This spot is a spot I’ve been using lately, the birdhouse often still has sun at the end of the day. Because I photographed 8 or 9 cards that time I did get out my glass plate so I could use the barbeque and have a flat surface to put my cards on. This is what it looks like:Daqadoodles141026zo135537

And this is a bit what the rest of the garden looks like now. The birdhouse should be fixed to something but we just put it there out of the way. The board on top of the “schraag” (that wooden A form thingy) is nailed / screwed to it, it’s not like it’s a loose board and will tip over. It’s quite firm. It was affixed to the A-form when we were renovating, have a small place to put down tools. As you see, the garden didn’t get a lot of attention yet (empty planters, ladders that still need to be put away etc). The only thing we regularly do now is mow the grass. We did cut the side of the bushes, but we didn’t have time or tools to do the upper part then.Daqadoodles141026zo135551After taking these pictures and when the kids were awake again ( I probably took them after lunch when 2 out of 3 are usually napping), I cut the top part. It was nice weather and had to be done, good days will be less and less, so why not now? I’ll try to take a picture (during daytime) to show how it looks now. Be warned though, I didn’t make an effort to make it straight, my goal was: cut off the outgrow. Time was my limit, I didn’t want to spend hours on it, just a quick cut.

So, as promised, I close this post with my entry for the chocolate baroque colour challenge #4






Christmas (2013) in August (2014)

I found a memory card with some pictures of unposted cards on it, including my christmas / new years collection.



I think I sent about 40% of the cards between christmas and new year’s eve, and 35% before 5th of January, and the last 25% never got made or sent… (sorry friends/family who didn’t get a card, I was just too tired and too busy to craft! Adress selection was quite random, I always print out all adresses on labels, so I won’t forget relatives or friends. Adresses that are near me aren’t printed as well, as I deliver these cards myself. Still, they are written in that adressdocument too. I noticed less people are sending cards now with Christmas or new year. I don’t exactly mind, as it has become a routine for many people, it has lost it’s meaning. Still, many people don’t receive cards from me except for this time of year, and those that do get birthday cards are quite close to me, so I want to make them something special too. So, I still continue to make “hurray the longest night has passed, we welcome a new year and hope for a good harvest” cards. (The original meaning of the feast, which was adopted by the Christian church).

So, what did I make last year?

Here’s a gallery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Halloween roundup

I’ve been a bit absent lately, mostly due to focussing on getting the house ready to sell, which also means I didn’t have much time for crafting.

So now is a good time to catch up on my backlog of unposted projects!

I’ll start with 2 more hallloween ones, these were also made for the Country View Challenge Blog Guest Designer post, but in the end, I liked the  cat the most. The 4 halloween card I made are portraied here. More information about the unicorn and cat card are in my previous 2 posts.


Daqadoodles13_09_19_231480 Daqadoodles13_09_19_231785

I actually started with the card with the portrait. I thought spooky portraits, with holes where the eyes should be and a big black void behind it, being watched (If you look closely you can see little red pupils). Somehow chess fits the evil overlord or haunted castle too, so I added the chesspiece with the checkmate words. I loved making the background and almost didn’t want to cover it.

Daqadoodles13_11_04_22071 Daqadoodles13_11_04_22073 Daqadoodles13_11_04_22082

Some steps when making that card:

The final touches were ofcourse some white highlights and matting the card.

I really liked the fallen over chesspiece, so I went and made another card. It’s from the Chocolate Baroque Chess stamp set.

Daqadoodles13_09_24_004037 Daqadoodles13_09_24_003938

Daqadoodles13_09_22_235332You can see the light through the card because the background is the border of one of the other cards, which I cut out carefully. I enhanced the back by a little strip of cardstock, and then added another layer (after taking the picture). But I like this effect, I should have left it uncovered.

The shoe-stamps are from VivaLasvegastamps, and I thought they looked kind of spooky here, empty shoes on a dancefloor. The fairytale of the little red shoes, but a bit spookier. (Do you hear footsteps echo through the empty hallway, hear dancing in the ballroom while no one is there?) The branches on the side are coral stamps from Chocolate Baroque and a coral stencil, I embossed alternating in red, black, red, moving the stencil just a lottile so the colours wouldn’t blend too much. I further embossed the edge of the purple card with black. (And I had embossed the chesscastle stamp, shoes, chesspiece, just lots of embossing!)

Last, a card which I didn’t finish, I thought something ancient could be spooky too. I combined two stamps from a Chocolate Baroque stamp set, (after making the background with the very light script).  I made the scratched lines with something that was lying nearby.


Just using the tools at hand.


That’s as far as I got with this, I didn’t know where to go from there. I often don’t make a plan (which probably shows in my cards sometimes), but I go with the moment. But no moment came 😛 Maybe later, another time, I’ll know just the occasion and the way to finish this card or cut it up.

Materials used:

  • Chocolate Baroque stamp sets:
    UA5SP0366 The Art of Chess A5 (chess related stamps on first two cards)
    UA5SP0401 Steampunk Butterfly A5 (the bat and the lacey corner on the first card)
    UA4GW0145 Antiquities (Card with the car)
    UA5SP0326 Underwater Kingdom (coral branch on 2nd card)
  • Chocolate Baroque: Lady (portrait) – unknown series (was in a grabbag).
  • VivaLastvegastamps: shoes
  • Christina Renee / Prima Marketing 850029 (frame of the portrait)
  • Crafters Workshop Stencil: TCW360s 6×6 Coral.



Hallo-ween: Hello tears.


Hallo – ween.

In Dutch, Hallo means hello, and ween is an (old) word for “cry”. (I cry because something sad happened. The verb “crying” is “wenen” . Ween also looks like weeën, with an extra e, and which means contractions (as in, a pregnant woman being in labour).So a bit of creativity with the words, and it says: Hello tears. Or hello painfull spasms?

Anyway, it both can be applied to my first tries in making a halloween card.

I wanted a fairy scene which is brutally disturbed by evil. Or a normally fairylike scene with some sinister twists. I have unicorn stamps, and I thought of the pretty pure white of the unicorn. Do you know the movie The Dark Crystal, with a young (and not yet arrogant and strange religion worshipper) Tom Cruise? If I rememberd right, they tried to corrupt the unicorn.

This was my first theme, a corrupted unicorn. Lured into a trap by evil, having to kill and loose it’s innocense. Covered in blood, delirious with rage it traples all in it’s path. On the card I wanted to show a unicorn that is battling bats, with the light being clear before it, but turning dark with eerie faces behind it. Evil oozes from it’s skin now.

Default colours for evil are usually black and purple, so those colours where my starting points.

You’re wondering, no pictures yet? That’s right, because I want to tell the story first, as it’s prettier then the card.

I loved the background I made. Instead of cutting it to size like I planned, I left it, with the frays of dark shadows still lingering. I ripped the end of the card (which I did with each layer on that end) to give it a torn look. Left side of the card is still good, right side is not right.

I stamped bats (It’s one of the few halloween type stamps I’ve got, from the Chocolate Baroque steampunk Butterfly sheet, (the unicorn is also from Chocolate Baroque) and partially embossed the card (putting the card in the embossing folder which was a bit inked up, and press really hard with a heavy thing on the folder on the place you want the embossing. I think I used my salt-rock lamp for that.  I used the Spellbinders M-bossabilities folder Twigs and Tweets.

The ugliness came when I used glow in the dark embossing powder on it for the first time. Then, as it was ruined anyway, I tried a special effect with a skull stamp and placed that on the card as well.

Here it is in pictures:

A mask for the moon and a mask for the unicorn, and very inky fingers. See the swirls on the right? I kind of loved the look.

A mask for the moon and a mask for the unicorn, and very inky fingers. See the swirls on the right? I kind of loved the look.



I was making a crunchy blooded bat. The other bat was made out of regular cardstock, this bat was made out of tissue paper and richly embossed with black embossing powder. And then drowned in blood.

I was making a crunchy blooded bat. The other bat was made out of regular cardstock, this bat was made out of tissue paper and richly embossed with black embossing powder. And then drowned drenched in blood.


So far so good. It was missing something though. So I though, hey! Let’s use this glow in the dark embossing powder! (I had ordered a skull stamp from De stempelwinkel which I wanted to stamp behind the unicorn, like skulls floating in that dark cloud behind it). But before I show you that, I show you the card on which it would be matted.


Beter. Lovely grunge look. Too bad I am going to cover it up.

Beter. Lovely grunge look. Too bad I am going to cover it up.

I added some blood in the bloddy spots, and darkened some parts even more.

I added some blood in the bloddy spots, and darkened some parts even more.

The contrast between the two papers wasn't high enough though, so I took tissue paper and used the other Halloween colour: orange.

I wanted to add a bit of a bright colour into the mix, so I took tissue paper and used the other Halloween colour: orange.

Somwhere before or after this I used the glow in the dark powder on the unicorn and moon. I wanted to simulate moonlight falling on it’s nose and back. I didn’t take into account the shading or fading of the light.

A good view of the left looking floating skull.

A good view of the left looking floating skull.


Here is the finished card. The tissue paper isn’t glued down, but the effect is not what I hoped, it had to look a bit more wild. I guess I should have torn it instead of cutting it.
The skulls were a bit bigger then I thought, so no room for several skulls.

You can sort of see the special effect of the skull here allready: One skull, the red and black embossed one, is looking to the left, while the glow in the dark one is staring at you. Embossing both wasn’t a good idea, as it melts together a bit.

EEEK! See what I mean about the gradient / fading? If only I had drawn smaller lines...

EEEK! See what I mean about the gradient / fading? If only I had drawn smaller lines…


Do you know what I’ve just realized? My workname for this project was “The Nightmare”. Well, isn’t this kind of like a nightmare for crafters, to have a good idea, and a possible good card, but which is ruined because of something stupid you nearing the finishing of the card?

My next project with the Glow in the dark powder turned out lots better! Check back the next few days for that post.

I hope you this posts was helpfull to you in preventing you from making the same mistake. Happy crafting!

Orange Ornaments and Salt dough ornaments.

Orange Ornaments

Cheap and toddler safe winter ornaments! Not just for your christmastree, they could also be used for other decorations, like in wreaths or in front of the window.
The first batch went well. They were a bit moist still so I turned the heat up, and then they kind of burned. The next batch was much better.



Philosophical intermezzo

A little bit of history I got from somewhere (I can’t remember…)
In the old days, Christmas wasn’t called christmas. It wasn’t a Christian feast then, it was a heathen feast to celebrate the end of winter. It was around the darkest time of the year, it was a celebration of light and harvest. Trees were decorated with (dried) fruit. Then somewhere, the Church added the Christian touch to it, adopting the feast (because that is easier then banishing it), like they did with so many feasts.
I only know a bit of the story, haven’t researched it a lot, but I think the 6th of January (arrival of the three kings) also was a heathen feast originally. The 3 kings were Christian marketing: See, for our holy king, kings from all over the world come! Asian, black, white, they all come to worship our king! Nations could identify with a king, and could be converted easier.
I am baptized and raised as a Catholic, but I have mixed feeling about religion. About the church, mostly. The witchhunt, surpression of women, the changes in the religion,  (God was not a loving god all the time, he was feared a lot, only in the latter ages he has become a loving and forgiving God.) I do believe in helping other people, in doing good, but that should also be a goal for a person without a religious motivation. Be good because you want to, from your soul, not because God tells you or because you fear God. Be good because you know that is the right thing to do.

Every religion has it’s extremists and it’s time of holy war. I just get sad by all the wrongs that are done because of religion. I feel that, in the Western world, Christianity is the standard. Islam is viewed as different, not the standard. It’s ok to build churches, but it’s not ok to build Mosques. We celebrate all these Christian holidays, they’re national holidays, but we don’t have national holidays on other religions important days. I am in favour of separating politics and religion. And I’d like to go back to the root of things, like the root of Christmas.

I do not like the commercial Christmas. I like the thought of Christian Christmas. I understand the heathen Christmas. My Christmas is a mix of these. I try to withstand the commercial Christmas, try to withstand the “Consume!” message from companies. Commercial Christmas tags: Consume, posess, waste.. Consume lots of food, drink. Posess: it’s important to receive gifts. What you posess / get is important. Material. Not the thought. Waste: wrapping, left over food, decoration… just more and more to add to the waste pile. People are starving, we are wasting food by having extravagant dinners. We decorate and throw away the decorations after the holiday, as they’re out of fashion. Next year we need to have new ones.

Christian Christmas: The story of baby Jesus is beautifull, and I intend to share it with my kids ofcourse. There are lots of messages in the story. It’s a time to stand still and reflect on things.

Heathen Christmas: Celebrate that the dark is receding, that light is returning. Hope for a good harvest, for the spring to come. Celebrate the light, hope.

I am not sure where the family and friends part fits in (is that Christian, Consuming or Heathen, or all of it?)

My Christmas: I like decorations, but don’t buy lots of new things. I think it will be wonderfull to make decorations together with my kids. The family part, being creative, having activities together. Making it pretty with few resources. It’s about the thought. We did give gifts with Christmas, allthough I think our kids get a lot allready. They don’t need it. But we like is a lot to buy them presents. The excitement! Oh and we like Lego too, so it’s an excuse for us to buy more Lego “for the kids”.
I like to try to make home made gifts, but unfortunately, store bought is the standard. Store bought is better, is more appreciated. It’s easier too. Just check the list, pick one item and get exactly that item. But it’s not creative. The focus is on the gift, instead of on the giving. It’s on the size/value, instead of on the thought.
Anyway. Very idealistic thoughts of me, aren’t they? And I wished I could hold on to them more, but I am weak. (And a bit lazy / not much backbone, as saying “I am weak” is just a poor excuse for not caring enough/not wanting to put too much energy in it.) So, in thought I might be idealistic and all “holy” about environment and family and friends etc, when it comes to real day-to-day life I’m just a consumer who doesn’t have time to do the right thing or think about the right thing all the time. Enough philosophy and ideaology. Back to the crafting!


Orange Ornaments – How do you make it?

Get oranges (not oranges for juice, as you need to dry them so less juice is better). Slice them up, and dry them. You can dry them on the heater, but in the oven is faster. Put the slices in on a bout 100 degrees Celsius, and leave it in for a few hours / untill you think it’s ready. Mine were still a bit sticky when I got them out. I also sprinkled some casting sugar on it while drying as was suggested for a more glazier look somewhere. I didn’t mind the stickyness that much. The slices continued to dry (and shrink) more while hanging in the tree, but no rot or mould or bugs in sight. Next year I’ll probably make them again!

Burnt batch of oranges,  and old apple and an old kaki-fruit which I used because it was too old to eat.

Burnt batch of oranges, and old apple and an old kaki-fruit which I used because it was too old to eat.

Kaki-fruit shrinks a lot.

Kaki-fruit shrinks a lot.

2nd batch of oranges above, and salt dough below. A 2ns baking plate in between to catch the moist of the oranges.

2nd batch of oranges above, and salt dough below. A 2ns baking plate in between to catch the moist of the oranges.

Dried orange slices! Could have been prettier with jarn and a ribbon, but as it was close to christmas allready I just put the hooks in straight away.

Dried orange slices! Could have been prettier with jarn and a ribbon, but as it was close to christmas allready I just put the hooks in straight away.

Salt dough ornaments (and homemade play-dough)


First side


The other side.

Soooo easy to make! I intended to use this as ornaments in the tree, but they became quite heavy and weren’t finished yet. In fact, they are still lying on a cupboard for further treatment. The idea was to add pictures into the big turqoise one and in the heart one. I still plan to do that and hang it on my copper painted wall. (I love the combination of copper and that peacock/turqoise color!)

I wanted to make an impression of Tobias his hand in the salt dough, and though he’d enjoy making and playing with the dough as he did like it when we made muffins the other day. But he was only half interested and kept squeezing the dough instead of keeping his hand flat, so I gave up and continued on my own. I only have 2 cookieshapes: the handfigures (3 sizes) and the heartshape (1 size). The round shape was made with the bowl that was standing near.

A basic recipe:

  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 cups of  flour
  • optional: Add potatostarch for more elasticity (aardappelzetmeel)
  • optional: add some vegetable oil
  • Add food coloring for pre-coloured dough (or for colored play-dough)
  • Varnish the end result after drying/baking

I found that the dough is very suitable to use as play-dough as well. Might not be able to store it as long as playdough from the recipe below, but it’s almost the same.

Variations on this (check out the sites for the full instructions, including baking temp and times and other tips!) :

From Musings From a Stay at home Mom (I didn’t try this recipe yet, but looks good and clear instructions and looots of positive comments!)

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 teaspoons cream of tartar  (no idea what this is)
  • 1/3 cup salt
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • food coloring

The recipe involves heating the stuff, so go over to her blog for the tutorial.

From a dutch site for bakers, bakkerwereld, about salt dough decorations:

  • 1 kg of flour (1000 gram bloem)
  • 5 g baking powder (5 gram bakpoeder)
  • 200 g salt (200 gram zout)
  • 250 g real butter (250 gram roomboter)
  • 400 g water (400 gram water)

(Edited 21-09-2013:


  • Meng alle droge grondstoffen met de boter goed (Mix all dry ingredients very well with the butter)
  • Voeg water toe en kneed tot een glad deeg (add water and knead untill it’s a smooth dough)
  • Laat deeg minimaal twee uur rusten (Leave for a minimum of 2 hours)
  • Breng in model naar keuze, laat even rusten en bak af tussen 160-170ºC. (Shape as you wish, leave a while and bake it between 160-170ºC.)

For kids, easy recipe on a dutch site, njam:

  • 1 kg flour,
  • 600g water
  • 500g salt
  • 3 tablespoons sunflower oil

(Edited 21-09-2013:

Instructions /bereiden:

  • Maak een kuiltje in de bloem en giet het water erin. (make a dimple/pit (which one?) in the flower and pour water in)
  • Los het zout op in het water en kneed er beetje bij beetje de bloem onder. (dissolve the salt in the water and start kneading it, adding the flour bit by bit )
  • Blijf kneden tot het deeg niet meer aan je handen kleeft. (Keep kneading untill the dough doesn’t stick to your hands anymore)
  • Verdeel het deeg in worstjes en kneed in de gewenste vorm of steek er figuurtjes uit met een uitsteekvormpje. (divide the dough in sausages and knead in desired shape or punch out figures with a cookiecutter)
  • Vet de bakplaat in met een beetje olie. (grease the baking sheet (baking plate?) with a little oil)
  • Bak de kleine figuurtjes 20 minuten en de grote 40 minuten op 170°C. (Bake the little figuers 20 minutes and the big ones 40 minutes at 170°C)

Finish / werk af:

Borstel een beetje olie over de figuurtjes zodat ze een mooie glans krijgen.)

From a belgian blog, mijn hobbyblogje, someone who makes pretty things with salt-dough. (the categories/site doesn’t function well though). (edited 21-09-2013: The site seems to have gone, so unfortunately you can’t visit it anymore for the instructions about baking it. Wished I had written that down too! That is why I have added the instructions to the rest of the recipes)

  • 200 gr meel
  • 200 gr zout
  • water (no specific amounts, just add little bits as you go.
  • To be able to make thin stuff: add 100g of potatostarch.
  • For rough work: double the amount of salt.
  • For tiles and plaques: use a double amount of salt as well and add 2 tablespoons wallpaperglue.

Uit het boekje “Deegtafereeltjes” (Anne Karine Lemstra, 1998) uit de reeks “SuperHobby”, p.7 e.v.

Back to my salt dough products, not as nice as the ones above, but fun to make! I added green and red foodcoloring. I only had liquid food coloring at that point.



A rose and some round christmas ornaments

A rose and some round christmas ornaments

Put the dough on a metal bbq/saté stick and make beads out of it.

Put the dough on a metal bbq/saté stick and make beads out of it.

A little bit more explanation on the last picture: I rolled the dough around the stick, and rolled the stick around with the curl of the stick off the table (so rolling on the edge). Then a few rolls on the table. Because the stick is now angled due to the curl, the inside hole of the dough is a bit bigger. Cut the beads with a sharp knife. You need some room between the beads, so you have to gently move the remaining dough aside so there is space between the beads. If you want to make pretty beads with pretty sides, move the dough much further then I did. The sides of the beads were very rough when it was finished. I did push them apart more before baking, but still some stuck together.

See my next post about Home Made Gifts – play dough ingredients in a glass-etched jar, decorated with salt-dough for the results after baking and varnishing!

Christmas cards

This year I made my own christmas cards ofcourse. I started quite late (in the week before christmas…). The first batch was mailed the day before Christmas. The second batch was even be mailed after jan. 1st, but hey, a card is a card! The second Christmas day and following days I had a bit of a stomachflu, 2nd Christmas day I was in bed all day, next day was a bit better and on Friday I thought I was better.

Anyway, I had lots of fun making the cards and wished I had more time to make more. I tried to vary a bit, but sometimes I liked a certain theme or method a lot so I repeated it. I became quite good in making multiple cards now, like one evening (2 hrs or so) I made 8 base cards, and the next evening I finished them, adding variety and detail. Last, when I had a bunch of cards ready, I wrote them. I even made a few envelopes myself as I didn’t have enough and it was fun to do.

First and overview of the first batch of cards, 43 on the table of which 42 are sent, I think there was one (the first one I made) which simply wasn’t good enough, it was merely an inspiration card.

42 Christmas cards and 1 practise card

42 Christmas cards and 1 practise card

As it are quite a lot of cards I’m not going to discuss each card. I’m not going to make a post for every card, don’t worry, I just add them all on this page 🙂

Nog een papieren kerstbal / Another Christmas ball ornament

Geinspireerd door deze foto van…/Inspired by this picture from…

Christmas Ornaments Decorating Ideas for Christmas Tree »

en nog meer inspiratie van… /and another inspiration from…

Homemade gifts made easy & Oh My! Handmade Goodness  (ballen met 2 segmenten / ornaments with 2 segments)

…ben ik aan de slag gegaan om zelf zo’n bal te maken. Ik vond die eerste bal met 3 vakken erin toch erg mooi, dus die wilde ik namaken. Ik heb een testversie gemaakt, rondjes tekenen met een schoteltje, plakken, losmaken en opnieuw lijmen. De testversie vond ik te groot, dus een kleinere versie gemaakt. Ook had ik bij de testversie meer rondjes gebruikt dan nodig. Ik denk dat ik het aantal cirkels nog kan verminderen, nu heb ik 2 verschillende kleuren cirkels gebruikt, maar zoals te zien is in de afbeelding kan je denk ik ook 1 soort papier gebruiken en het middelste segment “verven”./ …I went to work to make a ball like that myself. I really liked the first ornament with 3 segments, so I wanted to make one of those. I made a testversion first, drew circles with a teacupplate, glued it, disassembled it and glued again. The testversion was too big, so I made a smaller version. Also I used more circles then needed at the testversion. I think I can reduce the amount of circels needed even more, I now used 2 kinds of papercircle for 2 colours, ofcourse, like is shown in the picture, you can just use 1 type of paper and “dye” the middle segment.

Testversie / testversion

Testversie gesloten - Testversion closed

De uiteindelijke versie moet nog gelijmd worden en verder versierd. Ik heb 120 g papier gebruikt, het zal beter lukken bij iets dunner papier (niet te dun want ik denk dat het dan scheurt). Tip: maak eerst een proefversie met paperclips, zo zie je waar je moet lijmen! / The last version still needs to beglued up and decorated even more. I used 120g paper, I think it will be better to use thinner paper. (Not too thin because it might tear!) Tip: Make a testversion with paperclips first, this way you see where you need to pt the glue for best results.

Bovenkant, er staat flink wat spanning op / Upper side, there is quite some tension on the paperclips.

Nu nog lijmen en versieren – now only glueing and decorating