Inky tentacles

What a month it’s been – and still is. I’ve had a few days off but it feels like I’m more tired then before. “Tropical years” is the literal translation of what other parents with multiple kids call it – the years when the children are under the age of 4.

No consolation from people with older kids though, as they say it doesn’t really get easier after that, it keeps being busy…

I’ve finished this card after I made the previous post, but didn’t have time yet to post it or take pictures at daylight, so I’ll just do with the pictures of the completed card in lampight.

It’s my second entry for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #9.



And one with flash so you can see the shinyness.


The progress of the card in pictures. First, adding the paint and a card on top.


Spray with glimmer mist or water and wrap in kitchen foil, let dry. Then stamp over it.


I liked how it looked so far. extended some of the ink splatters a bit. I know a Cephalopod doesn’t spray ink from his tentacles, but who cares, it looks nice this way like he’s spray painting his surroundings. Like he’s protecting his pearl.   Daqadoodles150330ma223917009

I wanted to add more scenery, so I stamped some seagrasses and coloured them in as silhouetes. I think I liked it better without them, they´re much too present. A well, it´s done. The sentiment I have added is “What´s your poison?”. I actually wanted something about ink (inky fingers) but didn’t know what, so I chose this one. Not sure how to use this card for now haha. But it was fun making it.Daqadoodles150409do221118006

I hope to be able to share some more of my creations soon, my limited time “free” I rather spend crafting then blogging about it!

Blue metal sea

A birthday card for an 11 year old boy – what to make? Chocolate Baroque has stamps for that occasion as well, the steampunk sea set is very suitable for boys (of any age).


A few posts ago I wrote about the technique with kitchen foil, paint and spray, and at that time I made also a blue background with this technique, as you can see here. I didn’t put two pieces of cardstock together for this one though.


The colours were chosen from the Chocolate Baroque colour challenge #9. This is my first entry for the challenge. (Yup, the ocotopus is going to be another one but that one isn’t ready yet and I might have ruined the scene a bit. I think it looks good the way it is here, not sure if what I did was an improvement. Ah well, not this post.

All colours are incorporated in the background. The fishes are mostly pearly lila colour, together with some watery blue.

Daqadoodles150401wo124251017 Daqadoodles150401wo124232016  Daqadoodles010 Daqadoodles011

Some more blue in the seahorse, and bundled sage on the letters. Somehow Shaded Lilac and Milled Lavender are difficult for me to recognize, I keep picking the wrong one, they seem to be the same but when I look at the ink lids they are quite different. I think I did use shaded lilac on the letters though. First letter is a steampunk stamp set from Vivalasvegastamps, the other letters and banner are sizzix thinlits dies (tattered banners and some medieval alphabet I think). Daqadoodles001

It’s matted onto white card of which I pianted the edge blue.Daqadoodles150401wo124207014


You are the best

You are the best

You are the best

Quite a simple card, but one that needed to be made. One of my best friends got seriously ill. She lives 3 hrs away now so I can’t visit her easily. At that time she couldn’t have visitors, but I felt so powerless, so far away. And I was so thankfull for her partner! He’s such a great guy. I can’t imagine how it would have been if she didn’t have him. I still get teary eyes when thinking about it. I wanted to thank him, although I’ve spoken to him on the phone and told him my appreciation, that wasn’t enough. I had made cards for my friend, but he too deserved a card. Words can’t describe how grateful I am that he is her partner. This stamp came close though.

I always find it hard to make masculine cards, as I don’t think every card for a man should involve transportation or beer or sex. They can have flowers and “emotional/delicate” stuff too. It’s just how you present it. I didn’t want to add too much, wanted to keep it quite simple with just a few accents, and “male” colours. I couldn’t add more to it. This was it. Any more, and the message would be lost. He’s the flower, she’s the butterfly, they belong together. He calls her to him, she, fragile and sensitive, shining beautiful. He is her anchor, the light for her to focus on.

I’m glad to say she has recovered mostly now, and I’m going to visit her soon. I do miss her – face to face friendships are so so valuable!

The main part if this card is a Hero arts stamp. Other materials used are a Cheery Lynn die cut Celtic Frame (the inner circle) and I think the other one is Marianne Design. The shape around the card was made with shaped scissors.


I’d like to enter this card in the following challenges:

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Monochrome Dutch Delft Blue

I enjoyed making this card, as I used some materials and tools for it that just arrived today!

Hmm too bad on the picture the blue of the stamp (which I traced with a derwent pencil) looks much different then in real life – I really need to learn to take good pictures or take them in daylight!)

edit 27 jan: Found a great tip, which is to scan my card! New scanned image (with missing tulip – did you spot it?) below on the bottom of the post!

Anyway, I’d like to enter some challenges with this card:

StampalotChallenge Monochrome

Let’s ink it up – Challenge #19 – anything goes

Crafting for all seasonsBlue and White

Now onto the details.

I learned today that the ink I was using before is baaad ink. The white ink is new, and it’s good! I also had new red ink (tim holtz) but that didn’ really fit. So I started with the row of houses, this is a stamp of 3 houses which is repeated and then cut out.

Next, the middle thingy, is made out of two stamps, Tiny’s stamps and the middle one is from Christina Renee. I traced the stamps with a derwent.

Next for the background I punched out tulips in a border (it actually runs the entire length beneath the middle tag, I was happily punching along). The punches ofcourse glued, the edges of the middletag cut (even the ones you don’t see) and then glued onto the “card” itself. I think it’s time I start to learn the terminology of cardmaking.

Anyway, I had fun making this card. This was a good excersize for me as a newbie, and I like the results. The only (big!) problem is photographing it!

Edit part 2: Scanning solves that…