WOYWW #x – Workspace then and Now.

It’s been a while since I participated in WOYWW, and I am not doing so now as this post has been ready for a while but somehow I don’t manage to post it on Wednesdays. Didn’t participated for the most common reason: major lack of time to be online. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to visit people, so I didn’t participate. I still don’t have much time, but I’d like to show the changes made to my workspace.


An open cupboard, (actually an IKEA PAX cupboard, 58 cm deep, 100cm wide, 236 cm high) with a curtain (from the childrens room from the previous appartment) in front of it. Lots of storage space, but not it didn’t turn out very convenient as I had to keep moving stuff to get to the stuff in the back.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

Turning around, you can see the table, and 3 chests of drawers. Or actually, you can only see one. Two are stacked, and the other one is next to them, below the shoebox decorated with white-rosed paper.


Here you can see the two stacked ones.

Wednesday 00:40

Wednesday 00:40


(Or rather, end of february 2015). I got another pax, the less deep one (35 cm, still 100cm wide and 238 cm tall) and added doors. Our current bedroom is differently shaped and a bit smaller then the previous one (moved april 2014), so we got sliding doors instead of these hinged doors. At first, I didn’t think they’d fit well in our living room. But now I think they do, it looks way better then the curtain, it looks less cluttered as the floor and cupboardoors match quite well. Also, as you can see, the tower of drawers is now next tot the cupboard.


Which makes it possible for the tabl e to be extended more, and which makes it look more calm in that corner. (just hink away the mess on the table).Daqadoodles150228za001041005


Then onto some (I think clever) storage system. You know how supermarkets sometimes have special offers where you can save stuff? This sheet of metal is from Jan Linders, you could save grocery magnets so the kids could make a grocery list with images. The backside is covered with chalkboard paint.

With double sided tape I stuck it to the door and added some of the sizzix movers and shapers dies to it. This way I can SEE them, and therefore hopefully use them more. I added some tape at the height of the shelve, as I shouldn’t put dies there – they’d hit the shelve if I do. I did add a little helper thingy there, that small square isn’t a die but is meant to be able to lift paper out of sizzix bigz frame dies more easily.


Note that purple thingy on the cupboard door? It´s a Grippy. It´s meant to keep your cellphone from sliding all over the dashboard of your car. It´s made of the same material as the old slimy hands which you could throw against a wall and then it would walk-climb down. We liked it so we bought a few to give a way as gifts to other nerdy friends, but we forgot about them. Later when I found them I thought I might be able to use them. Now I use them indeed… Put it on an acryllic block, put your unmounted stamp or mounted-but-not-sticking-stamp on it, and voila! Same effect as the tack’npeel, only now both sides are tacky instead just one, and you don’t attach it permanently to your acryllic block. Reason I used this is that I didn’t have a large enough size of tack ‘n peel on an acryllic block, and you attach the tnp permanet to a block. I don’t have multiple same sized big acryllic blocks so I didn’t want it permanently attached.


On the other side I stuck two A4 magnetic sheets. I didn’t have any more at the time, meanwhile I have added two more to have a bit more space for my dies. Many dies are on there, some that aren’t are nesting dies, I still prefer those in the metal tin (that used to hold pencils) which I lined with magnetic sheets as well. Now it is very easy to see my dies and pick one. I haven’t noticed I used them more often by the way. I love dies, I keep buying some occasionally, but I don’t use them a lot anymore, I often find it hard to combine them with stamping.

Daqadoodles150228za001440007The bottom shelve is still unsorted, I just stuffed all (or most) remaining paper there. On the next shelve are my binders with stamps, stencils, inventory list, spare mounting foam and a few stuff-tainers.

The third shelve: on the left part in the back are A4 papers/cardboard in my self made magazine files (made from cat litter boxes). I hardly use those papers. In front some tins with brushes and the plain tape. In the tin with the apple on it (stroopblikje) are brushes which my kids are allowed to use. Next to it, HEMA correspondentie kaartjes which I bought recently, I quite like them. In the brown box is A5 cardboard in several colours or designs. Don’t use those often either. Sometimes as backing card. In the blue plastic bin are the larger sizzix dies, many of them second hand. On top of it, you can see the pencil tin which hold some nesting dies, and on top of that a lightly decorated shoebox with unfinished cards inside. I have a new stack to add to it.

4th shelve, more little and big shoeboxes. Above it a shelve with A3 sixed paper and other bits that don’t fit on another shelve.

6th shelve, (6th if the bottom is a shelve too, that is): lots of small shoeboxes. My sponges are on there, distress markers, a very nice wooden alfphabet stamp set.

Shelve above that contains stuff. (Mostly used item from this shelve: the glues that are on the front. The other boxes are much less used).

Top shelve: acryllic paint, finger paint, childrens paint and finished cards. Stored out of reach of enthousiastic childrens hands. Ofcourse, the paint should be in the plastic bin with the yellow lid behind it, but you know how it goes… you grab some paint out, put the bin back, use the paint, clean up everything and quickly store the paint somewhere near the place it should be stored.

Nowadays I don’t buy those large containers of paint anymore – it’s good for large projects but I hardly have those. Now it’s just the ranger paint dabber/do crafts/alleene’s/hema small sized acryllic paint containers. Those fit into the drawers on the right.

The pictures were taken a few weeks ago, currently working on a different project.

Oh I made one more change to the workarea, this was before Easter to be able to hang up some cholates. Let me make a picture, brb!


…… sorry it took a bit longer, ofcourse cleaned the table empty (still was stuff on it) and removed the chair with all the clothes.

Bundis upcycled – I’ve always wanted a decorating thing ( those circles which hang above a table and you can decorate?) but not enought to actually buy one. We didn’t have space to hang it anyway. But I wanted to hang up chocolate easter eggs! So I made this, and hung the eggs beneath and had put young plants/seedlings on top.


The eggs are ofcourse eaten, the seedlings gone outside, and the space reclamed for my glass jars.

Beneath it now are 3 hearts – the smalles one is from Freya, she got it from one of my sisters on her birthday. The other two was a gift for me, they were plain white and for me to decorate. I’ve decorated one with alcohol ink, then put a varnish on top and then stmaped the drops. Problem is I stamped with Versafine rather then Stazon, and oily ink on varnish is not a good idea, doesn’t really adhere/dry. Still have to do the edges and the other side. Oh, and the other heart as well ;)/



The kids aren’t allowed on the table and know glass can break. They’ve left it alone so far, only time when they wanted to get something is the hearts or the mini chest. The hearts can be seen in the bottom of the closet – still brown/not painted. Here, my kids have painted them. For Denise Silva from https://sdenisesilva.wordpress.com/ I’ve put the tissue boxes on the table.  Oh and I altered/repaird my Ikea lampshade a bit more. See here for the first part – now I have repaired the two holes on the edges. Didn’t have that decoupage paper anymore so made my own using plain white tissuepaper and some distress colours.


Challenge card: Autumn leaves

Edited on 28-1: I scanned the card, there’s a much better image of it at the bottom of the post!

This card was made for a challenge, and it’s the first time I participate in a challenge.

I’d like to participate for the following challenges:

Simon Says Stamp and Show Song Title -Autumn leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) – I miss you most of all, my darling, when autumn leaves, start to fall.

Let’s ink it up – Challenge #19 – anything goes – this is anything, right?

Paper Sundaes challenge blog – Challenge #104 – Paper piecing – edit: I don’t think I used this technique here, creating a window and silhouette isn’t the same I think? As I understamd it, it’s creating an image (say an animal) out of other pieces of (patterned) paper, where a patterned piece on itself is not an element (so not 10 different kinds of bears but 1 bear with different paper for his shirt). Ah well, I learned another thing 🙂

Papertake Weekly ChallengeHappy Highlights  Hmm my highlights aren’t very happy but there are highlights 🙂

So that’s the link on my blog, now to see how that linky thingy works.

Here is the song the card is inspired on:

Listening to that song brings me close to tears. So on to happier stuff!

But first, some more pictures, all not very good as they were made late in the evening.

Here you can see the highlights better 🙂

About the background: it’s plain cardstock, stamped with stamps from Christina Renee.

The little maple leaves are punched out of a cardstock sheet which I painted first with Alleene’s paint, colours Copper and White Gold (mixed).

This is figuring out which text goes where and which lettertype. In the background you see two trial windows, a trial cardstock for the “interior”, and some sketches for the card.

About the window: it was drawn with a ruler but cut without one, I didn’t want too straigh lines. I stamped the square parts different the nthe top and bottom horizontal bars. Also the stamping on the curve is different.

The glass in lead decoration like thingy is made with a die for the cuttlebug, and then stamped with a stamp and different colours.

The background was made by first stamping an image on the background (The long stamp from Christina Renee again) and then running it through the cuttlebug with a Tim Holtz clocks folder, which was inked up with different colours.

Here are many of my used materials. I know, my stamps are dirty! I’m getting cleaning solution soon!

I am terrible at drawing people, so I edited a picture of me to get a silhouette. Here some in between steps:

I then changed the position of the head, made a knot in the back and printed it out for reference. The first silhouette (see materials picture) was made by tracing the image of my head and adding a body to it, then make it smaller, tracing inner lines with an embossing tool, and finally colouring it in with a whiteboardmarker (that was the easiest). It was still too big stil, so retraced it again onto brown cardstock and cut it out even smaller. I stamped various parts of the silhouette with different stamps

You can see here the lines of the embossing pen and even some different stamps I used. I bet you didn’t guess I used a Rabbit for her hair!

Hopefully the card is not too bad! I kind of like it though it doesn’t look as most of the cards I see out on the internet. Is that good or bad?

Comments are welcome!

Unlock your creativity – Verjaardagskaart in paars en roze- birthdaycard in purple and pink

Deze verjaardagskaart heb ik voor mijn zus Kim (www.viltalakim.com) gemaakt. Ze houdt van de heldere intense kleuren zoals paars en roze, dus ik heb karton in die kleuren uitgezoch. Dit jaar staan haar een aantal spannende dingen te wachten, namelijk misschien een reis naar Brazilië om daar workshops te geven, en een al geboekte reis naar India met haar familie maar ook voor het vilten. Haar droom is om haar baan als leraar te kunnen stoppen en om zich volledig te focussen op haar viltkunst, en om daarmee de kost te verdienen. / This birthdaycard was made for my sister Kim, from Viltalakim.com. She loves bright colours like purple and pink, so I started by selecting cardstock in that colour. This year her has a lot of exciting things for her in store, with a possible trip to Brazil and a definite one to India for her crafting. Her dream is to quit her dayjob as a teacher and become a fulltime feltartist, to make a living with her art.

De kaart begint vrij georganiseerd van links. Naar rechts toe wordt het allemaal wat chaotischer. Het idee hierachter is dat het dagelijks leven veilig is omdat het bekend is, maar dat kan ook begrenzend werken. Het creëert onzichtbare grenzen aan je horizon, grenzen waar je je niet bewust van bent want het zijn grenzen gecreëerd door je gewoontes, je routine en de veiligheid van het bekende.
The card starts out quite organized, from the left side. As you go to the right it  gets more chaotic. The idea behind this is that daily life is safe because it’s known, but can be restricting. It creates invisible boundaries on your horizon, boundaries you’re not aware of because it’s boundaries of habits, of “being used to”, of routine and of the safety of the known.

Een verandering maken in je levensloop kan voelen alsof de grond onder je beweegt, je stabiele leven is misschien plotseling ineens heel kwetsbaar. Het is weer het grote onbekende, chaos, wat beangstigend kan zijn en een reden voor mensen is om geen nieuwe dingen te proberen. Het weerhoudt mensen ervan om een nieuwe stap te maken of om hun leven om te gooien. Mijn zoontjes kruipt nu als een speer en is bezig met te leren hoe hij moet staan, zijn wereld verandert een hoop en vaak deze eerste paar jaar. Hij ziet de limieten of grenzen nog niet, hij staat open voor nieuwe ervaringen. Natuurlijk kan dit beteken dat je jezelf pijn doet (van de commode afvallen omdat je niet weet dat eraf vallen pijn doet; dat is nog niet gebeurt maar hij probeert zichzelf soms wel zo ongeveer te lanceren!), maar het betekent ook dat je je grenzen verlegt en misschien iets bereikt waarvan anderen dachten dat het onmogelijk was. Het besef dat iets niet mogelijk is is simpelweg niet aanwezig, en daarom is de kans dat het lukt groter. Dat is ook waarom soms leken de beste ideeën hebben, ze worden niet gelimiteerd door hun kennis over het onderwerp. / To make a shift in your lifepath can feel like the ground is moving, your stabile life is suddenly maybe fragile. It is the big unknown again, chaos, which can be scary and a reason for people not to try new things. It prevents people from taking a new step or turn their life around. My little boy is speed-crawling now and learning to stand, his world is changing a lot these first few years. He doesn’t see the limits or boundaries yet, he is open to lots of new experiences. Ofcourse, it means you might get hurt (falling off a dressing table because you don’t realize dropping off it hurts – luckily that didn’t happen yet but he still tries to hurl himself off it), but it also means you stretch your limits and might even realize something others thought where impossible. The notion of something being impossible is simply not there, and therefor the chance to succeed is a lot bigger. That is why sometimes people who do not have knowledge of a certain matter come up with the best ideas, because they are not restricted by their knowledge of things (about that matter) that do not work.

Terug naar de kaart. Chaos dus – het kan beangstigend zijn, het kan betekenen dat je gekwetst raakt of dingen op moet geven die je dierbaar zijn, of dat je een zekere stabiliteit verliest, maar het maakt het ook nieuwe creaties mogelijk, nieuwe ideëen. Het vernietigt de grenzen van routine, het “gewone”. Het opent je ogen voor het ongewone, voor nieuwe dingen, inzichten en mogelijkheden./ Back to the card. So about chaos – it can be terribly scary, it can mean you get hurt or you have to give up things that are precious, or lose a certain stability, but it also enables the creation of new things, new ideas, it destroys the boundaries created by routine, safety, and “the usual”. It opens up your eyes for the unusual, for new things, insights and new possibilities.

Ik heb dit geprobeerd te verwoorden in een klein gedicht. Het is in het engels, ik zal proberen het te vertalen naar het nederlands:

Bevrijd je volledige potentie
Laat je passie/geest vrij
Vergeet hoe het vroeger was
En hoe “het hoort” te zijn


Vrees de chaos niet
Laat de orde los
Want in chaos huist de creatie
Van dingen die we nu nog niet kennen

I also tried to phrase this in a little poem. It is in english, I will try to translate it to Dutch. (see above)

Leuk detail: Het lettertype dat ik gebruikt heb is Alice in Wonderland (http://www.dafont.com/alice-in-wonderland.font) / Funny detail: The lettertype I used is called Alice in Wonderland (http://www.dafont.com/alice-in-wonderland.font)

Bij de envelop ging ik ook nog los, leuk gespeeld met stempels en mooie kleuren (adressen zijn eruit verwijderd)/ I went wild with the envelop, I played with the stamps and pretty colors. (adresses edited out)

Is het erg duidelijk dat dit mijn eerste project was met de Cuttlebug? Ik wilde natuurlijk gelijk vanalles uitproberen. / Is it very obvious this was my first project with the Cuttlebug? I wanted to try out lots of things ofcourse!