A fairytale baby

This card I made for a collegue whose second son was born on Christmas day. I used to work with him a lot, but then I moved and now I am attached to another office of the company and also I do not work at the office anymore but am working at a clients office. I only heard last month that his son was born.

Daqadoodles150225wo235455006 There was less good news with that news too: the little boy was in the hospital with an unknown infection.
The top stamp I had seen at VivaLasVegaStamps a while ago allready, and had revisited the site and revisited. This stamp still stayed on my wishlist. It reminds me of the old fairytale books I used to read, this style of drawing. Recently they had a big sale, and having some money to spare again I finally placed an order, inclusing this stamp.  (Fairy Princess – 18095). This was before I knew about the day of birth of this boy.


So when I heard the news, I went through my stash of new stamps (I usually start there) and saw this one. This one was perfect. The name means “(the)blessed”. And born on Christmas day? – This stamp was perfect. A fairy, sending blessings out over his name, winter in her hands. I stamped her in blue, as she is an ethereal being and not present in this world. She is only visible for those who look. For babies, who are still partly connected to the spirit world. Also the sun, symbol for light or enlightment, fit together with the crane perfectly. The crane stands for luck – it is said a crane brings good luck. Some light in dark times: the birht of the boy. The light also is hope, and luck from the crane, for a good recovery. Stars ofcourse also match his birth day.


The first letter is a stamp from a steampunk VLVS alphabet set, and the others are die cut from a Sizzix alphabet die (inked with stazon moonlight blue). The crane is from Designs by Ryn, and the sun from Stampinback. The text is from Stampendous (I think) – it’s also the only black on the card, the main colours are blue and yellow (and gold, if you don’t count that as a shade of yellow). The star stencil from The Crafters Workshop. The banner from Sizzix/Tim Holtz. The crackle stamp is from Indigo Blue. Hmm that is stamped with onyx black I think – I meant to use the grey versafine but had mistakenly taken the onyx black.  The stars where first bright yellow, with acryllic paint. Too yellow to my liking, too harsh. So I put some distress ink antiqued bronze over it, just very lightly, to tone down the yellow and make it shimmer a bit at the same time.


The sun is embossed on parchment paper, and then cut out. I made several, but one was enough. I had also embossed and cut out several more birds (on plain cardstock): 2 for the parents, and 1 for his older brother who has pneumonia. (Hopefully that is over by now). The card would be too busy if I added all 4, and it was about a birthcard for the youngest. I had allready sent a different card with well wishes for their health.

It’s quite a large card, fits just in a standard wide envelop (for A4 paper folded in 3). I do like the card a lot, with it’s symbolism and meaning. Hopefully my collegue recognizes the meaning, and hopefully he and his wife enjoy the card.


Adding this card to Designs by Ryn customer Creation Challenge – March

The Little Prince Birth Theme – Part 2: Gardensign and gifts

My third child is about 4 months and a week old now, (oh how time flies!) and here’s the second update about the designs around his birth. Ofcourse, a picture heavy post.

Part one is mostly about the design of the card.

This one is about the birth announcement sign, which we had placed in our garden, and some gifts for the visitors. Which I ofcourse often forgot to give.

Now, a sign in the garden or on the window is quite common here, so people know a baby has been born. Many people choose a white stork as that bird delivers the baby. But there are no set rules.

I followed the theme I had chosen ofcourse, and made a little planet for my little prince.Daqadoodles8

It was the Wednesday 25th of June, 38 weeks pregnant. I thought it was about time I made the sign. I started by printing out (poster size) the above image, but decided I wanted a bigger prince (or smaller planet) – so I printed the prince and planet seperately. I used the same outline for the planed as I had used on the card.

Next, I taped the pieces of paper together and cut out the shape. I laid the paper over a triplex (or whatever it was) board, and traced the outline. Time for the jigsaw!

I knew the planet would fit from a whole sheet of triplex (let’s call it that), but I had plenty to cut the not-fitting bit from another piece of the sheet.Daqadoodles140625wo101934


Oh, grease on the lens!

Here the prince is cut out, and I am ready to assemble the planet. Don’t worry, I didn’t saw on that table, I used a proper (well, proper…) old foldable workbench for the sawing, and clamped the workpieces to it.

My neece would come to help paint (and for some diversion). Painting things white isn’t very exciting for an almost 11 year old, so I had primed it quickly so it would be dry in the afternoon.

It was quite a challenge to not make the colour evenly across the surface, but we managed.

Daqadoodles140625wo144403 Daqadoodles140625wo144357 Daqadoodles140625wo144345I nearly forgot that we made the prince too then, I did the green clothing and she did his hair. We had the pictures (and the real book) as inspiration.

Next day I added some more details:


Daqadoodles140626do235248   Daqadoodles140626do235302

I also made a wooden banner with the name on it, but ofcourse that was secret untill after he was born. I left space to add the date of birth, but we decided not to put that on, it was good as it was.

A Tim Holtz tattered banners die was my model for the shape of the banner, altering it to fit on the (remains of) sheet of triplex I had. I loved painting it, wanted to give it a pirate-like look. Old parchment, paper… I am happy with the results.

The font is also the IM fell font type (see part 1), enlarged ofcourse.

Daqadoodles140704vr17271518 Hours old. The baby, that is, not my partner or the sign.

About the gifts

It’s quite common here in the south part of the Netherlands to give sweets to the people who came visiting the new born baby (and it’s family ofcourse). Those sweets can be put into a remembrance token – a little knitted sock maybe, with a tag with the babies name.

Ofcourse, I didn’t follow those rules and didn’t use sweets (ok I kind of forgot about adding those, if I would have thought of it in time I would have added them, I’m sure).

While searching Etsy for things to do with the Little Prince I found lovely little charms. So I had to get them and make necklaces / jewelry out of them, and I would hand out those.






But ofcourse, I needed something to put the necklaces in and to add my son’s name. Altered matchboxes! (As seen on the internet).



Inspiration from the internet.

Then, choosing a layout. With or without border, with or without a planet etc.

Edited: The border is taken from a freebie (bird soup aged frame) from Trishia of French Kissed.

I painted the boxes 3 times. Gesso, yellow or bronze, then gold (2 different kinds of gold). I could have saved lots of time by tinting the gesso, but only thought of that after the first batch was done.

When the boxes were gold and shiny (the trays as well) I printed, cut and  glued the little bookcover on it, selaing it with some mod podge decoupage glue.

The result:


I didn’t put the necklaces in it, as I wanted people to be able to choose. So I took an old shoe-rack (from IKEA), drilled lots of screws in it then hung it on the wall and displayed the necklaces there.Daqadoodles140709wo195548


I made even more, the rack was full.


So, I think I made about 40 treasure boxes. And made lots of necklace strands – I didn’t finish them because I wanted to let people choose their own charms – and I handed out maybe 20. I often forgot to hand them out as well and as usual, I made way too much.

Anyone want one?

A bundle of innocence – Our third child is born!

Well he wasn’t born just now or yesterday, but almost exactly 2 weeks ago. (As I’m typing this, it’s 22:31, and he was born 2 weeks ago on the 3rd of july at 22:47).


He got a bit of a classic name – Lodewijk. It means: warrior/fighter for loot. The two other names he got mean: strength of a lion and protector of mankind. Lodewijk is the dutch version for Louis, or Aloysius, althouht those two names are/were quite common in (the south) of the Netherlands too, as there is / was lots of French influence here.

We are all doing fine, and enjoying him a lot. He’s very sweet. Then again, babies cry most when they are 6 to 8 weeks old.

Only a short post, was a busy day today! More about the birthannouncement card and how I made it later!

Here is a picture of his very proud brother, holding him for the first time the next morning, Lodewijk is about 12 hrs old here.  (Lodewijk, just as his brother and sister, was born at home) :


His sister was frowning a bit at him, but she soon decided he was interesting and fun. He too has eyes, and ears, and a nose, and hair:


And last, an “action” family picture, Lodewijk was about 18 hrs old here:


Geboortebedankjes / gifts for maternity visitors

In the Netherlands, or at least in my surroundings, it is custom to give a small token to people who come to visit a family with a new born baby. Some Dutch people never heard of it, but I don’t know any different. Maybe it’s more custom in rural areas? Or because I was raised close to Belgium where it is a custom too?

Anyway, as previously stated, my creativity was really booming when I was pregnant (creating a baby – might it be related?). I wanted to make my own thank-you for visiting and here’s something that you can’t use to remember my baby by, a little keepsake.

I’ve searched the internet for ideas, and decided I wanted to make a “cake” with sheep on top, and birth-candy inside each piece. Then I’ve searched what felt like the entire internet for little sheep figures. I finally found them at http://bijzonderebedankjes.nl/Schaapjes.

I found templates to make the pie pieces and ofcourse altered probably beyond recognition again. If I would do it again I’d not make a pointed end but a flat end.

It was in a way relaxing to cut all the pieces out. Ofcourse, you will start to feel it in your hands after the x-th cut, but this kind of repetitive, mindless cutting was enjoyable. Maybe even a kind of meditation, a way to calm my mind.

Anyway, this is my pattern. I tried to make maximum use of the available paper space. Two layouts on the page are a few milimeters smaller (sorry I forgot which one…) but that is ok as then the pie will fit better – if it’s all the same size it is difficult to have them fit in the 12 sided shape. That’s why I advise a small alteration and make flat ends, as now the pointy ends are too thick to fit in a circle well unless you have a few smaller ones.

So, pattern here in pdf: bouwplaattaartdoos The bottom lines somehow didn’t export to pdf, but it’s easy enough to draw/cut them.

If you want to receive the original file just send me a mail at daqa @ daqa.eu requesting the pie layout and I’ll mail you asap the open office draw file. (Yup, been messing around in several programs and in the end used that, not the best to use…)

I used 3 colours: 2 greens and one light blue, and used only 2 colours in each pie.

Materials used and a finished piebase

Draft of a pieplate to keep the pieces together

After I made the boxes, I decorated them with pieces from a heart-ribbon and a bowtie-ribbon and some self-sticking tape. On the feet of the sheep I put dubble sided adhesive which would go onto the boxes later, after I had written the baby’s name and date of birth on the bottom. I also made tags with his name and a date, which were to be adjusted and printed after he was born. And then tied around the neck of the sheep. (That was the least fun part.) Oh and I put candy in the boxes and closed it also with a tiny piece of self adhesive ribbon before glueing the hearts and bowties on it. The blue boxes had a white bowtie on it, and the green boxes a heart. The sheep alternated in positions.

All that work, and I made too many and forgot to hand them out lots of times. I think I had about 4 layers of boxes. I had 2 “plates”, one to show and one as resource. The resource one was stacked 3 rows high and didn’t have the sheep on them yet (I can’t stack sheep!).

Here is some of the remaining pie:

Remaining pie

Different sheep and boxes (funny how the colours almost look the same!)

Geboortebedankjes taart

Geboortebord / Birth announcement board

Dit bericht gaat over iets dat in Maart/April 2011 gemaakt is. /This post is about something that was made in March/April 2011

Het is in Nederland de traditie om een geboortebord buiten het huis te zetten om aan te geven dat er een kindje is geboren. Heel vaak is dit de traditionele ooievaar, maar het kan natuurlijk ook wat anders zijn. Voor mensen die geen voortuin hebben zoals appartementbewoners zijn er “borden” die je op het raam kan plakken. Alleen die waren of vrij duur of weinig origineel. Ik bedacht dat ik verder wilde met het thema “schaapjes” en een bord binnen wilde hangen voor het raam, dat dan van buiten te zien was. / In the Netherlands there is the tradition to place a birth announcement board outside of the house to let people know a baby is born. Often it is the traditional stork, but it can be something else as well. For people without a front yard like people in appartments there are signs you can tape to the window on the outside. Only those are often quite expensive or not very original. I decided I wanted to continue the “sheep” theme and have a board inside (which is viewable from outside.)

Na talloze plaatjes van schapen bekeken te hebben, heb ik de leukste elementen uit een aantal plaatjes overgenomen en er mijn eigen draai aan gegeven. Zo heb ik gekeken naar de houding, de oren, staart, hoe cartoonachtig ik mijn schaap wilde hebben en wel of geen ogen, neus, mond. Ik heb een aantal schetsen gemaakt, en deze kwam als winnaar uit de bus: / After countless of images of sheep, I combined the most appealing elements and adjusted them to my taste. I checked posture, ears, tail, and how cartoony I wanted the sheep. Do I want eyes, a nose, mouth? I made several sketches, and this one was the one I chose:

Het idee was om dit van een lichte plaat (cardboard? triplex?) te maken en dan te verven. Daarna dacht ik dat het wel leuk was om deze te vilten. Dat had ik nog niet zo vaak gedaan, en mijn laatste vilt-project was niet zo geweldig gelukt, maar ik had al wol gehaald. Ik kwam er maar niet aan toe om te beginnen. Uiteindelijk m’n zus gebeld en gevraagd of zij het wilde doen, dat wilde ze wel, met haar eigen veel mooiere wol. Lees haar post met foto’s van schaap-in-wording hier: /My idea was to make this sheep from a lightweight board and paint it. Then I thought, felting is nicer! I hadn’t done it that often, and my latest felting projects didn’t turn out good, but I allready had the wool. Somehow I just didn’t manage to start. Eventually I called my sister and asked if she wanted to make it, and she said yes. She used her own wool, which was much prettier then the one I had. Read her posts with pictures of the process here:

1.) http://viltalakim.com/blog/2011/03/viltalakim-work-in-progress-2/

2.) http://viltalakim.com/blog/2011/04/viltalakim-my-latest-project-felting-a-sheep/

Er was wat miscommunicatie, want ik wilde een cartoony vriendelijk schaap, en zij had uiteindelijk een hoofd gemaakt dat bijna levensecht was. Dus ik heb alsnog zelf een stukje gevilt. /There was some miscommunication, because I wanted a somewhat cartoony friendly sheep, and eventually she made a head that was very lifelike. So I did some felting myself eventually.

Hier het lijf, goed bewaakt door Charlie: / Here is the body of the sheep, guarded by Charlie.

Charlie’s Faceplant

Ik heb een los hoofd, haar, oor en een staart gevilt, en dat via naaldvilten vastgemaakt aan het lijf. Dan vergeet ik nog dat ik de naam heb gevilt op het schaap – die had ik mijn zus natuurlijk nog niet verteld. / I felted a head, hair, ear and a tail, and attached it through needlefelting to the body. I almost forgot, I also needlefelted the baby’s name onto it. Ofcourse I hadn’t told my sister yet.

Hier een tussenfase / Here somewhere halfway creation of the head

En voor de vorm nog even hoe het er uit moet komen te zien, met behulp van het omslaan van wat wol en neerleggen van kartonnen vormpjes. / Just for show I laid out how it had to become. I tucked some felted wool away, put down paper eyes and a mouth.

Het nieuwe hoofd is niet van zo’n mooie kwaliteit als het lijf, het is denk ik wel duidelijk dat het lijf door een expert is gemaakt, ik vind het erg mooi. / The new head is not of that good quality as the body, I think it is clear the body is made by an expert. I like it a lot.

Nadat ik de nieuwe / extra onderdelen had gemaakt met natvilten ben ik ze nog nagegaan met draadvilten, ik vond dat erg leuk om te doen en had het gevoel dat ik dan meer controle had over het eindresultaat. /After I made the new or extra parts by wetfelting I traced them with needlefelting. I liked doint that, and it seemd I had more control about the end result.

Hier zie je hem hangen: / Here it is up behind the window.


Dat waren de foto’s van toen, zojuist nog meer foto’s gemaakt. /You’ve seen the pictures I made then, now I made some new ones for a better look.

En de andere kant. Het is een 1 orig schaap, het was met teveel werk om er twee te maken. /And the oither side. It is a one-eared sheep, it was too much work for me to make two ears.

Als Tobias wat ouder is zal ik er een kussentje van maken en aan hem geven, het is namelijk “hol”. Hier heb ik even een dekentje erin gestopt en het hoofd: / When Tobias is older I will make a pillow of it, it is hollow. I put a blanked in it and tucked the head inside here:

Dat wordt een lekker knuffelkussen toch? Of misschien gewoon een rits of knopen erin, dan kan hij zelf bepalen wat hij erin stopt! /Now doesn’t that look like a nice cuddly pillow? Or maybe I should just add a zipper or buttons, so he can decide for himself what to put in it!