Norway – nature

And here is the last set of holiday pictures…

So beautifull! I especially was impressed by the colours of the glacierwater and the moss.

I’ll select a few of the most special ones first, and then add the bulk.

Taken on sea, at Kaupanger, at Nigardsbreen Glacier and Telemarken Canal, and some pictures from along the way. Oh and waterfalls. Plenty of em.

Made through the window of the Colorline “Fantasy” – From Kiel to Oslo.

This is all real. No editing. It just looks so… unreal, I know!

I just love these colours. I should cut a bit off the top of the picture, and then enlarge it.

I like stones. And moss. And closeups of them. Or just a big rock with moss.

The moss, stones and water… so new, fresh, intense.

Where are we? the moon?

You know what, if I continue I’ll put half of the pictures up here in large size.. I’ll just add a gallery which will include above pictures as well!

Any favourites?

Norway – family holiday

Next, on to 34 family pictures!

I tried to look at them as objectively as possible to see if they are interesting to people who don’t know us (very well) too. Ofcourse we adore our son and I’d love to post all 500+ pictures we made of him, but I think you’d be a bit bored of them ;).

Some of them are – I think – quite special, some are just family pictures and probably only interesting to people who know us. Nevertheless, I share them with you :).

Please let me know which ones you like!

The next post will contain most pictures or our holiday – the nature ones. Nature has a bad habit of being beautifull in almost any picture 😛 Hence there will be many of them.

Norway – close-ups.

Here some pictures of our holiday in Norway from May 13th till May 28th.


I seem to have some difficulty narrowing the amount of pictures down, so I’ll split them up in seperate posts.

First I’ll show you the smallest selection. The close-ups and specials. (That doesn’t mean the other pictures aren’t special, just these are kind of focused on one subject.)
The pictures are converted from .NEF (Nikon picture file of about 12 MB) to JPG’s, and reduced in size as well, to around 250-35 KB, so there is some quality loss.

My partner and I try to make interesting pictures of our surroundings.

Are there any pictures you particularly like? If so, why?