Magic in the mist

Another card for the Designs by Ryn january challenge:


The above image is a scan of the card, it doesn’t show the glossyness.

I all started with this, made with bister and a bit of Wild Honey distress ink and maybe the red is stamped with fired brick distress ink:


Design by Ryn stamps used: Fish Scales and Sea Bubbles on the left card. The patio stone is on the right card, but that is still as is, and not finished. Hmm no, I think I stamped a tiger on it… still not finished though.

The fairy  was made for another card but not used, I coloured a background then stamped and embossed with clear embossing powder. The dragon emerges from the mist, both myst-ical creatures ;).




The dragon was embossed using left over embossing powder from another card, I stamped with imbossing ink and poured the embossing powder over, the embossing powder was allready a mix from a previous time. I used mainly stream (dark blue), white and distress tumbled glass embossing powder. Then I took a brush, added some water and removed the bister inside the dragon or spreading it out more. Then I consealed the dragon a bit again by adding Wild Honey distress ink.Daqadoodles150128wo204057006a

I then put glossy accents on top.

The photo’s of the unfinished card outside look best in terms of colour. It’s time for longer days!

Thank you all so much for visiting, as I find it hard to find the time to visit others! Leaving comments on blogspot blogs takes even more time due to blogger not “recognizing” wordpress accounts as valid acounts, it keeps wanting to verify I’m not a robot. Why can’t they just get along.

Oh I forgot about the background: made myself ofcourse, red and green spray ink (dylusions I think), stormy sky distress ink (to match the fairy wings) and distress paint walnut stain.

Stay warm and positive, and if you’d like to receive a real card, wobbly and not perfectly glued, then send me your adress. (The wobbly and not perfecly glued part doesn’t show on pictures luckily :P)


Octopus is not alone

One of my latest cards made for the Designs by Ryn january challenge:Daqadoodles013

Made with three stamps from Designs by Ryn:

I made this card onto a background made with bister. I couldn’t quite remember when I made it, as it wasn’t exactly how I usually did it, but it looked quite ok. Then I remembered: my son had made this one. It was an A4 sheet, where we had made on the right side some more greenish colours and a blue river flowing down into a pond. (Use your imagination – he’s 3 1/2). Can you see the river coming from the right of the card, falling down as a waterfall into the pond?

Ofcourse it was me who inked up the corners and edges more after I cut the sheet, as he allready had forgotten about this piece of paper. I found it quite amusing that I had taken a “drawing” of my son and found it good enough to use as background 😛 Ofcourse, I had helped a bit with the bister, and ofcourse you can’t really go wrong with bister (when your mom sprinkles some on the sheet and all you get is a brush and a mister).

I stamped the fish scales on twice with Versafine Smokey Grey first, Then I stamped the octopus, I think with Stazon midnight blue and coloured it with distress paint peacock feathers. Next I stamped the leafy sea dragon as kelp in the corners, colouring it slightly first with distress ink and water, and then going over it with gloss pens, also added gloss gel to the octopus thingies.

Daqadoodles150128wo203930004Took another piece of cardstock, spritzed ink on it with the spritzing-marker-airbrush tool and assembled the card.

Swing outside

A card with VivaLasVegaStamps and Stampendous text (I think), coloured with bister and distress markers. I intended to cut out the top layer in a rectangle, but decided I liked the asymmetric part of it a lot, fits the sentiment.

I only notice now that hte bister spot looks like a heart! I like this card, kind of a “cas” card to me as it’s not full of stamps or other things. I know it’s not yet CAS as usually is meant, but it is to me!


Next card is one that has been lying around waiting to be blogged about for a while. Or I have shown it allready, can’t remember.


Stamped the flowers on the white cardstock with distress embossing ink and embossed with clear powder. Then I masked off the strip, and coloured it with peacock distress ink and spritzed with water. I stamped the peacock in turqoise Stazon, cut out a rectangle and inked up all edges and assembled the card as seen.  The rectangle is still without sentiment, I’ll add that as soon as I am going to use the card. Stamps on this card are Chocolate Baroque.

Dragon of the Sea

My last entry for the chocolate baroque colour challenge. First I had a seahorse, then a dragon, so now it’s a seadragon!

Pictures taken inside with flash, not the best but better then none!




The background had been lying around in my stash for a while, as I had made a card like this previously. As the (sea)dragons are fantasy creatures, any colour is possible. I usually make the belly another colour – usually a soft and vulnerable spot for animals – and make extensions a differnt colour as they can be used to distract, impress, or are less noticable so the “victim” doesn’t see the attack. This seadragon has a green head and wings – is it maybe because he is coming out of the water and shifting into a flying dragon? Is it because of the moonlight? I think the answer to that will stay a secret ;).


Daqadoodles150112ma204257103  Daqadoodles150112ma204322105

Poison fire

December has been very busy, probably for many of us. Hardly enough time to make all the cards which leaves no time to blog and read blogs. So I’ve got tons of cards still to show. Don’t worry, I won’t post them all individually, I’ll post them in groups.

However, ofcourse I’m not going to post in chronological order, that would be too easy now, wouldn’t it? So here is a card I made this week for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #6





The dragon is from the set: Here be dragons. Unfortunately the white embossingpowder was too thick for the text, and the white gellpen has got a heavy flow. But I do like how the dragon turned out a lot, I like the colous of the wings. The text says: Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.Daqadoodles150112ma204017100

The background is from a sheet of which the previous card was made as well. The yellow looks less yellow in real life (I think it might be the lamplight) or the printed colourchallenge looks more yellow in real life – the difference between the challenge colours and my card colour (the olive/light green or greenish yellow).

I stamped the dragon, coloured with distress inks, added some purple glitter and highlights. Stamped the dragon breath in green and turqoise (the swirls are also from that set, as is the text).

I made backframes for the card and added some bister to the frames as well, as if the dragon is spewing his fire even outside the middle frame.

The colouring of the dragon-likes is fun and quick with the distress inks and a waterbrush. My next card focuses on a waterdragon, they just go very well with bister it seems!

Freedom horse

A card made for my oldest sister, who had her birthday a few days ago:Daqadoodles150111zo10392896

Van verschillende sites:

Het schattige zeepaardje staat voor plezier. Deze zul je uiteraard op straat niet tegenkomen, maar wel in dromen. Het zeepaardje gebruikt de kracht van het dansen, heeft het vermogen zich staande te houden tijdens emotionele momenten en geeft regelmatig nakomelingen. Je kunt dit dus ook met vruchtbaarheid linken.

Het zeepaardje staat symbool voor vaderschap en zorg, vrijheid en sierlijkheid. Ook staat het zeepaardje symbool voor een andere kijk op het leven; nieuwe emoties.

Zeepaardje – Inzicht, vrijheid, magische krachten, geneeskracht, mannelijke zachte kracht met vrouwelijke sterke kracht balans hiertussen, helderziendheid

From various sites:

The adorable seahorse means fun. You won’t see this animal on street, but you can see encounter it in dreams. The seahorse uses the power of dancing, and has the ability to be strong during emotional moments and gives offspring regularly, so there is a link with fertility.

The seahorse symbolises fatherhood and care, freedom and elegancy. It also is a symbol for a different look on life; new emotions.

Seahorse – Insight, freedom, magical powers, healingpowers, a balance between male gentile power and female strong power, clearvoyance.


(I missed a letter with the embossing, added it before taking the other two pictures).

This is my first entry for the chocolate baroque colour challenge #6.


I allready had made the background a while ago while playing with yellow and blue bister. As I wanted a card with a seahorse, I chose this one and coloured it first with distress ink, then again a bit with caran d’ache neo colours. Those crayons have very good coverage, which helps make the colour more vibrant. But it also dulls the black lines of the stamped image : /

I didn’t just want to add a “happy birthday” line, since I’m not sure if it’s a happy birthday (her daughter had a severe accident a while ago). She became 40. A year ago she ofcourse had imagined her 40th birthday very different. She uses the seahorse herself, made wetfelted seahorses as they have a special meaning to her now.

This is a video of an exposition of some of her work in October.

Here is the video embedded, though it doesn’t always seem to work:



Home sweet home

Playing with bister, it gives nice backgrounds but then what to do with it? Well, why not stamp over it and use the bister as colouring of the image.. And so I did. I stamped a fairy castle over it, the red representing the magic that flows from the building, or the pixie dust. It’s actually an underwater castle (Chocolate Baroque), so it could also be a mermaid hideout. Tiny mermaids then, as the castle is small.


After that I added more colour around the image, the green is added distress ink (ink on an acryllic block + waterbrush).


I then created the frame, it was on bright green cardstock. I stamped over the frame with several tree stamps / leaf stamps from Chocolate Baroque. I say frame because it is a frame but placed behind the center image. I cut out the inner part of the backing paper to save weight – 20g is reached quite fast.

I placed a stencil, a Crafter’s workshop one that has to do with underwater (forgot the name), and applied blue distress ink through the stencil. Next, I applied molding paste (moulding paste? I know one is unhealthy fungus and the other means shaping, but which one is which.. hmmm…). The paste absorbed some of the colour of the ink beneath it and got a nice blue colour. I cleaned the stencil and replaced it and added a bit of perfect pearls blue powder on it. (Gah me and names).

Daqadoodles141108za144026Last I glued the main image on the frame and added the glossy accents in a non straight and non-clean line all around the image/frame. It’s quite hard to try to make the line wiggle and look like applied with a shaking hand when you intend to do so.


It does have an underwater feel to it, doesn’t it? So my initial idea of a fairy home – well, it’s a waterfairy home now!

This is my entry for Melissa’s Vandicrafts Artistrsy Challenge #17 – Home Sweet Home.