Crafting kids

No, I don’t mean making kids, I think you all know how that goes. No, this is about my kids crafting. As a passionate crafter I ofcourse craft often with my kids. Usually that meant covering a table with a plastic cover, get the paint out, some sheets of paper and brushes. While they start I go prepare a bucket of soapy water to rinse the hands and worst things at the table. It usually ends in me being stressed – as the kids put their hands in the paint in the end, and while I am busy with one the other is starting to get down from the chair (with painty clothes etc) – and me telling them to stop. Meanwhile the 3rd has grabbed the cloth and is “helping” me wipe the table – meaning also wiping through the paint and actually making more of a mess. I wonder why I thought it was a good idea to go painting with them.

Then I think, the more I do this, the easier it gets as the kids will learn what to do, how to clean the stuff and what not to do.

When we go paper crafting – that means, me tracing a birdhouse, cutting it out, (twice), and giving it to the 4 and almost 3yr old to decorate. Last time the 4yr old crumpled it as he was angry because I didn’t do something the way he wanted me to do it, and the 3 yr old scribbled the paper in (less than) 1 minute and then was done. Sigh. Too young still for that crafting.

The oldest loves playing mailman. He gets items, or snippets of paper, and starts delivering them. (Yup, everywhere in the house. Especially annoying when he has chosen items that should stay together, like cards from a memory game…) Sometimes he just gets some paper, and starts cutting snippets of them.

From since he was younger he was allowed to help me with the cuttlebug – even the youngest now (barely 1) wants to participate and this is how he can help. They turn the handle. (Ofcourse I help them). Freya occasionally needs help, Tobias has learned now to do it on his own! He now even understands how he needs to build the stack: White plate, thin plate with the sticker, folder with paper (I’m not sure yet if he really understands about putting the folded side in first, but so far he did this almost every time), and another thin plate with sticker. He also knows, that with the white folders, he needs only the white plate and the thick plate without sticker. (The M-bossability folders are thicker and require only and A and C plate).

I showed him the technique of rubbing a crayon over the embossed parts, and then adding ink. He is allowed to use the waterbased inks. He knows now to replace the lids when he’s done (most of the time) and that he needs to use the correct sponge. Ofcourse I limit his colour choice. I’ve got 4 mini’s which I put down for him, if he wants other colours I ofcourse search the correct sponge with it. And ofcourse I remain present when he is crafting. 239 Techniques you can do with a Cuttlebug / embossing folder – Mel Stampz – technique 11

He also discovered my paper pens and can use them quite ok. Ofcourse I have to get them away at some point as he starts squirting it too much.  With die cuts they still need some assistance, but that is going well too.

He loved making cards the other day, and has done so several times since. He wanted to mail them to people, so he send out several cards and was very proud when people told him they liked his cards.

So here are the pictures of him and his sister making them (youngest was playing very sweet on the floor):


IKEA Regolit – fixed!

What do you do when you IKEA regolit lamp has taken some beatings? (kids, cutlery, moving, etc…)

Unfortunately the paper-thing isn’t sold separately. Throw it out? Nah, that would be a waste. The rest of the lamp is ok, it’s just the lamphood (or whatever it’s called in english).

It had a few holes, but nothing too bad. In the past few months it seemed to have gotten worse. I haven’t got a picture of where you can see how the flaps hang down, but here is a picture of it after I took it off, ready to be fixed. You can imagine it’s not really a pretty sight when it’s hanging.


So what did I do?

I put in my craftsheet, took out some tissue paper, decoupage pager and degoupage glue and had fun.

Daqadoodles150222zo114410001Here it’s lying flat, ready to be fixed.

Tear your tissue paper in pieces. Don’t cut! Try to get all edges torn – it blends better with the rest that way, else you’ll keep seing the cut edges very well. Put a royal amount of decoupate glue (I used Mod Podge) on the lampshade (aah I think that’s the word!) and put the paper on it, smooth it out with a dry brush. Be careful, it might rip. I didn’t put the second layer of mod podge on right away, as it sometimes causes the paper to tear up too easily. If needed, let it dry a bit first. I just went on to the next gap and fixed that, used several small bits and folded it around the ring a bit too. When layering it on another tissue paper, make sure there is glue in between. Be careful of only working on the craftsheet – I didn’t move it once it was in place, only got it out after everything was dry. I didn’t fix the hole on the right yet, as the craftsheet wasn’t under it and I didn’t want to risk sticking the top of the lampshade to the bottom.

It looked quite ok after this fix, but while I was at it, I thought: why not decorate it a bit more?
So I got out some decoupage paper. I didn’t want to decorate the entire bottom as it ofcourse influences the light coming from the lamp, and as it’s used as a light above our dinner table it’s nice if it is actually light. So no total coverage. No torn pieces of paper this time also.

I got my cuttlebug out, chose some dies and cut the decoupage paper. I decorated it rather sparsely, but I’m happy with the results.

Daqadoodles150222zo124016003 Daqadoodles150222zo124029004 Daqadoodles150222zo124051005

Yes, you still see some lines of the tissue paper, but it’s not as apparent as on the pictures. Also, you could add more die cuts to it. I might still do that, if I find the time.

For now, the hanging bits of paper are out of the way, and the lamp looks good again, with a little personal touch. I can’t wait for more holes to appear again, so I can decorate it a bit more ;).


Magic happens all around

I started this card not as a card, but just playing around with a new stencil (stars), distress paint budled sage, distress stain bronze and rusty hinge on green cardstock. Then I also tried out my new Sheena Douglas embossing folder – it started to look quite ok, maybe I could use it? It had an autumn feel to it, with the leaves and brown and glimmering colours. So I searched for some challenges to help me by adding some boundaries within which I would make something.

The themes of the challenges I chose were: Autumn/Fall, inspirational image,  make your own leaves, Anything but CAS, Frame it, use stamping on tissue paper and decoupage technique and use Design by Ryn stamps.. Some might have closed allready as I dind’t like the finished card untill today, when the room was brightyl lit and I stood a bit further away – the card was as intended. Very autumn like, a bit of an ancient feel to it because of the mosaique, the pillars and colours, and the fairy not that well visible. I wanted her to be transparent – only visible to those who look.

An autumn scenery in an interesting frame. Here it is:


How I made it

I continued with the background by colouring in the leaves with barn door distress marker. I was wondering what to put on it – then I rememered the arch from a French Kissed card which I had laying around for ages, this looked like a card where I could use it. Imagine walking around in a forest, and stumbling on an ancient ruin where you witness this magical scene. I wanted it to be behind the embossing, so I put the card and arch on it’s place in the embossing folder, and then pressed with my hands only on the one pillar, rubbing that spot untill it was embossed as well. Then I knew where and how to cut it.

Next I stamped the fairy and squirrel with on tissue paper. It is one stamp, and I inked the body of the fairy with versafine grey and the squirrel, wings and nuts with stazon black. I coloured it (the fairy very lightly as she needed to be hardly visible) and glued it on. Unfortunately, my plan to make the fairy transparent succeeded. (uh what?) Yup. No fairy visible.


See the plant? It used to be full of flowers, just lovely. My children liked the plant too…

The prettiest side to the house. I've got little vases on the table, for when the children pick flowers (usually with a very short stem) - they are filled with these now.

The prettiest side to the house. I’ve got little vases on the table, for when the children pick flowers (usually with a very short stem) – they are filled with these now.

The emptiest side to the garden. In my kids defense, the stems break very easily.

The emptiest side to the garden. In my kids defense, the stems break very easily.

So I restamped onto tissue paper, cut out only the body of the fairy and decoupaged it. If you look closely (don’t do it!) you can see that decoupaging tissue paper on the exact same spot is impossible. (As some parts of the fairy were a bit more visible). I higlighted the squirrel by drawing black lines and white lines in some places, also outlined the nbuts and wings a bit more so the contrast between them and the fairy would be bigger. I stamped and embossed the text, adding the white higlight there as well, and also highlighed some parts of the Arch and the big leaf.


The leaves: The two big leaves in the upper rightcorner are from my stash, (sizzix die, and one leaf has moddeling paste through a leaves stencil) only coloured it a bit more red so it matched the card / autumn theme more. The 4 smaller leaves (Marianne Design die) were also from my stash, they are as old as the arch, which might be 3 years? ANyway, they were diecut from green cardstock on which I had stamped randomly in green and had aged it a bit with forest moss ink. It was too green for this card. I took some decopuage glue and followed the nerves of the leaf, let it dry and then ink it and add some perfect pearls copper on it. (The decoupage glue acted as a sort of rsist for the ink). The leaves were a bit lost in the corner, it needed something extra. That happened to be that piece of string that I found on the table (or ground)… no idea where it came from, maybe one of the kids found it outside, but it was great for this card 🙂


In the lower left I pt mod melts figures, the middle leaf is Martha Stewart clay and the outer two are made with hot glue. Several layers of yellow, green and red acryllic paint (too yellow – add some red. Hmm too red, add some green. Too green, the yellow is gone! add some yellow etc’. Finished with perfect pearls copper.

I forgot an important part, the frame! Ofcourse I made that before glueing the leaves in place. Cut from pink cardstock, then added some metallic colour (I honestly can’t remember if it is acryllic paint or the new copper distress stain – I got so many things in copper colour as I love it!) I put a Crafter’s Workhsop stencil on it, used modelling paste, let it dry. When dry I replaced the stencil and painted it with distress paint. Let dry, adhere to the card, and on to the leaves.


Last I wanted some more autumny things, and got out my paper pens. I don’t have the bright red, but the orange suited very well too to be little berries. I was trying some things out, like marbling with the paper pens, so they turend out to be more like mushrooms then berries, it’s up to the viewer to decide what they are 😉

Have a look at my second post to see the miniature marbled pearls which I made with my paper/gloss/perlen pens! (I have yet to write it, will be out late tonight at the latest).

I was worried that the card didn’t have enough contrast, the colours are very close to eachother. The frame was very light, so I dabbed an Black Sooth sponge on it which wasn’t inked, so just a tiny bit of black sooth. Not sure it is even very visible, I can’t really point it out now but at the time it seemed better.

It’s not really a card-card, it’s more like a small wallhanging. It’s A5 size so not too small.


I’d like to enter this card in the following challenges:

  • Stampingback – Anything NOT CAS (mijn 2e inzending, geen stampinback stempels gebruikt)
  • Our Creative Corner – Autumnal image (berries, autumn, leaves, texture, the beauty that is seen when you take a second look, or Look at the world around you,)
  • Simply Create Too – Autumn (oops, allready entered 3 times, which is max!)
  • Panpasteluk – Frame it (sorry don’t have pan pastels yet!) -oops too late for that one, but…
  • PanPastelUK – Embossing (The new challenge, my card fits that one as well, and I made the frame mainly for you! Following via RSS feed)
  • Ducth Card Lovers – Autumn and make your own leaves
  • Craftstamper – Take it Make it September: Stamping on tissue paper ( a day too late for it)
  • Designs by Ryn – Always Anything goes, use Designs by Ryn products.
  • Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge – #9: Autumn
  • The Artistic Stamper – Autumn colours;
  • Fantasy Stampers – autumn colours;

edit 28th of September: I found the pictures of the disappearing fairy.


Steampunky Einstein, some tags, an exotic mermaid, minecraft creepers and birthcards.

I made this card for a challenge, but I forgot that I had to include certain stamps /materials sold in that shop, so my card wasn’t suitable. Still a nice card, where I experimented again with aluminium foil. ( I seem not to really get past the experimenting fase with it, I still haven’t really got a clue how to best use it).


Made in september 2013


Used up some stash here as well. Gear dies, Nellie Snellen multiframe die, a Joy! craft or marianne design die, 2 sizzix embossing folderss, maybe some tissue paper (beneath the lightbulb), the lightbulb stamp is from de stempelwinkel if I’m correct, and distress ink, ranger copper spray (can’t be bothered to look up the correct name now, but I love that one!) coper acryllic paint and/or copper crackling paint (I love copper – can you tell?)


Designs by Ryn and Chocolate Baroque, my two favourite brands of stamps, and they go well together. I wanted to try out some very vibrant colors together. A mermaid lives in the ocean, and in the ocean fish can be found in lots of different beautiful colors, so why not a mermaid? I love how this turned out. But as you can see, it’s not a card, it’s only a frame. I think it still is, I still need to finish it. Or just mat it onto cardstock, and leave it as is? Maybe add a sentiment?


Tags made using the patio stone stamp from Designs by Ryn and the Three Leaves set- stamps, paper pen and a clear stamp sentiment


Creepers from Minecraft

I intended to make a series of Minecraft themed Christmas cards, and made stencils to get different colours of the creeper. I could have done this better – if I had taken the time to cut out the stencils out of self adhesive plastic (the kind you put on the window) or even proper stencilling sheets it would have worked better. This was about the last project I made – since jan.6th I had not made cards or sent cards, except for maybe 1 or 2. In 2013 I was very good at sending cards – first half of 2014 I was terrible, but I was so tired. (pregnancy and perparing a move, selling an appartment and renovating both places).


 Back from crafting break – first steps again

These were about the first cards I made again after my crafting break, birth cards for twin boys. I wasn’t entirely happy with the result, but it was a start in crafting again. I had tried to keep them in the same style as the birth announcement card I had received, but I had no stamps in that style, so I just picked some elements from the card – blue and cloudy. Also, as it were boys I wanted to use my robot emobssing folder finally, and wanted to make 2 seperate cards for them.

Daqadoodles14_04_30_20512 Daqadoodles14_04_30_20523 Daqadoodles14_04_30_20511

(This was a scheduled post)

A song for each step


It was fun making this card, it was a bit different from what I usually make. I started out with a page from an old thin book for people who start learning english. The paper is a bit more fragile then my usual paper so I had to work a bit more careful. I refound my sizzix flower dies, and had fun using them on fabric! Fabric? There’s no fabric on the card! That’s right, but I only decided against using the cut out fabric after the inkin/masking, when I tried them on the page. It didn’t look right.

I look forward to using my dies on more fabric scraps.

I masked both the negative and the positive cut of the die-cut, which gave a nice layered effect. I seem to be in love with the Persimmon orange colour from distress in combination with blue (Peacock Feathers is still a favourite!).

Then, time for the words. “May songbirds serenade you every step along the way”  has a very poetic feel to it, it matches the page very well. Also, there are a few times when the word “footsteps” jumped out of the text – some are hidden in the end result though. I think on this page they are tracking someone, or following a path (I did read the short story back when I checked if this book could be used). Songbirds singing from between the flowers, lovely!


I stamped with versamark+stazon jet black and embossed with black embossing powder. Next was adding some more diecuts, and I set myself to the challenge to use some of my scraps of paper. I did find some good matches.

I also stamped a bird from Prima Marketing Pixie Glenn with Stazon Jet Black, and Non-Sequitur’s Tree Trunk with brown.

Last, I die-cut the tattered flowers from tissue paper (after colouring the tissue paper with distress ink and water and drying it). But that’s not all, I took my M-bossabilities folder Twigs and Tweets, inked up a part of it (and removed the ink on the leaves, leaving only the birds to be inked reddish) and embossed the flowers. So on every tissuepaper flower there is also a bird (or part of a bird) inked, and the embossing of the folder itself. In the end I didn’t use all 4 diecuts, I only used 2 and inked them up a bit, made them a bit greener as I thought the red was too red.

The branch is stamped on with a stanp with versamark and then heat embossed with shabby shutters distress embossing powder. The little die-cut birds from Marianne Design are inked up with versamark with a brush, and then dipped in embossing powder.

I used a Cheery Lynn die (Celtic Frame I think it’s called) to partially cut the top and bottom of the page.

Before gluing on the die-cuts I wanted to put a little bit more protection on the page, so I put decoupage glue on it. I was a bit slow in thinking, because only after rinsing the brush (which I do immediately after using the glue) I realized I ofcourse could glue on the die cuts now easily as well. No fussy gluing with small bits, as the entire surface of the card was sticky. I did end up having to add a bit of glue to some parts where it was too dry allready, but none the less it was fast and easy to add the diecuts.

Before adding decoupage glue - would it ruin the card by smearing out the ink? Also visible, on the right: die-cut fabric tattered flowers (blueish) and the flourishes die (and cut), inks and oh the antique greenish embossing powder! Love it!

Before adding decoupage glue – would it ruin the card by smearing out the ink? Also visible, on the right: die-cut fabric tattered flowers (blueish) and the flourishes die (and cut), inks and oh the antique greenish embossing powder! Love it!

That about sums it up. (I didn’t describe all steps, it’s obvious I inked the edges and matted the card onto cardstock etc).

Used materials

  • Distress inks, (distress) embossing powder, stazon, decoupage glue, tissue paper, old bookpage, scraps from the scrapheap.
  • Sizzix movers and shapers Tattered Flowers
  • Sizzix Swallow
  • Marianne Design creatable (The small birds, Ivy and branch)
  • Joy!Craft Vintage Flourishes
  • Stampendous stamp May Songbirds serenade you every step along the way
  • Prima Marketing Pixie Glade stamp on the branch for some more texture
  • De Stempelwinkel Tree Trunk from the Plate 101 Trees
  • Cheery Lynn Celtic Fire


I’d like to enter this card in the following challenges:

Thank you for the visit!

Bird in the sky, up up you fly

This card is made on a wallpaper sample. The Die-cut is a swallow from ranger (I think) – I haven’t used it much, as somehow this image reminds me of a soul leaving the earth. I kind of associate it with a sympathy card. I didn’t intend to make one, that is why I left the blue bit empty, I want to add the sentiment later. (with a label on the blue, but I think i’s prettier if I print or stamp on tissue paper and decoupage it on the blue card, you won’t see the tissue paper but will see the stamp). But I guess a sympathy card is the best fit.


The swallow flies up out of the bushes, up up in the sky, to be free. It has a vintage touch to it, due to the colour use. The two lines at the top are inked too, to add just a bit more sky-ness.

The raindrops are from design by Ryn, and the branches with leaves are from the Joy!crafts vintage flourishes serie as is the swirl. Before cutting it out I coloured the paper with different shades of distress ink (with the acrylbloc technique). after diecutting I stamped on the leaves with another stamp in blue. (I forgot which one). It wasn’t really needed though, as it’s hardly visible. Before gluing the branches in place I tried slightly colouring the area behind it, as I wanted it to look like bushes rather then just branches.


The dry embossing is done with the M-bossabilities folder twigs and tweets. (My only machine is a Cuttlebug)

Heat embossing is done with shabby shutter, on the swallow. Next I darkened some bits, and stamped with embossing ink on it and embossed it with rangers embossing powder Stream.


A simple card (for me, at least) which I don’t particularly like. The reason is that the card makes me a little sad, it somehow oozes melancholy, or sadness. (Instead of comfort or a spring rain shower or autumn). On the other hand, it’s also kind of calm, spiritual.


What would you use this card for? For which occasion?


I’d like to enter this card into the following challenges:

A little bird to guide you through Wonderland

Strong heart

This was made for a friend who was overworked. I always assoiciate the colour turquoise a lot with her. She wears lots of different colours, but this colour is a bit exotic, outspoken, mysterious and elegant. So is she. Also this type of green matches good with her – in fact, everything on the card. Which isn’t strange, since I made this for her! The little bird is singing to the woman, songs of peace, of beauty. No reason, no “have to”, no pressure, a song of nature, of the creative spirit, without the shackles of today’s material society. The spirit of her artist-soul is singing to her.


It is made on a piece of wallpaper, a decoration strip/band. I embossed a thin piece of paper, having inked the embossing folder and sprayed it with water so the lower part (unembossed part) is inked and the raised part is till white. It takes a bit of trial an error to get the correct amount of water – too much and the raised bits will be inked too and the ink will run too much. Too little and it’s inky dots instead of an inked area. Due to the texture of the wallpaper I couldn’t stamp on it, so I stamped on tissuepaper instead and used decoupage glue to glue it on the walpaper.


Work in progress

All stamped images are added that way, most of them in grey, only the bird in black. The key is a die cut, and the Art Nouvea lady is from a paper wrapping bag I got several years ago around some psotcards which I bought in the Art Nouveau museum in Salamanca, Spain. I stamped positive, encouraging words on it.


I added some sparkling stones to her hair, as well as in the bird who she is looking at.

The size of the project is a bit bigger then A5, though smaller then A4.

I’ve made it a while ago, so can’t remember exactly what I used, but this should be approximately it:

  • Wallpaper band, printing paper, tissues, coloured lace, packaging of cards, brown paper, decoration woolstuff and those blingy-things Oh and some fake transparant glass stones.
  • Distress inkt: Shattered Straw, Peacock Feathers, one other colour? I’m in doubt about the shattered straw. But I’m sure about the peacock feathers. I love that colour. Or did I add Broken china? hmmm.
  • Versafine grey, stazon jet black, I’ not sure about the brown beneath the bird, Archival Vintage photo?
  • Perlen pen Kiwi
  • Dies: Marianne design key and English rose
  • Dies: Joy Crafts flower
  • Stamps: Christina Renee stamps.

(Yup, the same image as) What a difference auto-adjust lighting does for pictures!

I’d like to enter this project into the following challenges:

1D – One thing

To get in the mood of the card (or what I was listening to while making this card, click here for the music. (opens in new tab/window)


1D….. eh, what’s that?

1D, no I don’t mean 1 dimensional, 1 point. I mean One Direction. Do you know them? Well, up untill this christmas I didn’t. But my neece is, she knows their birthdates, probably where they were born, saved up to go to a show (she’s 14 now), made a T-shirt for her dad (who went to London) which said: “1D, marry my daughter”. So she kind of likes them.

Her birthday was coming up, and I try to make a card that appeals to the receiver. At first I thought, hmmm 14. A card with glitter. Maybe black, red and glitter. A glamorous card. She’d like that, I bet. But then I thought of the subject, rather then style, and I thought of 1D. That would definitely appeal to her! And I will base it on a song. I had no clue which song to pick, so I chose their latest single: One Thing.

Lyrics of the song One Thing by One Direction. Screenshots of the website of One Direction.

Lyrics of the song One Thing by One Direction.
Screenshots of the website of One Direction.

I noticed while looking for a song that their website didn’t really match the style I had in mind. It is a bit of a doodle-while-at-school style. Or a school style. So I put their website on my screen and sat down at the table, regularly checking the screen for style and inspiration.

The lyrics of the song didn’t provide much help for a card either. I didn’t want all hearts, that didn’t fit the style of 1D, but it did fit my neece. So I made hearts.

Sound simple, right? Wrong. I scouted the internet for a photoshop or brush in the shape of a heart. Finally found one looking a bit grungy, the look I wanted for the heart. I can’t recall the name of the set anymore though.

Before (or after) I made the hearts I looked for a font in the 1D style, I wanted to add a line of the song to the card, something that could be applicable to my neece. I settled on “You’ve got that one thing”. But it needed a background. (Ah yes, now I remember, I needed the hearts for background to the text!)

I digitally stamped the hearts, and moved them around behind the text, to get a complete background behind the text and so that it would still be readable, and no hearts cut off at strange spots.

In the lyrics they mention kryptonite, so I thought it would be cool to use that as the filling of the hearts – the kryptonite that makes their hearts weak. Making that kryptonite was not a very short process: finding an image, applying it to the insides of the hearts, adjusting colours, adding sparkles, testprinting, adjusting colours etc.

I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. It was just one line and a few hearts, I still had a whole card to go!Daqadoodles13_05_31_233827

I relied on my previous idea for her card, and settled for a red background and black on top. I searched my stamps, punches and embossing folders for suitable items and gathered them around me, then it came to selecting the ones that fit most.

After selecting, searching for stamppads, cutting out and rearranging stuff I was almost done. But not quite. I had put the white piece of paper in the middle, but it didn’t seem right. So I moved it to the bottom.

Now, what to do with all that black. It’s very black. And unbalanced against the rest. You know what? It’s a schooltheme, like doodles in your schoolnotes. So why not write something? Also something to explain the green hearts, in case she doesn’t know what kryptonite is. (You never know, she’s another generation that has not been into superman like we have). I wrote that one sentence. Then I decided to just full it up with lines, and first wrote the right side and then the left side, not trying to do it particularly neat as I know I’d mess up if I tried. My handwriting is not very pretty or constant. I was happy with how it turned out – how the writing fit the card, and how the card looked in total and how it matched the style of the site of One Direction.


Does my card match with the site?

Does my card match with the site?

Challenge entry

I’d like to enter this card in the challenge of Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge: Anything goes. (ends around 7th of July).

My used items list:

  • The ticket stamp from Christina Renee
  • Table from Christina Renee
  • Plane is – I think – from Kars. Or cArt-Us?
  • Die-cuts clouds are Joy!crafts 6002 / 0199,
  • The embossed stamptexture on it is made with stamps from Christina REnee
  • The stars are from a punch.
  • The letterstamps are from Hero Arts,
  • the round stamp with the yellow from Christina Renee.
  • The stamp and diecut of the poststamp from Whimsy Stamps: Mini Postage die WSD106 and Adventure Mini postage stamps 10038
  • Embossing folder Tim Holtz alterations 656649 Dot-Matrix & Gridlock
  • Washi tape (from the HEMA)
  • Embossing powder Stream from Ranger, distress inks from ranger, Hero Arts shadow ink Pool and Soft Pool, clear embossing powder, a gel pen, glue, a printer, scissors and a cuttingknife.



I do like the card, although it was out of my comfort zone and I won’t make something like it again unless it fits someone’s style. I just like distressed cards, nature, fairies, fantasy etc. lots more.

The best? She really liked the card!! She sent me a message to thank me, but I also heard from my sister she really liked it when she opened the envelop. So not just a thanks out of politeness.

Goal accomplished, a card that is liked by a teenager!

You are the best

You are the best

You are the best

Quite a simple card, but one that needed to be made. One of my best friends got seriously ill. She lives 3 hrs away now so I can’t visit her easily. At that time she couldn’t have visitors, but I felt so powerless, so far away. And I was so thankfull for her partner! He’s such a great guy. I can’t imagine how it would have been if she didn’t have him. I still get teary eyes when thinking about it. I wanted to thank him, although I’ve spoken to him on the phone and told him my appreciation, that wasn’t enough. I had made cards for my friend, but he too deserved a card. Words can’t describe how grateful I am that he is her partner. This stamp came close though.

I always find it hard to make masculine cards, as I don’t think every card for a man should involve transportation or beer or sex. They can have flowers and “emotional/delicate” stuff too. It’s just how you present it. I didn’t want to add too much, wanted to keep it quite simple with just a few accents, and “male” colours. I couldn’t add more to it. This was it. Any more, and the message would be lost. He’s the flower, she’s the butterfly, they belong together. He calls her to him, she, fragile and sensitive, shining beautiful. He is her anchor, the light for her to focus on.

I’m glad to say she has recovered mostly now, and I’m going to visit her soon. I do miss her – face to face friendships are so so valuable!

The main part if this card is a Hero arts stamp. Other materials used are a Cheery Lynn die cut Celtic Frame (the inner circle) and I think the other one is Marianne Design. The shape around the card was made with shaped scissors.


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Un Dimanche á la Mer


When I saw the new challenge for “We love Vintage” I knew immediately which image I was going to use. Finally! 5055 Trains de plaisir – Un Dimanche à la Mer – LL from French Kissed Postcards. I always liked it, but never used it before. I don’t usually make vintage cards, as I try to give my cards a more masculine look, or more steampunk. So this was new for me.

The colours I wanted to use were yellow, blue and pink. Now when I say it like that, it doesn’t sound like appropriate colours! Don’t worry, here’s the full names of the Distress inks: Shattered Straw, Tattered Rose and Tumbled Glass.

The paper I used was off white, white and yellow. The yellow paper is the middle layer of the card, with the tattered rose edges and Tumbled Glass and Broken China “inner edge” (to define the paper on top more), and the Joy Craft cutting and embossing die 6002/0036. On that I used Mustard Seed, Scattered Straw, Shabby Shutters and Tattered rose on. I embossed it with shabby shutters distress embossing powder and Rangers Queens Gold embossing powder.

Decooupage glue on the image for a painted look

Decooupage glue on the image for a painted look

The top layer paper was off white, and the top half I made blue with Tumbled Glass (and maybe a bit of Broken China, can’t remember exactly) and on the bottom I used Scattered Straw and Old Paper.

The background

Too bad I didn’t take a picture of it before gluing it all together, as that background paper turned out pretty nice. I stamped the small sun from Stampinback (Zonnestralen B649) on it with Versafine grey, and the big sun from Stampinback (Zonnestralen B721) with Memento Toffee Crunch. I used Ranger Embossing ink on the edges, applied it with my finger and then pourded Queens Gold on it. The Memento ink wasn’t completely dry yet, so it stuck to bits of the sunray as well, which I liked.

The image

The image I printed on white 180grams printing paper and tore off the sides of the image. I inked them with tumbled glass and shattered straw, glued it in place and added some Mod Podge decoupage glue on top of it and made swirling movements with my brush to give it a varnished – painted look.

The flowers

I cut out the flowers with the Marianne Design cutting die LR0257, the big one 2 times and the smaller ones 5 times. I stamped the cutout with a branch/flower stamp from Christina Renee set Nr. 5 (850043) with Hero Arts Shadow ink Soft Pool.  I inked the edges with the either shattered straw distress ink of tumbled glass, and some of the hearts of the flouwers with broken china. I rolled them using a filigree tool, and rolled the upper big flower from the ouside to the inside, so the small leaves are outside. The other flower I rolled the other way. I moved the filigree tool to the top of the paper (still holding in the middle), put a dot of glue from the glue gun down, pushed the flower down and uncurled it a bit with the tool. While the tool was still in the flower I bent the leaves down and flat a bit, trying to make sure it wasn’t too orderly. Later I added some pearl beads, whcih I later also used on the lower right corner of the card.

The twine (or yarn?)

I don’t know the difference, I would even almost call it rope! Anyway, I wanted a beachy thing to it, so I added the twine in the off white colour. When in coils it remined me of seashells, so the pearls had to go there!


Hmm well no. I should use some lace. But I don’t have lace! I do have a lace stamp (from Christina Renee), so I stamped it on tissue paper and decoupaged it to the left side of the card. Unfortunately the ink I used wasn’t suitable: Hero Arts Shadow ink was too oily, so the details was lost. Also, the colour was too light, it’s hardly visible (though if you look closely you can still see it). So I searched around untill I finally found a bit of lace, it was a ribbon of 5 cm wide so I cut off only the edge.

All in all I don’t think I did very bad, it has got the vintage elements, but it’s still a card made by me.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading!

With this card I would like to enter the following challenges:

The card in different lighting

The card in different lighting

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Thank you all for visiting!

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