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Birth basket

Not sure what it is called in English, but these are gifts for a women who has just given birth. It’s not a national tradition / custom, just something some people do. You make a basket with gifts, I think it was originally one for each day the mother had to stay in bed. (used to be a week? No idea). Anyway, the gifts are for the mother, who has had both physical and emotional a major experience. So no or not only baby things that make the mother feel good. My friend lives at 3 hrs driving so I made her a nice package. Gifts included chocolate from a chocolatier (not sure if that is English), instant soup, lavender oil, olive oil soap, felted flowers and some more I forgot.


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2 thoughts on “Birth basket

  1. That’s a nice tradition. Here is the US we have “showers,” wedding and baby showers, which is a party, usually only women, where the guests gift the bride or mother to be with what she’ll need for her new life. There are finger foods, and traditional ridiculous games that are played. Usually arranged by the honorees mother, sister, or aunts.

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