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Forget that

Here is my entry for Chocolate Baroque Challenge #13.

I named this post “Forget that” as this isn’t my best card, there are things I did I shouldn’t have. But there’s no more time… so here I go:



And the Challenge colours:

I read it as craft-paper coloured, a bright purple, green and yellow.


The good: colouring of the lady.

The mwah: stamping the bold flowers with distress ink and not masking one petal off… it bothers me… grrr. Stamping with the distress ink was good though. I used a waterbrush to let the colours flow a bit, you can see that in the little petals and yellow heart/circles.

The shouldn’t-have-done: the crackle accent. You can see below it left an uglo gap on the right as well. Or should I have covered the entire card with it? Meh, just shouldn’t have done it.


To camoflage it I stamped the sentiment on the empty spot, but not entirely straight and a little too much to the left. On the positive side, now it looks like the butterfly is flying from her hair or sitting on it, that looks ok. The yellow hearts of the flowes (transparant yellow and opaque) are made with paper pens from viva decor (and the green and purple on her earrings too). Other colours are made with distress inks/markers. I added white gelpen for some highlighting.

It’s not totally bad, just should have stopped sooner…Daqadoodles150804di153136002b


To end this post, here is a picture of the A4 sheet the background came from and another card I am/was working on:


I liked the idea of making the lady purple. I like the left card (embossed with bronze/copper), but not sure where to go from here. I do know at one point I want to combine this stamp with the text “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your feet on the earth” while having her hung upside down from leaves :P. But that thought doesn’t help me finish the purple lady card… Maybe syrround her (only a small but, lower half,) with green leaves, and a little brown stem? Tips are appreciated 😛


7 thoughts on “Forget that

  1. Hi Debbie, I always love reading your posts, the good along with the bad makes me smile and brightens my day. I love your card despite its imperfections, the design is fab, and the use of the larger flowers to compliment the smaller ones in her hair is great. Like you, I look for ways to recover errors, and keep going with a card. You see the journey, but I only see your finished result, which is pleasing to my eye. Thanks for your entry into the Chocolate Baroque challenge.
    I love the sentiment that you are thinking of using for your follow up card, and look forward to seeing how it turns out. Judith xx

    • Hi Judith, thank you for your visit and reply! Indeed, I see the journey, which is probably why I craft – not necessarily for the results ;). I hope to be able to finish the other card in time, but I do have some other ones nearly ready also, I forgot about those.

  2. I love, love the crackle accent. And I also admire your patience to color as I’m too lazy for such job.
    As for the other card, here is a suggestion, frame her in leaves or flowers. I don’t understand when you say “while having her hung upside down from leaves” is that another stamp? How do you intend to do that to this particular image? I think I’m missing something here.

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