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Seapearls encrusted Tissuebox

I’ve got the perfect thing to do for a busy mom with young kids and no time – it will be a project made by you and your kids, and will look gorgeous.

Or at least you will think it is gorgoues, as you made it with your kids…



A while ago I showed pictures of a wooden tissuebox holder my kids had painted.

Here are the pictures again:

Just make sure you stop them at the right time, or they’ll mix all the paint into brown/grey. I used mostly kids paint, but gave my eldest a bit of good red acryllig paint, that’s what is (or rather, was) at the top. When I was away with the middle one (the girl with the yellow/green apron), I gave him a cloth to clean the table with. When I got back he was also cleaning the just painted box. I stopped him in time before he removed too much of the paint. It looked a bit less intense, but still ok.

Painting with the kids: Let the kids paint, have a few items to paint ready so you can take away the box when it’s done. Let them do their thing, don’t try to make it pretty at this point. You can help a bit ofcourse in spreading the paint out a bit more evenly, and giving them brushes for each colour. My eldest is 3 1/2, the other one wasn’t yet 2 in this picture. Don’t stress. Don’t try to make something yourself, only assist them.


If it’s possible, craft at a table near the sink or have a bucket of water with soap nearby, so the worst can be wiped off the hands and table when they’re done, and the brushes can be thrown in also (so they don’t pick it up and use it on something else when you are away a few steps getting a cloth…). Still, be prepared to have to clean a bit here and there (don’t forget the edge of the table or chair!). Sounds like lots of work, and sometimes it’s more stressful then other times, but it gets easier every time you do it, as the kids know what to expect, they get older, and you know what to expect, and get older. You learn what is a good time to do it, how to prepare, how long to leave them be, which items to have ready. So, they’re done and I distracted them with something else while I clean up.

It dried, and became a bit dull. That happens with kids paint.

This is as far as the kids got involved. I had intended it to be a gift for their grandma, but it looked a bit boring (sorry, kids). It missed something.

A while later. (weeks?)

Be home with the kids. Realize they’re playing nicely with eachother and are not requiring/asking/screaming for your attention at the moment.
Take the box outside, put down some old newspaper or old storage box, grab your can of clear spray coating (varnish, lak, lacquer,) and spray. I didn’t bother about doing it very well, I did put a thick layer on it. I coated the box with clear gloss varnish spray – it makes the colours more intense again. As the wood was untreated, the varnish got absorbed quite well, even a second coat didn’t cover all, but that was ok. (Which reminds me, I should coat it a few more times now that it’s finished, to preserve it).
This takes about 5 minutes. Make sure they haven’t seen you do it, or see where you place the spray varnish, then go back inside. Leave the box in a safe place to dry.


Then I had some fun with the stamps from Design by Ryn. Tissues are ofcourse used for wiping liquids away, so why not use the waterstamps?

This can be done quick. Get Stazon out, stamps, acryllic block.
I stamped with black, turqoise and olive green (I think).
Go back to your kids now, they’re probably chasing eachother in a someone-is-bound-to-get-hurt-way by now. Or have noticed you stamping and want to stamp as well, in which case you still have to put away the stazon. (I don’t let them play with any other ink then the distress inks, not that those are made with children in mind, but I got most of them and they are waterbased).

Next stage:

I added highlights to the drops with a white gelpen but wiped over it slightly as they were very bright. I only added highlights in a few places. I used glossy accents on all waterdrops/droplets. Do this one side at a time, placing the side up. If you do the sides all at once, the glossy accents will run down over the stamp. I did use a lot, trying to create more dimension. Be generous in using it, no cheapskating here.


So that’s 5 sides, takes about 1 minute for each side. Perfect to do in between things, as it’s best to not start another side untill the previous has dried.


Next, or together with the glossy accents, add liquid pearls / perlen pens per side. Choose a variety of colours but not too much. I think I preferred the colour scheme where I only used a few colours, as with more colours the stamp gets lost. Start with 2 colours and let dry. Why? the liquid pearls is still liquid ofcourse when you apply it. If you put another pearl next to it, they will run into eachother. So don’t place pearls next to eachother, or at least, not too often. (I did sometimes as I was impatient).


To get the liquid pearls on all sides takes several days, depending on how often per day you can add pearls and how fast they dry.


And that’s it!


Except for another layer of varnish probably. I did spray it once more after having done half the top of the box, but then decided I wanted to decorate the sides as well and spraying wasn’t needed at that time. If you want to clean it with a damp cloth regularly, I’d say seal it with some varnish. Ofcourse, no spray varnish necessary, that’s just easiest.

Daqadoodles141109zo13051308As you can see, I added some colouring with the white gelpen, to make the stamp stand out more. I was not what I had in mind, it was too prominent, so didn’t repeat it on the other sides.

Ofcourse you could also add the lovely fishes, or the mermaids. Those would look great. Hmm and stencils? The fishscales stamps. Decoupage diecuts on it… oh but wait, not too much, it’s about showint your kids and your art together. So no fishes or other extra’s for me, it’s good as it is now.


Now I really like the box. Sorry, mom, I keep this one myself….


14 thoughts on “Seapearls encrusted Tissuebox

  1. Hey! Great project with kids or otherwise. I think it’s great that you are exposing them to art and colour early 🙂 The pics were really cute. Lol, and good point about mixing everything to brown if you don’t watch it! Love the bright colours on this and the perfect pearls in Sea Bubbles. Makes great texture! Thanks as well for your thoughtful comment on my blogpost. Yes, it was a pain to loose product but mostly it made me sad because I didn’t expect that from her. Oh well. Everything is a learning experience. Bye for now!

    • Thanks 🙂 I like crafting with them, and they are getting to an age where they are allowed / able to use more of my crafting materials, like stencils.
      The texture is indeed great – the box is still easy to grab, the pearls stick on firmly and the kids won’t tear it off (easily).
      Life is one big experience, and sometimes it’s a challenge to not let those experiences get in your way. With that, I hope the dent in your trust in people will not be permanent.

  2. Your kids did a superb job! I love how colorful it is. I commend you for crafting with your kids, I don’t think that happens too much any more. Your kids are too cute! 🙂

  3. An absolutely fabulous project. Love the colors, must say that the kids did a fantastic job! The details added the wow factor to it. Really like how you incorporated the details with the kids artwork. My little nephew loves to paint, and this has inspired me to work on a project with him. Thanks Debbie

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