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An old friend of my partner got married last summer, and all guests were asked to write something about how they knew the couple. The tekst/photos would be bound to an album. As the  “ceremoniemeester” (wedding planner?) had a non functioning e-mail adress of ours it took a while before we got this question. I had two weeks to come up with something, and as usualy, started on time. (Right… 2 days before we had to mail it…)

Here is what I made:


I wasn’t happy about the last page. But we’ll get to that later, first, the first page (which actually isn’t the text, which I put last).


The song and adresslist is copied from the yearbook. The books is a Crafter’s Companion stamp, moustache is a Tim Holtz die, sun is also a diecut, stamped sun is  from Stampinback. The layout of the page (swirl and stripes on the side) was done by the mother of the bride to get a uniform look.  The lightbulb stamp is Stampers Anonymus. I had edited the picture on the computer, aging the colours and fading the two other guys out as this wasn’t about them. colours: brown, yellow, metallic white (perlen pen)Daqadoodles043

The text is a bit messy… I’m not very good at stamping those tiny letter stamps. (little wood mounted stamps, love the typewriter look of the letters).


The next page: A picture of the graduation – stars and moons background is Scrapberries I think, the telephone cell (Dr Who) is vivalasvegas, as is the robot head. The text is the Fysica song, copied from the yearbook as well. The “ribbon” is a sizzix die. The thingy (astroplaneworldbulbthingy) is from stampinback. I think.


colours of this page: brown, blue, (metallic) white. It is my favourite page.


The text page. I had several diecuts which I loved, but didn’t know how to put them on the page with the text. Then I decided I would place them behind the text.


Huisje, boompje, beestje. It’s a dutch expression for “settling down” – home, tree, pet.AFter this picture I coloured the edges of the diecuts, used a gray marker to follow the lines.


Printing the text onto tissue paper. Taped it with washi tape to regular printing paper and put it in the printer. This can be a bit tricky, as the tissue can tear or move and the print ends up not being entirely straight. The last bit is no problem, as with the next step theres a 90% change lines won’t be straight anymore.


Laying it out roughly. Next step is to put decoupage glue on the paper and glue it on. As I wanted the edges to blend in, I’ve torn them. Cut edges stand out, torn edges fade more gradually into the background. I didn’t want glue outside of the text or on top of it, so I had to put the glue on the back of the text. That is a challenge – gluing up a tissue paper, THEN picking it up and laying it flat in the right spot in one go – if you try to move it too much after you put it down, it tears.Daqadoodles036a

The result is a subtle layering. Inking up the edges worked out great, if I hadn’t done it many details would have been lost. Or entire diecuts would be lost.

The third page: I wasn’t happy with it. The first and second were great, they matched. The text page was different then the others, but as it is a text only page it was good. But the third page.. too much colour of the pictures.

First try. They both work in IT so I liked the printplate (is that the english word as well?) stamp from vivalasvegas a lot. I also wanted to use a diecut of the Netherlands: we moved from the Hague (the milled lavender part) to the south of the Netherlands. He moved to the east of the Netherlands (end of the arrow) and found his love there. And now it’s time to get married.

But, as said, I missed the brown. So I started again.


Indeed more brown, but still… not right.


This is it. A picture less, more hearts and more uniform colours – the same blue as the pages before, and some bundled sage green. Colours: brown, blue, green and a bit of milled lavender. No die cut this time but and outline (and inline?) using the die itself. Diecuts from Marianne Design, Amy design and Sizzix.


So this was a bit of scrapbooking for me. It’s not really for me, as I leave no place for pictures 😛 Pictures supplement my layout rather then the other way around, haha!

Next post is about the card I made for them, with their invitations as inspiration.

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