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Upside down

It’s a busy period, so posting is absent. Going to try to catch up a tiny but.
A while ago (in August) I made a card for a challenge with this flowerlady stamp from Chocolate Baroque (Forget That). I was “working” on a card with the head popping out of the tress, but didn’t quite know how to continue from the idea.

This is the starting point:


The right one is the first finished card, the left one was the one I was thinking about of turning it up side down. I made a copy of the card and gave some stamps a try.

Daqadoodles150811di001536002The head wasn’t popping out really, there should be leaves covering her “body”. This is what I came up with:


Tree stamp is from part of a Lavinia stamp, the leaves are from De-Stempelwinkel, flowerlady and sentiment from Chocolate Baroque. As the lady is in the tree I thought the quote might be funny, like: get down to earth!


Also around that time (beginning of September), on a day it wasn’t that warm anymore. I was busy with putting the youngest to bed (who was over-tired & crying because I had to get the eldest from school while it was actually his napping time). The other two (4 and almost 3) were playing a fantasy game in the garden when I looked out of the window of the youngest. I get downstairs, start tidying outside a bit when I see a naked kid running around. It was 16 degrees Celsius. Suddenly I notice the hose is coming out of the garage, meaning he has connected it to the tap… I tell the oldest to put his clothes back on, while turning off the tap and disconnecting the hose. He runs at me with a watergun and fires at me, I go inside to get a towel. I think F, the girl of almost 3, is safe as she is wearing her raincoat. But when I get outside she is naked to. The oldest comes running at me and says proudly: mommy, we made a washing machine!

This is what I saw:

Daqadoodles061Ofcourse I had run back inside to get my camera. Couldn’t really get angry at them as I was laughing about it. Really everything they had on them went in. Shoes, DIAPER (no poo, don’t think they’d have done that), precious favourite teddybear (a grey hippo), pacifier, shoes, coats… all.

Nice of them to help me with the laundry ;).


One thought on “Upside down

  1. Hi Debbie, just had fun reading your story about the ‘ laundry’! Can imagine it must have been funny! There are always two sides mmm? Like your lady hanging uside down, but when I saw the 2nd pic I was thinking that could be lovely too on white paper with some extended stamping around the frame. You see that sometimes in paintings too, when they paint further outside the painting onto the passé-partout. Thanks for sharing your daily life too, xMiranda

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