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Myths come to life at twilight

My second entry for Chocolate Baroque fits the first one, ofcourse the colours match but also the stampset is largely the same.


Here the flower and unicorn are decoupaged on the card. Background leaves stencils is from Designs By Ryn, stamps (lantern, and flower) are from one set of Chocolate Baroque, the unicorn is from another (discontinued?) stampset.

This is my second entry for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #11

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The lines of the decoupaged paper were much more visible, the glue dried up faster then I could glue it on. Usually I put the glue on the surface where the images will go, but this time I wanted as little glue on top as possible, so that meant putting the glue on the back of the image. And doing that on tissue paper without it tearing is a challenge. Then gluing it – I thought it went quite ok (the manes folded double but I managed to pull them straight without tearing it) and then I realized it wasn’t straight! argh. The unicorn should be tilted to the right a bit. Let’s just say it leans toward the lantern to light it with it’s horn.
As the lines of the tissue paper were more visible, I made use of it and even added more white around the unicorn, like it has just appeard out of thin air / out of the mist.

Below: For this card the upper left background was used.



I like the somewhat dark grungy look, it does remind me of the Japanese cartoons like spirited away, like the spirit world that sometimes shines through to the earthly world. Cartoons for adults (not meaning it has got sexual content but with angry spirits etc). Twilight, the time that myths come to life.


2 thoughts on “Myths come to life at twilight

  1. That is a very neat challenge idea! You’ve done a great job with the themes given. It’s neat to see the before and after shots of the backgrounds to finished cards. I also really like your tree card with the yellow and grey. Two colours I wouldn’t think of using together but they look lovely in your piece! talk soon 🙂

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