Steampunk Prototype Hic Automatum Video

Or some half made up Latin for: Prototupe for a close-up automated view. (Although Video means “I see”). The thing has a name, there is a word for it, but I don’t know it. Not even in Dutch. Imaginarium? Automated moving puppet theatre? It’s the sort of thing you see in theatres, with moving waves (by moving cardboard). Only this one is automated – you wind it up by turning the wheel. The pin on the left hand side keeps the tension on it. (oh dang, I didn’t make a lever to release the tension! adding another note to the prototype…)

Oh I haven’t showed you yet what I’m talking about. Well here it is:


The waves, fish and clouds should move when the wheels turn, only the chain for the clouds is missing. (How do the clouds stay up then? Uhhh…) Once the gears(cogs) are fixed, the clouds wiggle because of the end of the beam on the left side wich touches the gear. Or cog.


The background is made with aluminum foil and alcohol inks, the clouds, fishes (who put those fishes in there? They’re not salt water fishes!) and the waves are given their faux metallic look by rubbing a crayon over the surface and then inking the surface. This effect looks better IRL. Really. Especially on that other card…


Cogs(gears) are from my stash, diecut from a Papermania? Cogs(gears) die set, painted with turqoise and copper acryllic paint. The frame underneat the gears (cogs) is made with rusty hinge and perfect mist perfect copper spray. The screws are made with a Paperpen, and then when it was fairly dry, I put a real screwdriver in it.

I’m tired, so this is it! Tomorrow I’ll add this card to the following challenges, if they haven’t closed yet and I meet the requirements (I always check right before I enter):

Country View Crafts – September challenge: Nautica hmm acutally Nautical means something else, it’s not just fishies but more about navigation, sailors, ships.)

Sandee and Amelie Steampunk’s steampunk challenges – Steampunk Stories – I did tell myself lots of stories while making this. About how I could have REALLY made this work – get proper cogs, line it up, make things really move. That would be fun to do! But oooh the time… That clock… Anyway, I’d envisioned some kind of steampunk tinkerer making this protype, and maybe one day he’ll make a real working model.

Nighty all!

Gift of nature

In my previous post I mentioned that I made a second “print” with the household foil used for the Fairyland card. The print reminded me of bark or the bare branches of a tree. A while ago I was playing with the peacock stamp set and had stamped several images and embossed it in coppertones and then cut them out. This little peacock (Chocolate Baroque stamp) was perfect for this dead wood! See how it sits on the branch? It also matches the inspirational image from Our Creative Corner, where there is an image of a snail in twigs and dead leaves. Not that this peacock is a snail ofcourse.


The daylight picture. I think I like the evening picture better.

Note: Pictures are made last night with artificial light, I’ll see if I can get a good picture in today but as the Chocolate Baroque challenge is closing today I want to get this blogpost out first!


I’d like to imagine you don’t see him from afar, hidden on the branches which look like dead wood. But those that take a second look see the beauty of it, as there is beauty all around us.


Embossing on tissue paper. I first tried without embossing and Stazon Jet Black, seen in the lower right corner. The text was too light imo. Next to it is the first embossed part, but it didn’t have enough coverage. The embossing powder is applied to the upper text but not heated yet. See the embellishments? Made with the Mod podge mod melts and then painted with acryllic paint.

The text (from a Crafter’s Companion sentiment set) is first stamped onto tissue paper & heat embossed with black fine embossing powder, then decoupaged to the card.


The gloss of the paint disappeared a bit behind the tissue paper ofcourse, and the edges of the tissue paper were still quite visible so I added a bit of paint to the edges to smoothen it a bit.

The leaves are made myself with Mod Podge Mod Molds. The 2 greenish leaves are made with Martha Stewart clay, as is one of the bigger leaves. The other leaf is made with Mod Melts or hot glue from the gluegun. I don’t think there is a difference between the two (mod melts or hot glue) actually. The clay (or rather, the chemical kneadable siliconefoam kind of something) gets soft again when it gets wet so painting it is not advised, you can alter it with e.g. pan pastels or perfect pearls. In the picture below you can see the three molds I have, now filled with the clay. That needs to dry for almost a day. The hot glue is ready in just 10 minutes after putting it in, but it is more difficult getting all the details and getting a flat back.


All leaves for this card are dusted with perfect pearls copper. (The only pan pastel colour I have is sparkling black, which doesn’t really match this card). I brushed the text area also slightly with the copper.


Horizontal / left one is Martha Stewart white clay (although it feels and smells more like silicone foam kind of stuff then clay), the vertical/right one is hot glue.


Blinded by the low autumn sun.

A picture to show the shine/glimmer:

Can you see that it is the second print? It’s best visible if you look at the upper right corners in the picture below.




The two cards together:


For the Craftstamper design team: The card with the white palace also has stamping on tissue paper, the white bit (palace and pillars) is done with that technique, only I didn’t know about your challenge yet unfortunately.

I’d like to enter the peacock card in the following challenges:



First, the card, then the explanation.


(Yup I forgot to rotate the image before adding my blogname to it).

A few posts ago, in WOYWW 275, I showed you some images from a new technique I had found, about creating background/textures with plastic foil. I found it via Anja from Artefaktotum who linked to this video:

Ofcourse I tried this technique, and the results look very nice. I needed to fixate the shimmer stuff beforee processing the background further, as the shimmer spray came off before I did that. Or maybe I didn’t heat it enough.

I tried it with distress stain (I still have only a few colours), and with acryllic paint. My goal was then to make something for the Chocolate Baroque colour challenge:


After looking at the colourpalette from Chocolate Baroque’s challenge I thought it looked a lot like antique copper and antique gold paint I had, only those are more shiny.

After doing the plastic foil technique I had this:


It looked great :) I put some tissue paper over it and stamped on it, to see if the texture wouldn’t make stamping impossible. The image looked quite ok, so I stamped with white ink (Hero Arts Unicorn pigment ink) and heated it with the heatgun to set it.I was pleased with the look, but it wasn’t white enough, so I coloured the image with my picket fence marker. Only then the image lost it’s detail. What to do?

Stamp on tissue paper, colour the tissue paper, then use decoupage glue to glue it on the card. Stamped with Stazon Black, coloured with picket fence and tumbled glass distress marker, then decoupaged it onto the card and sealed it off with decoupage glue also. While that was still a slight bit sticky I put holographig embossing powder on the domes and heat it a bit. Can’t heat too much with the decoupage glue / acryllic paint under and next to it. I added some more stickles silver although that is hardly visible, I think too much stuck to my finger which I used to spread it on the towers. I added glossy accents to the domes and then started working on the butterflies. I wanted something to make the castle look small, so a big and a smaller butterfly seemed right.

Shots from the texture of the card:Daqadoodles140911do142130 Daqadoodles140911do142111


The castle, by the way, is from the underwater stamp set Underwater Kingdom. The reason for that stamp? I wanted something royal to go with those colours, as I thought of a Royal blue to use with it, only I didn’t have “royal” stamps from CB, so then it became something magical / the castle.

The butterfly is stamped with Stazon Midnight Blue, and coloured with Caran D’ache Neocolors, Gloss pens and glossy accents. I added some glitter to the small butterfly as well.

I wanted it to look like it was a glimpse throught a window, or an opening in foliage or something else. I inked up the edges with the stazon Midnight Blue (I think it’s called that, not sure) and liked the spiky look, like you peeked through some sort of mineral/crystal cave and saw this little castle!

Shiny, shiniest, just some pictures to show how shiny it is.

Daqadoodles140911do142344 Daqadoodles140911do142042

Ofcourse, with such a glimpse into another world, this sentiment from the fairyland stamp set is just perfect. The sentiment is stamped with Versafine and then heatembossed with ultra fine embossing powder, as I thought stamping with plain black wouldn’t bring out the words, it had to be on the “top layer”.


With this card I want to participate in the following challenges:

Thanks to the Paper Playful blog for listing all (or at least, a lot!) of challenge blogs!


CAS! Or lack of inspiration?



I find it very difficilt to make CAS cards, as I enjoy cardmaking and colours and stamping, and with a CAS card you’re done a bit faster. No background colouring etc.

For the new Chocolate Baroque challenge I was quite inspirationless. I had this idea in my head about the colourcombination, wanting to make a two coloured brown background with white stamping and some blue accents. I didn’t want to go the usual route of white background and using the colours for the image.

Here is a picture of my tries, I still want to make cards out of it, as I like to challenge myself to make something out of “failed” starts still, but for now it is lying there waiting for the brilliant idea.


I did manage to make something with white “stamping” in the end, that will be revealed in another post.

So what did I do? I really liked the flower stamp, and had to make a card for my mother-in-law for which I found that stamp suitable. I was thinking steampunk a bit, hence that stamp. It’s not really steampunk but could fit in that setting, and would make it a bit less steampunk (and more suitable for my MIL.)

Eventually I couldn’t think of anything else then using the colours on the stamp, one colour for each flower, and stamp it onto a white background. CAS, right?

With clear embossing, as I couldn't decide on a colour for the text.

With clear embossing, as I couldn’t decide on a colour for the text.

Colouring the flowers individually on the stamp was tricky, I did most with just the inkpads but touched up some parts with the rusty hinge marker (didn’t have the markers for the other colours). After stamping I found not enough coverage in some places, and added a touch of the rusty hinge marker to the brown flowers – the marker has a slightly different colour from the stamppad, but the variety in the colour of the flower makes it look more interesting. I think I even did this with the blue flower, but a marker a shade lighter. (Tumbled glass instead of Stormy Sky)

It is a one layer card. I made the corner lines by masking off the area around one colour, then colour that line and move the masking to the next line. After I did that, I outlined the masking again, and sprayed Glimmer mist blue on the blue line, dabbed bronze distress stain on the second, sprayed perfect pearls perfect copper on the last.

I made another card the same way, only stamped that one in the center of the card and added shading in the colours of the colourpalette. No sentiment (yet).


I matted it onto a selfmade background. I did not touch up the areas where there is less ink coverage on this card, it’s a side effect of stamping with distress ink, and I don’t mind.

I had to get used to the look of the cards first, as I’m not a CAS person. Clean and simple is a real challenge to me. I was tempted to add more and had to tell myself to stop and put the card away, and look at it again another day. And when I did, I liked the card as it was.


So here it is, my first entry in this month’s Chocolate Baroque Challenge #2 . (Hard to choose, but I’m participating with the first  second card in the post, the one with the image stamped in the middle and shading/ground at the bottom of the flowers).

WOYWW #275 – Collage

Before I show you what my desk (dining table) looks like now, I show you what it looked like at several times in the past few weeks on other days then Tuesdays. (If it was on a Tuesday I would probably have linked it up to WOYWW!)

Several of the projects you’ll see there aren’t posted yet, see the previous post with the collage/sneak peak of unblogged projects. (That is even still excluding unfinished projects if I’m right.)


And now, the desk/dining table of now:


Items visible on the image, in no particular order: Folded laundry, a teddybear my daughter got for free on a garage/carbootsale market last week (rommelmarkt), I got that tin basket there as well which I didn’t intend to use as I use it now , but this use suits me just fine ofcourse. In a post of another WOYWW-er she mentioned a place for her acryllic blocks. Great idea! And great ideas are there not to be reinvented but to be used, right?! So I try to store my acryllic blocks there. No more searching for that tiny block.

Also on the board, a breasfeeding schedule – I feed on request but sometimes it’s nice to have some guidance as to how much should he get, also because next monday he’ll be going to the daycare for the first time and I need to bring along enough milk.

As you can see, the pile of boxes and things has grown again. And the amount of started projects too. See the (backgrounds for) cards on the board? No? Well, let me zoom in on it:


Thanks to Anja from Artefaktotum I ran off from the computer (and chores) this afternoon to make these. Fun! Between making these backgrounds (1 or maybe 2 at a time) I experimented with mod melts. (More on that later. Someday, I’m sure).

Oh what a horrible picture I see now… you can’t really see the great effect and nice colours. Zoom!


Ah there, see? Better. Two cards with just acryllic paint and some glimmer mist. The texture is only paint. I intend to use the brown one for the Chocolate Baroque colour challenge. No idea how yet, something with gears? It’s a bit standard to do with brown background maybe. (Actually it’s antique gold and antique bronze).

Then, later this evening when I got back to the computer, I got distraced by building a blinkie for Ryn from Designs by Ryn because she liked that I place a “badge” on the sidebar. It wasn’t really a badge, the text was too small and off center, and maybe if I add some more information about her products, and hmm add some bits of this and that and why doesn’t it work like I know it should? Let’s search online, and try this, and tadaa! Now surprise her, darn, I tossed the mail away accidentally after working on it for 30 minutes. There, rewritten now add the image.. wait… edit it a bit… then done. Ooh is that the time?! Hey, it’s Wednesday, time for a WOYWW post!

And that’s how I end up with chronical lack of sleep and half finished chores…

So off with me, to bed! No need to get ill again (was ill on Saturday, some stomach flu and perhaps a chronic lack of sleep isn’t healthy either..)

Happy WOYWW all!

Argh I forgot – Thank you Julia for hosting this fun event! Anyone with a crafting space (or workspace) can join!

Debbie, #25 of  WOYWW #275

Sneak preview

Here is a collage of all the projects I still want to show. And my newest isn’t even on it yet!

I would have loved to say it’s a fast collage, but it wasn’t, really. Not that it took a very long time, it just took more time then expected, eventhough I didn’t pay attention to outlining it all correctly and making all sizes equal big! More like mosaic than collage, I suppose.

Tomorrow, a collage of my workdesk over the past few weeks, for WOYWW. :)


Oh the fresh breeze of spring hailing the bright colours of summer

There she is, and then she’s gone. We’ll not gone, but my blogging is very irregular. I just have spurts of creating, and then spurts of writing about it, and then I don’t have any of those two. I have been creating some nice things.

First, two cards made in June, one for my Aunt who turned 50, and the other for a friend who had surgery and probably could use a little cheering up.


This one was for my Aunt, the background stamp is from Chocolate Baroque, the leaf is from Designs by Ryn and the branch and flowers are cutting dies from Marianne Design and maybe Joy Crafts. And hey look! I used patterned paper! whoohoo! That’s something I rarely do, as I love to create backgrounds myself.

I inked up an acryllic block with Squeezed Lemonade , spritzed with water and pressed on my paper. Then I stamped the flower with Mustard Seed, and the leaves with ink from a small cube. (Different colours?) I also stamped with a lighter green (Hero Arts Meadow or what’s it called – sorry don’t have the time to look it up, but it’s obviously a green, that is probably enough information. Or actually even that is not necessary, as you can see it’s green. Unless the colours of your monitor are way off. Just to be clear: This is a bright yellow card with green leaves and blue and red flowers!)

The diecuts are coloured as well (sponged, maybe stamped over it, etc). Inking up lots of edges, glue it down and be very happy with the bright cheery summery result.


Now, the next card with a lovely flowerstamp from Chocolate Baroque, I loved the look of it in a previous card so I sort of copied it.



Here I only used the lighter yellow, squeezed lemonade, for stamping the background flowers. The sentiment is also from Chocolate Baroque.


I’m not sure if I used my versamark pen here, I’m sure I had it by then (I didn’t with the previous card). I didn’t have a stamping thingamajig/ruler/outliner/positioner kit then though. It is something I love now. That, and the anti static bag. (Which is MUCH smaller then it looks like on the image, then again, I’m terrible at imagining sizes of objects when dimensions are mentioned. I probably didn’t even check the dimensions, but I know I thought the dust bag would be 300% bigger. I still love it though, only because it’s so small I am searching for it often too.)

Not much different techniques from the previous card on this one. I used caran d’ache neo colors for the flower. Oh, and a stencil and shabby shutters on the white card part.

I like the feeling of a fresh starting summer, due to the fresh green, blue and yellow but also the warmth of the yellow in the first card. On the second card my choise to not use mustard seed worked well, the background is calmer which suits someone recovering from surgery better, and the flower pops out more.

Another card I wouldn’t mind making again. Although I know, that if I don’t make one like it immediately after, I won’t make one like it in a looong time, if I ever do at all, because I’m too busy trying new techniques or going ooh and aah over new stamps, colours, things. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Anyway, I’m entering this card to the following challenge:

Designs By Ryn – September Challenge.



WOYWW #272

Time for another WOYWW, hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. Nothing to win, nothing to make.. then what is it about? Hop over to her blog and find out.

It’s been a busy crafting week, with a few projects finished I really like. I discovered a blogpost about lots of things (239+) you can do with your embossing machine. (I think I actually rediscovered it, it kind of looked familiar). I was looking for a faux metal technique and came across this technique with crayons, and had to try it out. Love it! Some cards I made with this technique are visible in this post as well. In the comments from last week, I promised I’d show another cupboard with my crafting stuff. Let’s start with that. (Oh no wait, check out the GAP quote in my widget bar first, I found it again and still love it!)

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away. Most frequent used things are on the front half of 3 shelves, the rest of the space is for less frequent used things or non-craft related items. The brown binders and the green in between contain my stamps.

Usually before starting to craft I get most of the frequently used things out of the cupboard and put it around me on the table, like this:


Having taken many things out, put the card I want to work on ready, pull the box with baby close (wheels beneath a box are very usefull!) and get crafting! Oh and those curtains are still from the previous owners of the house, we haven’t had the time/energy/budget to have new ones made. On the front of the house we could put up our old cream coloured ones, but they were not wide enough for the back windows here.

What does that turn into during crafting?


Daqadoodles140819di225828 Daqadoodles140819di225938

Finally made a card with the quote from VivaLasVegaStamps: Stick a gear on it and call it steampunk. (Because that’s what we’re all inclined to do, right? Always put a gear on it when it’s something steampunky… that would be a fun challenge, something steampunk without gears!) (And next one: without rust. I’d hate that challenge, as I’m in love with Rusty Hinge.) *

Other stamps are from De-Stempelwinkel and the embossing folder is the Oceanthingy Spellbinders M-bossability. Steampunk and Art Deco/Art Nouveau go well together, I still have tons of ideas for it!

*scribbles on wishlist: Rusty Hinge Distress Stain, can’t believe I don’t have that yet!

And this is 22 minutes later:


Not really sharp picture, sorry.

I’m assembling the alluminum foil card with flowers from Chocolate Baroque. I love how they turned out, with glitter, glossy accent, glimmer mist spray copper (or didn’t I use it?) and stickles. There are little Mod Podge Mod molds (or what is their name) shapes to see if they fit on the card.The two plastic boxes (one is an icecream box from Hertog) contain diecuts or fussy cut stamp images which I eventually didn’t use on projects or which I made extra. The mod molds have a plastic box of their own. (They are made with Martha Stewart clay, a tiny bit of ink, chalks and perfect pearls powder).

It looks like this from a distance:  (yup my drawer with distress inks on the table – it moves around kind of randomly but is always near me but hardly in the cabinet when I’m crafting.Daqadoodles140819di232128

I also tidied the top of the drawers, as I noticed after taking the previous picture it was a bit cluttered with random things. Now it displays the letter F which I still want to embellish further before I give it to my daughter of almost 2 years. (Give in this case means: show her, let her see it and feel it, then put it somewhere high where she can’t reach it.) Also on display now are the big popsicle sticks we decorated the other day. (I made a fast stand for it – wishing I had wooden stampblocks to put them in – out of small empty sturdy box.)


My son and I made the birdhouse. Or rather, I traced and cut the template, he stamped 3 times and then put the acryllic block with ink on it, then I stamped some more and glued it together.

During all this, my little one slept – is still sleeping. Sometimes I get out all crafting supplies but have to put them away unused, other times I craft with him on my lap on a pillow or in a .. what do you call it… a looooong piece of fabric, wrapped around me and the baby in it. This time he was fine in the box. (Hmm I think it’s not called “box” in english, that is the exact word we use for it in Dutch. So don’t call child care services yet that I’m putting my baby in a box in the english meaning of the word haha!)


Hope you’re having a crafty week too!

Oh and darn Julia for being so enthusiastic about the Quietfire stamps – my order is on it’s way now! (For other Dutch readers: my experience with shipments from Canada which fit through the mailbox is quite good, it allways arrived within a week. Watch out with “inklaringskosten” though – if the value of the goods is written on the package and is above €22,- (about 30 CAD) then you have to pay those service costs, which are between €13,- to €18,- which is quite a lot!

Anyone else giving the Quietfire team a boost in their sales?


Lucky origami crane and blue fish

Not a very creative title or post this time, both are just very descriptive (and a short post, at least it’s short to me!).

Materials for the first card:

  • wallpaper from a sample book
  • stazon ink
  • scissors/paper cutter and glue.
  • Origami Crane from Designs by Ryn
  • Origami Lily from Designs by Ryn
  • Three leaves set from Designs by Ryn
  • Caran d’ache neocolors
Origami Crane

Origami Crane

As you can see, I didn’t add a sentiment yet, I’ll do so when I know the occasion. Plenty of space for it :).

How to make it:

Cut up the wallpaper. I cut up randomly first, then started gluing down and cut parts to fit more or less. After gluing it down I put some ink on the cutting lines to make them more visible. Glue them onto some scrappaper, don’t worry about the edges – make it larger then the rectangle, cut it to a rectangle later on. (or another shape with your embossing machine or a free form). Stamp the images with Stazon or another ink that holds on shiny smooth surfaces (as this wallpaper was shiny and smooth, and most wallpaper is “washable” nowadays, so dye based ink will not set on it probably). The stamping wasn’t very well visible, so I used my caran d’ache neocolor crayons to add some colour to the flora and crane. You can cut it to a rectangle before stamping or after, not sure what I did but I don’t think it matters much. Ink up the edges, glue upon a base card and you have a simple, sort of modern card. I left lots of room for a sentiment – either for a long quote or a simple one word sentiment would fit. The latter woul turn it into more of a mens card – being more metallic looking and with straight, hard lines in it and few words ;).

On this image you can see the shiny surface better, and the stamping is not really what draws the attention: (A card with effect!)


The next card is a blue fish in blue.

Used materials:

  • Dylusions ink spray
  • caran d’ache neocolors
  • Butterfly fish from Designs by Ryn
  • Sea Bubbles from Designs by Ryn
  • White gel pen
  • Black pen


How to make it:

Spray ink onto a large acryllic block, put your paper on top of it and press flat. Pull paper off (don’t drag) and let dry (or use a heat gun for impatient ones like me). Take your pattern stamp (sea bubbles here), spray wome water on them and stamp on the card. Dab dry with a cloth – you are basically removing the ink where you have stamped.

Stamp the fish. Wet the little fish and dab again to remove more ink in the fish so he is either lighter or you can more easily colour him in. Colour the fins, add some highlighting with a gelpen and make the eye white. With a water soluble crayon, go around the edge, then go over it with a wet brush. Take your black pen and sketch the frame, add a few white lines as well.

Before sending this off I added a sentiment “Have a fantastic birthday” where I changed the fantastic to fintastic, highlighting the “i”. Furthermore, I coloured the fins even more – I made a maks for the fish, cut off the fins and used the bodymask and the negative of the mask to cover up the card, leaving only the fins visible, then sprayed it with Perfect Pearls mist copper. I partly stamped rising bubbles from his mouth, (only a few bubbles) and used a white gelpen for highlights. Then I added Glossy accents to it’s eye and the bubbles and send it off to it’s receiver without taking a picture! At least I think I did – I can’t find more pictures of him. If I do find them I’ll add them here ofcourse!


WOYWW #271

Time for another WOYWW, hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. Curious what it is about? Hop on over to her site!

This is what my desk looked like after 1 1/2 hour of crafting (I did clean up a bit in between as I didn’t have space). This time I didn’t keep my crafting area clear, usually I put down a bigger cutting mat and try to keep that clear of stuff so I have room to do the actual crafting. Not this time, I just wanted to make some simple things, envelopes, and decorate them with a stencil and some distress ink – nothing fancy – so figured I didn’t need that much room.

wednesday 00:39

wednesday 00:39

What’s on there: A card of aluminium foil and a “copper” frame, heattool, distress markers, empty teacup, distress ink, embossing powder, can of paintbrushes, box of glue related things and things that aren’t glue related (you know, other things like a small package of brads, and just… little things in packages that I might use if they are on my table, but definetely won’t use if I put them out of sight). (Putting them on my table isn’t helping).

What’s more on there: a tin can with my childresn crayons which I confiscated. They rarely used them (in the Netherlands, children colour more with pencils (potloden) or felttip markers (viltstiften). On top of it is a spray can of sealer which I have never used yet, then you can see a binder in the back with some of my stamps, and on the right a drawer with my distress inks in it – I always just get the drawer out and put it on the table / chair.

Oh I forgot my wellbeloved spraythingy – unfortunately it got loose again so I’ll have to fix it, but need to fix it so it won’t leak this time. (The previous fix was putting the spray top on the glass jar because the original orange spray jar broke). [Oooh what a coïncidence, in that post is also the quote I have referred to a few times lately!]Oh, and those heart stickers on there: They have kind of become my pincushion. (What?) yup, pincushion for just 1 needle, and that one needle/pin (can you see it’s yellow head?) is to open up the tip of the glossy accents bottle, which is seen next to the drawer.

Let’s take a look to the left and a step back.

Wednesday 00:40

Wednesday 00:40

My frame for hanging nearly finsihed cards.

My ikea drawers with many of my supplies, two boxes which I need at hand. (It started out as one half box, then it got one full box quite soon, and now in the past month somehowe another box moved in there.) You can see into the second drawer, here are my other (big) inkpads, the little ones are in another drawer with the chalks.

Do you see the dowels sticking out of the drawer? That is my solution to nosy babies. You can imagine that having craft supplies in the same room where little kids play isn’t very safe. (health, furniture, money etc..) I wanted a simple solution so my son (at that time I only had him) couldn’t open the drawers. I’ve had the drawers for quite a long time and I had always planned to paint/decorate the sides but never done it yet. Because of this I didn’t feel bad about drilling holes in them.

Wednesday 00:41

Wednesday 00:41

My embossing powders (I still want some bright yellow!) and my “lock” solutions. A hole in the side of the board and drawer, a dowel in it and it’s closed. Don’t stuff your drawers so the dowel can’t be moved in though! How to open? Take a pencil/pen/thingy, and push the dowel in.

How do you prevent your kids from figuring this out too soon? Don’t open the drawers when they can see you do it. My son (aged 3) hasn’t noticed the dowels yet, so this fix still works.

Now, let’s put the camera away amd tidy things up a bit.

Wednesday 00:52

Wednesday 00:52

And then it really was time for bed!