Journey through an exotic reef

A short post this time, as I’m tired. No interesting text this time, so just sit and relax and watch the aquarium. Uh photo’s.



(Was also made for the Vandicrafts Artistry challenge: birthday, but I am too late for that one. Hmm maybe I am on time for anything goes?)(Oh too late for that one too, but the current theme fits as well: make your own background.)

The reef is printed. The origin is a background I made earlier. (See the post about marbled pearls). I scanned it and edited it digitally, then printed. This will be available in my shop too.The fish is from Designs by Ryn, the seaweed is a crafter’s workshop stencil, and the text is Stampendous. (could be wrong there).

After printin the background I stamped the fish with Stazon Pumpkin or Crimson red. Then I took my distress inks (ripe persimmon, wild honey, dried marigold, rusty hinge, and maybe a few more), dabbed them onty an acryllic block and took a waterbrush to colour the fish. I also went over the edge of the reef and a bit in between the stones with that brush – the ink of the printer is watersoluble so the colours brighten a bit.


I then masked off the fish and coloured the water around her, using a distress marker and a waterbrush. Then I placed the stencil and coloured it with various green/red colour distress inks. Only after that did I remove the mask from the fish.

To finish it off I added paper/gloss/perlen pearls to the overhanging of the reef. (Now that I look at it, next time I should make bubbles from them!). I did some marbling in them. The eye of the fish is made with the gloss/paper pen first, then let it dry and cover the pupil with glossy accents.


Last, I stamped the sentiment. To make it stand out more I outlined the text with a white pen.

Ink the edges a bit and glue onto a card – this could be quite a fast card! Looks lovely, doesn’t weigh too much (to keep the postage costs in check) and looks cheerfull.

I’d like to enter this card into the following challenges:


A whispered autumn song


Beautiful flower with your fragrance of Autumn
How you stand there, filled with the sun.
Do you not know, do you not feel
The change of the season, the turning of the wheel?

Around you leaves fall,
It’s Fall, they fall.
Let down your petals,
Let down, let go
Show us your seedsShow them, then sow,
For theirs is the Spring,
and for them, you grow.


Beautiful flower, so strong in this wind,
How you stand there, defying the time.
Do you now know, do you now hear
King Winter approaching, saying your end is near?

Around you leaves fall,
Like feathers, they fall
Your crown made of petals,
Goes down, goes off
Spread out your seeds,
with joy, with love,
For  you’ll live forever
It’s you, they’re made off.

Beautiful flower with your roots deep in the ground
Alone you stand there, calm in the present,
You always did knew, as you can sense
your return in springtime, winter is not the end.


The fairy was stamped, coloured with distress ink / markers and then I applied decoupage glue to her. I next stamped the rest.
She does have some bruises on her leg, that is where I didn’t apply the decoupage glue well enough and rubbed in the ink of the tree/ rubbed off the paper a bit when I cleaned her with a damp cloth. I thought about covering it with something, but I like it, it suits a Fall fairy to have some signs of withering and crumbling.  The sponging is done with a new foam sponge, I am still learning how to use it and wondering if I like them, they don’t really soak up the ink well so you get this more coarse sponging. For this card it fits, and I like it here. I’m slowly learning how to use the foam pods without getting this effect as I do like to make smoother backgrounds too.

  • Fairy is a Designs by Ryn stamp,
  • Flower is from Chocolate baroque,
  • Feather is Crafters Companion (something magical series)
  • Tree is from nonsequitur stamps / de stempelwinkel.

This card is my first entry for the Designs by Ryn October challenge.

Ronald McDonald-house – sharing hugs.

Daqadoodles140812di155614I’ve told you about my neece who had an accident. My sister has stayed in a Ronald McDonald-house since the accident, first a house in Maastricht, now in Tilburg.

A Ronald McDonaldhouse is a house for families who have a child admitted to the hospital. This enables them to be 5 minutes walking distance away from their child, to be there in a moment if their child needs them. There is space for 4 familymembers in a house, and it costs €18,- a day (wich is usually refunded by the insurance company). Ofcourse those houses cannot operate from that money, they live off donations.

Here is a documentary (in dutch) about the Ronald McDonaldhouse Maastricht, my sister Kim is seen in that video too. (And some of her vilt artwork on the background and als a card I made with a buddha on it).

Consider buying less christmas presents this year, or spend a little less on lush and extravagant dining. Consider donating to the Ronald Mc Donald fund (kinderfonds in the netherlands) or something similar near your place. There are so many charities – consider giving to them, instead of to allready overflowing cupboards and closets, and instead of a large meal (and after the holidays sighing that it’s time to lose weight).

Easy to say, hard to do – I have a lot of stuff. I often say I don’t need more. With some exceptions ofcourse – crafting goods!

As much as I like the cause I’m talking about now, I think I prefer even much more if you find a charity closer to your home, to your community or your family. It makes you feel involved, commited more, and maybe you can even do some charity work. Or donate goods. Look around you and help your community. Improve the world by improving your world around you.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do something craft related? I don’t mean selling cards and donate the money, but something like sending cards to lonely people? Make cards for a retirement home, or for the old lovely lady on the corner. Or the young man living there – it’s not only old people who are lonely. Sometimes it’s hard to connect, to meet new people.

Maybe a good and easy start would be to make a card for every house in your street, or to 20 houses on the left and 20 houses on the right of you. (easy for me to say, there are no residences across our house, so should be doable for me).

Let’s make the world a bit better this year again. And why wait untill christmas – not everyone likes it. Why not do so now?


Desert Storm

Mystical sandstorm orient – here is my card:

tn_1200_gcs034_jpgJust kidding. Ofcourse.  I’d NEVER post just a picture of a pretty background only. See a few posts back, or a post to  come, can’t remember if I posted it allready. But I know I’ll never do that.

No, I will post tons of pictures of the same paper, as usual… Maybe I should warn you when my post isn’t picture heavy. I guess this one falls into that category, only 4 images!


A palace in the evening sun.

Just a short rant/nag to get it off my chest, maybe it will hurt less then ;). I’m a bit under the weather. Work has really started this week, with me having to leave the house at 07:30 two days and two days 06:30, and I set myself the goal of going to work by bicycle as I don’t sport, and I need to get moving a bit more. It’s 10km for a one way trip – about 35 minutes. I haven’t been this physycally active for a long time, so I have to get used to that. And to work, and lack of sleep. I’m losing masses amounts of hair. It’s about 3 months after the delivery of my son. During pregnancy your hair doesn’t fall out as normal – it falls out (in masses) in 2 – 4 months after the delivery, hormones are busy again. I could have filled an entire wig with what has come out – don’t dare to wear my hair loose! Lack of sleep probably doesn’t help either. The cycling, getting up early, and my OH and kids having (had) a cold last weekend also influenced me, Monday and Tuesday some throath ache, but today my whole body aches – backpains, leg pains, neck pains. No throat ache though. It could be my period starting again, but could also just be sore muscles. Who knows. Or it could be the starting inflammation of one breast (I’m breasfeeding but “milk” (to put it bluntly) at work) – it hurts a bit. I hope it won’t get worse, as this weekend my daughter will turn 2! Visit on Sunday, thinking about hand-outs/treats at the daycare (and making those!) cleaning up this pighole- eh the house, getting supplies.. Time to recover? Tomorrow night I’ll go to bed early. Really!

/end of rant.

Reading blogs is falling behind a bit again, and I noticed I can’t enter the challenges I wanted to enter – not enough time to make cards for it. Ofcourse, several challenges of my favourite stamps I won’t pass!


So this card.


I began by stamping the image with Stazon pumpkin, then added some Ripe persimmon on the stamped image as well. I created a mask with self adhesive window foil, and shaded around the pumpkin palace, then took the mask off ans saw I hadn’t placed it correctly. What a great luck! Usually it’s a bad thing, but this looked great! perfect highlights without me messing up with the white gel pen :D.

I placed the mask a bit higher and coloured again, probably with Wild Honey (a new favourite), Scattered Straw, goint to Old Paper and Pumice Stone.

Next I stamped and embossed the leaves with mustard seed disterss embossing powder. I put some Gathered Twigs onto an acryllic block, and coloured the embossed images with a water brush – unfortunately the yellow wasn’t as yellow anymore, and got rubbed away a bit when I wiped the embossed image to remove the ink from the embossed parts. I embossed one leaf again (the left one) – but though the others looked fine too. After all, I used Distress embossing powder, and don’t they look perfectly distressed now?

To finish it off I stamped a sentiment from the Fairylands Words set. I have fallen in love with these stamps too – I kind of had abandoned my clearstamps, but now I’m using them a bit more again due to this set. And this set is so great to work with, and so versatile! I stamped the text with versamark and emobssed with copper embossing powder (Docrafts). Inked the edges a bit with Gathered twigs too.

Oh I completely forgot the flowers in front of the palace – not sure when I made those, probably before masking the pumpkin palace. They are embossed with embossing powder too.


I took this sandlike background paper to make a matting layer behind it, but I liked it more as a frame so I put that on top of the image. Under it I placed a piece of Pumice-Stone inked up paper.

This card was made for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge #3.


Oh I’ve been crafty in between, in those pockets of time – been altering business cards! I had great fun. My backlog of still-to post cards is getting bigger – if only I could post and not talk every time. I’d have no backlog and be in bed on time. Ah well, this online journal is helping me too – retrace my creative process, enjoying the steps again, and preserving how I made it for later. (Which reminds me, I should make another backup of my blog.) (Not tonight though.)

The psychedelic mushrooms-fairy

Well she isn’t that psychedelic at all herself. Then again, usually the dealers aren’t addicted…

Here she is: Daqadoodles141005zo173434

She’s got her own vices. Sitting on a mushroom, smelling the flowers.

The fair+ mushrooms + branch behind her are all one stamp, the flower is another. I also used a nature fragments stamp for the treetrunks around her. Here is another use of my home made marbled pearls.


This is my second entry for the Chocolate Baroque Colour challenge #3


One card left for this challenge! So we’ve explored our own psychedelic imagination, visited the fairies, then what else could be next then the mysterious orient?


Psychedelic Party

Here is my first entry for the chocolate baroque challenge:


Ever since I saw those swirls from the abstract fragments set I thought “retro”, though not quite (as that would be more geometric). Still, when this colour challenge was presented – brown, orange, yellow (and grey/cream/offwhite) I thought: yes, retro! (Not that I’m good at retro, or have ever made a retro thing, it’s just that now I had to try something new.

Stamped with distress ink ripe persimmon (or spiced marmalade?) then clear embossed, inked inside with vintage photo, mustard seed around it, fading via Scattered Straw to Pumice Stone.
Then embossed in a Tim Holz embossing folder (probably called Rays) – highlighted the rays a bit more with yellow, inked the edges with the orange.
Added the pearls to it (the first use of my premade batch, yay!) with the idea of adding a sentiment in between it, with the card rotated 90 degrees to the left. A word like: Disco! or: Party! Or: ” staying alive”

Problem: I didn’t have that sentiment, none of my alphabet stamps fit the theme, and couldn’t be bothered to spend another hour behind the pc looking for the appropriate font. I knew I would end up hourS behind the pc, not just one.

Time for a small test. I showed my partner the card as it was then, and asked him what he thought. I pretty much thought it breathed retro, or disco.
Do you know what he said?
Kermis. Carnival.
Uh what? How can you think that?
Well, the wavy thing, and the rays…
Ok, I said, and went back to the crafting table.

What more retro, disco, old but not vintage old? Hmm hippies? Flowers! Ok, flowers… I stamped the flowers on a separate sheet, dabbed some ink on my craftsheet and coloured the flowers. I cut them out (note that I don’t say fussy cut, as I didn’t, only the first half…. then I was too tired. But would you have noticed if I hadn’t said it?)

Played around a bit with the layout. But what to put in the middle? Still didn’t have a sentiment. But, I did have this big mushroom from my second Chocolate Baroque entry (actually I made that card first, but haven’t blogged about it yet. I’m not much for chronological order.) Yay, I could use left overs!

Hippie… drugs…mushroom…

Jaaah, and then I could use some of the fairyland stamps! “Welcome to fairyland”? “Let the adventure begin”? Those would have fitted equally well. How about “sprinkled with fairydust” for an added dose of psychedelics! Ofcourse, no way I could stamp that onto the embossed paper, so stamped it onto tissue paper, embossed it, and glued it. Oh, as you can see, I didn’t use the big mushroom – it didn’t fit. I made 2 new ones. (See how I use my leftovers?)
I sprinkled those with fairydust. That was possible because I had made a card with her first, you know, that second entry which I haven’t blogged about yet.

So that was my card, for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge. No idea who I would give this to. (And you know what my partner said when I asked him again what he though? “Still Carnival, sorry…”. Hm. I think I need to feed him some more mushrooms with some special fairy dust, maybe then he’ll see!.


Dining chair cover

So, the dining chair cover.


This is a post about my sewing. I can’t sew. Or rather, I lack the patience to sew. I never learned how to sew, but I know you should draw a pattern first, iron your fabric, transfer pattern, place pins on seams and iron those, sew while taking the pins out.

Of all the above steps, I think I did eh… wait, there’s got to be something.. Ah there! I sort of drew a sketch of a pattern and placed pins on seams! So you now know the sewing won’t be straight or even… you’re warned!

When we bought a new dining table + chairset a few years ago, (Bjurstra or Bjursta from IKEA), we were in doubt of the chairs. I first liked the darkbrown/black chairs with white covers, but later on preferred the multicoloured chairs with a lower back. My partner still preferred the black ones with the white cover. I was in doubt – we had a child, would white be wise? But then I read the covers were washable, so we went ahead and bought them. The covers are indeed washable but it’s a PITA to get them on again – off is no problem, but on? Two tore up a bit. Besides that, I didn’t get all the stains out. So I was thinking about making chaircovers.

Then me and my sister went to Ikea for someting else. I looked around in the discount corner and found these teatowels for €1,50 each – perfect to try for sewing, and the colour was good too.


One of the towels - there are two varieties, the other one has a print on the short side.

One of the towels – there are two varieties, the other one has a print on the short side.


I did draw the “pattern” out a bit, but then just started sewing. First one was too tight, second one was good!


The chair on the left is as the other chair was too – with the stains and all. (Hagelslag, vlokken, chocoladepasta, spaghettisaus etc…)

See the ribbon on the other chair – it’s tied different then on next pictures, and the fabric is folding in quite a bit.


The cover didn’t hang nicely though, as I hadn’t thought it through where to attach the ribbons. You can see inthe above picture I attached them to the corner – when tying it around the leg of the chair it folds the fabric inward too much.

I did get thej loose and reattached them, this time not at the corner, but higher up so the fabric would hang straight.


Some experimenting with tying the ribbon, and voila, done! It is not perfect, but it was quite ok to make. (I still have to do the other 5, guess I’m more of a prototype person – stop after 1 result, with recommendations for the next). Oh and I didn’t need to cut into the towel! That saved me from making sure the towel wouldn’t tear up further, and trim the cut edges and sew a seam to them etc.



Looks good from the front, right? And these are much easier to take off and wash! I know the back part isn’t completely covered (see some picture up) but I hardly notice this.

Next post should be about cards again, I made a few for some challenges, and should post them soon. On that note, I won a challenge! Oh I completely forgot. I was a random winner for the WeLoveVintage challenge blog with the vintage autumn card. Do you believe in coïncidence? I think I believe in Karma.

Let me explain. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to go ahead and start a tiny little webshop of my own, selling stamps from several designers / brands which aren’t easily available here in the Netherlands. I start really small. I still need to register at the Chamber of Commerce, which costs €50,-.

Last week I found €50,- on the street during lunchbreak – I suspected it was from one of the two ladies who had just stood there chatting on their bicycles. One was out of sight, and the other too far away to hear me. I didn’t get a good look of them. I felt bad for finding that money, as I know it can be needed much, or maybe they worked hard for it. Others said: they should have put it away properly, and not in a place where it could fall out like that. Still, I rather find €20,-. I spend some on buying treats for my new collegues (€15,-)(it was my first day at my new job/project), donated €25,- to the Ronald McDonaldhouse as my sister made much use of it and will make much use of it still. Only this morning, when I read I won at WLVC, something in my head tingled.

Why? Well, one of the effects of starting my own webshop is that I have to save up some money to buy stock first. I usually spend a large amount – or all of my monthly spare money on craftstuff – I’m bad at saving. But I really want to start that shop, so I told myself I really can’t buy anymore for a while, and if I wanted new stuff I’d just have to participate in challenges and win some. I wanted to participate in the Art Journey challenge, but didn’t have their stamps. The price for the WLVC was a sheet of stamps from Art Journey. And I won that.

So I find the fee for the Chamer of Commerce, I win a sheet of stamps I was hoping to win in order to be able to participate somewhere else too – Destiny telling me I should go ahead with that store? It sure does make me feel I made the right decision!

One other challenge for me, besides not buying crafting stuff, is to not craft but delve into the webshop software and entrepreneurship things. Once everything is up and running, it’s easy. It’s the start that is hard. I don’t expect to make a living with that shop, it mainly started because of being disappointed that some brands can’t be bought here in the Netherlands. USA, UK, Canada… It’s all overseas and can take weeks to arrive, if it arrives at all. I figured I’m not the only one with that annoyance. Instead of opening a big shop with lots of brands, I start small. I start. Get things moving. That’s it, and the most important thing.

And now, dear readers, I get my butt moving, off to bed with me as it will be a busy and early day tomorrow! night all!

Tyrannosaurus Rex and dining chair cover

I hope you didn’t read that as Tyrannousaurs Rex dining chair cover – our son might like dino’s a lot, to implement it onto our dining chairs is a few steps too far. No, it’s just 2 totally unrelated projects. Or maybe a little related – they both aren’t card projects.

RAAAAAAAAAARGH (My son is a fan of imitating T-rex, lions, tigers and dragons. In other words: roaring (is that the word?) on the top if his lungs. Preferrably INDOORS. Ofcourse. What fun is shouting outside where it doesn’t bother anyone, huh?

Nah, ofcourse he does it outside too, but more often it’s inside when he starts to be a bit bored – he chases his sister then, roaring, often having some kind of attribute in his hand (like a toy dino who “makes that noise”). I heard it’s a phase. (The dino thing, not sure about the roaring). I hope so. At least it isn’t pretty pink princesses. I do really hope my daughter doesn’t get into that phase.


Spot the dino!


This picture was made mostly as a reference so I would know where to draw the lines, as I planned to draw them back on. I didn’t, as I thought the painting was good enough as it was.

The T-rex was bought on a fleamarket, with only lines on him but no colour. So I my son and I set out to paint the T-rex. First, we put gesso on it – he was a tremendous help, and painted very clean and precise! (He is 3 now, will be 4 in April). We let it dry.

He likes purple a lot, so I used purple for the main colour. He didn’t help painting this time, I think I made this a few days before my maternity leave would end.

Docrafts artiste Acryllic paint : Pearl Wisteria, Blackberry and Metallic Amethyst.

Docrafts artiste Acryllic paint : Pearl Wisteria, Blackberry and Metallic Amethyst.

I sprayed some water on it, hoping the paint would react a bit to it, but I think it was too dry allready.

Then I remembered one of my favourite stencils: Cell theory! I have the 6×6 and 12×12 version, ofcourse I used the 12×12 version here. I was very enthousiastic about my idea!

Oooh the first bit... what will it look like?

Oooh the first bit… what will it look like?

I loved how it looked. The paints were a different brand paint (Lukas art I think, bought a long time ago at Hornbach, ad DIY hardware store). Various shades of green, a bit darker where there should be shadow, some turqoise on the little dots, light green on light areas…

Daqadoodles14_09_16_15433Tadaa! Done stencilling!Do you see Mater/Takel, the little brown Disney lego toy from the movies Cars? It’s my daughers favourite at the moment. She just loves him, didn’t want to get into her pyjamas this afternoon for her nap, she wanted to sleep in her shirt with Mater on it, but that was dirty and had to go into the laundry. This evening, after bath she was wearing a onesie with a tractor on it / she didn´t want her pyama sweater on because she wanted to see the tractor. (A very fun orange striped Halloween pyama which friends brought with us from London).

I loved the look, also how I managed to follow the lines of the body with it. You can see my box of paints to the left. I was out of white paint a while before this dino, and bought some from the Xenos. That paint smells chemical! The other paints don’t smell like this one. I was also out of black paint, but at that time in the store I decided I wouldn’t buy black, as I would just mix up dark colours again if I needed anything black-like.

Ofcourse, the times when I want to paint something black I hate it that I don’t have it, but ofcourse I want to go ahead with what I’m doing and mix up dark colours, and eventually love the effect and how I didn’t use black. So when I’m ordering something, the process repeats itself. Eventually I will get it, as maybe I want to do some real black lettering. (Hmm do I? The really dark brown/blue I made looked very good too…)

So now the eyes and nose. Oh and the earhole, musn’t forget that.



I was very proud of the result.

I was afraid about my sons reaction just a bit, as he had seen the purple version and had liked it a lot. Did I mention purple is his favourite colour?


The hammer and clothespin are there so you can estimate the size. Still hard to guess I think.

My fears were justified: My son didn’t like the green! I want it purple mamma! Oh the honesty of children. So I primed the other side (gesso but with purple paint allready). And that’s how it is now, didn’t finish that side I realize now. I guess I was still in doubt about painting over the dots, as he had liked it before and not so much now. It is maybe too scary? Maybe I shold tone down just the head, the scales on the head aren’t lining out very well anyway. Or just save it and sell it at a higher price then the euro/2 euro’s the cutout had cost me as it’s much more of a dino now.

daqadoodles dino before and after

Now quickly to the other project.

Oh wait no, that’s quite a few pictures as well. A different post then.

So, what do you think of the dino, paint over the head or leave it as is?



What have marbled pearls and Nils Holgersson have to do with eachother?

Well, nothing really, except that I discovered the fun of marbled pearls while listening to the tune of Nils Holgersson.

First, a tip.

Tip 1: Don’t promise to post something on a date in the very near future if you haven’t written the post yet. If it’s further ahead, make a draft right away! I completely forgot I had promised untill I saw my pearls sheet laying around! So apologies for not doing as promised (“will be out later tonight at latest”) in my previous post. (Which is edited by the way with pictures of the disappearing fairy. Repeat some steps with different inks to make the fairy visible…)

Anyway, after (or during?) making that Autumn card I got distracted by my paper/perlen/gloss pens. This probably isn’t something new, but I disovered it while making the previous autumn card, and it was such fun to do!

What, then?

Marble with the liquid pearls-pens! (Viva Decore gloss gel pen, paper pen or perlen pen)

Pearls pearls pearls (or domed shaped discs or multicoloured pearlsplashes)

AFter the autumn fairy card I made a few more on a card, and loved the look. Oh, about that card!
I have shown you the background card before, it was made with the kitchen foil and acryllic paint technique.



I chose the blue/purple one to work with as it was hard to make something out of it anyway, I kind of considered it as wasted allready. So when I made those mushrooms for the previous card, I had fun, and wanted to make more pearls, but on what? Aah well, that card is failed anyway, let’s try this out some more on that card. And so it became a card I really like. It looked like some sort of migration of microbes, a journey. The title of that card is (and will be, as it’s not entirely finished yet) “Journey of the microbes”.

Nils Holgersson – the migration of the geese

Having the old cartoon Nils Holgersson on the background, with the intro music being heard every half hour when the next episode (or the same) starts might have influenced my crafting too. Nils Holgersson is about a farmboy who is mean to small animals. One day he catches a dwarf/gnome and he puts a spell in Nils, making him as small as he is, and then he disappears. Nils then starts to search for him, and he is accompanied on this journy by his hamster who has shrunk as well, and the farm-geese Maarten. Nils is able to talk to animals now, and learns a lot. They find a pack of wildgeese and travels with them to Lapland.  – The journey is ofcourse what the series is about, I just recapped what I vaguely remember of the first episode and what I gathered from other episodes.

Hoog in de lucht boven Zweden – Over de huizen en over de zee – Vliegen de ganzen naar Lapland – Kruimel en Nils mogen mee
Nils Holgersson – Vliegt op een gans naar de zon – Nils Holgersson – Komt in het najaar weer om
Laag in de donkere bossen, hoog in de bergen waar ‘t koud is en guur – Nils en de ganzen beleven – steeds weer een nieuw avontuur

High in the air above Sweden – Above/over the houses and above/over the sea – The geese fly to Lapland – Kruimel and Nils can come along
Nils Holgersson – Flies on a geese to the sun – Nils Holgersson – Returns during FallLow in the dark forests – high in the mountains where it’s cold and bleak – Nils and the gees have – a new adventure all the time


See the background on the right? That was the start of the 2nd frame, but this time I would cut it out after I had made it, and use the left over bit for another card.


Almost the right frame, but it’s not yet it. It’s too rectangular, those geometric lines don’t fit.


This looks great! But not completely yet…

That card “just” needed a frame (as I wanted to make one for the Panpasteluk challenge). I made 1 frame but didn’t like it, then made 2 backgrounds to be cut up and serve as a frame, but I loved those soooo much I couldn’t cut them up! This led to me scanning the background, going ooh and aah over it, getting a lightbulb over my head (heeey, maybe there are a few people who would buy this? Design paper and such? digi, printable backgrounds?) And then I spent a few evenings behind photoshop and the scanner. (It’s not done yet). So after an evening/day or two only being behind the pc and not actually get my hands dirty I just needed to craft something quick. So I took a few of my outdated business cards, applied gesso on it, and then had some fun with it. Another thing that got me very enthousiastic, so the next crafting moments I was making more of those.

That’s how it also goes when I craft, you can understand now why I always have tons of projects going on, and how, even when I am trying to finish only 1, I end up with 10 new projects? And it’s also how I forget I would post about the pearls, or that I even made the pearls.

After that, I made a few pearls on my craftsheet as it occured to me that they get hard and I should be able to peel them off and glue them in place later on!

While drying I did something else – and ofcourse I smooshed a few pearls. Another lesson learned!

Tip #2: Make pearls on something that you can put aside so you can use your craft sheet for other things while you wait for it to dry.

Tip #3: Leave enough room between the pearls, more then twice the size of the first drop. Or don’t, if you want a ribbon/catapillar look :)

Look at the next picture. See the smudge on my craftmat, and how the pearls flowed into eachother. I think the drops started out as small as the blue ones above, but due to adding the liquid it becomes bigger ofcourse.



I took a needle which I also use to unstuck my glossy accents bottle, and very carefully put the tip in the pearl. Don’t put it in too deep or you’ll break the pearl. It almost looks/feels like you’re not touching it at all. Try putting the needle in the first drop and move it slightly, then in the second drop (within the first drop). Play with it and see what it does.



It’s easy: drop a small amount on a piece of acryllic or otherwise hard plastic sheet. Pick another colour and drop in a smaller drop of the liquid. Add a few more drops, but be aware that the cohesive force isn’t strong enough to make big pearls, you’ll more likely get domed discs if you use too much. (Oh, and leave enough room between them, see tip #3). You can leave it as is, or you can them do some marbling.

I liked the eyes I made, the blue and orange ones. You can see one blue eye fell to the left – I made the white drop too much to the side. Drop down blue, then white, then in the white another colour. No need to really wait for the white to have spread – the weight of the 3rd colour and the cohesiveness of the liquid makes sure the 3rd colour stays within the 2nd. That is, if you drop in a smaller amount – sometimes just touching the tip of the paper/perlen/gloss gel pen to the 1st layer is enough.

Clover pearls

Layer 2 colours. Then, dip your needle in the 1st colour and move inward into the 2nd. Clean your needle. Do this on 3 sides of the 2nd drop (let’s say north, east and west). Before you get to the third move, read tip #4 and forget about it. Because after the third time, you dip your uncleaned needle in the 1st layer and then move it inward.

Tip #4: Clean your needle every time you take it out of the pearls.



Little mushrooms

Drop 1 colour, add 3 tiny drops of another colour, not in the center. Turn your sheet if necessary for the right angle.



Layer 2 colours, the 2nd is in the center. Get your needle, dip it in the 2nd colour and move outward with a curve. Sometimes, when you let it dry a bit more, the substance gets a little less runny and you can “turn” it more easily without blending or breaking the pearls.


Retro circles

Drop 1: brown
Drop 2: yellow, in the center
Drop 3: orange, in the yellow, offcenter.



2 layers, the 2nd drop in the center. Dip your needle in the first layer, almost not touch it, then move inward. Clean your needle, then move to a spot a bit more below (not going North East South West) move the needle a bit in the same direction, the middle colour will move a bit, sometimes it almost sinks to the side (the thickness of the pens might vary), but you can push it back with the needle.


Apple / flower

Those where hard to make, but I’m sure there’s plenty of crafty people out there who get better results or more consistent results than me.
The apple (the green pearls): make swirlds first, then add the red dot.
Daisy: (white and pink pearls): layer 3 colours, each one in the center of the previous one. Dip in the 1st colour, move inward in a straight line, repeat 3 or 4 times (so 4 or 5 times total). Clean your needle in between.
Gerbera (white pearl) Start the same as the daisy, but make more moves and go in a circle, (following the outer circle of the 2nd drop when placing your needle) – alternate sides so the colour won’t be pushed to one side. Make a curved motion when you make the move.

You can see I had fun, I have lots of paper/perlen/gloss pens but don’t use them often, but I like them a lot :).


Well, I got as far as this before I got distracted. They can be peeled off easily once dry, the only challenge would be to adhere them to your card. I imagine some tweezers and a dot of glue on the card would be best. (Not on the pearl – if you drop it, the glue goes to the wrong spot).

Hopefully you aren’t distracted as easily as I am – then again, if you managed to get to the bottom of this post I guess you haven’t! Thanks for reading, and I’d love to know what you think of this.

If you have any of these pens, did you know about this? Have you got other fun things you can do with it to share?


Magic happens all around

I started this card not as a card, but just playing around with a new stencil (stars), distress paint budled sage, distress stain bronze and rusty hinge on green cardstock. Then I also tried out my new Sheena Douglas embossing folder – it started to look quite ok, maybe I could use it? It had an autumn feel to it, with the leaves and brown and glimmering colours. So I searched for some challenges to help me by adding some boundaries within which I would make something.

The themes of the challenges I chose were: Autumn/Fall, inspirational image,  make your own leaves, Anything but CAS, Frame it, use stamping on tissue paper and decoupage technique and use Design by Ryn stamps.. Some might have closed allready as I dind’t like the finished card untill today, when the room was brightyl lit and I stood a bit further away – the card was as intended. Very autumn like, a bit of an ancient feel to it because of the mosaique, the pillars and colours, and the fairy not that well visible. I wanted her to be transparent – only visible to those who look.

An autumn scenery in an interesting frame. Here it is:


How I made it

I continued with the background by colouring in the leaves with barn door distress marker. I was wondering what to put on it – then I rememered the arch from a French Kissed card which I had laying around for ages, this looked like a card where I could use it. Imagine walking around in a forest, and stumbling on an ancient ruin where you witness this magical scene. I wanted it to be behind the embossing, so I put the card and arch on it’s place in the embossing folder, and then pressed with my hands only on the one pillar, rubbing that spot untill it was embossed as well. Then I knew where and how to cut it.

Next I stamped the fairy and squirrel with on tissue paper. It is one stamp, and I inked the body of the fairy with versafine grey and the squirrel, wings and nuts with stazon black. I coloured it (the fairy very lightly as she needed to be hardly visible) and glued it on. Unfortunately, my plan to make the fairy transparent succeeded. (uh what?) Yup. No fairy visible.


See the plant? It used to be full of flowers, just lovely. My children liked the plant too…

The prettiest side to the house. I've got little vases on the table, for when the children pick flowers (usually with a very short stem) - they are filled with these now.

The prettiest side to the house. I’ve got little vases on the table, for when the children pick flowers (usually with a very short stem) – they are filled with these now.

The emptiest side to the garden. In my kids defense, the stems break very easily.

The emptiest side to the garden. In my kids defense, the stems break very easily.

So I restamped onto tissue paper, cut out only the body of the fairy and decoupaged it. If you look closely (don’t do it!) you can see that decoupaging tissue paper on the exact same spot is impossible. (As some parts of the fairy were a bit more visible). I higlighted the squirrel by drawing black lines and white lines in some places, also outlined the nbuts and wings a bit more so the contrast between them and the fairy would be bigger. I stamped and embossed the text, adding the white higlight there as well, and also highlighed some parts of the Arch and the big leaf.


The leaves: The two big leaves in the upper rightcorner are from my stash, (sizzix die, and one leaf has moddeling paste through a leaves stencil) only coloured it a bit more red so it matched the card / autumn theme more. The 4 smaller leaves (Marianne Design die) were also from my stash, they are as old as the arch, which might be 3 years? ANyway, they were diecut from green cardstock on which I had stamped randomly in green and had aged it a bit with forest moss ink. It was too green for this card. I took some decopuage glue and followed the nerves of the leaf, let it dry and then ink it and add some perfect pearls copper on it. (The decoupage glue acted as a sort of rsist for the ink). The leaves were a bit lost in the corner, it needed something extra. That happened to be that piece of string that I found on the table (or ground)… no idea where it came from, maybe one of the kids found it outside, but it was great for this card :)


In the lower left I pt mod melts figures, the middle leaf is Martha Stewart clay and the outer two are made with hot glue. Several layers of yellow, green and red acryllic paint (too yellow – add some red. Hmm too red, add some green. Too green, the yellow is gone! add some yellow etc’. Finished with perfect pearls copper.

I forgot an important part, the frame! Ofcourse I made that before glueing the leaves in place. Cut from pink cardstock, then added some metallic colour (I honestly can’t remember if it is acryllic paint or the new copper distress stain – I got so many things in copper colour as I love it!) I put a Crafter’s Workhsop stencil on it, used modelling paste, let it dry. When dry I replaced the stencil and painted it with distress paint. Let dry, adhere to the card, and on to the leaves.


Last I wanted some more autumny things, and got out my paper pens. I don’t have the bright red, but the orange suited very well too to be little berries. I was trying some things out, like marbling with the paper pens, so they turend out to be more like mushrooms then berries, it’s up to the viewer to decide what they are ;)

Have a look at my second post to see the miniature marbled pearls which I made with my paper/gloss/perlen pens! (I have yet to write it, will be out late tonight at the latest).

I was worried that the card didn’t have enough contrast, the colours are very close to eachother. The frame was very light, so I dabbed an Black Sooth sponge on it which wasn’t inked, so just a tiny bit of black sooth. Not sure it is even very visible, I can’t really point it out now but at the time it seemed better.

It’s not really a card-card, it’s more like a small wallhanging. It’s A5 size so not too small.


I’d like to enter this card in the following challenges:

  • Stampingback – Anything NOT CAS (mijn 2e inzending, geen stampinback stempels gebruikt)
  • Our Creative Corner – Autumnal image (berries, autumn, leaves, texture, the beauty that is seen when you take a second look, or Look at the world around you,)
  • Simply Create Too - Autumn (oops, allready entered 3 times, which is max!)
  • Panpasteluk – Frame it (sorry don’t have pan pastels yet!) -oops too late for that one, but…
  • PanPastelUK – Embossing (The new challenge, my card fits that one as well, and I made the frame mainly for you! Following via RSS feed)
  • Ducth Card Lovers – Autumn and make your own leaves
  • Craftstamper – Take it Make it September: Stamping on tissue paper ( a day too late for it)
  • Designs by Ryn – Always Anything goes, use Designs by Ryn products.
  • Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge – #9: Autumn
  • The Artistic Stamper – Autumn colours;
  • Fantasy Stampers – autumn colours;

edit 28th of September: I found the pictures of the disappearing fairy.