AWOL – where have I been?

(Scroll down to see a gallery of about 30 previously unposted cards!)

Well, I’ve been busy again, with lots except cardmaking.

I sent half my relatives&friends christmascards after 4th of January (maybe a handfull got them in time as I brought those with me, but hadn’t finished the rest yet). The other half of the relatives&friends didn’t get a card. Who did or did not get a card was kind of random, I had printed out the adresses on stickers, and just took a card, scanned the list to see who would match with the card, of the other way around.

Before that I was busy with christmas, buying a house, renovating our appartment to put it up for sale, and being pregnant again. I still am, don’t worry, but the most tiring weeks are over, I don’t crash in bed at 20:30hrs anymore. The appartment isn’t up for sale yet, there are still a few renovation works to be done and to be honest, I want to move out before we put it up for sale, as I just don’t want the stress of getting the house in a showroom kind of state, with all sorts of stuff tucked away (where??) and the kids toys not all over the place, and everything clean and spotless. Not to mention, taking the bigger stuff out of the house (oh and the kids) when there would be visitors, things like the stroller(s). So, we’ve also been planning the moving, and some renovations / freshening up in the new house. It doesn’t look like crafting time anytime soon, my crafting stuff is too efficiently tucked away to take it out. (Well, I can get to it, it’s not in boxes, but it’s spread in 3 cupboard which are not near eachother. And as it takes up quite some time, I rather not start crafting untill after I’ve moved.)

I still had lots of unposted cards, so I’ll show you now in almost random order.

Most used stamps: Chocolate Baroque and Design by Ryn.

Most used materials: Distress ink and Caran D’ache (or was it arche?) Neon colors.

Most used technique: stamping (duh), masking, sponging. Some dry and heat embossing as well, and some dies are used.

You’ll see all pictures in the slideshow gallery first, beneath that is the thumbnail gallery. Most cards deserve a bit more spotlight though, as ofcourse details get lost on thumbnail size images :P. Maybe I”ll show them full size in a post another time.

Want to know more details about used materials or how I did it? Just ask, I am be happy to answer!

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A T on both sides.

Indeed, just a “T”. That’s what I made a few years ago when I started decoupage.

I was curious how wrapping paper would look, but didn’t have anything at hand to decoupate, so I made a letter (T, the first letter of the name of my son) with some scrap cardbox, and then glued normal copy paper around it. I forgot why I did that. Maybe so I would have white as background colour? Or maybe the ribs of the cardbox were too visible? No idea. As I really thought it was just going to end up on the trashpile, I didn’t make it completely straight.

Obviously, it didn’t end up on the trashpile, it’s been hanging on the wall.

One side is decoupaged with pieces of ikea christmas wrapping paper (or was it Hema or V&D? I do remember I didn’t think it was very Christmas- like, but didn’t see anything else in the shop).

The other side also has that paper, but it also has IKEA napkins (the bird napkins) worked into them.

The pieces of paper do wrinkle a bit, but I didn’t mind for this project, and I don’t think I tried getting them on without wrinkles.

Anyway, here are pictures:

Daqadoodles13_12_11_17236 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17245 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17244 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17243 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17252 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17251

Indian Fairytale




A very short post, for a simple card made back in july. The image is from French Kissed Postcards, printed and cut out with shape scissors. The flower stamp is, if I recall correctly, 3D Amelie, and the leaves are from a Marianne Design die. The background is a wallpaper sample which is slightly inked in places. It’s not very visible on the picture, but the sentimentpaper is curled a bit like an old parchment paper. It’s my own handwriting, and as you can see, I don’t have a very steady hand, haha, but at least it definetely shows the receiver I made it myself.

A crane for happiness

I just noticed this post in my drafts folder. My brother in law’s birthday was in June, so it’s another “old” card, and even an old post too!

(edit: The post date was set on august, that is probably when I wrote the post, I was allready wondering why it didn’t show up! I adjusted the published date now so it should show where I expect it! )


This was a birthdaycard for my brother in law.  I didn’t want to make the typical men card: brown, dark colours, cars or steampunk. His wife is Kim from Viltalakim, so he’s used to lots of flowers and colours in his house, so I made him this. Daqadoodles13_07_05_220518

Products used

  • Stamp: Sentiment “Gefeliciteerd” – from a stampset from Kruidvat
  • Stamp: “Zonnestralen groot B721″ from Stampinback on the background, clear embossed
  • Stamp: “Cogs PMA 907142″ Prima Marketing
  • Stamp: “Origami Crane CM-04” from Designs by Ryn

The background was made with distress inks. The cogs are roughly coloured wiht pencil, and I added a feew accents with paper pens.


Flowers for mothersday and more

No, we don’t celebrate mothersday now, it’s just that I still got several cards I haven’t posted yet.

Which is ok, as I hardly have time to craft the past few weeks! So I still have some cards left to post.

Here are 6 cards, probably made more then 6 months ago.


Butterfly butterfly


Stamps from Prima Marketing – Christina Renee


The flowers for mothersday

The stamp was part of a bigger stamp, and you can see, I messed up a bit with stamping/ inking. :(


Before stamping the text

I love the look of it. Soft flowers, soft colours, clear embossed flowers and green accent colours on the banner. The top and bottom part of the bannerpaper were used as masks for the previous card. Stamps are from the set 3D Amelie from Viva Decor


Some lovely papers -turqoise acryllic paint on paper, then embossed with inked up embossing folders – which I still haven’t used!


First and second card. I learned from the first. But not enough to not mess up the 2nd card after this picture so horribly I threw it out (I think).

Background stamp is from the serie Chronology from…? Peacock is a clear stamp from cArt-us

Papermania – Square Urban Stamp  – Chronology – PMA907138 – Beautifull time pieces


Playing with the Designs by Ryn stamps which I just got then (I think). The lady was part of a grab-bag of Chocolate Baroque, and it was only after stamping that I noticed the fish in her cape.

  What did I learn from this card: Think before stamping. I added the lady after clear embossing the circles and colouring the background. I would prefer for her to be without the circles and colours in her. So she would be less of a ghost. Leaf (from Three leaves set) and Patio Stone are from Designs by Ryn, other stamps (lace, flowers, lady) from Chocolate Baroque)


Fairy garden

I still have this card, didn’t find the right occasion yet. I love the card, I love this Hero Arts stamp. I had the fairy for a while, but don’t actually use here so often. She’s embossed with rangers distress embossing powder shabby shutters. The raindrops were then also just newly received from Designs by Ryn, I love how it looks like she’s in a garden, and I love the sizes! IT jus t matches very well. Looking at it in a digital way now, (You know, on screen…) I think I should make more of these cards. I love the frame, the fairy, the drops, and they match together perfectly! Also used on this card: Patio Stone.

With that, I conclude this post of 6+months old cards.

Which do you like most?

WOYWW 231 – What Workdesk?

WOYWW #231 – What workdesk?

Thank you Julia from Stamping Ground for hosting another week of What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday! First I’ll refresh your memory, here is my crafting area as it was as mentioned in WOYWW#227

Halfway - the little sidetable I made on a blue monday in furniture / woodworking school, it was behind a big chair but placed here because it would go to storage. Ofcourse it got used immediately to put my binders with stamps on, while I was cleaning out the bookshelves on the left. The little chest of drawers is in storage too now.



And here is how it looks now:


It’s GONE! (A creeper came near and it exploded?).

Don’t worry though, it has only moved. I haven’t crafted much lately, because the table is not next to my crafting stuff anymore, and I am used to that so it is a bit inconvenient that it is now moved and reduced in size. I know, still lots of space, and those are just lame excuses. A better reason for not crafting much is the reason you saw those boxes: cleaning the house of clutter. We’re not moving, but preparing to sell. My motto is that is should look like a hotel, (very clean, and no personal items) and that about 2/3 of our stuff needs to go, so there is lots of empty space. I am also waaay behind on reading blogs, I’ve got about 100 unread posts to go through. It will be browsing images, and thinking I haven’t left a comment in ages on certain blogs I follow. And then moving on to the next post. (I’m sure many of you recognize this, commenting just takes up quite some time, especially when you’re like me and can’t keep a comment short!) (I don’t mind short comments though!)

Sorting out stuff takes up lots of time and energy!


I did do a bit of crafting,I printed a slide my dad made 30ish years ago on fabric (a bit smaller then A4, it was glued on an A4 sheet for printing with my epson stylus SX235 printer) – I still need to finish the procedure (ironing, drying, washing in water and vinegar to set the ink). (Not all ink is suitable for this, some will fade when washing).


I’m not sure what I am going to do with the fabric, I think I’ll use it to decorate an old ugly binder/folder thingy (I don’t know the english word). My sewing skills are horrible, and I’ve thrown out my old and only half working sewing machine, so sewing is kind of not an option.

Furthermore, I’m making a series of minecraft Christmas cards. Minecraft is a popular game (which I do play/have played also) – you can dig, build, explore. And there are the creepers. They creep up on you and go Ssssssssssssss……. BOOOOOM! (yes, they explode, leaving behind a crater and you being dead if you’re unlucky). The Sssssss sound is reason for many a panicked reaction, frantically trying to get away from the sound, to safety. The creeper is very well known, even amongst non gamers. I thought it would be fun to make some geeky Christmas cards (and sell those if possible), of creepers with Christmas embellisments.


I made the creepers by printing an image several times and cutting out squares (it’s built up out of squares), and then using those as masks. I wanted to make it directly on the card, but I messed up when I used the unfolded cardstock: I stamped on the wrong side. So I decided those will be cut out and matted onto another card. That is why the other side of the cardstock is also stamped, it will be cut out.

Punchlines to add could be: End the year with a bang / enjoy the fireworks. Got any more suggestions? (I already discarded: Don’t eat until you explode, have a creepy Christmas, Have an explosive holiday)

I’d love to hear your suggestions as to Christmassy punchlines for the creeper card!

Thank you for visiting :)

Halloween roundup

I’ve been a bit absent lately, mostly due to focussing on getting the house ready to sell, which also means I didn’t have much time for crafting.

So now is a good time to catch up on my backlog of unposted projects!

I’ll start with 2 more hallloween ones, these were also made for the Country View Challenge Blog Guest Designer post, but in the end, I liked the  cat the most. The 4 halloween card I made are portraied here. More information about the unicorn and cat card are in my previous 2 posts.


Daqadoodles13_09_19_231480 Daqadoodles13_09_19_231785

I actually started with the card with the portrait. I thought spooky portraits, with holes where the eyes should be and a big black void behind it, being watched (If you look closely you can see little red pupils). Somehow chess fits the evil overlord or haunted castle too, so I added the chesspiece with the checkmate words. I loved making the background and almost didn’t want to cover it.

Daqadoodles13_11_04_22071 Daqadoodles13_11_04_22073 Daqadoodles13_11_04_22082

Some steps when making that card:

The final touches were ofcourse some white highlights and matting the card.

I really liked the fallen over chesspiece, so I went and made another card. It’s from the Chocolate Baroque Chess stamp set.

Daqadoodles13_09_24_004037 Daqadoodles13_09_24_003938

Daqadoodles13_09_22_235332You can see the light through the card because the background is the border of one of the other cards, which I cut out carefully. I enhanced the back by a little strip of cardstock, and then added another layer (after taking the picture). But I like this effect, I should have left it uncovered.

The shoe-stamps are from VivaLasvegastamps, and I thought they looked kind of spooky here, empty shoes on a dancefloor. The fairytale of the little red shoes, but a bit spookier. (Do you hear footsteps echo through the empty hallway, hear dancing in the ballroom while no one is there?) The branches on the side are coral stamps from Chocolate Baroque and a coral stencil, I embossed alternating in red, black, red, moving the stencil just a lottile so the colours wouldn’t blend too much. I further embossed the edge of the purple card with black. (And I had embossed the chesscastle stamp, shoes, chesspiece, just lots of embossing!)

Last, a card which I didn’t finish, I thought something ancient could be spooky too. I combined two stamps from a Chocolate Baroque stamp set, (after making the background with the very light script).  I made the scratched lines with something that was lying nearby.


Just using the tools at hand.


That’s as far as I got with this, I didn’t know where to go from there. I often don’t make a plan (which probably shows in my cards sometimes), but I go with the moment. But no moment came :P Maybe later, another time, I’ll know just the occasion and the way to finish this card or cut it up.

Materials used:

  • Chocolate Baroque stamp sets:
    UA5SP0366 The Art of Chess A5 (chess related stamps on first two cards)
    UA5SP0401 Steampunk Butterfly A5 (the bat and the lacey corner on the first card)
    UA4GW0145 Antiquities (Card with the car)
    UA5SP0326 Underwater Kingdom (coral branch on 2nd card)
  • Chocolate Baroque: Lady (portrait) – unknown series (was in a grabbag).
  • VivaLastvegastamps: shoes
  • Christina Renee / Prima Marketing 850029 (frame of the portrait)
  • Crafters Workshop Stencil: TCW360s 6×6 Coral.



Peek-a-boo! Guest designer at Country View Crafts’ challenge site!



So, finally! A few posts ago I told you about being in the top 3 for the Country View Challenge Blog. Now it´s time to share more about it! Read my introduction of the card I made at the Country View Crafts Challenge blog and then come back for more details in this post.

Are you done reading the other post yet?

I know, it’s my own fault for talking too much…

Allright then. Let the making-of begin!

The making of The BOO

After having made 3 cards I wasn’t completely satisfied with, (see my previous posts, but don’t go looking now!) I started anew. Deadline was coming closer, and I guess that pressure unleashed the good ideas. Startingpoint for this card is the word BOO. Next inspiration is actually a background I made on linen-paper for one of the other cards, it just wanted to be used.

The background. It kind of looks spooky allready. Insert noise of scratching nails here.  It reminds me of the game Silent Hill I used to play. Creepy console game.

The background. It kind of looks spooky allready. Insert noise of scratching nails here.
It reminds me of the game Silent Hill I used to play. Creepy console game.

The paper was a bit too big for my design, I wanted a rectangular card not the more square card, so I cut it to size.
I am also enjoying the glow-in-the dark embossing powder, it’s not a very long lasting effect but ofcourse I could not NOT use it. BOO should be seen in the dark, so I embossed it before going on. My original idea had been a black card with only the glow-in-the-dark embossed BOO on it, but I’m just not good at CAS, so I didn’t even try making that one asI knew I’d add stuff.

The BOO making extended version

This card has been finished 3 times. With that, I mean that I thought it was finished 3 times, and the last time I was finished, I was right. So I’ve got lots of pictures of the first finish, the second, and third.
My amount of Halloween stamps is very very limited, so I was looking through all my stamps for something fitting. And thus I came across this cute cat from Vivalasvegastamps. Cute didn’t fit in my idea though, so I un-cuted it, by narrowing the eyes and adding fangs and claws, and embossing those as well with glow-in-the-dark powder.


A were-cat?

Searching through die-cuts and stamps for some bushy things, as if the cat is peeking from behind bushes. Then I remembered my dark, unfinished backgrounds with a border stamp fomr Hero Arts. Purr-fect! Inking the edges a bit with brown, moss green for a bit more darkness.

Just used the Hero arts stamp

Here I had just used the Hero arts stamp

Still, it didn’t have that spookyness I was looking for. (Or rather, horror). Next brilliant idea was to use the trickling water stamp in red, as if it’s blood. Blood dripping down the card.

I also added a raindrop and waterdroplet. Both are stamps with multople drops on it. I inked up only 1 drop by masking off part of the stamp before inking. These three stamps are from Designs by Ryn


Spot the difference between the drops on this card and the end result!

Colouring the cat black with a black marker and adding some white lines for more contrast were the finishing touches. (In fact, after having taken the pictures I added a bit more lines. Pictures show more then I see while looking at the card!)

Ending of the making of The BOO

Or was it the end? I matted the card onto black cardstock, but not before stamping the background/edge stamp on the black cardstock and embossing it with black embossing powder. Just a subtle shine.


And then, the end result.


As you can imagine it was quite hard photographing the card without effect, with only the effect (like you would see in the dark) and in “dusk” light. So here is a gallery of a selection of pictures taken. (I know, it doesn’t look like it, but it really is a selection!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you liked it! Don’t be a silent ghosvisitor, make some noise: Comments are very much appreciated!

Untill next time,


Hallo-ween: Hello tears.


Hallo – ween.

In Dutch, Hallo means hello, and ween is an (old) word for “cry”. (I cry because something sad happened. The verb “crying” is “wenen” . Ween also looks like weeën, with an extra e, and which means contractions (as in, a pregnant woman being in labour).So a bit of creativity with the words, and it says: Hello tears. Or hello painfull spasms?

Anyway, it both can be applied to my first tries in making a halloween card.

I wanted a fairy scene which is brutally disturbed by evil. Or a normally fairylike scene with some sinister twists. I have unicorn stamps, and I thought of the pretty pure white of the unicorn. Do you know the movie The Dark Crystal, with a young (and not yet arrogant and strange religion worshipper) Tom Cruise? If I rememberd right, they tried to corrupt the unicorn.

This was my first theme, a corrupted unicorn. Lured into a trap by evil, having to kill and loose it’s innocense. Covered in blood, delirious with rage it traples all in it’s path. On the card I wanted to show a unicorn that is battling bats, with the light being clear before it, but turning dark with eerie faces behind it. Evil oozes from it’s skin now.

Default colours for evil are usually black and purple, so those colours where my starting points.

You’re wondering, no pictures yet? That’s right, because I want to tell the story first, as it’s prettier then the card.

I loved the background I made. Instead of cutting it to size like I planned, I left it, with the frays of dark shadows still lingering. I ripped the end of the card (which I did with each layer on that end) to give it a torn look. Left side of the card is still good, right side is not right.

I stamped bats (It’s one of the few halloween type stamps I’ve got, from the Chocolate Baroque steampunk Butterfly sheet, (the unicorn is also from Chocolate Baroque) and partially embossed the card (putting the card in the embossing folder which was a bit inked up, and press really hard with a heavy thing on the folder on the place you want the embossing. I think I used my salt-rock lamp for that.  I used the Spellbinders M-bossabilities folder Twigs and Tweets.

The ugliness came when I used glow in the dark embossing powder on it for the first time. Then, as it was ruined anyway, I tried a special effect with a skull stamp and placed that on the card as well.

Here it is in pictures:

A mask for the moon and a mask for the unicorn, and very inky fingers. See the swirls on the right? I kind of loved the look.

A mask for the moon and a mask for the unicorn, and very inky fingers. See the swirls on the right? I kind of loved the look.



I was making a crunchy blooded bat. The other bat was made out of regular cardstock, this bat was made out of tissue paper and richly embossed with black embossing powder. And then drowned in blood.

I was making a crunchy blooded bat. The other bat was made out of regular cardstock, this bat was made out of tissue paper and richly embossed with black embossing powder. And then drowned drenched in blood.


So far so good. It was missing something though. So I though, hey! Let’s use this glow in the dark embossing powder! (I had ordered a skull stamp from De stempelwinkel which I wanted to stamp behind the unicorn, like skulls floating in that dark cloud behind it). But before I show you that, I show you the card on which it would be matted.


Beter. Lovely grunge look. Too bad I am going to cover it up.

Beter. Lovely grunge look. Too bad I am going to cover it up.

I added some blood in the bloddy spots, and darkened some parts even more.

I added some blood in the bloddy spots, and darkened some parts even more.

The contrast between the two papers wasn't high enough though, so I took tissue paper and used the other Halloween colour: orange.

I wanted to add a bit of a bright colour into the mix, so I took tissue paper and used the other Halloween colour: orange.

Somwhere before or after this I used the glow in the dark powder on the unicorn and moon. I wanted to simulate moonlight falling on it’s nose and back. I didn’t take into account the shading or fading of the light.

A good view of the left looking floating skull.

A good view of the left looking floating skull.


Here is the finished card. The tissue paper isn’t glued down, but the effect is not what I hoped, it had to look a bit more wild. I guess I should have torn it instead of cutting it.
The skulls were a bit bigger then I thought, so no room for several skulls.

You can sort of see the special effect of the skull here allready: One skull, the red and black embossed one, is looking to the left, while the glow in the dark one is staring at you. Embossing both wasn’t a good idea, as it melts together a bit.

EEEK! See what I mean about the gradient / fading? If only I had drawn smaller lines...

EEEK! See what I mean about the gradient / fading? If only I had drawn smaller lines…


Do you know what I’ve just realized? My workname for this project was “The Nightmare”. Well, isn’t this kind of like a nightmare for crafters, to have a good idea, and a possible good card, but which is ruined because of something stupid you nearing the finishing of the card?

My next project with the Glow in the dark powder turned out lots better! Check back the next few days for that post.

I hope you this posts was helpfull to you in preventing you from making the same mistake. Happy crafting!

Birthday Girl – 1 year! Hieperdepiep, hoera! CAKE!

Warning: picture heavy post!

She's usually moving too much to get a good picture when she's really happy/laughing.

She’s usually moving too much to get a good picture when she’s really happy/laughing.


Cake nr 2 - presenting it to F.

Cake nr 2 – presenting it to F.

Dikkie Dik! This is what they were supposed to look like. As you can see, I'm not much of a drawing artist. Luckily the image of Dikkie Dik is printed on the tag as well.

Dikkie Dik! This is what they were supposed to look like. As you can see, I’m not much of a drawing artist. Luckily the image of Dikkie Dik is printed on the tag as well.

Last week my daughter turned 1. We celebrated this on saturday and sunday (half of the visitors preferred saturday, the other half sunday, hence the celebration on two days).We also had 2 cakes: A big mocca one made by my mom, and a smaller chocolate one made by me. I did make the decorations on thursday, for both cakes.

Stamps are very versatile, I used the stamps from Design By Ryn on the fondant and marsepan! And while making this post, I thought of using liquid food coloring on the stamps to actually stamp onto something, instead of only embossing with the stamps!

Here is a photo impression of the preparations, the cake and preparing the treats to hand out at the daycare.

Day 1more flowers

Day 1: lots of flowers. And a gap in the cake due to my toddler who tasted the cake when he was on kitchen stool and I was making his bottle of milk.