Congratulations on the new home

It just dawned on me that this card fits the  Vandicrafts artistry challenge “Home Sweet Home”  from too, so I should post it quickly before the challenge closes (or is it closed allready?).
This card was meant for the people who bought our appartment, but it took me a while to make it, and then it took me a while to get it ready to send, and now I think I won’t send it anymore – it’s 4 months after they bought the appartment.


I had bought several (Sizzx) dies on marktplaats (the Dutch ebay), and wanted to try them out. I used 4 different dies, the fence, the house, the background row of houses (an on the edge die), and a non-sizzix frame die (the gardensign).

I cut it mostly from (wooden) samples of flooring (laminaat) – you know, when you go to a store where they sell wooden floors they sometimes have paper samples of the floor. I still have enough of them,  I don’t use them often, but it’s a good alternative. It’s smooth paper, so difficult to stamp on. I should try using it with alcohol inks, haven’t thought of that before.


First, the background. You can see on the left a failed background, the colours didn’t blend nicely. Also visible are the diecuts of the fence and row of houses. I inked up the embossing folder, sprayed a bit with water then embossed it (running it sideways through the machine).

Oh right, I also used the Tim Holtz Rays embossing folders, you can see the yellow strips of it. It represents the light shining through the trees.

Behind our old house stood some trees, there was a playground but because of the trees it felt like a big garden.


The row of houses, trying it out against different backgrounds, combining papers. I used the brown paper as backframe – I should post the card I made with the left over bit soon. That was originally cream coloured paper, on which I used a TCW stencil of trees, vintage photo distress ink, copper perfect pearls mist and some more (forest moss distressink, gathered twigs).

I can’t rememer the (original colour of) the top paper, but the flowers are a Chocolate Baroque stamp.


Coffee and a wobbly cutting mat – I didn’t have a craft sheet then I think. Here you can see the wallpaper samples. A bit of interior decoration for my 2d paper house.


As you can see, I didn’t use the black row of houses, it was too dark. I used different wallpaper inside the house, and made steps going up to the house. I masked off the sides and used Mowed Lawn (ofcourse) for the lawn, masking off the pathway as well. That was later on coloured with.. ehm… another colour.

The fence was cut twice, the second cut mounted with foam onto the first, to add more depth. Oh and there is the sign – it’s made out of 2 parts, if you look at the lining of the wood you’ll see – the middle part is placed on top.

All in all it does look like the area where we lived (and also it doesn’t, as it are all appartments and no frontyards).

It’s a large card, and I’ve grown to like it a lot. I somehow can’t seem to mix the bigger diecuts with stamping very well, or rather, I can’t seem to mix them at all. Either I have a minimum of diecuts, or a minimum of stamping. Oh well, another creative challenge for me :).

And just because I think the first picture is the prettiest one, I repeat it here.


Home sweet home

Playing with bister, it gives nice backgrounds but then what to do with it? Well, why not stamp over it and use the bister as colouring of the image.. And so I did. I stamped a fairy castle over it, the red representing the magic that flows from the building, or the pixie dust. It’s actually an underwater castle (Chocolate Baroque), so it could also be a mermaid hideout. Tiny mermaids then, as the castle is small.


After that I added more colour around the image, the green is added distress ink (ink on an acryllic block + waterbrush).


I then created the frame, it was on bright green cardstock. I stamped over the frame with several tree stamps / leaf stamps from Chocolate Baroque. I say frame because it is a frame but placed behind the center image. I cut out the inner part of the backing paper to save weight – 20g is reached quite fast.

I placed a stencil, a Crafter’s workshop one that has to do with underwater (forgot the name), and applied blue distress ink through the stencil. Next, I applied molding paste (moulding paste? I know one is unhealthy fungus and the other means shaping, but which one is which.. hmmm…). The paste absorbed some of the colour of the ink beneath it and got a nice blue colour. I cleaned the stencil and replaced it and added a bit of perfect pearls blue powder on it. (Gah me and names).

Daqadoodles141108za144026Last I glued the main image on the frame and added the glossy accents in a non straight and non-clean line all around the image/frame. It’s quite hard to try to make the line wiggle and look like applied with a shaking hand when you intend to do so.


It does have an underwater feel to it, doesn’t it? So my initial idea of a fairy home – well, it’s a waterfairy home now!

This is my entry for Melissa’s Vandicrafts Artistrsy Challenge #17 – Home Sweet Home.


Seapearls encrusted Tissuebox

I’ve got the perfect thing to do for a busy mom with young kids and no time – it will be a project made by you and your kids, and will look gorgeous.

Or at least you will think it is gorgoues, as you made it with your kids…



A while ago I showed pictures of a wooden tissuebox holder my kids had painted.

Here are the pictures again:

Just make sure you stop them at the right time, or they’ll mix all the paint into brown/grey. I used mostly kids paint, but gave my eldest a bit of good red acryllig paint, that’s what is (or rather, was) at the top. When I was away with the middle one (the girl with the yellow/green apron), I gave him a cloth to clean the table with. When I got back he was also cleaning the just painted box. I stopped him in time before he removed too much of the paint. It looked a bit less intense, but still ok.

Painting with the kids: Let the kids paint, have a few items to paint ready so you can take away the box when it’s done. Let them do their thing, don’t try to make it pretty at this point. You can help a bit ofcourse in spreading the paint out a bit more evenly, and giving them brushes for each colour. My eldest is 3 1/2, the other one wasn’t yet 2 in this picture. Don’t stress. Don’t try to make something yourself, only assist them.


If it’s possible, craft at a table near the sink or have a bucket of water with soap nearby, so the worst can be wiped off the hands and table when they’re done, and the brushes can be thrown in also (so they don’t pick it up and use it on something else when you are away a few steps getting a cloth…). Still, be prepared to have to clean a bit here and there (don’t forget the edge of the table or chair!). Sounds like lots of work, and sometimes it’s more stressful then other times, but it gets easier every time you do it, as the kids know what to expect, they get older, and you know what to expect, and get older. You learn what is a good time to do it, how to prepare, how long to leave them be, which items to have ready. So, they’re done and I distracted them with something else while I clean up.

It dried, and became a bit dull. That happens with kids paint.

This is as far as the kids got involved. I had intended it to be a gift for their grandma, but it looked a bit boring (sorry, kids). It missed something.

A while later. (weeks?)

Be home with the kids. Realize they’re playing nicely with eachother and are not requiring/asking/screaming for your attention at the moment.
Take the box outside, put down some old newspaper or old storage box, grab your can of clear spray coating (varnish, lak, lacquer,) and spray. I didn’t bother about doing it very well, I did put a thick layer on it. I coated the box with clear gloss varnish spray – it makes the colours more intense again. As the wood was untreated, the varnish got absorbed quite well, even a second coat didn’t cover all, but that was ok. (Which reminds me, I should coat it a few more times now that it’s finished, to preserve it).
This takes about 5 minutes. Make sure they haven’t seen you do it, or see where you place the spray varnish, then go back inside. Leave the box in a safe place to dry.


Then I had some fun with the stamps from Design by Ryn. Tissues are ofcourse used for wiping liquids away, so why not use the waterstamps?

This can be done quick. Get Stazon out, stamps, acryllic block.
I stamped with black, turqoise and olive green (I think).
Go back to your kids now, they’re probably chasing eachother in a someone-is-bound-to-get-hurt-way by now. Or have noticed you stamping and want to stamp as well, in which case you still have to put away the stazon. (I don’t let them play with any other ink then the distress inks, not that those are made with children in mind, but I got most of them and they are waterbased).

Next stage:

I added highlights to the drops with a white gelpen but wiped over it slightly as they were very bright. I only added highlights in a few places. I used glossy accents on all waterdrops/droplets. Do this one side at a time, placing the side up. If you do the sides all at once, the glossy accents will run down over the stamp. I did use a lot, trying to create more dimension. Be generous in using it, no cheapskating here.


So that’s 5 sides, takes about 1 minute for each side. Perfect to do in between things, as it’s best to not start another side untill the previous has dried.


Next, or together with the glossy accents, add liquid pearls / perlen pens per side. Choose a variety of colours but not too much. I think I preferred the colour scheme where I only used a few colours, as with more colours the stamp gets lost. Start with 2 colours and let dry. Why? the liquid pearls is still liquid ofcourse when you apply it. If you put another pearl next to it, they will run into eachother. So don’t place pearls next to eachother, or at least, not too often. (I did sometimes as I was impatient).


To get the liquid pearls on all sides takes several days, depending on how often per day you can add pearls and how fast they dry.


And that’s it!


Except for another layer of varnish probably. I did spray it once more after having done half the top of the box, but then decided I wanted to decorate the sides as well and spraying wasn’t needed at that time. If you want to clean it with a damp cloth regularly, I’d say seal it with some varnish. Ofcourse, no spray varnish necessary, that’s just easiest.

Daqadoodles141109zo13051308As you can see, I added some colouring with the white gelpen, to make the stamp stand out more. I was not what I had in mind, it was too prominent, so didn’t repeat it on the other sides.

Ofcourse you could also add the lovely fishes, or the mermaids. Those would look great. Hmm and stencils? The fishscales stamps. Decoupage diecuts on it… oh but wait, not too much, it’s about showint your kids and your art together. So no fishes or other extra’s for me, it’s good as it is now.


Now I really like the box. Sorry, mom, I keep this one myself….

My heart belongs to you

The card I made for my partner, who had his birthday 13 days after our son was born. I loved making it, and like the card whic is a bit of a mixed media metal foil canvas card. I started making it the evening before his birthday, and finished in the afternoon of his birthday – he was working.


Let me show you the mess on my desk. Not unusual when I’m crafting, although lately it’s been less of a mess – less time, so using less different techniques. You can see the main part of the card is allready finished in this picture, and I’m working on a frame or background now.


I used some leftovers for this project, and also made some new embellishments.

Daqadoodles140715di232214The cogs, green/copper swirls were leftovers. Not sure if the heart and hinge were. The flower and keyhole are new. I used two embossing folders, first a metal plate one, polished lightly after embossing. Then a tools embossing folder, and polished after embossing too.


Making very shiny and glossy pieces – cut out the heart and emboss (or the other way around), ink up, then spray with perfect pearls mist copper, and add glossy accents.

The border with the hinges I thought of a bookcover or door, so had to make a door/cover frame ofcourse.


Lovely intense colours.


I replaced the stencil, dabbed embossing ink on it, and heat embossed it with copper embossing powder.Daqadoodles140715di235647

The idea was to have more blue shown through, but I had stamped the embossing ink too much. Loved how it turned out anyway!

I especially loved the left part, so I tore it off and cut it in two pieces, and glued those further apart on a bigger piece of cardstock. I added some more ink to the edge. The main part later on hides the cut.


Also quite new for me is playing with aluminium foil and alcohol inks (and add to that, embossing).  Ofcourse that wasn’t flawles, I found the aluminium foil still very shiny, it tore up a bit so you saw the card underneath, and I’m not good at using alcohol inks (yet). I bet having holes in the foil and using that foil adds an extra difficulty level to it ;).

Finished, hanging on a fence outside



And in the grass, where you can see how it shines.




Peacock thanks

A quick thank you on the back of a note for one of the ladies that took care of me and the new born babies the first week.


I’m no sure if it was really a quick card. It’s a simple one to make. The background is made with the ink to acryllic block technique, and the peacock is heatembossed and slightly coloured with distress ink.. a white and gold gelpen for the feathers & eye, some textured fragments stamps (Chocolate Baroque) for hte background and a peacock feather (same set as the peacock, also Chocolate Baroque) for the edges.Daqadoodles140713zo221931


The Little Prince Birth Theme – Part 2: Gardensign and gifts

My third child is about 4 months and a week old now, (oh how time flies!) and here’s the second update about the designs around his birth. Ofcourse, a picture heavy post.

Part one is mostly about the design of the card.

This one is about the birth announcement sign, which we had placed in our garden, and some gifts for the visitors. Which I ofcourse often forgot to give.

Now, a sign in the garden or on the window is quite common here, so people know a baby has been born. Many people choose a white stork as that bird delivers the baby. But there are no set rules.

I followed the theme I had chosen ofcourse, and made a little planet for my little prince.Daqadoodles8

It was the Wednesday 25th of June, 38 weeks pregnant. I thought it was about time I made the sign. I started by printing out (poster size) the above image, but decided I wanted a bigger prince (or smaller planet) – so I printed the prince and planet seperately. I used the same outline for the planed as I had used on the card.

Next, I taped the pieces of paper together and cut out the shape. I laid the paper over a triplex (or whatever it was) board, and traced the outline. Time for the jigsaw!

I knew the planet would fit from a whole sheet of triplex (let’s call it that), but I had plenty to cut the not-fitting bit from another piece of the sheet.Daqadoodles140625wo101934


Oh, grease on the lens!

Here the prince is cut out, and I am ready to assemble the planet. Don’t worry, I didn’t saw on that table, I used a proper (well, proper…) old foldable workbench for the sawing, and clamped the workpieces to it.

My neece would come to help paint (and for some diversion). Painting things white isn’t very exciting for an almost 11 year old, so I had primed it quickly so it would be dry in the afternoon.

It was quite a challenge to not make the colour evenly across the surface, but we managed.

Daqadoodles140625wo144403 Daqadoodles140625wo144357 Daqadoodles140625wo144345I nearly forgot that we made the prince too then, I did the green clothing and she did his hair. We had the pictures (and the real book) as inspiration.

Next day I added some more details:


Daqadoodles140626do235248   Daqadoodles140626do235302

I also made a wooden banner with the name on it, but ofcourse that was secret untill after he was born. I left space to add the date of birth, but we decided not to put that on, it was good as it was.

A Tim Holtz tattered banners die was my model for the shape of the banner, altering it to fit on the (remains of) sheet of triplex I had. I loved painting it, wanted to give it a pirate-like look. Old parchment, paper… I am happy with the results.

The font is also the IM fell font type (see part 1), enlarged ofcourse.

Daqadoodles140704vr17271518 Hours old. The baby, that is, not my partner or the sign.

About the gifts

It’s quite common here in the south part of the Netherlands to give sweets to the people who came visiting the new born baby (and it’s family ofcourse). Those sweets can be put into a remembrance token – a little knitted sock maybe, with a tag with the babies name.

Ofcourse, I didn’t follow those rules and didn’t use sweets (ok I kind of forgot about adding those, if I would have thought of it in time I would have added them, I’m sure).

While searching Etsy for things to do with the Little Prince I found lovely little charms. So I had to get them and make necklaces / jewelry out of them, and I would hand out those.






But ofcourse, I needed something to put the necklaces in and to add my son’s name. Altered matchboxes! (As seen on the internet).



Inspiration from the internet.

Then, choosing a layout. With or without border, with or without a planet etc.

Edited: The border is taken from a freebie (bird soup aged frame) from Trishia of French Kissed.

I painted the boxes 3 times. Gesso, yellow or bronze, then gold (2 different kinds of gold). I could have saved lots of time by tinting the gesso, but only thought of that after the first batch was done.

When the boxes were gold and shiny (the trays as well) I printed, cut and  glued the little bookcover on it, selaing it with some mod podge decoupage glue.

The result:


I didn’t put the necklaces in it, as I wanted people to be able to choose. So I took an old shoe-rack (from IKEA), drilled lots of screws in it then hung it on the wall and displayed the necklaces there.Daqadoodles140709wo195548


I made even more, the rack was full.


So, I think I made about 40 treasure boxes. And made lots of necklace strands – I didn’t finish them because I wanted to let people choose their own charms – and I handed out maybe 20. I often forgot to hand them out as well and as usual, I made way too much.

Anyone want one?

Birthdaycard for 11 yr old girl

A few posts ago I showed you some cards my neece made. Her birthday is the 2nd week of July (11 days after my 3rd child was born).

My card for her was inspired by her own style. Also, she got a kitten for her birthday. My sister never wanted a cat in the house because of the felting and the care for the cat, but now that my neeces older sister is away (she’s the one that had an accident), she ofcourse feels sad and lonely often. So they decided to give her one of the kittens of my other sister’s cat.

Daqadoodles140714ma161516She liked making the flowers, although she found it a lot of work, so I made her floweres too. The heart, letters, 2 types of leaves die cuts and cat are from my stash.

First I made the background.


choose some colours, start with the lightest ones and colour areas. I challenge myself to not make it symmetrical. Take darker colours and blend them over the lighter colour – I didn’t blend the darkest colours a lot with the lighter colours, I kept the “transition” area small.

Next I took my spray bottle – it’s a bottle which sprays quite large drops, which create this great effect. The drops the little misters (e.g. rangers) usually produce are too small for this effect. Perhaps dipping an old (tooth)brush in water and drag across a ruler might produce the same effect. So I spray once or twice, not too much: bigger drops means more water, means more possible damage to the paper. Usually right after spraying I dab the water off the card, by pressing a cloth against it. Don’t wipe!

Let it dry before putting it in an embossing folder. Too wet, and the paper will tear. A little moistness helps prevent cracks in the paper, but that is only a tiny itsy bit, usually if I try to moisten it to reduce cracking/tearing, it still tears but because the paper is weaker due to the moist then. So let it dry.


I had wante dto use this doily heart diecut as well. I had diecut it and coloured it. With an intricate die like this you’re not done in a few minutes – it needed to go through the cuttlebug several times before being cut well, then peel it off carefully, remove/cut away any parts that are still not completely loose, clean the die and colour the diecut carefully so ou don’t break it. You can see in the lower right corner a rays embossing folder, and below the paper the flower embossing folder. I had planned to use the rays embossing folder first, hence the rays on the background, but that folder is a bit smaller. So I decided on the flowers.

Daqadoodles140714ma144449The background is embossed. The little butterflies were made earlier, (see previous post, the summer card) and I was checking to see if they would fit here as well. I liked making the large butterflies: it’s a Design by Ryn stamp on the wings, embossed with gold.

The doily diecut is stored – I decided not to use it. Instead, I wanted to use the little floral diecut and make my own flowers.

For the paper flowers I took a strip of paper, coloured it roughly wit hdistress ink and stamped a lovely floral stamp on it – I think it came in a Chocolate Baroque Grab bag.


Every time I make paper flowers I make them out of coloured/stamped paper like this, and I always have to convince myself to really use the paper for diecutting – I love how it looks. Do I really want to cut this up? (This is also why I hardly use patterned paper – I’m afraid to put the scissors/knife in it, as then it’s cut and I can’t use it for something else anymore).

The final assembly:


Very pleased about this card too, very girly and suitable for a sweet, lovely 11 yr old.


Oh I nearly forgot this picture. Here’s what was lying behind me while crafting:

Daqadoodles140714ma144443So small there! Not that he’s huge now, but he is clearly bigger. Start trying to roll over and such. Time goes fast.

A collection of cards

Some cards I made since June, some were still not quite finished like the top one and bottom left. The buddha and right one are allready presented in another post.



Here are the two unfinised card finished. I used scraps for those cards, and tried some new/different colours, wanting a summer like rich feeling. Both cards are mediocre, colourcombination could be better / composition could be better. Let’s take a closer look at the cards.Daqadoodles140630ma160252

First, the cards with the Sizzix die cut flower. I first made the purple one, this one:


It was meant as a birthday card, and it’s not finished (not matted onto a card yet). It turned out a sad, melancholic card. (Perhaps because it was only 2 weeks since my neece had the accident, and this was a card for her aunt / my sister.) I wanted the card to give hope, comfort. Fresh rain, to make things grow, to wash away sorrow. But somehow I got a bit depressed, too much purple, and the raindrops were sad, not fresh.

So I started making another background for another flower card.


After having made it, I still got a melancholic feeling. So I started once more anew. I forgot to take a picture at home, but remembered to take one when I had given it to my sister. The picture is takein with a cellphone in the evening, so not the best quality. It happened that I chose the same colours as a bouqeut of flowers she had received!


Just a week or so before her birthday, her contract/job was terminated. While that wasn’t entirely a bad thing, it did make the future a bit more uncertain.


I liked how this card turned out. Blue is the colour of communication, and I used warm, bright and light(hearted) summer/spring colours.

I turned the other background into this:


I think I shouldn’t have added that frame, but it was a scrappiece and I wanted to use them, I decided on using that before I decided on stamping the fairy. It’s more of a spring card, I think it will look best with Spring light shining on it :)

2 more cards to go.

The next one is a card I wanted to give a very summer feeling too, so I used lots of intense bright colours. Halfway finished:


Finished, or almost completely finished. I think the blue butterfly was still unattached at this point, as I wasn’t sure about adding it.


Last, one of the best cards of this serie (next to the card for my sister):


The die I used in this and the previous card is very unused still, as I found it hard to use it. In this last card I like how it’s used. Apart from the text and the large background diecut, all pieces were from my leftover stash.


Forever Sisters

At the end of June one of my neeces, the younger sister of the one that had an accident earlier that month, came over to my house for some distraction. I was still within my pregnancy leave, so she came when my two other kids were at the daycare. We made cards, ofcourse.

She really inspired me. She was 10 then. (11 now).  I explaind how the Cuttlebug worked, showed her embossing folders and some dies I have. Put the distress inks and sponges on the table, showed her the binders with stamps and then she started.


Isn’t this gorgeous? I don’t think I have used that Eiffel tower myself yet.

Also the next one really inspired me, and showed me a card doesn’t need much to be wonderful. I loved how the sponging ended up, with lighter areas. I messed up with the flowerhearts though – she/we had made the pearls in them with paper pens, and then I put her card in an envelop and pressed it a bit too much while they were still wet… :(

I gave her some more cut flowers and leaves to take home to finish the card, as she had wanted to make more but assembling and gluing the flowers took some time.

Daqadoodles140625wo171737 Daqadoodles140625wo171756


A few days later I made this card for her sister (who was still in the PICU in the hospital).


As you can see, it was inspired on her younger sisters cards. (pictures taken with bad light late in the evening). I added the shiny swallow as she had seemed to react to some sparkly chain my sister was wearing – glinstering had caught her eye. It was/is a primitive reaction, so no conscious reaction, but enough for me to want to add something shiny/metallic on it. I had dug through my scraps for more to add, and had found an elephant I had allready for a while. It was stamped, coloured, decorated with paperpen, and cut out. Eventually I thought it didn’t fit. I send the card away. After that, my sister posted on facebook a picture of a T-shirt with an elephant on it, which was from her daugher. I think it was dressed on her bear, not sure, but my sister wrote to her daughter something like: “You’re as strong as the elephant on your T-shirt”

Coincidence or not? I felt it wasn’t. I had wanted to use that elephant, which was actually completely out of place – both theme and colourwise, still, I held it at the card, looking for a spot to put it. I really had wanted to use it. When my sister visited unexpected not long after, I gave her the little elephant.


I hoped then, and still do, that my neece is a little rebel, meaning she’ll recover a great deal so she can express her feelings, her emotions, needs and pains. So she can roll, sit, stand, walk all by herself. So my sister can once again hear her voice, so they can once again have conversations.

Ah the time is late, and the mood heavy. Time for bed to wake up fresh and with a lighthearted spirit :).

Stop wasting time – Life is now.

That is the line I wanted to use on my card. Or something along those lines: Wasted time – life is a present / life is present. Waste of time.

A while ago I ordered a grabbag of VivalasVegastamps along with a few I chose myself. In it were some stamps I’d never use as they don’t fit me, and I thought this one was one of them. I couldn’t for the life of me imagine a card with this stamp, as the image reminded me of a Beverly Hills “I’m important”- type person who doens’t have time for you, so why would I use it? I had negative feelings toward the image. That is why I thought along the lines of “wasted time”.

The image in question is that of the woman calling. It’s impersonal, as it’s not you she’s calling with. It’s like you are watching someone who is on the phone, and who is completely ignoring you. At least, that’s how I saw it.

But, what would I do with a card that was so negative? I’d certainly not send it to someone. That is the problem with several quotes I like as well, who do you send them to?

So I thought about a possible use for the image, as I had stamped it. It’s about connecting people. Maybe: Time for an update? But that is stupid, why send a card, suggesting the other person call you and give an update? Why not call myself? So it had to be: Time for an update! As a card instead of a call. The exclamation mark is a bit lost sadly. Alright, time to show the card.


I added the Dr. Who telephone boot as a bit of a joke. (ok, it’s mostly a regular telephone boot, but that’s not what I thought when I saw the stamp image) (this was one of the stamps I selected from VivalasVegaStamps). The phone booth is stamped with Versafine grey, the main image and text with Stazon Jet Black (it’s faded a bit, eventhough I reinked it) I didn’t want to glue the image down onto a plain white card, and didn’t want to layer it. So I added a pattern to the card, and to give it more of a friendly and talk-between-friends feeling I added the teacup from the Pixie Glade stamp set from Prima marketing with Stazon Jet Black. Oh, and the shading is done with a distress marker onto an acryllic block and applied with a waterbrush, inking the edge is done with the marker directly and then quickly go over it with a waterbrush (dipped in a bit of black sooth distress ink fro mthe block).


This is my second entry for the Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge #14, Black and white.

Oh I did start making black and white christmas cards, but they’re not finished yet and won’t be finished on time. So I sort of stuck to my intention to make each card a christmas card.

And now, for my own pleasure, a picture of one of my best creations ever.


an And here is another adorable picture of an adorable boy. He’s mine, so ofcourse I find him very very cute, pretty, sweet and perfect. I’m not much of a babyperson unless they’re mine, so no harm done if you don’t think he’s adorable. (Though don’t tell me please :P).