A bundle of innocence – Our third child is born!

Well he wasn’t born just now or yesterday, but almost exactly 2 weeks ago. (As I’m typing this, it’s 22:31, and he was born 2 weeks ago on the 3rd of july at 22:47).


He got a bit of a classic name – Lodewijk. It means: warrior/fighter for loot. The two other names he got mean: strength of a lion and protector of mankind. Lodewijk is the dutch version for Louis, or Aloysius, althouht those two names are/were quite common in (the south) of the Netherlands too, as there is / was lots of French influence here.

We are all doing fine, and enjoying him a lot. He’s very sweet. Then again, babies cry most when they are 6 to 8 weeks old.

Only a short post, was a busy day today! More about the birthannouncement card and how I made it later!

Here is a picture of his very proud brother, holding him for the first time the next morning, Lodewijk is about 12 hrs old here.  (Lodewijk, just as his brother and sister, was born at home) :


His sister was frowning a bit at him, but she soon decided he was interesting and fun. He too has eyes, and ears, and a nose, and hair:


And last, an “action” family picture, Lodewijk was about 18 hrs old here:


Steampunky Einstein, some tags, an exotic mermaid, minecraft creepers and birthcards.

I made this card for a challenge, but I forgot that I had to include certain stamps /materials sold in that shop, so my card wasn’t suitable. Still a nice card, where I experimented again with aluminium foil. ( I seem not to really get past the experimenting fase with it, I still haven’t really got a clue how to best use it).


Made in september 2013


Used up some stash here as well. Gear dies, Nellie Snellen multiframe die, a Joy! craft or marianne design die, 2 sizzix embossing folderss, maybe some tissue paper (beneath the lightbulb), the lightbulb stamp is from de stempelwinkel if I’m correct, and distress ink, ranger copper spray (can’t be bothered to look up the correct name now, but I love that one!) coper acryllic paint and/or copper crackling paint (I love copper – can you tell?)


Designs by Ryn and Chocolate Baroque, my two favourite brands of stamps, and they go well together. I wanted to try out some very vibrant colors together. A mermaid lives in the ocean, and in the ocean fish can be found in lots of different beautiful colors, so why not a mermaid? I love how this turned out. But as you can see, it’s not a card, it’s only a frame. I think it still is, I still need to finish it. Or just mat it onto cardstock, and leave it as is? Maybe add a sentiment?


Tags made using the patio stone stamp from Designs by Ryn and the Three Leaves set- stamps, paper pen and a clear stamp sentiment


Creepers from Minecraft

I intended to make a series of Minecraft themed Christmas cards, and made stencils to get different colours of the creeper. I could have done this better – if I had taken the time to cut out the stencils out of self adhesive plastic (the kind you put on the window) or even proper stencilling sheets it would have worked better. This was about the last project I made – since jan.6th I had not made cards or sent cards, except for maybe 1 or 2. In 2013 I was very good at sending cards – first half of 2014 I was terrible, but I was so tired. (pregnancy and perparing a move, selling an appartment and renovating both places).


 Back from crafting break – first steps again

These were about the first cards I made again after my crafting break, birth cards for twin boys. I wasn’t entirely happy with the result, but it was a start in crafting again. I had tried to keep them in the same style as the birth announcement card I had received, but I had no stamps in that style, so I just picked some elements from the card – blue and cloudy. Also, as it were boys I wanted to use my robot emobssing folder finally, and wanted to make 2 seperate cards for them.

Daqadoodles14_04_30_20512 Daqadoodles14_04_30_20523 Daqadoodles14_04_30_20511

(This was a scheduled post)

On to happier topics – a colorful card

While the situation in the previous post continues and hopefully will only get better, the crafting fever has struck me again.

Maybe it’s because a few weeks ago I finally got inspiration for the birth announcement card, and making that sparkled my creative mind. Or maybe because it’s a way for me to relax. Anyway, before I can post you my recent makes I still have a backlog of cards to show you.  The birth announcement card will be posted after the baby is born, ofcourse.


The first card I’d like to show you is one I really loved, such vibrant colours! Made around august last year, and used as a “sorry!” card – I had forgotten my aunts big birthday party – I felt so bad that I had totally forgotten about it!

I can’t remember exactly how I made it – was it distressink + water on an acryllic block, then pressed onto the paper or was it also chunks of salt onto the card? I think I did put salt on the card.Then I clear embossed the flower edge on the bottom of the main frame, and used caran ‘d arche crayons to colour it in and make the contrast a bit better – it wasn’t very visible with the light purple. The swirls stamps is from Designs by Ryn, and also colored with the caran d’ache water soluble crayons. The flowerborder, central flower stamp and flower on the bottom strip are from Chocolate Baroque. The central flower is again colourd with the crayons. Then I added some gold tinsel embossing and white and black highlights and the sentiment with a clear stamp alphabet sheet (can’t remember the name).

Daqadoodles13_09_25_00185 Daqadoodles13_09_25_00176

Matting the card and adding that glittery ribbon finished the card. I even made a sort of matchin envelope, with a stamp from chocolate baroque which I inked up with tattered rose and/or old paper distress ink, then sprayed some water over it very lightly and stamped it. I wanted a watery, faded look, with low contrast to the background.



Daqadoodles13_09_25_001510Although not perfect ( I did make some mistakes here and there), I really like this card, love the colours.


On the brink of life and death – let’s hope life wins twice.

New lives – in more ways then one.

Here I am, one week before my third baby is due.  It’s been – and still are – times of extremes. I’m about to give life to a baby boy, while my 12 year old niece is fighting for her life in the hospital. She had an accident on the 6th of june and has been in the IC ever  since, her life hanging by a thread. And if she survives, what life will she be able to lead? I don’t want to say more in public about this than her mother (my oldest sister), so I won’t go into details about it. For all of us, a new life has started allready – no matter how you look at it. Let’s hope it will be a happy new life for all of us.

It’s understandably a difficult time for my family – my niece in the hospital, and my baby is due any moment. I am sure he will bring comfort, joy and strength to all of us, and I so wish that I can show him to Meg, and they can start their new life together. They will have a bond forever, at least to me they will. Is he with her now, in the twillight of life, while they both aren’t with us yet? Is he comforting her, wherever their spirits are now? I hope so.

I was raised catholic, but I do not think that is the path for me. I believe in “cosmos” – a greater thing in life – which is not necessarily God. God is just one of the faces of it. Call me an atheist, a pagan, treehugger – I don’t mind. As such, I do not really believe in praying to God, as in, asking Him for a miracle. I do believe in praying and using a focus point to send positive energy too. For some, the focus point is God, and that way, the positive energy is focused and sent into the universe. Faith can move mountains. I might have mentioned it before: the snowball effect.

The snowball effect of positiviness

Imagine you go out in the morning, walking to your car / work /  busstop / trainstation. You pass a stranger on the street, who looks rather grumpy. Maybe you are grumpy too as it’s early. Easiest is to just ignore eachother and go on your way. But what if you look him/her in the eye, really see this person, this being, and say “goodmorning” with a smile? Smiling eventually makes you feel better. (I know from working as a waitress – sometimes I didn’t feel like being cheerful, but ofcourse I was friendly and smiling at people, and not soon after I would be genuinely smiling, I’d feel better and be cheerful. I know this doesn’t always work, but might work for normal grumpiness). So that is the effect on yourself.

Acknowledge existence

Now the effect on the stranger. Maybe he/she felt very lonely, unimportant, had a bad start of the day or something sad has happened. Maybe your smile and greet can bring a smile on his/her face. Maybe he’ll feel noticed, and feel seen. Nothing is worse then being ignored – it’s like your existence, your very being, is denied. That is why I never ignore a begger, homeless person, or people you feel uncomfortable around: being ignored is very painful. It is hard sometimes to look someone in the eye, greet, and move on, (without giving money, or buying the homelss newspaper) – but I force myself to do it. The least I can do is give them a smile and a greeting – acknowledge their existence.

Appreciate existence

Now, not only acknowledge their existence, but somehow, in truely seeing or looking at a person, you can make a person feel valued, be appreciated and worthy of existence. So, that stranger. Maybe he’ll feel a bit better. Maybe he’ll greet the next person he meets in turn: it could be the busdriver who is looked in the eye and greeted, maybe even smiled at. By smiling from the heart, you make a person feel welcome, feel appreciated. A person feels better about him/herself, and feel better about life, and want to do better in life – make other people feel that way too.
It might not work for everyone, but I’ve experienced this the first time in high school – I wasn’t one of the popular girls, more a quiet and shy girl who felt like not fitting in. One of the more popular boys one day asked me a question about something in the lunch break (no idea what the question was) – but he made me not only feel like I existed – he made me feel like I was appreciated.  He looked me in the eye, and treated me with respect, with value. He saw me. It’s not like he was hitting on me or absently asked a question – he was calm and focused. I was impressed by it – I never thought he’d speak to me, or at least not as sincere as he did then. I felt respected, worthy of existence, so to say. It’s not like this happened all the time he spoke to people, but just that one time made a huge impression on me. I wanted to be like this too: to be able to really see a person and make this person feel valued, feel acknowledged, appreciated just and accepted just the way this person is inside, not just how others categorize this person.

Maybe that busdriver smiles more at the people coming into the bus, greeting them more cheerfully. And maybe those people are a bit more positive.

All these little bits of positiviness give off a vibe – have you experienced the feeling of solidarity after a country has won an important soccer game? The positive vibe in a meeting room, the energy, when everyone is excited to get started on the new project, to do his best and to give his all? This positive vibe, positive energy can have huge effects could have been started by a single smile in the morning.

Healing thoughts

So I believe in positiviness, in healing thoughts. Ofcourse, I too am not always the sunshine in the house, I have plenty of grumpy and negative moments, but I try. I keep thinking of posibillities, for Meg, rather then impossibilities. I keep thinking of rehabilitation, recovery for Meg, instead of the long way it will be and the limits she might have.

Normal life continues – normal activities take place, we still laugh at jokes, have fun with our kids and cherish moments together. It is needed, for Meg.

We too burn a candle for Meg (albeit one on batteries, I don’t dare leave a burning candle out with young kids around, not even if I’d put it high up).

We too “pray” for a good recovery and send healing thoughts her way.

Will you think of her too, even though you don’t know her? Send some loving thoughts her way, send her strength, send her comforting thoughts and feelings of safety.

Miracles happen – let Meg’s recovery be one.


Card display

Daqadoodles13_09_12_180112 Daqadoodles13_09_12_225418

A while ago I made a card display rack, meant for projects in progress. Or rather, cards that I still needed to finish, but when they were stacked away they didn’t get finished. I haven’t put the display rack back up after the move, but it didn’t really work in the way I hoped it would, it didn’t make me finish the cards faster :P.

Making the rack was fun though. It is made from a wooden childsafety fence for the bottom or top of stairs.

Moved, but still here!

Still here, but not really crafting, because of the following reasons:

- I moved house;

- I am still pregnant (7 months now) and it limits me (less sleep or no sleep, no heavy lifting due to pelvisissues etc;

- It took a while for craftsupplies to be stored properly;

- It takes a while for a new routine to settle in;

- There are still boxes to unpack and furniture to assemble;

- I’m having some pelvis issues due to

- in the process of selling the old appartment

- tired from all of the above.


But the crafting vibe is coming back, especially after having fired up my pc finally and having read a few rss feeds.  (unfortunately, can’t read all 1000+ missed blogpost)

Here is another card of mine which I made a while back, I think I made it for my grandmother, so should be around October.

I used a wallpaper sample, stamp from Chocolate Baroque, Caran D´ache Neon Colors, distress ink, gold embossing powder, embossing folder, clearstamp with sentiment, the dege is a celtic frame cheery lynn die if I recall correctly.




AWOL – where have I been?

(Scroll down to see a gallery of about 30 previously unposted cards!)

Well, I’ve been busy again, with lots except cardmaking.

I sent half my relatives&friends christmascards after 4th of January (maybe a handfull got them in time as I brought those with me, but hadn’t finished the rest yet). The other half of the relatives&friends didn’t get a card. Who did or did not get a card was kind of random, I had printed out the adresses on stickers, and just took a card, scanned the list to see who would match with the card, of the other way around.

Before that I was busy with christmas, buying a house, renovating our appartment to put it up for sale, and being pregnant again. I still am, don’t worry, but the most tiring weeks are over, I don’t crash in bed at 20:30hrs anymore. The appartment isn’t up for sale yet, there are still a few renovation works to be done and to be honest, I want to move out before we put it up for sale, as I just don’t want the stress of getting the house in a showroom kind of state, with all sorts of stuff tucked away (where??) and the kids toys not all over the place, and everything clean and spotless. Not to mention, taking the bigger stuff out of the house (oh and the kids) when there would be visitors, things like the stroller(s). So, we’ve also been planning the moving, and some renovations / freshening up in the new house. It doesn’t look like crafting time anytime soon, my crafting stuff is too efficiently tucked away to take it out. (Well, I can get to it, it’s not in boxes, but it’s spread in 3 cupboard which are not near eachother. And as it takes up quite some time, I rather not start crafting untill after I’ve moved.)

I still had lots of unposted cards, so I’ll show you now in almost random order.

Most used stamps: Chocolate Baroque and Design by Ryn.

Most used materials: Distress ink and Caran D’ache (or was it arche?) Neon colors.

Most used technique: stamping (duh), masking, sponging. Some dry and heat embossing as well, and some dies are used.

You’ll see all pictures in the slideshow gallery first, beneath that is the thumbnail gallery. Most cards deserve a bit more spotlight though, as ofcourse details get lost on thumbnail size images :P. Maybe I”ll show them full size in a post another time.

Want to know more details about used materials or how I did it? Just ask, I am be happy to answer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A T on both sides.

Indeed, just a “T”. That’s what I made a few years ago when I started decoupage.

I was curious how wrapping paper would look, but didn’t have anything at hand to decoupate, so I made a letter (T, the first letter of the name of my son) with some scrap cardbox, and then glued normal copy paper around it. I forgot why I did that. Maybe so I would have white as background colour? Or maybe the ribs of the cardbox were too visible? No idea. As I really thought it was just going to end up on the trashpile, I didn’t make it completely straight.

Obviously, it didn’t end up on the trashpile, it’s been hanging on the wall.

One side is decoupaged with pieces of ikea christmas wrapping paper (or was it Hema or V&D? I do remember I didn’t think it was very Christmas- like, but didn’t see anything else in the shop).

The other side also has that paper, but it also has IKEA napkins (the bird napkins) worked into them.

The pieces of paper do wrinkle a bit, but I didn’t mind for this project, and I don’t think I tried getting them on without wrinkles.

Anyway, here are pictures:

Daqadoodles13_12_11_17236 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17245 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17244 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17243 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17252 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17251

Indian Fairytale




A very short post, for a simple card made back in july. The image is from French Kissed Postcards, printed and cut out with shape scissors. The flower stamp is, if I recall correctly, 3D Amelie, and the leaves are from a Marianne Design die. The background is a wallpaper sample which is slightly inked in places. It’s not very visible on the picture, but the sentimentpaper is curled a bit like an old parchment paper. It’s my own handwriting, and as you can see, I don’t have a very steady hand, haha, but at least it definetely shows the receiver I made it myself.

A crane for happiness

I just noticed this post in my drafts folder. My brother in law’s birthday was in June, so it’s another “old” card, and even an old post too!

(edit: The post date was set on august, that is probably when I wrote the post, I was allready wondering why it didn’t show up! I adjusted the published date now so it should show where I expect it! )


This was a birthdaycard for my brother in law.  I didn’t want to make the typical men card: brown, dark colours, cars or steampunk. His wife is Kim from Viltalakim, so he’s used to lots of flowers and colours in his house, so I made him this. Daqadoodles13_07_05_220518

Products used

  • Stamp: Sentiment “Gefeliciteerd” – from a stampset from Kruidvat
  • Stamp: “Zonnestralen groot B721″ from Stampinback on the background, clear embossed
  • Stamp: “Cogs PMA 907142″ Prima Marketing
  • Stamp: “Origami Crane CM-04” from Designs by Ryn

The background was made with distress inks. The cogs are roughly coloured wiht pencil, and I added a feew accents with paper pens.