Starting with Stamping?

If you want to start out with stamping it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything there is. There are also lots of lists about the bare necessities when it comes to stamping. I’ll give you mine. But – decide for yourself if you want the brand stuff or want to try out with some cheaper stuff or things you allready own. Be creative! There are a few execptions though – ink, embossingpowder and chalk: cheap stuff shows and is not comparable to the “brand” stuff.

Basic needs:

  • stamps
  • ink
  • paper
  • (yes, it’s that simple.)

To be a bit more specific:

  • clear stamps + acryllic block that is large enough to fit the individual stamps. (also not too large!)
  • ink: depends on how and if you want to colour your stamped image. My preference is water soluble ink to colour with, waterproof ink to stamp with.
    • (Ranger distress ink is watercolour ink, Stazon is waterproof ink also suitable for glossy surfaces but not adviced for clearstamps. For clearstamps, versafine or maybe archival ink). (Ofcourse you could also stamp with the water soluble ink and colour with pencils.)
  • paper: try out different sorts of paper. There is special stamping paper but it’s more expensive. My advice for Dutch people: Get the correspondence cards from the HEMA and the unicolour karton. The cardboard is for the back of the card (although it’s a shame it’s not in white – that is my preference, but at least this is not expensive AND firm). Tip: Trim the correspondence cards before stamping to a slightly smaller size. This way, when you stick it to the folded bit of the card, there will be a margin around the correspondence card where the back card shows. It’s like framing the card.

So this is the bare basic list. But ofcourse there are lots of other nice things… I’ll show you my basic workdesk.


My workspace with a few basic items. First, you’ll need stamps. (Or do you? You could also make your own from potatoes, and use paint to stamp, or use other objects).

From left to right bottom row: clear stamp on acryllic block, foam (EZ-mount) mounted grey rubber stamp, foam mounted red rubber stamp, wood mounted red rubber stamp, pink rubber unmounted stamp, stampsheet, backside of an ez-mount mounted stamp.

These are clear stamps from HEMA. (A warehouse in the Netherlands). Clearstamps are easy for beginners as you can see where your stamp will be placed. The quality of clearstamp also ranges widely. Clearstamps generally are less detailed (less fine lines) then rubber stamps. In this package there is also an acryllic block included. The clear stamps will stick to that, and that is the way you stamp. The inkpads that are next to the stamps are cheap ones, I don’t use them anymore.

A side view of the foam mounted stamp. Foam mounted stamps save space and you can see the outline of the stamp. The colour of the rubber doesn’t indicate anything about the quality.

The EZ Mount foam is sold in sheets, you stick the rubber on it and cut it out (it is easiest with a special sharp and short scissors which are not visible in these pictures). Normal sciccors will do too but they cut less precise.

Next up is ink and the applicators.

Left is the distress ink – it comes in two sizes. The smaller ones are empty sooner (my big ones last LONG). Small is easy for travel and eh… well there’s fans of the small ones. They know more benefits. It’s just preference I guess, and I prefer the big ones. The distress ink isn’t so much ink to stamp with – it is more of a colouring medium to use for creating backgrounds or colouring images. For backgrounds, you need an applicator: You’ve got the ones with the handles and klitteband foam pads on them, but I prefer the make up wedges on the right. The triangular one is from the hema, and I prefer the rounded one which I haven’t found an equal of in The Netherlands. (Got mine from chocolate baroque in the UK.) The well known brand Ranger was about the first to come up with the applicators with handles but are a bit expensive. Now there are also cheaper tools that look the same.

Next is Versafine – it’s an oily ink and dries slower. Good for detailed stamping or usage with clearstamps. My experience with watercolouring over them is not great – the water does affect the ink. (Maybe doesn’t do that with other paper though). Because the ink dries slower it can be used for embossing powder as well (more on that later).

StazOn – stays on! It stamps on almost any surface. Does have a distinct smell and is not advised for clear stamps as the chemicals in the ink could damage the clear stamps in the long term. (Ofcourse I used Stazon on my clearstamp and haven’t noticed any deterioration of the stamps yet). (Oh ofcourse it will discolour the clear stamp! sometimes [often] even so much that you can’t see through anymore.)

A stazon all purpose stamp cleaner solution can be usefull if you want to use more colours of Stazon.  Distress ink can be washed off easily with water/ soapy water (use mild products).


Must have for finishing touches:

  • A white gelpen or sharpie (try out several, I still haven’t found my champion yet) (for highlights, adds dimension)
  • Waterbrush (although a dry brush and water will do too but this makes it sooo much easier to “watercolour”.)
  • Black waterproof fineliner (for definition, adds dimension to images)
  • A spray bottle. The regular spray bottles spray quite neatly with fine drops. For the aged and distressed effect you’d need a more coarse sprayer like the ranger spray bottle on the right.


Glue and double sided gluetape. I actually don’t use this all purpose glue anymore, I use the white glue now: Aleene’s tacky Glue. Glues very well! I don’t reccommend sticks – they dry up brittle and the paper can seperate more easily therefore. For matting (layering) the card I prefer the tape. For sticking on diecuts I use glue or foam dots (not on the picture but easily available at e.g. Action)


Cutting tools:

  • A cutting machine makes life so much easier (as opposed to a ruler and cutting knife).
  • Paper scissors – I’ve got two types, one is too small (short blades) to my liking. The one on the picture is my favourite for delicate cutting.

A cutting mat, knife and ruler are still very usefull but I don’t use those a lot anymore for cardmaking.


I mentioned embossing powder before. This is not mandatory when you start stamping, it’s like the next step or addon.

Embossing ( making a depression in something) can be done cold and hot. Cold embossing is when you use embossing folders or the old-fashioned way and embossing mat and embossing pen. The paper is pressed (with the tool or a machine) into another shape.

Hot embossing doesn’t actually do anything to the paper – it merely adds plastic to it.I’ll explain.

Stamp with versamark (watermark stamp pad, it is a juicy slightly sticky pad. It is ment to leave a watermark or a thin layer to which other mediums can easily attach: powder. (Pan pastels (which are chalk powders, like eyeshadow) and embossing powder). Embossing powder is actually plastic powder which you pour over the stamped image (stamped with versamark). Shake off the excess (back in the jar) and melt the powder using a heat gun. Or melt it above your stove (though you have to be really careful when doing this). Also on the pictures is an anti-static dust bag (baby powder would do) which reduces the amount of embossing powder that sticks to unstamped parts of the paper .


Last: storage.

Ofcourse you don’t need to really think of this right away, but a good storage protects your stamp but also is easily accesible. I could spend a whole post about storage so not going to do that now. Also on the picture is an old cloth, stamp positioning tool and distress markers. Many people use baby wipes (without alcohol. Or lotion, I forgot, as I don’t use them). I’m quite environmentally aware so do not like to use up that many bleached disposable products. So also no kitchen towels for me – I just use old rages. Works fine, you can just wash them. Discoloration of that cloth (due to ink that doesn’t come off) doesn’t reduce it’s usefullness.

I almost forgot one of my best “friends”: the craft sheet! It’s basically a reusable baking (teflon) sheet in brown rather then black, so you can see the colours off it. Most stuff doesn’t stick to it. There are several brands, I prefer the one with a sticky bottom from Flexicover so it doesn’t move.

Flexicover craft sheet large.

Ofcourse you can also start with a non-stick cheaper craft sheet like ones found on


So my basic list with things that make it easier and finishing touches:

  • Stamps (clear stamps + acryllic block, wood mounted stamps, unmounted foam stamps + EZ mount / mounting foam + acryllic block)
  • Distress ink and Stazon
    • Versafine and Archival up next
  • Hema correspondence cards
  • A white gelpen or sharpie
  • Waterbrush
  • Black waterproof fineliner
  • A spray bottle
  • Tacky (white) glue,
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • A cutting machine
  • Paper sciccors
  • old cloth/towel
  • craft sheet

WOYWW #x – Workspace then and Now.

It’s been a while since I participated in WOYWW, and I am not doing so now as this post has been ready for a while but somehow I don’t manage to post it on Wednesdays. Didn’t participated for the most common reason: major lack of time to be online. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to visit people, so I didn’t participate. I still don’t have much time, but I’d like to show the changes made to my workspace.


An open cupboard, (actually an IKEA PAX cupboard, 58 cm deep, 100cm wide, 236 cm high) with a curtain (from the childrens room from the previous appartment) in front of it. Lots of storage space, but not it didn’t turn out very convenient as I had to keep moving stuff to get to the stuff in the back.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

Turning around, you can see the table, and 3 chests of drawers. Or actually, you can only see one. Two are stacked, and the other one is next to them, below the shoebox decorated with white-rosed paper.


Here you can see the two stacked ones.

Wednesday 00:40

Wednesday 00:40


(Or rather, end of february 2015). I got another pax, the less deep one (35 cm, still 100cm wide and 238 cm tall) and added doors. Our current bedroom is differently shaped and a bit smaller then the previous one (moved april 2014), so we got sliding doors instead of these hinged doors. At first, I didn’t think they’d fit well in our living room. But now I think they do, it looks way better then the curtain, it looks less cluttered as the floor and cupboardoors match quite well. Also, as you can see, the tower of drawers is now next tot the cupboard.


Which makes it possible for the tabl e to be extended more, and which makes it look more calm in that corner. (just hink away the mess on the table).Daqadoodles150228za001041005


Then onto some (I think clever) storage system. You know how supermarkets sometimes have special offers where you can save stuff? This sheet of metal is from Jan Linders, you could save grocery magnets so the kids could make a grocery list with images. The backside is covered with chalkboard paint.

With double sided tape I stuck it to the door and added some of the sizzix movers and shapers dies to it. This way I can SEE them, and therefore hopefully use them more. I added some tape at the height of the shelve, as I shouldn’t put dies there – they’d hit the shelve if I do. I did add a little helper thingy there, that small square isn’t a die but is meant to be able to lift paper out of sizzix bigz frame dies more easily.


Note that purple thingy on the cupboard door? It´s a Grippy. It´s meant to keep your cellphone from sliding all over the dashboard of your car. It´s made of the same material as the old slimy hands which you could throw against a wall and then it would walk-climb down. We liked it so we bought a few to give a way as gifts to other nerdy friends, but we forgot about them. Later when I found them I thought I might be able to use them. Now I use them indeed… Put it on an acryllic block, put your unmounted stamp or mounted-but-not-sticking-stamp on it, and voila! Same effect as the tack’npeel, only now both sides are tacky instead just one, and you don’t attach it permanently to your acryllic block. Reason I used this is that I didn’t have a large enough size of tack ‘n peel on an acryllic block, and you attach the tnp permanet to a block. I don’t have multiple same sized big acryllic blocks so I didn’t want it permanently attached.


On the other side I stuck two A4 magnetic sheets. I didn’t have any more at the time, meanwhile I have added two more to have a bit more space for my dies. Many dies are on there, some that aren’t are nesting dies, I still prefer those in the metal tin (that used to hold pencils) which I lined with magnetic sheets as well. Now it is very easy to see my dies and pick one. I haven’t noticed I used them more often by the way. I love dies, I keep buying some occasionally, but I don’t use them a lot anymore, I often find it hard to combine them with stamping.

Daqadoodles150228za001440007The bottom shelve is still unsorted, I just stuffed all (or most) remaining paper there. On the next shelve are my binders with stamps, stencils, inventory list, spare mounting foam and a few stuff-tainers.

The third shelve: on the left part in the back are A4 papers/cardboard in my self made magazine files (made from cat litter boxes). I hardly use those papers. In front some tins with brushes and the plain tape. In the tin with the apple on it (stroopblikje) are brushes which my kids are allowed to use. Next to it, HEMA correspondentie kaartjes which I bought recently, I quite like them. In the brown box is A5 cardboard in several colours or designs. Don’t use those often either. Sometimes as backing card. In the blue plastic bin are the larger sizzix dies, many of them second hand. On top of it, you can see the pencil tin which hold some nesting dies, and on top of that a lightly decorated shoebox with unfinished cards inside. I have a new stack to add to it.

4th shelve, more little and big shoeboxes. Above it a shelve with A3 sixed paper and other bits that don’t fit on another shelve.

6th shelve, (6th if the bottom is a shelve too, that is): lots of small shoeboxes. My sponges are on there, distress markers, a very nice wooden alfphabet stamp set.

Shelve above that contains stuff. (Mostly used item from this shelve: the glues that are on the front. The other boxes are much less used).

Top shelve: acryllic paint, finger paint, childrens paint and finished cards. Stored out of reach of enthousiastic childrens hands. Ofcourse, the paint should be in the plastic bin with the yellow lid behind it, but you know how it goes… you grab some paint out, put the bin back, use the paint, clean up everything and quickly store the paint somewhere near the place it should be stored.

Nowadays I don’t buy those large containers of paint anymore – it’s good for large projects but I hardly have those. Now it’s just the ranger paint dabber/do crafts/alleene’s/hema small sized acryllic paint containers. Those fit into the drawers on the right.

The pictures were taken a few weeks ago, currently working on a different project.

Oh I made one more change to the workarea, this was before Easter to be able to hang up some cholates. Let me make a picture, brb!


…… sorry it took a bit longer, ofcourse cleaned the table empty (still was stuff on it) and removed the chair with all the clothes.

Bundis upcycled – I’ve always wanted a decorating thing ( those circles which hang above a table and you can decorate?) but not enought to actually buy one. We didn’t have space to hang it anyway. But I wanted to hang up chocolate easter eggs! So I made this, and hung the eggs beneath and had put young plants/seedlings on top.


The eggs are ofcourse eaten, the seedlings gone outside, and the space reclamed for my glass jars.

Beneath it now are 3 hearts – the smalles one is from Freya, she got it from one of my sisters on her birthday. The other two was a gift for me, they were plain white and for me to decorate. I’ve decorated one with alcohol ink, then put a varnish on top and then stmaped the drops. Problem is I stamped with Versafine rather then Stazon, and oily ink on varnish is not a good idea, doesn’t really adhere/dry. Still have to do the edges and the other side. Oh, and the other heart as well ;)/



The kids aren’t allowed on the table and know glass can break. They’ve left it alone so far, only time when they wanted to get something is the hearts or the mini chest. The hearts can be seen in the bottom of the closet – still brown/not painted. Here, my kids have painted them. For Denise Silva from I’ve put the tissue boxes on the table.  Oh and I altered/repaird my Ikea lampshade a bit more. See here for the first part – now I have repaired the two holes on the edges. Didn’t have that decoupage paper anymore so made my own using plain white tissuepaper and some distress colours.



Ryn from Designs by Ryn asked how people store their stamps. While I was making a picture of it, I thought, why not present my entire storage system. Not all of it is perfect or works well, but it is what I have / use at the moment. I’ll share pictures and pro’s and cons of it.

Unmounted stamps on cling foam

Most of my stamps are mounted on cling foam. It saves space and I like working with acryllic blocks, it allows me to determine the position of the image better due to the outline of the stamp. I can easily place the stamp straight on the block and then line up the block with the edge of the paper.

I store the stamps laminated sheets which I put in binders:

  • bought sheets with 4 holes in them (at Chocolate Baroque);
  • bought sheets with 3 holes in them.
  • Self laminated sheets with self punched holes.
  • In binders per manufacturer: Easy to flip through for inspiration or to get a certain brand out for challenges. Just pick your ordner of brand (and style) of choice, put it on the table and start.


    I started using an acryllic sheet to protect my stamps when opening the folder, also I put those in between when I am using the laminated sheet on 2 sides, so the stamps don’t press into eachother.

  • bought sheets with 4 holes in them (at Chocolate Baroque);
    • + : fits in to regular binders with the 2 pins.
    • – : in the 2 pin binders the holes are more strained, so they wear out sooner.

Celtic symbols from Designs by Ryn. (Ok it’s actually called wintersheet I think, but I prefer a seasonless name :P)


  • bought sheets with 3 holes in them.
    • + : 3 pin binders are less common in my house (never looked for them in stores, usually there’s the 2 pins there I think), but I have one or two binders who have 3 pins. They fit well in there.
    • + : The force on the sheets is more divided between the holes, the sheet has less room to wiggle around so the holes will tear less easily.

You could also use custom made backgrounds, here I only spritzed with orange inkwater. Beneath the samp you can see the sheet/image of the stamp, so I have all the information ready. You could laminate the original paper, but I scanned it and printed it out, as I use the originals in another binder, my index binder. Ofcourse, you can also just stamp the image and write the details of it by hand, but now I’ve got the logo of the designer (Designs by Ryn) on it as well.


Here I mainly gave the sheet a title (Deep Red), and stampd all images on the paper, wrote the stampsname and number beneath it and laminated it. I only forgot about the holes…ooops… It just fits, but I should remember that next time (make a “kantlijn”- a margin line?)


  • Self laminated sheets with self punched holes.
    • + : no uneccesary holes, make as many as you need in the right places
    • + : you can laminate the stamped image / manufacturer
    • + : it’s cheaper
    • +/- : even with laminated cardstock they seem a bit more bendable then the bought ones. This could be fixed by adding an extra sheet of carstock, but then the cardstock has to be made smaller then it is now for laminating. There’s a 3-4 mm edge now with standard A4 sheets which is good, but for thicker paper this edge shout be wider.
    • ?: I don’t know what the sheets are made of, so don’t know the long term effects on the cling foam.

I started redoing my binders, as I used to have the stamps stored face up on the page so I see the stamps when I browse the binder. But this one had the images on the left side, stamps on the other side, face down. Hmm isn’t that a good idea? Daqadoodles150505di092707025Have the image on one side, and the stamp on the back? The disadvantage is maybe more stamps falling off while browsing?

  • I forgot a 4th one: Sheets that are allready “ready to use


Mounting foam

Sometimes normal foam mounted stamps fall off. I can’t remember on which sheets they have been stored – I’ve moved them around a bit. It’s also the usage /dust that makes them less sticky. I get them to stick again by making sure the cling isn’t dirty, then rubbing it on my clothes to try to enhance the static part of it again. This doesn’t work for all though.  Other, better tips to revitatlize cling foam is much appreciated!

Cling foil

In the previous picture you can see a stamp sticking out – It’s a background stamp with cling foil. I don’t know the exact name, but it’s not the EZ-mount foam, but more like a plastic cover which shows the image. It doesn’t stick well to laminated sheets. It’s so annoying and can damage the stamps, as when a stamp falls off and I put a binder back in the cupboard I might put it half on the stamp so the stamp is dented… happened once..

Stamps with this foil are often stampendous stamps / hero arts big stamps. I would really appreciate tips on how to make them stick to the acryllic block, cleaning them with a wet cloth doesn’t help. Even directly new out of the packaging they don’t stick well, I’ve had them all inked up falling off acryllic blocks onto my project :(. Now I used them in combination with Tack ‘n Peel, like the unmounted stamps. So the stamping part is sorted, but not the storing part. Tips?

Clear stamps

I store them on the same laminated sheets. Small stamps I might store in thintainers.


Unmounted stamps without cling foam


Not the best solution, I know. It was origianly a box to store stamps that still had to be mounted, but then it became a storage for the small stamps. I don’t mount them anymore, I use Tack ‘n peel. The two acryllic blocks on the picture have this on them, the left one had it on for a while (I hardly clean it, if I would, it would be more transparent still but it’s fine like this). I put some leftover tack ‘n peel on the right one just a few evenings ago. Works good for small stamps, thought be careful with very thin rubber stamps (like The Stempelwinkel), it theoretically is possible to tear the stamp when pulling it off.

Mounted stamps

Some I store in Thick Stufftainers (see a previous picture), others are stored.. well.. like this:


It’s not really stored, it’s more like… gathered in this box so they wouldn’t be roaming about.

Indexating and masks

Now, how do I know which stamp is where? I write on the binder which designer/brands of stamps are in it. Designs by Ryn and Chocolate Baroque have their own binders, other brands have to share. For more easier browsing images I have a showcase album. I put the imagesheets from the manufacturer/designer in, if the image is on the sheet. If not, then I have to stamp them and then put them in the file. Or only the empty backingsheet (with usually the brandname and stampname) goes in, as a reminder I still need to stamp it…


You can see on these images my own made masks, made from normal (coloured) paper and spray glue – the glue should be non-stick if left to dry after spraying, but I’ve found it does stick eventually a bit too much. I’ve looked around for another (cheap) easy solution and I found one.Daqadoodles150505di092824027

Here are the Designs by Ryn sheets, and the masks are stamped onto (mostly) transparant) self adhesive window foil (zelfklevende transparante raamfolie). The advantage of these showcases is that I can put the masks on the image, so I won’t loose them and it’s easier to reuse them. Making a mask can take some extra time, but then you won’t have to do it again for quite a while, if handled well the masks lasts long. Do make them less sticky before sticking them onto your paper though! You can do this by sticking them onto your clothes and/or skin. Test on some scrappaper, I’ve been in a hurry and didn’t do this properly after making a mask, and put it down on still slightly damp paper… when taking it off it tore off a small bit of the top layer. I could repair it luckily, but still.

Cutting dies

I’ve mentioned these before:

Hmm oh right, that is still a concept post… Ok retry: I’m mentioning my entire workspace/storage area including the dies in an upcoming post. [edit: here!]Here’s a preview:



Last, my stencils. They were in that showcase album before too, but it didn’t fit anymore so I searched for something else.


This is another showcase folder, and it works ok. I haven’t really sorted the stencils in there as I like browsing through them. Ofcourse you could sort them on brand/designer, theme, size etc, and I have done that for quite a while. Only when I am in a rush (or have made it later then bedtime allready) I’m not very picky about where I put the stencils back in. I just put them in a pocket that isn’t too full allready. I probably will sort them again in a while untill it’s a complete mess again.

If it wasn’t clear yet that I’m addicted to stamp and stencils then I think it’s clear now… I have more then enough of them, I should stop buyin…oooooh pretty stencil on sale….brb!

Any questions or tips? Please share!

IKEA Regolit – fixed!

What do you do when you IKEA regolit lamp has taken some beatings? (kids, cutlery, moving, etc…)

Unfortunately the paper-thing isn’t sold separately. Throw it out? Nah, that would be a waste. The rest of the lamp is ok, it’s just the lamphood (or whatever it’s called in english).

It had a few holes, but nothing too bad. In the past few months it seemed to have gotten worse. I haven’t got a picture of where you can see how the flaps hang down, but here is a picture of it after I took it off, ready to be fixed. You can imagine it’s not really a pretty sight when it’s hanging.


So what did I do?

I put in my craftsheet, took out some tissue paper, decoupage pager and degoupage glue and had fun.

Daqadoodles150222zo114410001Here it’s lying flat, ready to be fixed.

Tear your tissue paper in pieces. Don’t cut! Try to get all edges torn – it blends better with the rest that way, else you’ll keep seing the cut edges very well. Put a royal amount of decoupate glue (I used Mod Podge) on the lampshade (aah I think that’s the word!) and put the paper on it, smooth it out with a dry brush. Be careful, it might rip. I didn’t put the second layer of mod podge on right away, as it sometimes causes the paper to tear up too easily. If needed, let it dry a bit first. I just went on to the next gap and fixed that, used several small bits and folded it around the ring a bit too. When layering it on another tissue paper, make sure there is glue in between. Be careful of only working on the craftsheet – I didn’t move it once it was in place, only got it out after everything was dry. I didn’t fix the hole on the right yet, as the craftsheet wasn’t under it and I didn’t want to risk sticking the top of the lampshade to the bottom.

It looked quite ok after this fix, but while I was at it, I thought: why not decorate it a bit more?
So I got out some decoupage paper. I didn’t want to decorate the entire bottom as it ofcourse influences the light coming from the lamp, and as it’s used as a light above our dinner table it’s nice if it is actually light. So no total coverage. No torn pieces of paper this time also.

I got my cuttlebug out, chose some dies and cut the decoupage paper. I decorated it rather sparsely, but I’m happy with the results.

Daqadoodles150222zo124016003 Daqadoodles150222zo124029004 Daqadoodles150222zo124051005

Yes, you still see some lines of the tissue paper, but it’s not as apparent as on the pictures. Also, you could add more die cuts to it. I might still do that, if I find the time.

For now, the hanging bits of paper are out of the way, and the lamp looks good again, with a little personal touch. I can’t wait for more holes to appear again, so I can decorate it a bit more ;).


Making of a Whispered Autumn Song

Some pictures I forgot to add. I had some trouble determining what or whom the fairy was singing too.

Decisions decisions…


Here is the card as it was then. I cut off the left side later, to balance the card more. I had wanted to make some more shade there, but it was distracting. Around the fairy are some stamps that might fit in there. Maybe the unicorns, coming in from the left of the card? All grey stamps are Chocolate Baroque, the red rubber is from Designs by Ryn, the white ones are from the set Pixie Glade by ?? (I’ve got them for quite a while). The pinkish stamp (high heels) is VivaLasVegas, as is the stamped, coloured and cut out gnome. The roughly stamped butterfly and castle are Chocolate Baroque too, as is the stamped, coloured and cut out mushroom barely seen on the left.

I stamped several images roughly and cut them out, to see how it looked.


This one looked like the sitting fairy is said, and the fairy behind her is watching her reaction while the big fairy sings.Daqadoodles141004za233609

This is the mushroom that was a left over from a failed card, and which I had wanted to use in the Psychedelic Party card but which was too big. It could be nice here, with the bird sitting on top of it.


Or would she be singing to a butterfly about the passing of days, the end of summer?



This one was a favourite of mine for a long time – like the gnome had been bad and got a speech. Or maybe the opposite, he was quite heroic and was praised? The gnome was stamped and cut for another card but I didn’t use it for that card. It’s a Viva las VegaStamp, and tiny, but cute.


His height didn’t match her LOS, so what if I raised him onto a mushoom? Gnomes do go well with mushrooms.


Or maybe she’s singing to a little elf castle, hoping to sing the elfs out? And that cheeky gnome just standing there, ready to do something naughty?


I think now I had too much mushroom tea and got a bit silly. What if she was having lunch with a cup of tea, and used the mushroom as a table?


Or this one, where the fairy is leaning toward her to listen. (Gnome is still hanging around.) I liked this one best, but I wanted some colour on the fairy.


Yup that is my table, and the workspace remaining in the end. I coloured some paper with the ranger airbrushtool and distress markers, then stamped and clearembossed the fairy and cut her out.Daqadoodles141004za235020


Here us the result. That note on the left, with “Fever” on it – I was trying some words for the Psychedelic party, and tried “disco fever”.

Daqadoodles141004za235136  And a closeup of the result. (and behind her you can see a big tip of mine: on all sides of your inkpad, glue down a strip, coloured with that ink and write the name on it. I started doing that on only 1 side, but then you have to stack the boxes neatly each time. So then I did 2 sides. But still too much searching. So now it’s 4 sides, just white paper and plain tape – if I would just glue down the paper it would be smudged in no time I bet, so cover it with something ink-resistant.)

(Don’t take any advice from me about cutting your stamps, as I sometimes cut the stamps first and then put them on the mounting foam, then cut them out. It doesn’t always match well, and if I stamp edges, then I cut those away after. I realize now that I should probably do it the other way around, and remove more from the cushion then from the stamp. Or would the stamp bend to the paper then?

If you remember the card, you might think: huh, but there was a fairy and a flower on it, not another fairy!

That’s right. I found the colours didn’t match, and the coloured silhouette didn’t work with the stamped and non-silhouette big fairy.

So I searched for a right sized image of something that would fit, and found this flower from Chocolate Baroque.

Daqadoodles141017vr152942The flower is stamped directly on the card, anything glued on would not match with this scene, it would take away the focus of the fairy too much. There’s red glitter on the flower, the harp is shimmering gold, as is the “fur” on her wings.

A picture says more then 1000 words they say, so let me just take a picture of it now.


And now you can also see how the fairy doesn’t fit:Daqadoodles141026zo205112

It’s not just her glossyness, the colours were not for this card.



I stored her in a box with more pretty cards / backgrounds, and put her on top of some sheets I had made with bister. She fits on those better!

Not a great picture, the detail is missing from the backgrounds, but the colours sure are great 🙂 Now I just need to make some cards out of them.


Vintage Autumn

Well my first workday after pregnancy leave was last Wednesday, and that was also the last for this week. It was very quiet at work, so didn’t feel stressed at all. I still had time to be creative this week! I also painted with the kids yesterday, I’ll show you after the card, so the people who are here for the card can skip the rest.

I decided I want to go ahead with a long slumbering idea of opening my own webstore. This means I have to buy supplies. I am bad at saving – I think I said for the last 6 months that I shouldn’t buy crafting goods anymore, that I had allready spent my budget for the coming month. (And the month thereafter). Now, however, I got a fixed goal and an achievable amount of money I’d like to save. But I can’t buy crafting goods anymore. (Ok well maybe only the stencils from Designs by Ryn, I still want those). But I think I need a monthly dose of new supplies, and the only way I can get that is to win them. (I know that signing up for challenges without a price doesn’t get me supplies, but it does motivate me).

Going vintage is a challenge in itself, but maybe I can combine it with a French Kissed Postcards – image, I’ve been wanting to use one for a while but I am not really good at using digi/printed images. I combined it with Fall/Autumn, the vintage colours and aged look fit very well with Autumn, where the old leaves start to fall and warm colours decorate the trees and bushes.  And I loved using this colour combo: Brown and blue!  ((and cream and yellow)

Enough talking, on with the card. I admit I am very proud of this card, it makes me feel good. Isn’t that wonderful, that making a card makes you feel good? I also used up several items from my stash, yay!


Isn’t she just lovely? I immediately fell in love with the warm colours. It is currently not listed in Trishia’s store “French Kissed” on Etsy, but if you want it just convo Trishia and I’m sure she’ll put it up for you.

Materials used

The butterflies and doily are from my stash, the doily is from a Cheery Lynn die, the big butterfly is from a Christina Renee clear stamp set (not availble anymore) and the smaller butterfly is from a Chocolate Baroque stampset. The frame and text stamps are Crafter’s Companion from the Vintage line, and the blue diecut beneath the flowers is Joy Crafts. Both the paper for the doily, background and flowers is from an old English to Dutch dictionary. Colours used are Wild Honey, Vintage Photo and Broken China (with a touch of Salty Ocean), distress inks ofcourse.Also used are flower dies from Marianne design and Joy!Crafts.

How I made it

Background:I took a piece of cardstock, some pages from the dictionary which I ripped in pieces, and glued them on the cardstock. I used the Crafter’s Workshop  Mariposas stencil on the background, with distress paint bundled sage and distress ink vintage photo. (Not really visible anymore). Then used Mod Podge decoupage glue to seal it. While this was still wet, I sprayed on the black sooth and rusty hinge to darken it.

On the background and the blue diecut I made use of the new spraytool from Tim Holtz, the – what is it called- airbrush thingy which enables you to do airbrushing with markers. The contrast between the background and doily was low, so I darkened the background with black sooth and vintage photo (airbrush) and wiped piucked fence distress stain on the doily.

Blue swirl die cut:The blue diecut is painted with Peackock feathers distress pain, then added some bronze distress stain and wiped it off lightly, and lastly, put decoupage glue on it. Then I didn’t think that was done, so I sprayed some black sooth and rusty hinge on it with the airbrush tool. After it was dry I dabbed some Salty oceon on it with a sponge.

Frame and large butterfly: are heat embossed with bronze embossing powder. The butterfly was made a few weeks ago. It was stamped onto cardstock which was inked up with Brilliance Moonlight white.

Small butterfly: made a while ago, see this post “Time is the essence of life“.

The flowers: Diecuts from a Marianne Design die, maybe the small petaled one is from Joy!Crafts. Inked the edges and leaves.

Layering: Matted it onto cream colourd paper. The blue layer is made by using the Peacock Feathers distress paint  on paper (from the kids, they were colouring on their coloured paper and I did a tiny bit of crafting, ofcourse they wanted to dab with the dabber too. Ofcourse I let them – better to teach them how to use it properly, and tell them they can use it when I’m there, then to forbid them too and have them do it when I’m not looking!


We went on to use the cuttlebug, they love using it 🙂 My oldest understands the paper has to go in the folder and in the stack, although he doesn’t really know how to build the stack. My daughter is still too young for that, she will be 2 soon, she slips (only) a piece of paper in the machine and starts turning – ofcourse not much happens since there is no resistance. When I help her – build a stack for her – she loves to turn the handle.

The piece of paper for my frame however was too big for the cuttlebug (and folder), so I grabbed a … what’s the word in English… doughroller (literal translation) – the thing you use to flatten dough – and rolled it over the embossing folder, repositioning the folder untill all the paper was embossed. I dabbed some distress stain bronze on it and sprayed black sooth on it with the airbrushtool.

Glued it onto cardstock which was made brown with Vintage Photo.



I’d like to enter the following challenges with this card. If there are special requirements to participate, I’ve mentioned those (again) behind the challenge link.

  • We love vintage challenge blogButterflies; (Ik volg via rss feed en heb de google friend connect ook ingevuld)
  • Simply Create tooChallenge #70 Fall/Autumn;
  • Kraftyhands ChallengesAutumn Colours; (following via rss feed)
  • A Vintage JourneyAutumn; Tim Holtz his influence: he is what made me enthousiastic about cardmaking. I got a lot of his products (markers, stains, paints, inks, latest buy is the airbrush tool). How he has influenced my style: The ease with which he makes things. Things don’t need to be perfect. The background would certainly be up in his alley, and putting airbrushed splatters on the background and diecut to age the item too. Also the frame with the text is distressed by inking the (cream coloured) paper a bit with vintage photo then spraying water on it. (I only used the wrong spray, so don’t have little pretty dots but more like one big dot). Another influence is that paper isn’t uniform in colour – none of the layers are uniform of colour exccept the cream one. The others have darker and ligher areas, and in case of the blue layer I even dabbed a not reinked sponge of a darker blue (salty ocean) on it. The overall look fo the card is not what I’d expect to see from him though, (don’t he’d ever use doilies) and ofcourse the main image is a digi image (thought the butterflies, frame and text is stamped). So no worries if I’m not eligble for a prize.


 Crafting with the kids

Now onto the part about crafting with the kids. We painted a tissuebox-box, an mdf cutout from a castle and a mushroom, and some tags and other wood embellishments. My plan is to put a finish on the box so the colour looks more vibrant (it is a bit pale when it dries, as it’s children’s paint), and maybe add some more embellishments and then give it as a gift to my mom. She has allready seen it, as my kids showed her, so I’m not spoiling a surprise!

I helped paint the side of the box, as you can see. My children are still too small to not blend all the colours untill it’s a purple shade of grey.  Also, the lid looks great like it is on the first pictures, doesn’t it? When we where nearly finished, my son put red paint all over the top. Then I went to the sink with my daughter to wash her hands, and I told him he could clean the plastic tablecloth with the cloth that was there. When I returned to the table he had done that, but was also “cleaning” the box. It does have an interesting look now, looks quite distressed! Great technique T! Thanks!

As I said earlier, the colours look really dull now, but they’ll brighten up a bit after putting some kind of sealer on it. My plan is to seal it without the kids using spray finisher (spuitlak) or seal it with decoupage glue and have the kids add embellishments (or just torn paper or some of my unused die cuts or punch-cuts). I am very tempted to spruce the items up a bit now though, like really paint a castle or dots on the mushroom, or add more colour. But it’s the kids project, so I should let it as it is. What I should have done, I realize now, is make examples. Not while they are paintin – I am running around too much trying to prevent the whole table (legs and underside), chairs and floor getting under the paint, and preventing brushes going into mouths or painting of hands, arms, faces. No time for a project for myself then!

Thank you for visiting, even it it’s just to browse the pictures!


WOYWW #275 – Collage

Before I show you what my desk (dining table) looks like now, I show you what it looked like at several times in the past few weeks on other days then Tuesdays. (If it was on a Tuesday I would probably have linked it up to WOYWW!)

Several of the projects you’ll see there aren’t posted yet, see the previous post with the collage/sneak peak of unblogged projects. (That is even still excluding unfinished projects if I’m right.)


And now, the desk/dining table of now:


Items visible on the image, in no particular order: Folded laundry, a teddybear my daughter got for free on a garage/carbootsale market last week (rommelmarkt), I got that tin basket there as well which I didn’t intend to use as I use it now , but this use suits me just fine ofcourse. In a post of another WOYWW-er she mentioned a place for her acryllic blocks. Great idea! And great ideas are there not to be reinvented but to be used, right?! So I try to store my acryllic blocks there. No more searching for that tiny block.

Also on the board, a breasfeeding schedule – I feed on request but sometimes it’s nice to have some guidance as to how much should he get, also because next monday he’ll be going to the daycare for the first time and I need to bring along enough milk.

As you can see, the pile of boxes and things has grown again. And the amount of started projects too. See the (backgrounds for) cards on the board? No? Well, let me zoom in on it:


Thanks to Anja from Artefaktotum I ran off from the computer (and chores) this afternoon to make these. Fun! Between making these backgrounds (1 or maybe 2 at a time) I experimented with mod melts. (More on that later. Someday, I’m sure).

Oh what a horrible picture I see now… you can’t really see the great effect and nice colours. Zoom!


Ah there, see? Better. Two cards with just acryllic paint and some glimmer mist. The texture is only paint. I intend to use the brown one for the Chocolate Baroque colour challenge. No idea how yet, something with gears? It’s a bit standard to do with brown background maybe. (Actually it’s antique gold and antique bronze).

Then, later this evening when I got back to the computer, I got distraced by building a blinkie for Ryn from Designs by Ryn because she liked that I place a “badge” on the sidebar. It wasn’t really a badge, the text was too small and off center, and maybe if I add some more information about her products, and hmm add some bits of this and that and why doesn’t it work like I know it should? Let’s search online, and try this, and tadaa! Now surprise her, darn, I tossed the mail away accidentally after working on it for 30 minutes. There, rewritten now add the image.. wait… edit it a bit… then done. Ooh is that the time?! Hey, it’s Wednesday, time for a WOYWW post!

And that’s how I end up with chronical lack of sleep and half finished chores…

So off with me, to bed! No need to get ill again (was ill on Saturday, some stomach flu and perhaps a chronic lack of sleep isn’t healthy either..)

Happy WOYWW all!

Argh I forgot – Thank you Julia for hosting this fun event! Anyone with a crafting space (or workspace) can join!

Debbie, #25 of  WOYWW #275

WOYWW #272

Time for another WOYWW, hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. Nothing to win, nothing to make.. then what is it about? Hop over to her blog and find out.

It’s been a busy crafting week, with a few projects finished I really like. I discovered a blogpost about lots of things (239+) you can do with your embossing machine. (I think I actually rediscovered it, it kind of looked familiar). I was looking for a faux metal technique and came across this technique with crayons, and had to try it out. Love it! Some cards I made with this technique are visible in this post as well. In the comments from last week, I promised I’d show another cupboard with my crafting stuff. Let’s start with that. (Oh no wait, check out the GAP quote in my widget bar first, I found it again and still love it!)

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away. Most frequent used things are on the front half of 3 shelves, the rest of the space is for less frequent used things or non-craft related items. The brown binders and the green in between contain my stamps.

Usually before starting to craft I get most of the frequently used things out of the cupboard and put it around me on the table, like this:


Having taken many things out, put the card I want to work on ready, pull the box with baby close (wheels beneath a box are very usefull!) and get crafting! Oh and those curtains are still from the previous owners of the house, we haven’t had the time/energy/budget to have new ones made. On the front of the house we could put up our old cream coloured ones, but they were not wide enough for the back windows here.

What does that turn into during crafting?


Daqadoodles140819di225828 Daqadoodles140819di225938

Finally made a card with the quote from VivaLasVegaStamps: Stick a gear on it and call it steampunk. (Because that’s what we’re all inclined to do, right? Always put a gear on it when it’s something steampunky… that would be a fun challenge, something steampunk without gears!) (And next one: without rust. I’d hate that challenge, as I’m in love with Rusty Hinge.) *

Other stamps are from De-Stempelwinkel and the embossing folder is the Oceanthingy Spellbinders M-bossability. Steampunk and Art Deco/Art Nouveau go well together, I still have tons of ideas for it!

*scribbles on wishlist: Rusty Hinge Distress Stain, can’t believe I don’t have that yet!

And this is 22 minutes later:


Not really sharp picture, sorry.

I’m assembling the alluminum foil card with flowers from Chocolate Baroque. I love how they turned out, with glitter, glossy accent, glimmer mist spray copper (or didn’t I use it?) and stickles. There are little Mod Podge Mod molds (or what is their name) shapes to see if they fit on the card.The two plastic boxes (one is an icecream box from Hertog) contain diecuts or fussy cut stamp images which I eventually didn’t use on projects or which I made extra. The mod molds have a plastic box of their own. (They are made with Martha Stewart clay, a tiny bit of ink, chalks and perfect pearls powder).

It looks like this from a distance:  (yup my drawer with distress inks on the table – it moves around kind of randomly but is always near me but hardly in the cabinet when I’m crafting.Daqadoodles140819di232128

I also tidied the top of the drawers, as I noticed after taking the previous picture it was a bit cluttered with random things. Now it displays the letter F which I still want to embellish further before I give it to my daughter of almost 2 years. (Give in this case means: show her, let her see it and feel it, then put it somewhere high where she can’t reach it.) Also on display now are the big popsicle sticks we decorated the other day. (I made a fast stand for it – wishing I had wooden stampblocks to put them in – out of small empty sturdy box.)


My son and I made the birdhouse. Or rather, I traced and cut the template, he stamped 3 times and then put the acryllic block with ink on it, then I stamped some more and glued it together.

During all this, my little one slept – is still sleeping. Sometimes I get out all crafting supplies but have to put them away unused, other times I craft with him on my lap on a pillow or in a .. what do you call it… a looooong piece of fabric, wrapped around me and the baby in it. This time he was fine in the box. (Hmm I think it’s not called “box” in english, that is the exact word we use for it in Dutch. So don’t call child care services yet that I’m putting my baby in a box in the english meaning of the word haha!)


Hope you’re having a crafty week too!

Oh and darn Julia for being so enthusiastic about the Quietfire stamps – my order is on it’s way now! (For other Dutch readers: my experience with shipments from Canada which fit through the mailbox is quite good, it allways arrived within a week. Watch out with “inklaringskosten” though – if the value of the goods is written on the package and is above €22,- (about 30 CAD) then you have to pay those service costs, which are between €13,- to €18,- which is quite a lot!

Anyone else giving the Quietfire team a boost in their sales?


WOYWW #271

Time for another WOYWW, hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. Curious what it is about? Hop on over to her site!

This is what my desk looked like after 1 1/2 hour of crafting (I did clean up a bit in between as I didn’t have space). This time I didn’t keep my crafting area clear, usually I put down a bigger cutting mat and try to keep that clear of stuff so I have room to do the actual crafting. Not this time, I just wanted to make some simple things, envelopes, and decorate them with a stencil and some distress ink – nothing fancy – so figured I didn’t need that much room.

wednesday 00:39

wednesday 00:39

What’s on there: A card of aluminium foil and a “copper” frame, heattool, distress markers, empty teacup, distress ink, embossing powder, can of paintbrushes, box of glue related things and things that aren’t glue related (you know, other things like a small package of brads, and just… little things in packages that I might use if they are on my table, but definetely won’t use if I put them out of sight). (Putting them on my table isn’t helping).

What’s more on there: a tin can with my childresn crayons which I confiscated. They rarely used them (in the Netherlands, children colour more with pencils (potloden) or felttip markers (viltstiften). On top of it is a spray can of sealer which I have never used yet, then you can see a binder in the back with some of my stamps, and on the right a drawer with my distress inks in it – I always just get the drawer out and put it on the table / chair.

Oh I forgot my wellbeloved spraythingy – unfortunately it got loose again so I’ll have to fix it, but need to fix it so it won’t leak this time. (The previous fix was putting the spray top on the glass jar because the original orange spray jar broke). [Oooh what a coïncidence, in that post is also the quote I have referred to a few times lately!]Oh, and those heart stickers on there: They have kind of become my pincushion. (What?) yup, pincushion for just 1 needle, and that one needle/pin (can you see it’s yellow head?) is to open up the tip of the glossy accents bottle, which is seen next to the drawer.

Let’s take a look to the left and a step back.

Wednesday 00:40

Wednesday 00:40

My frame for hanging nearly finsihed cards.

My ikea drawers with many of my supplies, two boxes which I need at hand. (It started out as one half box, then it got one full box quite soon, and now in the past month somehowe another box moved in there.) You can see into the second drawer, here are my other (big) inkpads, the little ones are in another drawer with the chalks.

Do you see the dowels sticking out of the drawer? That is my solution to nosy babies. You can imagine that having craft supplies in the same room where little kids play isn’t very safe. (health, furniture, money etc..) I wanted a simple solution so my son (at that time I only had him) couldn’t open the drawers. I’ve had the drawers for quite a long time and I had always planned to paint/decorate the sides but never done it yet. Because of this I didn’t feel bad about drilling holes in them.

Wednesday 00:41

Wednesday 00:41

My embossing powders (I still want some bright yellow!) and my “lock” solutions. A hole in the side of the board and drawer, a dowel in it and it’s closed. Don’t stuff your drawers so the dowel can’t be moved in though! How to open? Take a pencil/pen/thingy, and push the dowel in.

How do you prevent your kids from figuring this out too soon? Don’t open the drawers when they can see you do it. My son (aged 3) hasn’t noticed the dowels yet, so this fix still works.

Now, let’s put the camera away amd tidy things up a bit.

Wednesday 00:52

Wednesday 00:52

And then it really was time for bed!

Hello autumn, winter and spring babies! and a WWOYWW

What was on your workdesk wednesday in November 2013.

Well, there was babies, and mess. Let’s take a look…

Today I want to show you three baby cards, two which I made in November last year (november 2013), and one I made after 3rd of July, because I wanted to send them a birth announcement card but hadn’t yet congratulated them on their baby which was born in March! Ok, they didn’t have my adress so I got the announcement card from my mom, but better late wishes than none, right?

I am most pleased with the first two cards, although they took quite some time to make.

I’ll start with the one that has stamps from Designs by Ryn on them:



I stamped the fairies on top and repeat stamped the leaves and acorns, masking them off with self adhesive window foil. After that, I coloured them in, I think with my Caran D’ache neocolours.


Used stamps:

Dancing Faeries CM-M6 from Designs by Ryn

Acorn Faerie set  CM-M12 from Designs by Ryn (used only the leaf and acorn)

The letters were made with a Joy Craft alphabet die

The baby stamp is from Stampinback: Sleeping baby.



Next is a card I made sort of simlutaneously. This is the birthannouncement card:


The stork is the logo of the city The Hague, where they live. The stork is also said to deliver the babies. The colours of the city are green and yellow, so they kept in style. I like how they made it a unique and personal card.

This is what I made, I didn’t make a winter scene although they have snow on the card, I made an autumn card as the baby was born in October.Daqadoodles131115vr183800



I made this card with the same sleeping baby stamp, and stamps from Nonsequiturstamps – Plate 101 Trees, NSPL101.

A little bit of the process and What’s On Your Workdesk-ness:


On the left the self adhesive window foil, with the cut out templates. The stamps are there too. Memento and STazon inks, a remote for the tv, acryllic block, and in that metal tin for pencils weren’t pencils. I don’t know what was in there, but what is in there now is different from what was in there then, and back then it weren’t pencils allready. (Now it stores quite a few of my cutting dies).


Oh right, Christmas was nearing so I made a few Christmas ornaments for cards allready. And see the card on the top right? That one I made for my father, I’ll post about it later.


A furhter look down the table. A binder with stamps in it, the couch behind the table (and isn’t that a sleeping toddler on it?) – as we were preparing to move I had gotten the brilliant idea of emptying one of the living rooms so we could store the boxes in there, which meant moving the dining table to the other living room. It was a bit cramped in there though.



Oh look, here’s a better view. And no, that is not my applejuice in the bottle, nor is it my ambulance. In the back 2 binders with stamps and 1 with dies (that storage solution didn’t work, I didn’t put the cutting dies back properly and they also fell out too easily.)

On to the last card with the sleeping baby.

Used on the background and the center piece: Chocolate Baroque Floral Edges Unmounted Rubber stamp sheet – A5 Part Number UA5SP0416

The little butterfly is probably from one of the faeries or dragon sets from Chocolate Baroque

The text (barely readible on the photo) is from Sheena Douglas – Crafter’s Companion – A little bit magical – Knowledge

The fairy is from.. can’t remember. She’s got glossy accents on her wings.


Health, Wealth, Happiness, Love, Always! From Sheena Douglas – A little bit magical – Knowledge set. The embossing didn’t quite work out as intended unfortunately. But no time to make a new card or cover it up, it’s just the magic wish flowing from the fairy’s hand.


I tried to use the same colours as on the birth announcement card, and (as seen in previous picture) added a butterfly at the end of the swirl to match it even more.


I really liked the first two cards, and might make more of these. Use the colours of the birth announcement card, or the season in which the baby is born or other elements that I can reuse.