Déjà vu?

My computer gave up a few weeks ago and, after getting new parts, was restored to a point in january. I am sure I’ve posted some of the next cards allready, but can’t find proof… Then probably it was only on facebook. (Or just because they’ve been waiting to go online for several months?)

PC is fixed now, and in a better spot in my house which means I can sit rather comfortably behind it, and all the diseases are slowly diminishing.

I’ve visited the Art Specially Event in Nijkerk at the 10th of April, and ofcourse didn’t stick to my budget. Which means I now own a small round gelliplate and pan pastels. I couldn’t remember at the event WHY I didn’t get it before or what had put me off, but I did remember as I was playing around with them at home. It means a new range of products I am going to need to collect…. It’s probably my subconscious trying to keep feeding the addiction, as I have told myself I’ve got enough stamps and cannot get more. Still many many uses with the ones I’ve got. So I am only allowed to get materials that are used up. Like glue and the new distress inks, markers. I didn’t intend to get new media… really…

Ofcourse now you expect a post about my experiments with it – but alas, as I’ve said this is about older cards from before my trip to Nijkerk. (It was a strange trip. No constant talking in the car, no questions, no ” Mom,..Mom..Momm!). It was strange. I thought I’d love it, sing out loud with my music, feel “free”, but it wasn’t like that. The music didn’t do the trick. My mind was still going everywhere and nowhere. Probably because I had an extremely busy week I was a bit numb. The event was good, I participated in a take and make (gelliplate and pan pastels…) and got my mojo back. I hadn’t been crafting in a few weeks due to ” reasons”  (had moved my crafting supplies and wasn’t sure I liked the new storage, not used to it, not wanting to make a mess (tired), got a cold etc..)

I’m digressing, again.



Made with cutoffs from other cards. Glue them on cardstock, add some finish to it (I used Mod Podge decoupage glue) and stamp a sentiment on it.


This one has been almost finished for a year or more. I had just the panel with the mermaid, not sure if I had put the dots (paper pen dots) in the swirls then, that might have been a later addition. All I did to finish it is (maybe add the dots and) frame it… Chocolate Baroque mermaid and Designs by Ryn swirls and School of Fish.


Chocolate Baroque text and Sweet Pea Stamps (discontinued) Meredith Dillman’s Lady in Green. Stamped onto a background made with acryllic pewter paint.


The reverse stamp of a stencil of Designs by Ryn onto glossy cardstock, and one of her Colibries.


Also reverse stamp of a stencil (Hibiscus) onto clossy cardstock and a Hummingbird. Text is from the Boadicea sheet from Indigo Blue


Text is from Quietfire Designs, background stencil is Japanese Anemone from Designs by Ryn, and the dove is from a dove/pear themed Chocolate Baroque stampsheet.


Art Journey stamps against a pewter and silver acryllic paint mix background.


Hmm I’ve shown this one, haven’t I? Or only on facebook? In that case: It’s the Queen of Hearts by Rachel Anderson from Sweet Pea Stamps (discontinued). Crackle backround is Indigo Blue. The pinkish background is a leftover piece from a year ago.

The leftover piece on which the queen of hearts is stamped is from this set of cards, I even mentioned in the post I saved it (it’s the piece of paper I cleaned my brush on…)




Trying out that beautiful blending I see on many of the Lavinia cards. This looks quite ok but is not entirely right, it’ s missing a branch or something at the top. All stamps are Lavinia stamps, and the treetrunk is stamped twice to create a higher treetrunk (the stamp is only half the cardheight size).

And now, in gallery form and with some more detail pictures:



It’s raining again today. Very appropriate for the next watery cards.

Raindrops stamp is from Designs by Ryn, as are the mermaid, origami lily and crane. Backgrounds are made with TCW stencils in the first two cards. Not sure how I made the background in the last card, could be bister and a stencil. The text in the last card is from Indigo Blue. (I think, from the Boadicea set). Cards have a tiny bit of white gelpen and stickles accents






Birth basket

Not sure what it is called in English, but these are gifts for a women who has just given birth. It’s not a national tradition / custom, just something some people do. You make a basket with gifts, I think it was originally one for each day the mother had to stay in bed. (used to be a week? No idea). Anyway, the gifts are for the mother, who has had both physical and emotional a major experience. So no or not only baby things that make the mother feel good. My friend lives at 3 hrs driving so I made her a nice package. Gifts included chocolate from a chocolatier (not sure if that is English), instant soup, lavender oil, olive oil soap, felted flowers and some more I forgot.


Daqadoodles151012ma003450147 Daqadoodles151012ma003440146 Daqadoodles151012ma003435145 Daqadoodles151012ma003503149 Daqadoodles151012ma003459148
Daqadoodles151012ma003429144 Daqadoodles151012ma003424143 Daqadoodles151012ma003414142 Daqadoodles151012ma003407141 Daqadoodles151012ma003351140 Daqadoodles151012ma003343139 Daqadoodles151012ma003621153 Daqadoodles151012ma003604152 Daqadoodles151012ma003553151 Daqadoodles151012ma003511150


Well, it’s not really mojo that has been missing but health in various members if the household and me. Flu, throataches, colds, lack of energy. We need spring. We need sun. I did make some cards past few weeks, time to show them. This post shows the most mojo-less cards.




Crafty individuals stamp and stencils



New year cards

This year I wanted to make it a bit easier and use patterned paper with some diecuts. I liked the “twelve days of christmas”  paper/series of Do Crafts Papermania and Xcut embossing folders and cutting dies. So I bought the 12×12″  paper and cut it up in squares. And then I found out that an A4 size paper doesn’t fit for a card then – the 6×6″ is just a bit too big to make a card slightly bigger. So matting the paper wasn’t possible. It was also a challenge to find envelopes.

Anyway, here is my series of cards. There are a few that are not related to the 12 days of Christmas series at all, and some cards aren’t finished yet still (Maybe next year…)


Many of the cards laid out. I made a few more as this wasn’t yet enough.

Bohemian steampunk romantic Elveness and strong women

That would kind of describe my latest favourite stamps. Not all together at once, but as example the willow range from Santoro has this bohemian, melancholic feel to it. The Sweet pea stamps are more romantic, with some images portraing fierce, strong women. Ranging from a steampunk style to fantasy – elves. Not the little elfs (pixies etc) but the tall elves. At least, I picture them tall. Maybe without the wings they’d be the ancient elves. Sweet Pea stamps unfortunately has closed it’s doors. What I liked about it is that there were many different artists – not originally from the stamping world – who made some artworks or transformed some artworks into stamps. Those are always tricky: will the strong outline of a stamp ruin  the subtle lines that make the artwork a work of art? Most comes down to the colouring of the stamp. Not my most experienced area.  Still, I love their stamps so when I found out a week ago they had closed in November I scourged teh internetz for their stamps that where still on my wishlist. I ordered some in The Netherlands from Creamiep, I’ve got some underway from the UK from That’scrafty. (That was my budget for 3 months crafting). I’ve been using Chocolate Baroque stamps intensively for the last 2-3 years, same with Designs by Ryn since I discovered those brands. I still love their stamps but it’s inspiring to try out different styles or mix with other brands more. Fortunately, the stencils of Designs by Ryn and some of her stamps go well with any type of stamp so they are still often used in the background.

As Sweet Pea Stamps vary so much in style due to all the different artists there I probably also should mention the artist when I show my cards, which I haven’t done untill now. I’ll edit all posts (also on fb) to include the artists.

Now onto the pictures part.


Eternity from Molly Harrison from Sweet Pea Stamp (closed since nov 2015)

Maidenhair Fern Stencil by Designs by Ryn and Aurora from the Willow series of Santoro.

Maidenhair Fern Stencil by Designs by Ryn and Aurora from the Willow series of Santoro.

Sweet Pea Stamp Hanging Fairy Lights from Meredith Dillman. Backround stamps are from Chocolate Baroque.

Hanging Fairy Lights from Meredith Dillman, via Sweet Pea Stamp (closed since November 2015) . Backround stamps are from Chocolate Baroque.

Sweet Pea Stamps Twilight Shimmer from Rachel Anderson. Background is cell theory stencil from TCW (could be the 12x12 version)

Twilight Shimmer from Rachel Anderson via Sweet Pea Stamps (closed since November 2015). Background is (part of) 12×12 cell theory stencil from TCW

As soon as I saw the announcement for the Eternity stamp from Molly Harrison I had to have it. It’s the flowing hair. It reminds me of a children’s show I saw as a child, Candy Candy, one of the first shows in The Netherlands in Manga style. The overly romantic looks, the wavy hair, the pain of sweet memories (she misses a guy she once met on top of a hill). You can see that many stamps I own have this wavy hair, it gives some more drama to the image.

For the Ducht people, here is the first episode of Candy Candy in Dutch:

Happy new ye… eh…. happy February!

As usual limited time and energy, and time available was spent crafting not blogging.

So again, a post full of cards I finished earlier. Some cards were started a while ago (a year?) and finished this autumn, but not shown here yet. So picture heavy blogpost again!


Image from Connie Fong – Sweet Pea Stamps (now closed), stencil Maidenhair Fern from Designs by Ryn

Aurora from Santoro - Willow series and Maidenhair Fern from Designs by Ryn.

Santoro Willow and Maidenhair Fern from Designs by Ryn.

The hair of Mademoiselle Snow (Willow - from Santoro London) is Wild Honey distress ink, same as the leaves.

The hair of Willow (from Santoro London) is Wild Honey distress ink, same as the leaves.

Lavinia clearstamp zen tree and Chocolate Baroque text stamp (I think). Apply distress ink on a sheet of paper, spritz with resist spray (I used homemade one with decoupage glue and water), let dry and then add the next shade of distress ink. Hmm I think I had stamped the tree first and made a resist to cover it (self adhesive window foil).

Lavinia clearstamp zen tree and Chocolate Baroque text stamp. Apply distress ink on a sheet of paper, spritz with resist spray (I used homemade one with decoupage glue and water), let dry and then add the next shade of distress ink. Hmm I think I had stamped the tree first and made a resist to cover it (self adhesive window foil).


Ask me to dance

I give up, another day tomorrow to search for the missing big bear of my daughter. She still has little bear so it’s good for now.


This picture was taken a while ago after her brother had lost his hare on the street. She had lost her hippo on the street a few months earlier, we found them both back but when making posters to find them I couldn’t find a good picture of the hare or hippo, so after the second incident I thought it was wise to make a picture of her teddybears, and her looking very cute to persuade people to bring the bear back quick.  Small bear is the light one, big bear is the brown one. We’re pretty sure it isn’t lost outside – my partner is quite sure she didn’t take it with her in the car. Turned almost the whole house upside down (after the kids went to bed) to search but to no avail. He is still missing. I’m sure he’ll turn up again though. Anyway, back to cards.

The card I mentioned in the previous post, the one I like a lot is this one:


With designer paper behind it… who would have thought I’d be able to make a card with it! The stamp is “Ask me to Dance” from the Mirabelle range from Santoro. The little hanging lanternts are repeated on the background paper. Unfortunately I can’t find the paperpad right now so I don’t know which one it is.

Let’s start here also with just the stamped image.


I’m quite sure this was stamped with distress ink.


Then this must be versafine grey. Why o why didn't I write it down next to the stamped image?

Then this must be versafine grey. Why o why didn’t I write it down next to the stamped image?


That leaves this to… no can’t be versafine black, it looks a bit brown and I don’t have versafine brown. I do have Stazon Timber brown. Might have used that one here?


Oh duh when going over the pictures again I see I did think ahead:


First image is stamped with Stazon Timber Brown, and I am pretty sure the other two are stamped with Versafine Smokey Grey.


I cut the speaker a bit to get it in front of the main image. Also visible here is the clear embossing I did on her dress. I did this by making a mask of the image out of sticky window foil and using the negative part of it to cover all the rest of the card. Then I stamped a patterned stamp on her dress with embossing ink and clear embossed it.



The same stamp as on her dress in the background ( I think it’s a Crafty Individuals one of “Indian Elephants”.), ofcourse here the character was masked when stamping. The lights and her hairpiece got a bit of glitter. The lights are repeated on the background.


Deciding on background. I chose for the left one with the same colours as the main image. The frame now is matching with the record player, but I felt it distracted too much from the main image.

So here she is again, my lovely wallflower:



Travellers Rest

I’m in love with some new stamps. Not that it’s a new brand, but I’ve just really discovered them. It’s the Santoro stamps. Not the more famous Gorjuss stamps – those are too cute to my taste, but the more melancholic/nostalgic Mirabelle and Willow stamps.

The difficulty with translating art to stamps is that nuances get lost – a stamp needs lines. Sure, rubber stamps can have gradients in them, but then you “print” it in one colour. To get the colourfull look you have to colour the stamped image, thus there need be “white” spaces to colour. And thus the artwork needs to be abstrahered enough to have lines in which to colour, but not so much as the original feeling of the image is lost.

When I first noticed these stamps I was wondering what the stamped image would look like. How would it be “simplified”? Would it still resemble the artwork, and would I be able to get the same effect?

My first venture was ok. The face part is the trickies bit, especially adding just a tough of rouge on the right spot. My first Willow does have a bit too much eyeshadow, but she still has to learn how to do her makeup properly ;). The first (few) images I try to copy the artwork as I still have a lot to learn about colouring, I’m not precise and have to learn the lighting “rules”. So the first step in learning is to copy.

So here is my next result:

Daqadoodles150812wo234948008 Daqadoodles150812wo234852006 Daqadoodles150812wo232220005

I think I stamped with versafine onto some thicker paper here.


The Santoro Mirabelle Travellers Rest clear stamp, the stamped image and the back of the packaging.



This is as far as I  got with the first try.

I did make a card with the stamp. I didn’t want hard black lines as outlines, as it would interfere with the colour of her hair.


The background was made with acryllic paint, I couldn’t go with my distress markers over it so I applied some Gesso nonchalantly onto the image.Daqadoodles151026ma143854124

Now it is ready to be coloured. (not sure at which point I stamped the tree).Daqadoodles151125wo1556n6684


The tree is a Lavinia Tree clearstamp. The white outlining ended up being a bit too thick (those sharpies just give too thick lines. Ok, and it’s to cover up the red lines too, as you can see I didn’t precisely stamp over it with grey.

I really like the flowing hair, it’s that Japanese nostalgic, dramatic sad drawing style. I used to be a huge fan of Candy Candy in my childhood – the first “Manga” series. It had lots of drama in it. The manga you see often now is not my style. I prefer that Candy Candy style. I sometimes play some pcgames and like the small independend developers games (called indie games) – they usually stray from the beaten path in some way, be it art or gameplay. There is wonderful artwork there, which this style reminds me off as well.

Now this can’t really be considered a “cute” or very “girly vintage” stamp, right? I consider it more to be a stamp which geeks (like me) would like, a bit more manga maybe. There’s one card I made with the Mirabelle “ask me to dance” stamp which was very pretty – even made with patterned papers!

(Oh dear)

Yup, maybe I do like patterned papers, and maybe I CAN work with them…

To be continued…

Upside down

It’s a busy period, so posting is absent. Going to try to catch up a tiny but.
A while ago (in August) I made a card for a challenge with this flowerlady stamp from Chocolate Baroque (Forget That). I was “working” on a card with the head popping out of the tress, but didn’t quite know how to continue from the idea.

This is the starting point:


The right one is the first finished card, the left one was the one I was thinking about of turning it up side down. I made a copy of the card and gave some stamps a try.

Daqadoodles150811di001536002The head wasn’t popping out really, there should be leaves covering her “body”. This is what I came up with:


Tree stamp is from part of a Lavinia stamp, the leaves are from De-Stempelwinkel, flowerlady and sentiment from Chocolate Baroque. As the lady is in the tree I thought the quote might be funny, like: get down to earth!


Also around that time (beginning of September), on a day it wasn’t that warm anymore. I was busy with putting the youngest to bed (who was over-tired & crying because I had to get the eldest from school while it was actually his napping time). The other two (4 and almost 3) were playing a fantasy game in the garden when I looked out of the window of the youngest. I get downstairs, start tidying outside a bit when I see a naked kid running around. It was 16 degrees Celsius. Suddenly I notice the hose is coming out of the garage, meaning he has connected it to the tap… I tell the oldest to put his clothes back on, while turning off the tap and disconnecting the hose. He runs at me with a watergun and fires at me, I go inside to get a towel. I think F, the girl of almost 3, is safe as she is wearing her raincoat. But when I get outside she is naked to. The oldest comes running at me and says proudly: mommy, we made a washing machine!

This is what I saw:

Daqadoodles061Ofcourse I had run back inside to get my camera. Couldn’t really get angry at them as I was laughing about it. Really everything they had on them went in. Shoes, DIAPER (no poo, don’t think they’d have done that), precious favourite teddybear (a grey hippo), pacifier, shoes, coats… all.

Nice of them to help me with the laundry ;).