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Dragon of the Sea

My last entry for the chocolate baroque colour challenge. First I had a seahorse, then a dragon, so now it’s a seadragon!

Pictures taken inside with flash, not the best but better then none!




The background had been lying around in my stash for a while, as I had made a card like this previously. As the (sea)dragons are fantasy creatures, any colour is possible. I usually make the belly another colour – usually a soft and vulnerable spot for animals – and make extensions a differnt colour as they can be used to distract, impress, or are less noticable so the “victim” doesn’t see the attack. This seadragon has a green head and wings – is it maybe because he is coming out of the water and shifting into a flying dragon? Is it because of the moonlight? I think the answer to that will stay a secret ;).


Daqadoodles150112ma204257103  Daqadoodles150112ma204322105


4 thoughts on “Dragon of the Sea

  1. Hey Debbie, I just finished leaving you a reply on my blog… And here you are posting a creation already! Glad that you got into art mode quickly 🙂 Did you draw the sea dragon? It’s an awesome mix! I’ve been wanting to draw a series of dragons for a while but haven’t gotten around to it (like so many other things). Quick question, when I reply to your blog comment do you get a notification so that you see it? I still haven’t quite figured that one out yet… Thought I’d ask the techie 😉

    • Hi Ryn,
      I wished I could draw like that! No, my drawing skills are very undeveloped :P. I like fantasy, although I think I got enough fairies now. Maybe some more creatures would be nice. A troll for the boys 🙂
      As for the comment notification: Nope, not between blogger and wordpress – I guess you don’t get a notification when I reply here either. I do get a notification when a wordpress account replies to my wordpress blog.
      Blogger and wordpress aren’t really friends ;). So I don’t get a notifcation, but I regularly try to check myself to see if there are replies.

  2. Another beauty Debbie. I have just been looking at all your entries. What has struck me with your fabulous backgrounds is that the scenes look so magical and they really bring the images to life. Thank you for playing along with the Chocolate Baroque Color challenge. Always look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    Flo xx

    • And it’s quite easy to do – get a sheet of paper, play a bit with bister. Cover approx. 1/3 of the card with bister so you have enough space to place your stamp on white bits. Colouring can be tricky, if the stamp is over the bister it can mix with the ink when you start colouring it.
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

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