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Best cousins


The date of birth of two of my neeces is only 3 weeks apart, and they lived close to eachother so you could say they are best cousins. One of them had an accident in June which resulted in heavy braindamage and from which she is recovering still today.

When their birthday was coming up I made each of them a canvas, sort of similar, to reflect their bond.

It was a bit of a new thing for me, working on those hardboard canvases, and was quite some work, but it was good to do.

Lots of photo’s ofcourse. The project is made in a few weeks, doing bits every once in a while, and letting it dry often.

I started with applying gesso to the canvasses, and painting one turqoise. I took a large foam stamp and put paint on it and nonchalantly stamped in turqoise on the white frame, and in white on the turqoiuse frame, trying to get some dimension with the paint. I then I took the TCW microbial stencil and applied copper acryllic paint. Last paint layer is with TCW star stencil, placed twice on a frame, and applied silver paint on both frames.

Daqadoodles140822vr220703 Daqadoodles140822vr220738 Daqadoodles140823za004442

Now a few shots of my messy desk (dining table) while making the flowers, butterflies and dragonflies out of tissue paper and parchment paper:

Above you can see some dragonflies and butterflies of parchment paper. I embossed some with holographic embossing powder and glow in the dark embossing powder. Maybe also silver embossing powder.

And now the flowers, drying. I did heat emboss some of them, but thne decided it took too long and the effect wasn’t that visible, so stopped after a few.


Now some positioning testing:


And when it’s glued in place:

Daqadoodles140903wo143024Daqadoodles140903wo142942   Daqadoodles140903wo142957 Daqadoodles140903wo143007Daqadoodles140903wo142847 Daqadoodles140903wo142903Daqadoodles140903wo142856

Adding this one to Vandicraft’s Artistry challenge – January: anything goes.


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