Irfanview tutorial: rename, resize and add overlay text to your images

How-to… set up irfanview

In my previous post I mentioned what you can do to tag your images. Here is the how-to with irfanview.

Irfanview is a very nice free program for some image editing and for batch conversions. Select multiple files with different extensions (different image filetypes) and convert them all to the same filetype with the same settings in a few clicks! Ok the first time it will not be a few clicks, it might take you 15 – 30 minutes, depending on how thourough you read your windows. It may take even more if you’re like me, testing the font, colour,position, size and text untill your satisfied. Then it could take you a whole evening, searching for the right font, installing that, or even ending up trying to make your own font… (then it would most likely turn into weeks before you’re set up).


Getting aquainted

We’ll start with a photo. (Or skip this for now and open only irfanview instead, go to Settings below.) The filesize of photo’s is usually quite big, which you don’t need or want when publicizing the image (unless ofcourse you are a photographer, but I think photographers don’t need additional explanation about this).
So here is my folder with the photo: (tip: to make a printscreen of just the active window instead of your entire desktop, hold down SHIFT and then hit print screen on your keyboard.)


Open your image with irfanview.

  1. I haven’t installed irfanview as my default viewer. If you do have it as default viewer, opening your image is enough. Go to step 5.
  2. If you don’t, right click an image in the folder and select “open with…”Choose irfanview from the options
  3. If it isn’t in the list, click “Select default program”. Uncheck “always use this program” (of leave it checked if you do want to use it always).
  4. Browse to the folder where it is located, select irfanview and click ok. (Next time it will be added to the list.)


Don’t forget these functionalities!

Now checkout the Edit and Image menu’s: you can resize, rotate, fine rotate (which is very nice if you have scanned your card and it was not laying straight). I’m not going into detail about these options (as I hardly use them, I use which is kind of similar to adobe photoshop.) The batch options are in the File menu though.


Overview of the Batch Conversion window (“Set for all images”)

Here is a description of the Batch Conversion window. I forgot to number it, but if you want to rename your files as well as convert them, select the option like I did in the window. Renaming can be usefull – when someone downloads your image it will offer this name for them to save it too. More chances that people will just click “ok” and your name is still attached to the image.

  1. Select what you want to be the output format.
  2. This option window applies to the chosen output format. To be honest, I don’t know what all options do, but sometimes I reduce the quality to get smaller files. Smaller files = faster loading webpages.
  3. Advanced options – This is the window where you can set the rename, resize and overlay text options. More on that later.
  4. Enter your desired naming pattern. This is the name the result file will receive, not the overlay text. I chose the name of my blog, the year, month date, hour and minute the picture was taken, followed by a number in case I took several pictures in one minute.
  5. Choose your ouput directory
  6. Add images one by one, or add all. I usually add all (I had some cases where it didn’t work to add just 1 image, so I always use add all. After converting the files I move the originals to another folder so I know I have converted these and I won’t convert them again.
  7. Start batch.


The advanced options window

  1. The resize options. I chose a percentage, but maybe I should chance to set new size. You can specify that one of the sides should be set to a certain width, the other side adjusts proportionally. (At least I think it does that)
  2. Some other options which looked usefull to have selected. Ofcourse you want to preserve aspect ratio, want a good quality and don’t want ugly blown up images.
  3. ADD OVERLAY TEXT! Finally, the option! And I will explain in a sec, just one more other thing first.
  4. Apply changes to all pages. Tiff files are files that are made of several layers. Ofcourse you want all layers to be changed the same way. I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want this option off. Also check the other miscellaneous options, you might want some of these.

And again a bulletpoint I forgot: when using different settings (for different blogs), you can save your settings. If you keep them always the same then you don’t need to save them, but hey, saving is safe, so go ahead and do save them!


The overlay text window

  1. Here you specify the size of the box in which your text can be shown. Don’t make it bigger then your images are going to be, because your text might fall off.
  2. Append copyright inserts the copyright symbol, very usefull to add. You can also add a different overlay text for each file, see the Help button.
  3. Text is transparent. Please use this, it’s usually very ugly when it isn’t. This doesn’t actually mean the text is transparent, it means the backgroundcolour of the text is transparant.
  4. Choose your Font. I downloaded a font which is free for personal use. If you do downlaod a font, check if it’s coyrighted and ok to be used. If you are going to use it commercially related, contact the author. You’d want that too! The text colour: This is a difficult one – a black text on a dark image is impossible to read. So whit text? But what if the background is light? You could choose a fluorescent colour ofcourse, shows up on almost anything. But… it’s ugly! Don’t do it, it distracts viewers from your image. Choose a calm colour, one that is not too obvious. I chose grey, it might not be completely readable on all images but to those who are interested it is probably readable enough. Also, don’t overdo the size of the text. If you want to showcase your products, don’t put huge text over it. As you can see, I forgot to leave space in my screenshots for the text. See how messy it looks? You can do better, as you’ve been warned now!

Now press OK. You are back at the “Set for all images:”window, press ok again and you are back at the “Batch conversion”window.


Convert and rename your files

Open irfanview, go to file>batch conversion, select the images you want to convert/rename, and click “start batch”. That’s it!

Do you prefer different settings? Am I forgetting something important? Did you find this usefull? I’d love to hear from you!

Unlock your creativity – Verjaardagskaart in paars en roze- birthdaycard in purple and pink

Deze verjaardagskaart heb ik voor mijn zus Kim ( gemaakt. Ze houdt van de heldere intense kleuren zoals paars en roze, dus ik heb karton in die kleuren uitgezoch. Dit jaar staan haar een aantal spannende dingen te wachten, namelijk misschien een reis naar Brazilië om daar workshops te geven, en een al geboekte reis naar India met haar familie maar ook voor het vilten. Haar droom is om haar baan als leraar te kunnen stoppen en om zich volledig te focussen op haar viltkunst, en om daarmee de kost te verdienen. / This birthdaycard was made for my sister Kim, from She loves bright colours like purple and pink, so I started by selecting cardstock in that colour. This year her has a lot of exciting things for her in store, with a possible trip to Brazil and a definite one to India for her crafting. Her dream is to quit her dayjob as a teacher and become a fulltime feltartist, to make a living with her art.

De kaart begint vrij georganiseerd van links. Naar rechts toe wordt het allemaal wat chaotischer. Het idee hierachter is dat het dagelijks leven veilig is omdat het bekend is, maar dat kan ook begrenzend werken. Het creëert onzichtbare grenzen aan je horizon, grenzen waar je je niet bewust van bent want het zijn grenzen gecreëerd door je gewoontes, je routine en de veiligheid van het bekende.
The card starts out quite organized, from the left side. As you go to the right it  gets more chaotic. The idea behind this is that daily life is safe because it’s known, but can be restricting. It creates invisible boundaries on your horizon, boundaries you’re not aware of because it’s boundaries of habits, of “being used to”, of routine and of the safety of the known.

Een verandering maken in je levensloop kan voelen alsof de grond onder je beweegt, je stabiele leven is misschien plotseling ineens heel kwetsbaar. Het is weer het grote onbekende, chaos, wat beangstigend kan zijn en een reden voor mensen is om geen nieuwe dingen te proberen. Het weerhoudt mensen ervan om een nieuwe stap te maken of om hun leven om te gooien. Mijn zoontjes kruipt nu als een speer en is bezig met te leren hoe hij moet staan, zijn wereld verandert een hoop en vaak deze eerste paar jaar. Hij ziet de limieten of grenzen nog niet, hij staat open voor nieuwe ervaringen. Natuurlijk kan dit beteken dat je jezelf pijn doet (van de commode afvallen omdat je niet weet dat eraf vallen pijn doet; dat is nog niet gebeurt maar hij probeert zichzelf soms wel zo ongeveer te lanceren!), maar het betekent ook dat je je grenzen verlegt en misschien iets bereikt waarvan anderen dachten dat het onmogelijk was. Het besef dat iets niet mogelijk is is simpelweg niet aanwezig, en daarom is de kans dat het lukt groter. Dat is ook waarom soms leken de beste ideeën hebben, ze worden niet gelimiteerd door hun kennis over het onderwerp. / To make a shift in your lifepath can feel like the ground is moving, your stabile life is suddenly maybe fragile. It is the big unknown again, chaos, which can be scary and a reason for people not to try new things. It prevents people from taking a new step or turn their life around. My little boy is speed-crawling now and learning to stand, his world is changing a lot these first few years. He doesn’t see the limits or boundaries yet, he is open to lots of new experiences. Ofcourse, it means you might get hurt (falling off a dressing table because you don’t realize dropping off it hurts – luckily that didn’t happen yet but he still tries to hurl himself off it), but it also means you stretch your limits and might even realize something others thought where impossible. The notion of something being impossible is simply not there, and therefor the chance to succeed is a lot bigger. That is why sometimes people who do not have knowledge of a certain matter come up with the best ideas, because they are not restricted by their knowledge of things (about that matter) that do not work.

Terug naar de kaart. Chaos dus – het kan beangstigend zijn, het kan betekenen dat je gekwetst raakt of dingen op moet geven die je dierbaar zijn, of dat je een zekere stabiliteit verliest, maar het maakt het ook nieuwe creaties mogelijk, nieuwe ideëen. Het vernietigt de grenzen van routine, het “gewone”. Het opent je ogen voor het ongewone, voor nieuwe dingen, inzichten en mogelijkheden./ Back to the card. So about chaos – it can be terribly scary, it can mean you get hurt or you have to give up things that are precious, or lose a certain stability, but it also enables the creation of new things, new ideas, it destroys the boundaries created by routine, safety, and “the usual”. It opens up your eyes for the unusual, for new things, insights and new possibilities.

Ik heb dit geprobeerd te verwoorden in een klein gedicht. Het is in het engels, ik zal proberen het te vertalen naar het nederlands:

Bevrijd je volledige potentie
Laat je passie/geest vrij
Vergeet hoe het vroeger was
En hoe “het hoort” te zijn


Vrees de chaos niet
Laat de orde los
Want in chaos huist de creatie
Van dingen die we nu nog niet kennen

I also tried to phrase this in a little poem. It is in english, I will try to translate it to Dutch. (see above)

Leuk detail: Het lettertype dat ik gebruikt heb is Alice in Wonderland ( / Funny detail: The lettertype I used is called Alice in Wonderland (

Bij de envelop ging ik ook nog los, leuk gespeeld met stempels en mooie kleuren (adressen zijn eruit verwijderd)/ I went wild with the envelop, I played with the stamps and pretty colors. (adresses edited out)

Is het erg duidelijk dat dit mijn eerste project was met de Cuttlebug? Ik wilde natuurlijk gelijk vanalles uitproberen. / Is it very obvious this was my first project with the Cuttlebug? I wanted to try out lots of things ofcourse!