Spring is pink

I posted a snapshot of the finished background on facebook allready, but here is how I made it.


Put some pink/soft purple tones on the paper, then place the stencil and go over it with a brighter colour. Make sure it’s dry, and use anti-static bag. Put the stencil back in place, dab some embossing ink through it with a sponge, remove the stencil ans sprinkle clear embossing powder on it. Tap off the excess embossingpowder (ofcourse pour it back in the jar) and heat it with the heating tool.

I’m not sure if I added the dots before or after this, could very well be before this step. The dots are a tim holts stencil, and one part was done with mdelling paste and acryllic paint and the other with ink spray I think. Not sure anymore…



Next, take some contrasting colours (not too hard, but light) and ink it over the image.

Below the paper is cut in 2, for 2 cards. First picture is with a flash, second without.Daqadoodles150409do194539004 Daqadoodles150409do194525003

This last card turned into this one:


I added the butterfly, it was a precut vellum shape, which I coloured with alcohol inks a while ago. The stamp is from ArtSpecially.Daqadoodles150415wo084140004 Daqadoodles150415wo084148003

The second card still isn’t finished, I got a very pretty fairy to put on it, but it covers too much of the background. Maybe I should leave it as it is? Less is More? Hmm. but the fairy matches it so well… I guess I’l have to make another background like this.

This is my first entry for the Designs by Ryn May Customer Creation Challenge.

Enjoy the simple things

A while ago I saw a post from Cornelia at Stempel-Spass (Fun Stamping) about creating your own borders., it was a one layer card. I can’t find the post at the moment but I asked Cornelia if she knew which post I meant, I’ll add the link to the post later. I found it: OWL again, post in May, and I see now she was inspired by someone else as well: Janet a.k.a Swanlady

I was inspired by that technique and tried it out myself. Well, inspired… To be sure I did it right I copied her card, maybe with a change of stamp, colour and/or text, but I’m sure the layout is the same. I do know I had a flower branch off from the side, to emphasize the text: Enjoy the little things. It’s that one flower in all that green, that one branch being out of line, that you can enjoy. See it, and enjoy it’s unrulyness. It’s will to be seen.

I had a conversation with a neighbour that week or a week later, who said she had a hard time as a friend had passed. She said she admired how he could enjoy and appreciate the here and now, the things around him. He enjoyed their walks together, enjoyed the park, the trees… we both agreed people should stop and take the time to see things around them and to appreciate / enjoy them.

I thought of this card, and how very suitable it was for this situation. It was like it was meant to be.

Rarely do I make simple cards, as I just can’t stop decorating and such, but I had this one simple card. This one card, not overly joyful or ful of happiness, but this solemn card of peace and hope. A card that fit with dying and life.

I didn’t take that many pictures as I still didn’t think it was perfect (I think it’s obvious to see what I meant), but it was perfect for the occasion, and very very well received, she had needed it. So I am thankfull for this imperfect card, and Cornelia’s inspiration.

So here it is, another imperfect perfect card (I am good at making those, it seems.)


Materials used:

  • ArtSpecially stamp: Takte time to enjoy the simple things in life
  • Prima Marketing Stamp: #551087, Pixie Glen
  • Dies:
  • Marianne Design Creatables LR0257 Tak en bloem
  • Joy! Crafts Vintage Flourishes Noor! Design 6003/0026 Branch leaves thin
    Joy! Crafts Vintage Flourishes Noor! Design 6002/0137 Grass border

Ah I made it in May, I see from my order. I used the ink and textstamp I ordered from the stamping cottage, and I bet the grass border was fairly new as well – it was made by die cutting a grass border with Joy Crafts! Grass border die, then using the left over cardstock as a mask. The branch that is sticking out is a Marianne Design die (or rather, the negative of the die is used as mask) and the other branches are a Joy!Crafts vintage flourish die (both the diecut and the negative of the diecut used as a mask). The rose is from the set Pixie Glen by Prima Marketing (#551087, I looked it up).

I’d like to enter with this card in the following challenges:

  • The stamping cottageChallenge #2: make your own background and use flowers – (ends in 2 or 3 days) I do hope one little simple flower counts! Hmm but this isn’t really a background, is it? If it doesn’t count, then it’s ok, I’ll try again next time! Still, I would like to spread the word of the challenges, so I’ll post this anyway.
    Even een stukje nederlands: Volgens mij voldoet mijn kaart niet aan de criteria, er is niet echt een grote achtergrond (het zijn meer randen) en er is ook maar 1 klein bloemetje. Ik heb gewoon te weinig tijd om nog een nieuwe kaart te maken voordat de challenge afgelopen is, en ik maak de challenge graag bekender, dus ik stuur deze kaart toch in. Maar disqualificatie is niet erg hoor! Als ik niet aan de regels voldoe, voldoe ik er niet aan. Zo simpel is het.

Argh the other card I’ve got with a beautifull selfmade background and stamp that fits the requirements doesn’t really have a flower on it (well it does, but it’s not the focus).

Unfortunately I won’t have any time this weekend for cardmaking, but now I’ll know there is a challenge at the stamping cottage.

Untill next time!