Altered book – canvas

I especially left the caryons in, as she had seen another crayon art piece and had liked it a lot.

I especially left the caryons in, as she had seen another crayon art piece and had liked it a lot.

With better colours - I loved the card, was fast, quite simple but perfect.

With better colours – I loved the card, was fast, quite simple but perfect.

Made back in August but didn’t take the time yet to blog about it. I still don’t have time, so I’ll just upload lots of pictures I have from it and add coments with the pictures.

The reason for this book was that my best friend got married. Her best man asked everyone to alter a book (e.g. making a simple bookcover, theme was: a dancing couple) and write something for the newlyweds in the book. (I forgot about the last part, was too focused on altering the book!). The type of book could be one you love and thought they ought to read, or an old one to be altered totally.

It was late in the evening, and I was lost. I couldn’t remember the way to the hotel. The streets seemed empty an quiet. Or not? Music… I followed it, hoping to get directions to my hotel. The music was dragging me towards it, beconing me. I turned another corner a weak light come out of a door. That was the origin of the music. I walked to the door and stood in the opening. There was a heavy aroma in the air. It was dark, not much light. There was a light moving, shining . A dancing couple – I can’t remember if there were any other people there, the dancing couple hypnotized me. They seemed oblivious of their surroundings, totally immersed into eachother. The red rose in the hair of the lady, the red dress, the stare of the man.. I don’t remember how long I stood there in the dark untill someone offered me a drink. He guessed I was a stranger here by the way I had been staring at the dancers. I felt a bit embarressed, and said I had never seen people dance like this before. This intimate, close, passionate. What dance is this, I asked.

This, the man said, is the Tango.

I am adding this to the Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge of february: Antiqued.


Some other projects in progress…

…back in August. A key-hanger, decorated letter and a Darth Vader furniture knob.

(I’ve been a bit ill last week, and still very busy with Sinterklaas, now I finally have some time and engery to post what I’ve been doing. Not yet the energy to craft though).

They haven’t changed a lot since the pictures.
First, the more plain projects.

Sleutelhanger / keychain

I decorated wooden “things” to use as sleutelhanger (key-hanger?).


I tested my pyromancy skills (a wood burning tool) – I guess this isn’t the best wood to use it on. Too soft.Daqadoodles140723wo134103

And another lesson: write the text the other way around if you want to hang it by the big hole in the hanger. You can see I made a tag-shaped one earlier, sort of same process using turqoise and copper acryllic paint.


Decorated letter

My next project: decorate a letter for my daughter, to put or hang in her room. She is (now) 2 years old.

This was at the table outside obviously. Just crafting in between toys.


Time to get messy. I had allready glued design paper on the letter, and added some ribbon to the outer edges.Daqadoodles140805di125208 Daqadoodles140805di125217

I’m not sure what I wanted to do, I guess I wanted to try out the colours. They were too vibrant / not matching the design paper so I didn’t use them.Daqadoodles140805di125248

Here is what I used instead.



Gold glitter embossed edges:Daqadoodles140805di133644

These are glued on now (or 2 are) but that’s about it. And it’s standing on the piano, not in her room as we haven’t got a shelve to put it on yet.

Dart Vader furniture knob / pull
Darth Vader knop of handgreep

Now the next project is really cool, I forgot where I got the inspiration from. A Darth Vader furniture knob. (Darth Vader knop.) Could be

I had an icecube tray and lots of leftover hot glue (due to me messing with my new mod melts mold and using toouch glue). Making this one used up a lot of glue, much more then the leftover glue I had.

I made just one. If you check out the link, you see that they didn’t put the bolt inside the glue/material. That might look better inside the drawer, I’d have to saw a bit of my bolt off (or accept that there is a part of the bolt sticking out into the drawer). Anyway, this is just a prototype.

Also, if you’d want to make more of these with the bolts in the materials, here are a few tips: take a wooden paintstick, drill holes with a diameter larger then the bolt (but only slightly larger), and glue some nuts on.

Next, turn in the bolts, all approx. the same height. Then put the bolts in the material, making sure the wooden stirring stick doesn’t touch the glue.

The glue stays hot and fluid for some time, but probably not long enough to fill up all shapes and then add the nuts. If it looks like it’s cooling too much, just dip the nose of you glue gun in.

Anyway here was my setup:


The result:Daqadoodles140820wo145843




I painted it with cheap acryllic paint. I should have used gesso first. I didn’t have black, so couldn’t use that. In case you’re wondernig what he hangs into now, it’s the side of my chest of drawers. I drilled holes in the sides and into the drawers and put a dowel in it to prevent my children from opening the drawers (with my hobby materials). The eldest is 3 1/2 now and hasn’t yet noticed how it works, he just ignores the drawers. My middle child (2 now) is occasionally trying out if the drawers open, as sometimes I forget to put the dowels back in place.

So far so good, but there will be a time when they discover how it works.


Oooh I just realized…. if I glue nuts to the inside of the drawer I could use Darth Vader to close them! I might do this after my kids have figured out how the dowels work (push them in the drawer with a pencil) as this guy stands out a bit more then dowels.

For now, the guy is lying around in one of my boxes, waiting for his final treatments and placement. it’s been fun making him. Next time I might try out other materials, although hot glue is something I have in my drawers allready.


Seapearls encrusted Tissuebox

I’ve got the perfect thing to do for a busy mom with young kids and no time – it will be a project made by you and your kids, and will look gorgeous.

Or at least you will think it is gorgoues, as you made it with your kids…



A while ago I showed pictures of a wooden tissuebox holder my kids had painted.

Here are the pictures again:

Just make sure you stop them at the right time, or they’ll mix all the paint into brown/grey. I used mostly kids paint, but gave my eldest a bit of good red acryllig paint, that’s what is (or rather, was) at the top. When I was away with the middle one (the girl with the yellow/green apron), I gave him a cloth to clean the table with. When I got back he was also cleaning the just painted box. I stopped him in time before he removed too much of the paint. It looked a bit less intense, but still ok.

Painting with the kids: Let the kids paint, have a few items to paint ready so you can take away the box when it’s done. Let them do their thing, don’t try to make it pretty at this point. You can help a bit ofcourse in spreading the paint out a bit more evenly, and giving them brushes for each colour. My eldest is 3 1/2, the other one wasn’t yet 2 in this picture. Don’t stress. Don’t try to make something yourself, only assist them.


If it’s possible, craft at a table near the sink or have a bucket of water with soap nearby, so the worst can be wiped off the hands and table when they’re done, and the brushes can be thrown in also (so they don’t pick it up and use it on something else when you are away a few steps getting a cloth…). Still, be prepared to have to clean a bit here and there (don’t forget the edge of the table or chair!). Sounds like lots of work, and sometimes it’s more stressful then other times, but it gets easier every time you do it, as the kids know what to expect, they get older, and you know what to expect, and get older. You learn what is a good time to do it, how to prepare, how long to leave them be, which items to have ready. So, they’re done and I distracted them with something else while I clean up.

It dried, and became a bit dull. That happens with kids paint.

This is as far as the kids got involved. I had intended it to be a gift for their grandma, but it looked a bit boring (sorry, kids). It missed something.

A while later. (weeks?)

Be home with the kids. Realize they’re playing nicely with eachother and are not requiring/asking/screaming for your attention at the moment.
Take the box outside, put down some old newspaper or old storage box, grab your can of clear spray coating (varnish, lak, lacquer,) and spray. I didn’t bother about doing it very well, I did put a thick layer on it. I coated the box with clear gloss varnish spray – it makes the colours more intense again. As the wood was untreated, the varnish got absorbed quite well, even a second coat didn’t cover all, but that was ok. (Which reminds me, I should coat it a few more times now that it’s finished, to preserve it).
This takes about 5 minutes. Make sure they haven’t seen you do it, or see where you place the spray varnish, then go back inside. Leave the box in a safe place to dry.


Then I had some fun with the stamps from Design by Ryn. Tissues are ofcourse used for wiping liquids away, so why not use the waterstamps?

This can be done quick. Get Stazon out, stamps, acryllic block.
I stamped with black, turqoise and olive green (I think).
Go back to your kids now, they’re probably chasing eachother in a someone-is-bound-to-get-hurt-way by now. Or have noticed you stamping and want to stamp as well, in which case you still have to put away the stazon. (I don’t let them play with any other ink then the distress inks, not that those are made with children in mind, but I got most of them and they are waterbased).

Next stage:

I added highlights to the drops with a white gelpen but wiped over it slightly as they were very bright. I only added highlights in a few places. I used glossy accents on all waterdrops/droplets. Do this one side at a time, placing the side up. If you do the sides all at once, the glossy accents will run down over the stamp. I did use a lot, trying to create more dimension. Be generous in using it, no cheapskating here.


So that’s 5 sides, takes about 1 minute for each side. Perfect to do in between things, as it’s best to not start another side untill the previous has dried.


Next, or together with the glossy accents, add liquid pearls / perlen pens per side. Choose a variety of colours but not too much. I think I preferred the colour scheme where I only used a few colours, as with more colours the stamp gets lost. Start with 2 colours and let dry. Why? the liquid pearls is still liquid ofcourse when you apply it. If you put another pearl next to it, they will run into eachother. So don’t place pearls next to eachother, or at least, not too often. (I did sometimes as I was impatient).


To get the liquid pearls on all sides takes several days, depending on how often per day you can add pearls and how fast they dry.


And that’s it!


Except for another layer of varnish probably. I did spray it once more after having done half the top of the box, but then decided I wanted to decorate the sides as well and spraying wasn’t needed at that time. If you want to clean it with a damp cloth regularly, I’d say seal it with some varnish. Ofcourse, no spray varnish necessary, that’s just easiest.

Daqadoodles141109zo13051308As you can see, I added some colouring with the white gelpen, to make the stamp stand out more. I was not what I had in mind, it was too prominent, so didn’t repeat it on the other sides.

Ofcourse you could also add the lovely fishes, or the mermaids. Those would look great. Hmm and stencils? The fishscales stamps. Decoupage diecuts on it… oh but wait, not too much, it’s about showint your kids and your art together. So no fishes or other extra’s for me, it’s good as it is now.


Now I really like the box. Sorry, mom, I keep this one myself….

My heart belongs to you

The card I made for my partner, who had his birthday 13 days after our son was born. I loved making it, and like the card whic is a bit of a mixed media metal foil canvas card. I started making it the evening before his birthday, and finished in the afternoon of his birthday – he was working.


Let me show you the mess on my desk. Not unusual when I’m crafting, although lately it’s been less of a mess – less time, so using less different techniques. You can see the main part of the card is allready finished in this picture, and I’m working on a frame or background now.


I used some leftovers for this project, and also made some new embellishments.

Daqadoodles140715di232214The cogs, green/copper swirls were leftovers. Not sure if the heart and hinge were. The flower and keyhole are new. I used two embossing folders, first a metal plate one, polished lightly after embossing. Then a tools embossing folder, and polished after embossing too.


Making very shiny and glossy pieces – cut out the heart and emboss (or the other way around), ink up, then spray with perfect pearls mist copper, and add glossy accents.

The border with the hinges I thought of a bookcover or door, so had to make a door/cover frame ofcourse.


Lovely intense colours.


I replaced the stencil, dabbed embossing ink on it, and heat embossed it with copper embossing powder.Daqadoodles140715di235647

The idea was to have more blue shown through, but I had stamped the embossing ink too much. Loved how it turned out anyway!

I especially loved the left part, so I tore it off and cut it in two pieces, and glued those further apart on a bigger piece of cardstock. I added some more ink to the edge. The main part later on hides the cut.


Also quite new for me is playing with aluminium foil and alcohol inks (and add to that, embossing).  Ofcourse that wasn’t flawles, I found the aluminium foil still very shiny, it tore up a bit so you saw the card underneath, and I’m not good at using alcohol inks (yet). I bet having holes in the foil and using that foil adds an extra difficulty level to it ;).

Finished, hanging on a fence outside



And in the grass, where you can see how it shines.




Alien Art

I post all my projects. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Next one doesn’t fall into the first category, but to document and show my learning process/curve, I post this anyway.

The background  was made the same time as the background in the previous post, and added bits of chipboard to it too.


I use the ufo stamp from made by boefje,  The Three Leaves set from Designs by Ryn, the smaller leaf is also from Designs by Ryn, gloss/paper pens, wooden butterflies, distress paint, Crafters Companion text stamp.

Let’s not start at the beginning this time, but halfway through when I didn’t now how to go on from there. It was (is) a bit of an experimental card, trying to incorporate left overs, bits of chipboard. So this is what I had. I didn’t think I could ever turn this into an acceptable card, some sloppy stamping, strange square chipboard pieces, no masking (the U.F.O’s and the leaves are overlapping a lot without masking).

Daqadoodles141005zo173344And now. What to do with the chipboard pieces? They look a bit too much like glued on chipboard pieces still. After some pondering I remembered the little butterflies I had, they were perfect! Like mounted butterflies, trophies on the wall only now strangely soaring through the sky. Hence the text.  The previous card reminded me of wind, arcane spells in the air behind the fairy. The items on this card also seem to be tossed around in the wind.

The text stamp – well, there was not enough contrast between the textand backgrounds, so I went around the letters with a gell pen, where the letters were stamped on an ufo. You can see that I slid a bit with the leaf stamp on the paint, it was a bit slick. I don’t mind, as the stamps got some extra shading and appear to be tossed. (Ok, I only just made that up). All along making the card the focus was on experimenting and mindlessly having fun with the gloss pens from Viva Decor.


Now I still don’t think I’d ever send it, but I think I kind of like the card.
It’s a strange card, but not too bad for some experimenting.

Alien Art.

Arcane Dreams

Thinking of a title for this card, I thought it was dreamlike, hypnotized, trance, drugs… What’s with me and drugs lately? I never used it and don’t want to start now. Lack of sleep is good enough to make you feel dizzy :P.

Anyway, trance, hypnotic, that sort of fits. Arcane. Arcane! That’s it, why didn’t I think of that sooner.

So humpadabum, here she is, our Arcane musician, wielding her harp to cast her dreamspell on you.


Fairy is from Designs By Ryn, the word Dreams is from Christina Renee clearstamp set (not sold anymore), the sun is from Stampinback (IIRC), the burst is from Chocolate Baroque. The chipboard things on it are remains of the Albert Heyns promotional goods. Albert Heyn, or AH, is a big supermarket chain which regularly has cardboard/paper things to collect for kids. this time the theme is “a farmers life”. Used in this card is 1 egg and some left overs. 1 egg? yup. Slide the two most eggshaped figures into eachogher and you have a 3d egg out of paper. (top view of the egg is a + ). I hope I didn’t ruin your thoughts about this card now, that you see eggs everytime you look at it. I think I jinxed that now, having said that…

So I glued some bits and pieces onto a card, added distress paint ranomly, a Design by Ryn fish scale stamp (forgot to mention that) and some more paint.


I stamped the fairy, coloured her, then stamped her again onto tissue paper, coloured her again and decoupaged her onto the first image.


edit: inserted the next mage.


I changed the colours of her dress on the second stamp, but kept the colours of her wings largely the same so it would be more intense. Above photo: no sparkles on her wings.


Next I stamped the Dreams text in cherry pink stazon. I thought it would match. I have no pictures of that for a reason. The pink just screamed out at me, like a Paris Hilton pink barbie something.

So I stamped over it twice, I inked up the stamp mostly with gothic purple (left some uninked at the top) and next again in black, inking mostly only the bottom part. I added some sparkles on the wings, and drops, made a frame to mat it on and assembled it all.

Another tip: I never use a whole sheet of paper to mat my card on, as postage is 1 stamp for 0-20g, above it’s 2 stamps. And 20g is easily to get to with self made cards and envelopes. Also, I save the cut out bits to use for other cards.


Next up is Alien Art, a card made similar to this one.

Arcane Dreams is my third entry to Designs by Ryn October Customer Creation Challenge. (always anything goes, but must use Design by Ryn’s stamps).

Little things with Big effects

21 finished projects to go, 5 projects at 85%, 1 project at 25-75% (depending on how much I want to add ofcourse), and then about 30 background bits waiting to be used. My goal is to use my scraps, the bits and pieces I put aside when making other cards, the extra backgrounds I (accidentally) made. Ofcourse, once in a while I start from scratch again (or, like when I played with metallic paint, I made lots of bits to create cards from – mostly stamped images centerd on a piece of paper, so that’s about 20 card-starters more..)

What’s with these numbers? It’s the amount of unposted projects / cards. I craft harder then I post!

Let’s take one finished project off the list and blog about it now. Oh I forgot, it’s not finished yet, as I am still thinking about adding a sentiment. I know what the sentiment should be about (little things, big impact, something along those lines) but don’t know the exact quote / line yet, nor how I’ll get it on the canvas.

The canvas I’m talking about is a canvas with melted crayons on it.


I wanted to do this ever since I saw it on a blog about 3 years ago?

I feel melty – Light and Spoon by JK create

Check out my pinterest: To Do board for a few more crayon art things.

I once gave it a half try, but that didn’t look good. The project below does.


Little things with Big effects



Used materials:

  • Crayons and heat gun
  • Distress ink
  • Cell theory 12 x 12 crafter’s workshop template
  • mmodelling paste
  • Stazon ink
  • White gel pen
  • Glossy accents
  • Stamp from School of Fish set from Designs by Ryn
  • Trickling water from Designs by Ryn
  • Rising bubbles from Designs by Ryn
  • Sea Bubbles from Deigns by Ryn
  • Paper/gloss pens
  • Black sooth distress marker.

How to make it


I started out on a flat canvas by sponging with festive berries (and maybe a bit of ripe persimmon on the top) distress ink through the cell theory template, removed the stencil and smeared the ink out a bit more (it didn’t dry very well). Next, I repositioned the stencil and applied molding paste – the molding paste absorbs the colour of the ink. When that was dry I applied blue distress ink – probably my favourite blue: Peacock Feathers. Then take a moist cloth and wipe off the distress ink off the molding paste.

Putting up the crayons this way is not advised – once the crayons start melting they will come loose ofcourse. It was a very hot day – too hot for me to be outside, so I left them outside and went on to cutting out shapes for other cards inside. I had fun stmaping the images (onto normal 140g paper) and colouring with distress ink on acryllic block, and occasionally some neocolors. Less fun was cutting it all out, I think I have half of it still waiting to be cut out, 1/4 is used on cards (still to be blogged about), and 1/4 is cut out but not used yet. Adding to my stash.


Back to the crayons… they didn’t melt in the sun, so in the afternoon I moved inside and used my heat gun. (Did I mention it was a very hot day allready?). No pictures of the process, was too busy :). It did smell a bit, as the wax also bubbled (heated too much?). The top half of the melted part has a different “texture” – before the wax was completely cooled off I pressed some cardstock against it.

I don’t have pictures of the process, only pictures of the finished piece now.

I heated the heat wax a bit again and stamped the little fish – this was a bit of trial an error. Too hot and the image won’t hold, too cold and there is no impression. It was a bit scary to use a stamp on hot stuff, then again, I don’t think rubber melts before wax melts, and I didn’t press it in hot bubbling wax. I was able to stamp on it with stazon, but the lines weren’t very clear. After I had done the fish, I dared to use other stamps and continued with the rising bubbles and trickling water.


The stamped images weren’t all to clear because of the unflat surface –  I only heated the lower part of the bubbles, wanting those to sink in and the others to be more on the surface (no pun intended!). I traced the outlines with black sooth marker – as it’s sort of an oily/gloss surface the ink dries very slowly. [I just made new pictures and slightly rubbed over it – it is dry. (Harder rubbing would ofcourse remove some wax and the ink!)]. I also used a white gell pen for highlights. I dotted the highlights as drawing isn’t possible in the wax, and had to clean the tip of the gell pen every few dots or it would become clogged. So be careful, use an old one if possible.

Next, I added Rangers glossy accents all over the fish and the lower bubbles.


Last bit was adding the paper pen / glossy pen accents.



Picture made with flash, in the evening inside. Here you can see the shiny bits and gloss on it very well.

Picture made with flash, in the evening inside. Here you can see the shiny bits and gloss on it very well.


Picture made without flash, inside in the evening.

Picture made without flash, inside in the evening.


So maybe it still needs words and a frame, but that’s the last bit, and I’m not very good at the end details :P.

On the other hand, I like it as it is now, with no words on it. It has a title, maybe I should hang it on the wall with the title beneath it. IT’s only an A5 size, so not very big for on the wall, but with the intensity of the colours it catches the eye easily enough.