Crafting kids

No, I don’t mean making kids, I think you all know how that goes. No, this is about my kids crafting. As a passionate crafter I ofcourse craft often with my kids. Usually that meant covering a table with a plastic cover, get the paint out, some sheets of paper and brushes. While they start I go prepare a bucket of soapy water to rinse the hands and worst things at the table. It usually ends in me being stressed – as the kids put their hands in the paint in the end, and while I am busy with one the other is starting to get down from the chair (with painty clothes etc) – and me telling them to stop. Meanwhile the 3rd has grabbed the cloth and is “helping” me wipe the table – meaning also wiping through the paint and actually making more of a mess. I wonder why I thought it was a good idea to go painting with them.

Then I think, the more I do this, the easier it gets as the kids will learn what to do, how to clean the stuff and what not to do.

When we go paper crafting – that means, me tracing a birdhouse, cutting it out, (twice), and giving it to the 4 and almost 3yr old to decorate. Last time the 4yr old crumpled it as he was angry because I didn’t do something the way he wanted me to do it, and the 3 yr old scribbled the paper in (less than) 1 minute and then was done. Sigh. Too young still for that crafting.

The oldest loves playing mailman. He gets items, or snippets of paper, and starts delivering them. (Yup, everywhere in the house. Especially annoying when he has chosen items that should stay together, like cards from a memory game…) Sometimes he just gets some paper, and starts cutting snippets of them.

From since he was younger he was allowed to help me with the cuttlebug – even the youngest now (barely 1) wants to participate and this is how he can help. They turn the handle. (Ofcourse I help them). Freya occasionally needs help, Tobias has learned now to do it on his own! He now even understands how he needs to build the stack: White plate, thin plate with the sticker, folder with paper (I’m not sure yet if he really understands about putting the folded side in first, but so far he did this almost every time), and another thin plate with sticker. He also knows, that with the white folders, he needs only the white plate and the thick plate without sticker. (The M-bossability folders are thicker and require only and A and C plate).

I showed him the technique of rubbing a crayon over the embossed parts, and then adding ink. He is allowed to use the waterbased inks. He knows now to replace the lids when he’s done (most of the time) and that he needs to use the correct sponge. Ofcourse I limit his colour choice. I’ve got 4 mini’s which I put down for him, if he wants other colours I ofcourse search the correct sponge with it. And ofcourse I remain present when he is crafting. 239 Techniques you can do with a Cuttlebug / embossing folder – Mel Stampz – technique 11

He also discovered my paper pens and can use them quite ok. Ofcourse I have to get them away at some point as he starts squirting it too much.  With die cuts they still need some assistance, but that is going well too.

He loved making cards the other day, and has done so several times since. He wanted to mail them to people, so he send out several cards and was very proud when people told him they liked his cards.

So here are the pictures of him and his sister making them (youngest was playing very sweet on the floor):


Altered book – canvas

I especially left the caryons in, as she had seen another crayon art piece and had liked it a lot.

I especially left the caryons in, as she had seen another crayon art piece and had liked it a lot.

With better colours - I loved the card, was fast, quite simple but perfect.

With better colours – I loved the card, was fast, quite simple but perfect.

Made back in August but didn’t take the time yet to blog about it. I still don’t have time, so I’ll just upload lots of pictures I have from it and add coments with the pictures.

The reason for this book was that my best friend got married. Her best man asked everyone to alter a book (e.g. making a simple bookcover, theme was: a dancing couple) and write something for the newlyweds in the book. (I forgot about the last part, was too focused on altering the book!). The type of book could be one you love and thought they ought to read, or an old one to be altered totally.

It was late in the evening, and I was lost. I couldn’t remember the way to the hotel. The streets seemed empty an quiet. Or not? Music… I followed it, hoping to get directions to my hotel. The music was dragging me towards it, beconing me. I turned another corner a weak light come out of a door. That was the origin of the music. I walked to the door and stood in the opening. There was a heavy aroma in the air. It was dark, not much light. There was a light moving, shining . A dancing couple – I can’t remember if there were any other people there, the dancing couple hypnotized me. They seemed oblivious of their surroundings, totally immersed into eachother. The red rose in the hair of the lady, the red dress, the stare of the man.. I don’t remember how long I stood there in the dark untill someone offered me a drink. He guessed I was a stranger here by the way I had been staring at the dancers. I felt a bit embarressed, and said I had never seen people dance like this before. This intimate, close, passionate. What dance is this, I asked.

This, the man said, is the Tango.

I am adding this to the Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge of february: Antiqued.

Little things with Big effects

21 finished projects to go, 5 projects at 85%, 1 project at 25-75% (depending on how much I want to add ofcourse), and then about 30 background bits waiting to be used. My goal is to use my scraps, the bits and pieces I put aside when making other cards, the extra backgrounds I (accidentally) made. Ofcourse, once in a while I start from scratch again (or, like when I played with metallic paint, I made lots of bits to create cards from – mostly stamped images centerd on a piece of paper, so that’s about 20 card-starters more..)

What’s with these numbers? It’s the amount of unposted projects / cards. I craft harder then I post!

Let’s take one finished project off the list and blog about it now. Oh I forgot, it’s not finished yet, as I am still thinking about adding a sentiment. I know what the sentiment should be about (little things, big impact, something along those lines) but don’t know the exact quote / line yet, nor how I’ll get it on the canvas.

The canvas I’m talking about is a canvas with melted crayons on it.


I wanted to do this ever since I saw it on a blog about 3 years ago?

I feel melty – Light and Spoon by JK create

Check out my pinterest: To Do board for a few more crayon art things.

I once gave it a half try, but that didn’t look good. The project below does.


Little things with Big effects



Used materials:

  • Crayons and heat gun
  • Distress ink
  • Cell theory 12 x 12 crafter’s workshop template
  • mmodelling paste
  • Stazon ink
  • White gel pen
  • Glossy accents
  • Stamp from School of Fish set from Designs by Ryn
  • Trickling water from Designs by Ryn
  • Rising bubbles from Designs by Ryn
  • Sea Bubbles from Deigns by Ryn
  • Paper/gloss pens
  • Black sooth distress marker.

How to make it


I started out on a flat canvas by sponging with festive berries (and maybe a bit of ripe persimmon on the top) distress ink through the cell theory template, removed the stencil and smeared the ink out a bit more (it didn’t dry very well). Next, I repositioned the stencil and applied molding paste – the molding paste absorbs the colour of the ink. When that was dry I applied blue distress ink – probably my favourite blue: Peacock Feathers. Then take a moist cloth and wipe off the distress ink off the molding paste.

Putting up the crayons this way is not advised – once the crayons start melting they will come loose ofcourse. It was a very hot day – too hot for me to be outside, so I left them outside and went on to cutting out shapes for other cards inside. I had fun stmaping the images (onto normal 140g paper) and colouring with distress ink on acryllic block, and occasionally some neocolors. Less fun was cutting it all out, I think I have half of it still waiting to be cut out, 1/4 is used on cards (still to be blogged about), and 1/4 is cut out but not used yet. Adding to my stash.


Back to the crayons… they didn’t melt in the sun, so in the afternoon I moved inside and used my heat gun. (Did I mention it was a very hot day allready?). No pictures of the process, was too busy :). It did smell a bit, as the wax also bubbled (heated too much?). The top half of the melted part has a different “texture” – before the wax was completely cooled off I pressed some cardstock against it.

I don’t have pictures of the process, only pictures of the finished piece now.

I heated the heat wax a bit again and stamped the little fish – this was a bit of trial an error. Too hot and the image won’t hold, too cold and there is no impression. It was a bit scary to use a stamp on hot stuff, then again, I don’t think rubber melts before wax melts, and I didn’t press it in hot bubbling wax. I was able to stamp on it with stazon, but the lines weren’t very clear. After I had done the fish, I dared to use other stamps and continued with the rising bubbles and trickling water.


The stamped images weren’t all to clear because of the unflat surface –  I only heated the lower part of the bubbles, wanting those to sink in and the others to be more on the surface (no pun intended!). I traced the outlines with black sooth marker – as it’s sort of an oily/gloss surface the ink dries very slowly. [I just made new pictures and slightly rubbed over it – it is dry. (Harder rubbing would ofcourse remove some wax and the ink!)]. I also used a white gell pen for highlights. I dotted the highlights as drawing isn’t possible in the wax, and had to clean the tip of the gell pen every few dots or it would become clogged. So be careful, use an old one if possible.

Next, I added Rangers glossy accents all over the fish and the lower bubbles.


Last bit was adding the paper pen / glossy pen accents.



Picture made with flash, in the evening inside. Here you can see the shiny bits and gloss on it very well.

Picture made with flash, in the evening inside. Here you can see the shiny bits and gloss on it very well.


Picture made without flash, inside in the evening.

Picture made without flash, inside in the evening.


So maybe it still needs words and a frame, but that’s the last bit, and I’m not very good at the end details :P.

On the other hand, I like it as it is now, with no words on it. It has a title, maybe I should hang it on the wall with the title beneath it. IT’s only an A5 size, so not very big for on the wall, but with the intensity of the colours it catches the eye easily enough.