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Santoro – Willow, The guide

While browsing an online shop I came across some pretty stamps – or stamp images. Reminded me of Alphonse (o?) Mucha, or some of the indie-games I play. A bohemian style which I like a lot. It were stamps which were derived from artwork, it seemed. A bit like sweet-pea stamps. It’s always a question how much derivation there is, and how the effect of the stamp will be. I’m sure it’s well known to especially UK bloggers, the Santoro brand – from the Gorjuss stamps and items which you see much more. But this was the Mirabelle and Willow set which attracted my attention.

Let me show you the image:

bought from http://scrapbookdepot.nl (sold out now, but probably also available in other stores).

Don’t you just love it? In case you don’t, don’t worry, I do 😛

But what would the stamp be like? I had seen one example on pinterest, which looked good, but it was stamped with black and I figured I whould have less visible lines, so I chose green to stamp with. (dark red is my next option).

Hmm it’s late, I’m going to “afraffelen” – finish this post asap, with pictures. For this first try, I wanted to mimic the artwork as best as I could. Ofcourse, the idea of a stamp is that you can vary with it (and not copy the artwork?) but not this time for me.

Here is a scan of the card, where the gold doesn't reflect the lamplight. Much better this way.

Here is a scan of the card, where the gold doesn’t reflect the lamplight. Much better this way.


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