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What lies behind?

At first, the title was Open your heart. Or another cheesy title: The door to my heart is always open to you. But that is not what intrigues me about (old/beautiful) gates – what intrigues me is what could lie behind. Do you know the movie “The secret garden” (I think with Shirly Temple, or one of the other old remakes?) – Like that. A discovery somewhere in the back of a wall, a bush. A secret world.

Who knows what is to find behind these gates?


Inspiration for this card comes from Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge April: Instagram


Background tiles is a Chocolate Baroque stamp (abstract fragments), the background flowers/green is Chocolbate Broque as well, (texture fragments set). The Heart is from Heartfelt Creations, and the green pattern on the back card is mate with a Mosaic tiles stencil from TCW.


I originally wanted to make a fairy/gnome door for a tree with clothespins (wasknijpers),
pained brown first but painted them green after. I also made a little roof.

Daqadoodles150411za214000001 Daqadoodles150411za214051014 Daqadoodles150411za214919013

So I got a green door and green roof now, and that’s as far as I got… need to saw the corners of the door away so the (curved) roof matches it better, but we only have big saws not a small one :P. Maybe I’ll finish it in time and post it as well, but I doubt it, it’s been a very busy month again, and still is.


6 thoughts on “What lies behind?

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    • Thank you! I see there are only 3 participants this month – I’d suggest only picking a winner if there are more then, let’s say, 10 entries? (Including double entries). These challenges I join for fun, not for the goodies ;).

      • Actually it is set up to automatically pick a winner at random via inlinkz. Most do play just for fun. This months theme may in fact be a crap shoot lol 🙂

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