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And Bister.

Or more unposted cards, the main theme binding these is the colour blue.

First up, is a Sea scene for my neece, made it back in August for her birthday. Mintgreen is her favourite colour so I tried to match it and make a card int htat colour. The stars are stamped with a handmade stampset of Le Petit Prince, the dolphin is a diecut, as is the wave. The mermaid is Chocolate Baroque, and the fish and swirls are Designs By Ryn.



Daqadoodles140822vr015644  Daqadoodles140822vr015708


Next is a lady from a clearstampset called Vintage Ladies from? (Could be anyone…). The butterflies are the result of stamping with a stencil (The stencil name is the latin name for butterflies and moths, from TCW). (or rather, having used them for another card and then reverse stamp onto plain cardstock). Ofcourse it wasn’t all this blue after using the stencil, so I filled it up. Love the dreamyness of it, like thoughts in butterfly-form.



Condoleance cards are needed sometimesas well. In the announcement card they spoke of setting sail, of a last journey. That is why I made this card.



The brother of the deceased died about a week later, so they didn’t depart on the small rowboad departed on the announcement, I pictured them departing on a big ship. The stamp is from a clear stamp set from Viva Decor.Daqadoodles150107wo07595487



On to a happier card: My sister had gotten a job! (yes, these cards are from december/january 2015.)Daqadoodles141122za16135604

She would start a job on the postal office of a large organization, hence the mail related stamps.


The postage stamps are from Whimsy stamps, as is the die to cut them out. The Post Card text is Viva Decor (I think?), the pens from De-Stempelwinkel, the letters are .. erhm… the same line as the art deco dancers and urban stamps, chronology…

The heart is from Hearfelt creations, on the background I used various clearstamps from Christina Renee and the teacups are from Pixi Glade stampset from …(does it matter? If you want to know, just ask, it’s not too much trouble to look it up if someone is curious. But if people are not, then why bother, right?).Daqadoodles141122za16112201


It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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