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Goodbye Lullabye – Part 2

See my previous post for what this is all about.

Here are some before and after pictures. The ones wrapped in foil is when it’s just been wrapped, the other ones is 6 hours later in the morning unwrapped (the youngest was awake very early, so short night… decided to craft a bit :P)


This is the right cardstock in the picture above, but turned 180 degrees.




This is the left linencardstock in the above picture.




Theupper right card turned counterclockwise 90 degrees. You see what can happen when you take of the foil while the paint/paper isn’t dry yet. I didn’t mind a lot, as it was fixable and created some more light space to stamp on.




I only wrapped these in foil partially.


This is the right card. The paint is shining more where the foil has been.

Back to last night, as I wasn’t done then.


As I often forget that the size of the paper where I stamp the images on will be smaller then the card size due to matting it on other papers, I precut it to the desired shape this time. I often create the background first and then trim the paper to size, but I end up not wanting to cut through pretty spots etc…I had planned on throwing out the cutoffs, but I had some paint left so I swiped them through it. Didn’t have enough paint left ofcourse to cover the strips properly so I added some more paint and pushed the papers around. I thought I might use the strips on the cards. Painty fingers is the result.



When cleaning out the brushes I got this… and *sigh* ofcourse I thought it looked nice and could be used for another card, so I saved it….

So, the brushes are cleaned (picture taken at 21:17hrs), the cards are drying. Read Ryn’s blogpost. Get inspired to make something of the other backgrounds (see previous post). Think: Oh, 10 more minutes, just going to try it out for a bit. Nothing too elaborate.


2 1/2 hours later:


Sprayed with ink, but this time I had thinned it (mister, water, spray the inkspray into the mister, shake, spray on a kitchen towel, and use). So it was a bit lighter. Spray abundantly, and add salt to it, it will absorb the moist and create lovely random patterns. The salt had been used before – I wonder if it will still work as good. The piece is still lying on top of the piano, I haven’t checked it yet. (Yes poor family, every surface here is used… coffeemachine, piano..



I don’t think I have used thinned ink on this one. I applied a coat of modpodge on it, you can still see the milky parts of it. This acts like a kind of resist. Stamping with water based ink isn’t possible, but stazon will work. And gesso and paint ofcourse.



The celltheory stencil was stamped on this one previously, and now I had replaced it and sprayed it lightly with the thinned orange ink, it really contrasts with the green. I’m still not sure how this one will end. I’ve used Ryn’s stencil here (the pink bits) nd a rose stencil. (orange and green bits).


A closeup. It looks interesting now, but where to go from here? I added modelling paste through the stencil onto some of the roses after taking this picture.



The bottle allready was almost empty, really! Only 1/3 of a glass in it left… Anyway, I used stencils on stencils (although the paper in the middle is really the last scrap paper where I pressed the stencils on before cleaning them. I’m not sure if I’m going to use that one. Then again, why not?



And the red pepper one with the thinned poisoned jade and turqoise one. It looks like it’s giving off light. I’m not used to working with neoncolours, don’t even like them, but this will be another challenge for me, to work with these colours.

At 23:30u, it was time to clean up and go to bed. I I had known I’d be up at 05:15 the next morning I would have gone to bed sooner…




7 thoughts on “Goodbye Lullabye – Part 2

  1. I love these backgrounds Debbie, thanks for the link to Ryn’s blog, I’m now following her too 🙂
    I’m sure your cards and gifts will be treasured, and I hope that your daycare problem is soon sorted.
    Alison x

    • You didn’t know about Ryn yet? She’s wonderfull! Both as a person, and as a designer, her stamps are really of a very high quality (very thick rubber!) and here designs are gorgeous. Love her stencils too.. (yup, I’m a fan…)
      Thanks for the visit 🙂
      Oh the daycare problem is sorted, I forgot to mention that indeed…

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