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Goodbye Lullabye – Part 1

Our children’s daycare center stopped abruptly in March. At Thursday, there were rumours that the inventory was for sale on an auction site (auction date would be next Tuesday), with the tax agency as the .. what do you call it… seller? At Friday we received a mail from the management that all was fine, the invconenience had been taken care of. (I wouldn’t call this an inconvenience though… I would call a tax agency selling my stuff a problem..). The daycare center would be open on Monday.

Monday, 16:00hrs, we get an e-mail: They hadn’t been able to completely resolve the problem, and had to close as of the next day.

Both parents and staff were completely unaware and uninformed of any problems, the staff heard the news the same time as the parents, so there were many tears that Monday. They didn’t even had an opportunity to say goodbye to the kids properly, or to say goodbye to the kids who didn’t come on Monday.

The financial troubles were because of mismanagement of the owners. Whatever the reason, sometimes daycare centers have to close. But the way this went is unacceptable (altouhg it’s better to accept then to be angry about it, nothin can be changed now). Financial troubles don’t arise from one day on another, so there should have been plenty of time to inform people, so staff could look for other jobs, parents for other daycare centers, and a farewell party could be organized for the staff.

That evening I felt I should do something, this didn’t feel right. I’m not very active on facebook, but I made an exception for this, I started a group solely for the parents and employees at that daycare center.
It was much appreciated, and the first two weeks many (emotional) messages were posted. But also, we wanted to say goodbye properly to the staff. Two dates were chosen (as not everyone was available on one day). Today was the second date, a weekend day.

I knew I wanted to get the staff something, but what? I thought it would be great if some parents would get a gift together, as it could be a bigger gift. As it was busy here, (youngest of 9 months was quite ill of the chickenpox and the middle one wasn’t feeling very well either), I didn’t think about it again untill last Thursday. I managed to get in touch with most of the parents who would come today, and got some together who wanted to share a gift.

Yesterday I went shopping for some flowers, I ha d actually wanted to get a large Vergeet-me-nietje/Forget-me-not in a nice bsaket/pot, but there were only 3 miserable looking plants left in the gardencenter. So on to search for something else.

I settled for these cute baskets and an insecthotel:


I wrapped them up as good as I could (I am not good with the plastic foil). That was finished at 16:00ish yesterday.

Then the cards. On Thursday (or was it Friday?) I had started making the background . Only indoor pictures as it was evening. I wanted big cards, A5 sized. As it was for 8 ladies, I decided to make 4 and 4. (4 of one colour, 4 of another colour). And ofcourse the excess ink was used for another print, which I ended up liking more then the positive stnecil image which you can see on the back of the table. This is our dining table. We clearly need a bigger one.


I had fun with the stencils and ink. But the colours… they were too bright. I didn’t have the gifts yet at that point so had nothing to match it with. They didn’t fit taking care of babies, caring for children. I needed to tone it down a bit. So I put this aside, and started anew, this time for normal A6 sized cards as I realized A5 sized cards would be more difficult to finish on time as there is more space to fill.

So smaller, and other colours. Pink and blue, but I didn’t have that in sprays, so I chose acryllic paint and the kitchen foil technique. I used linen cardboard for a more interesting texture.


I was too lazy to use a plate for the paint so I applied it directly to the paper. Put some randomt splashes of paint on the paper. As the bundled sage didn’t have a small opening (paint dabber top), I put it down hard on the right piece of paper.


Next, put the papers together, press and twist it a bit, and open up to see the effect.


Put your papers on top of eachother in different ways, up side down, tilted, untill there’s hardly any white left.


The pink ones are almost ok here, maybe a bit too much of the old rose colour. The blue one hasn’t mixed well, and I am missing the baby blue a bit. (Didn’t have that ready in a bottle so I’m going to have to mix).


That is also quite simple, add white paint, take a brush and mix. Added some white paint in the middle too.


A little lighter pink also on the left card, and the right cards have “kissed” allready. You can see spots of paint on the lower white cards and my brush on them, but that’s ok as they will undergo the same process. Funny, only now I think: Why didn’t I just start with the bottom ones? Probably because I did most of it standing so the ones further away are easier to look at (instead of straight down) and they where closest to the paint.


Spray the cards a bit with glimmermist / perfect pearls (not too much as it might get too shiny which distracts from the image). I used only a tiny bit and sprayed more with water.  Wrap in kitchen foil and wrinkle it a bit. You can see the front cards are being made ready for kissing.


Here I turned on the flash – I find it is sometimes somewhat annoying when working with glimmering/reflecting surfaces so I had turned it off for the other pictures. I love the colourblends allready.


Now leave to dry on a flat space. I didn’t have enough space, had to put them away so my children wouldn’t grab them, so I stacked them and put them on the coffeemachine as the top is warm.

The coffeemachine is something we can’t do without anymore… I’ll take a picture of our beloved device:



As there’s quite a few pictures in this post allready, I’ll go on and make another post with part 2, the unwrapping…


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Lullabye – Part 1

  1. How kind of you to do that Debbie! And that while your own children are not feeling well and you must be busy as a mum of 3. I can imagine it must have been a shock to hear this sad news in such a short time! I am curious about the unwrapping too so I will watch part 2! Take care, Mirandaxx

    • During the day it was busy – on Tuesday morning I though I’d be able to get to the bottom of the laundry basket. But with all the throwing up and dhiarrea of the youngest… the washing machine was running non stop and still the baskets aren’t empty! On Thursday the middle one was at the daycare, oldest at school, so only the youngest at home. He had short naps during the day, didn’t feel well at all, but during those naps I had some much needed time for me. (which also is, sit behind the pc). In the evening all kids were sleeping early, so around 9 I could go crafting :).

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