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Unfinished, “not entirely right” or failed cards – Part 1

Part 1 , as I think many more will follow. Some allready have preceded this post, but I thought I should dedicate a post about them.


I had hoped the tree would be less visible throught hte fairy. Or that the colours would be less transparent. Didn’t feel like stamping a new fairy on other paper and glue it on top. The tree in the middle is made from stamping a Chocolate Baroque stamp (bark) twice. The branches on the left and right are actually trees from The Stempelwinkel. The fairy anfish scales are from Designs by Ryn.

Hmmm getting an idea now, what if I cut out the fairy out of this card (maybe except the wings) and use that image on another card? And then also stamp the fairy onto another piece of paper and put it in place of the previous one.. Hmmm…


This one, not entireyl right, stamping is too light. So added more layers, including a tag. And then modelling paste. And inka gold – ancient gold.

The left corner stamp is from Kaisercraft, the bird is from Crafter’s Companion. The text stamp is from Art Specially, and the keys from Chocolate Baroque. I used a die from sizzix, Tim Holts dots stencil and Finnabair Harlequin stcil. The milled lavender is crackle paint. The texture around the text is made with modelling paste, I just put some down and put the palette knife on top and pulled it straight up. Last is, as said, the inka gold Ancient gold paint. Oh on the tag is also the backgroundstamp from crafters companion (the berries).

Daqadoodles150411za114508009 Daqadoodles150411za114517010 The texture looks interesting, but the colours and images… it’s just not working right. e I should try spraying it all with ink? Cover the tag, spray the rest with ink, wipe the ink off the gold bits. Think that would bring it all together more?

Next: colour mismatch. Was supposed to be an entry for 2abe8-cbc_05


It dave the colours from the challenge, but does it work this way? noooo. Reason? Two contrasting colours are equally present. Usuly it’s prettier to use them as accents rather then main colour, it takes over the scene. Adding crackle paint on top of it didn’t make it better, nog yet on this picture but it will show a bit further down on another picture.


Next isn’t exactly a fail, it’s just a card I don’t know what to do with. I’t’s not really my style, it’s not my colour, I’m just not about this card. Maybe a card for teen?Daqadoodles141212vr17061805

I used up sssscraps here. The center heart is a mod melt. I used an old Chocolate Baroque stamp below, and roman letters/latin stencil from TCW on the top half. The purple flower leaves are punched out leaves, and the center pink is also from a punch.  Some more stencilling can be seen on the purple background card.Daqadoodles141212vr17082106

Another card that was good but is now mwah, started with a tag.Daqadoodles150208zo130623013

I had been playing around with a stencil and loved scottish squares effect and tried to recreate it on this tag. I didn’t get the same look but it looked nice. I added the new crackle paint (do you have that too, when you get something new and want to try it out, you just grab something it doesn’t necessarily match with and apply it without having an idea of what to use it for, just because you want to try it?).


The crackle looks nice. But now some stamping. I chose a dancing couple, and liked the result. I used some scrap paper (yellowish background), stamped the text, and added crackle paint to make it match the tag. I tore the bottom of to make it look more old. That is why I made holes in the tag to, it’s sort of to symbolize the passing of time. Hence also the background, I think that also was a scrap piece which is covered in ink, then paint, then probably paint again, and another colour paint.

The card would look better if I hadn’t made the holes in the tag. Still then it would be uncomplete. What do you think, should I add some sort of embellishment? What? and where? A ribbon? In what position?



On to some backgrounds still waiting to be used, this is not nearly all my background stash though:Daqadoodles150411za114241004

The above backgrounds are from hen I just got the cuttlebug. I played with inking the embossing folders, I love the vintage look of the colours. But what next? I think the three cards with the corner embossing could be done with nice stamp. (Oh btw, I see I forgot to rotate the image… left side is the bottom). But the others… I guess it will be stamping on another pand lace on top, or make a card of diecuts?Daqadoodles150411za114307005

Other embossing folder backgrounds. I can’t stamp on them so they lay around for quite a while. You can see I tried some inka gold on the purple card. The pink card (now gold and nikkel) gave me an idea, what if I highlight some honeycombs in a molecule pattern? (This is a molecule pattern, I thought of it after this). Then decoupage a tissue paper with a stamped sentiment on it, and the card is sort of ready. (Sort of…) What to do with the guitars background? You can see I did some colouring allready, trying to make it look better. Still don’t know how to go on from here. Obviously a teenager or childrens card. The bottom right was a piece of paper where I scraped off the leftover paint. Challenging to make something from it 🙂


Top left: stencilstamping. The contrast between the leaves and the white should be reduced to bring out a (future) stamped image more I think. Middle: left over ink and some stencilling with paint. beneath it also some left over paint. Next to it a cut out embossed piece of cardstock. Maybe make it gold?

Middle left: new Clarabelle stamps, arbre et oiseaux (or something similar, trees and birds). Too much stamping on top of eachother. There’s a red bird in there too. I should stamp it again on another paper, cut it out and glue it over the stamped image. Then the card is nearly done as it has it’s focus point. Middle wooden floor: that was a white piece of paper, brushed corduroy and some walnut stain distress paint swiped over it, then a clarabelle background stamp. It looks great!! Now to finish it – still many possiblitties. A tag with a word, finish it with some typography like a big “hello” – makes a nice men’s card. Or die cuts?

Next the sunrays from an embossing folder  from Tim Holtz. Also for that previously mentioned colour challenge, you can see the fairy card next to it.

Bottom left: Clarabelle wood floor stamp onto green cardstock. I think I’ll swipe some brown over it and seehat it will be. It is stamped with brown ink, so not sure if it will be very visible still after it. THen some blue coloured bit, a robothead in a jar (vivalasvegastamps).Daqadoodles150411za114320006

Left two cards: Kitchenfoil technique and leftover paint smeared out with plenty of water. Right: stencilling and trying out the megaflakes from indigo blue. The peacock didn’t show up as well as hoped, else it would have been a great card. What to do with it now? Try to highlight it by masking it and darkening the background? I think that might work. Chipped saffire or jeanscolour blue.Daqadoodles150411za114116001

Now here you see 3 bits of very well succeeded background, the top right actually is a card allready. I decided not to stamp on it as it was pretty as it was. How is it made? Cut offs of cards, then glued on an A5 sheet of cardstock with decoupage glue, and also added it on top to make it look more smooth. Bottoom A5 sheet is done with non patterned cutoffs mostly, and I added some letters to it when decoupaging it. I don’t like the blue /letters on it. The right bit is painted with brushed pewter and some brown inka gold, it looks ok. But what next? And the blue left bits, change those colours as well?

Feel free to brainstorm with me about these cards!


edit: last one is altered into



7 thoughts on “Unfinished, “not entirely right” or failed cards – Part 1

  1. Wow! I love a lot of your backgrounds. 🙂 I have a lot of stencils but never use them which is probably due to not knowing how to really use them. I should experiment with them more and perhaps watch a YouTube video or two. Thank you for he inspiration. 🙂

    • Stencils are fun and quite easy to work with. Sometimes it goes wrong, but you’ll learn from it. Stencils are great for a background. A simple technique is to use a light colour for the background, then place the stencil and use the same colour again so it’s just a bit darker where the stencil is. The stencil will still be in the background and not overtake the whole scene, unless that is what you want. You can also, while the stencil is still down, add a darker colour in a corner of th card so the motif of the stencil stands oud more. And then finish with a stamp and a sentiment. (Isn’t that great, giving advice on how to use stencils beneath a post where you just showed how it didn’t work out? :p).

  2. These are so awesome Debbie. Now I want to make ATCs lol I really love the watercolor effect ones. I think watercolors are my favorite medium of any. They can be light or dark, strong or subtle… very versatile. I also love the fairy and the tree. The colors are beautiful.

    And now something I read in your Bio… you game? lol Which games do you like? Curious, because I game too. We’ll have to compare and see if we like any of the same ones ;P

    Though, honestly, with six children between us, I’m not sure how either of us has time for more than mommy-duties in a day! I think you should give yourself a serious high-five for getting so much art done ❤

    • Thanks 🙂
      Games… It started with Darkstone, at the time of Diablo 1. Also played Warcraft a lot, C&C, Ages of empires. Those kind of games. And then there was World of Warcraft, played that for 6 years since the launch, after that some various games but never one as long /dedicated as Wow – wouldn’t want that and couldn’t do that, indeed because of the 3 children. Lord of the rings online, the secret world are ones I played a bit more. And then there’s the steam games, I love the (cheap) indie ones. Some titles I played a lot: minecraft, terraria (those two are fun to return to once in a while), Avencast. Don’t have time for mmorpg’s anymore, and games need to be “pause-able”. All due to a changed life ;).
      I craft when the kids are to bed or sometimes when they are watching a movie (especially at times when they are tired and one needs to go to sleep during the day but is starting to skip sleep – that’s the time for movies). It’s something that relieves my stress, so every once in a while I really need to craft to “meditate”. Yes, we’re used to 4 bins full of dirty laundry, 4 bins of clean laundry, and empty closets :P. And I don’t iron, hate ironing….So not a spottless house here, that happens every once in a while but usually it’s a mess. So not sure if that is worth a high-five – but I am happy to be able to craft / do something for myself on a day!

      • Oh, the messy house is SO worth a high five! I’m there too… 3 boys, two teens and a 10 year old, all homeschooled. So they NEVER leave the house!! lol

        We’re gamers too. All of us, so it works out and doubles as some quality time together too. The boys are playing Smite right now, and I’m completely addicted to Minecraft. Have our own server and everything… I did play Dark Age of Camelot, and would still if time and money permitted (I’m not okay with paying a fee every month for the gaming, so if it’s not free or cheap…) We love the Steam Indie games too. In fact, almost anything from Steam is a safe bet.

        MC really relieves my tension, and satisfies this need I have to build things. I play with monsters off – because hello, 3 kids in real life is enough monster time for me lol. I like to get a LOT built. I would call what I have on my current map a Kingdom ;P

        Time for some laundry here too ;)) Enjoy your week Debbie! xx

  3. Hi Debbie. You mentioned this post on my blog. Did you ever work more with these cards?

    For the first one, I think re-stamping and coloring the fairy on fresh paper, fussy-cutting it and pasting it over the card would be best. Same color scheme and everything, it just needs to be more clearly visible as the focal point.

    The second one I don’t think can be saved. Sorry. Just blotchy stamping, and it’s cluttered and unbalanced. That’s OK, some things can’t be saved, but hopefully you learned something through the process.

    The third one, with the unbalanced color scheme, I think would look good if you dismounted the panel with the stamping, and mounted it on a more neutral card base, like kraft maybe. That would ground and tone down the color scheme.

    The busy pink card, with all the layers of embellishments and flowers, looks more like it would go to an older lady than a teen, to me. You may not like it, but someone else may like it just fine.

    I think the card with the dancing couple is good as is. It’s important to know when to stop, too. I got some advice from a mixed-media artist — stop before you really think it’s done. If it feels unfinished to you later, you can go back and add a layer, but let it rest for a while and see how yo like it when you come back to it.

    For the various backgrounds, I usually cut them down a bit so the edges are all neat, layer them on a complementary colored card base, then add a fussy-cut corresponding stamped image, some embellishments, and/or a sentiment on a banner or tag. Keep the focus on the “background” itself.

    I quite like the decoupaged background that you have made into a card, but I don’t like the blue one with the random letters. Can you peel the letters off?

    One of my favorite things with cardmaking is when I can take a failed element from one card or project and use it successfully on a later one. I have a bag in my craft rooms of stamped images and background panels that didn’t work when i first used them, and occasionally i go through it and see if I can use something for my current work. It’s always a triumph when I do. I hope you can have the same success with these! 🙂

    • Thanks for your elaborate reply!
      I agree on the first card, and that the 2nd card is failed. I won’t throw it out- I like to keep it around as reference of failed things. Same with the 3rd one, it’s a fialed one, even when dismounted. I just don’t like the purple colour, I haven’t found a way to work well with it yet. With backgrounds I indeed cut away the edges, sometimes mounting them onto other paper before mounting it on a card, sometimes I cover the whole card with it. I think using diecuts or cut out images works good with them indeed. (I just don’t like fussy cutting – it takes up too much time :p)
      As for the blue one with the letters: I don’t like that one either. The pewter and bronze one next to it was part of the blue one, the same colours, and this was my experiment in saving it – recoloring it and making it more metal looking. It looks better like that, maybe add a robot/gears to it as a finish.
      I to have a “recycle” bag, sometimes I’ve learned things along the way (or got tools) that allow me to save alter or use the “not entirely right” thing.

      Hmm I might have used the metal plate one allready with the robot on it… I have so search for a picture later, think it’s on my phone as I forgot to take one at home.

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