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Shere Khan in the jungle

Not sure about this card. Closeup it looks better then from a distance, due to the colours I think. It does look like a moist indian jungle, filled with heavy scents and lots of plants. This was the atmosphere I intended for it. Maybe with a different backing card… At least I used up some scraps again, as the backing card came from my stash, made it a few years ago even when I just started cardmaking I think! I did add some distress stains to it to get more of a camouflage/jungle look.



The background was made earlier with bister. I made several backgrounds then and this is the first card made with these backgrounds.

This is my third entry for Designs by Ryn Customer Creation Challenge of April.

Stamps/materials used:

  • Tiger – Sheena Douglas Crafters companion
  • Text – Sheena Douglas Crafters Companion
  • Leaves – Designs by Ryn
  • Patio Stone (in the red/orange/yellow background) – Designs by Ryn
  • Foam swirl stamp used on the background card.

Here are some other cards I made about half a year ago but I think have never showed.

They started out as scraps, as I had just received these fishes stamps and wanted to try them out. I stamped it on a long strip of blue/green paper, and then decided to play around with it. I cut it up in 3 or 4 scenes, but didn’t take pictures of all the finished cards I think. I know at least one card I gave to my mother for her to use as a birthdaycard for someone.

Daqadoodlesscan07 Daqadoodlesscan08

This one was made later, starting point was the turtle which I hade made a while ago with a background of alcohol inks onto the backing paper which was on the stamp when it arrived.Daqadoodles150121wo121942012

Watch out for my next post, it contains some cards/half finished cards that are failed or just not right!

4 thoughts on “Shere Khan in the jungle

  1. I think the jungle card works really well – I really get that sense of lush greenery and humidity.

    And your fishy cards are absolutely beautiful – great work!
    Alison xx

    • Thanks for your visit and comment! Eventhough the fish cards started as scraps/testpieces (hence the stencilling/background showing through them), they were becoming too un-scraplike to just discard in the process of trying out the stamps. I hope there never is a challenge that says you have to use everything you use, e.g. no waste for about a year. I’d totally grab the challenge and try to make projects/cards out of leftover materials.

  2. A jungle card! Like the way you coloured the leaves. Looks like you’re having fun with the fishes too. Neat layering behind the aquatic plants. Thanks for entering in this month’s challenge 🙂 Talk soon.

    • Thanks 🙂 Personally, I’m not drawn to the sea or water. I prefer forests, where a fairy can hide behind any tree…
      But somehow, in cardmaking, the underwaterworld is a lot of fun and for me easier to do then forestworlds.

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