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Fate, coincidence, chance and possiblity.


What a month it was… at the thursday 12th of March we received a message our daycare facility might be in financial trouble, as their inventory was put up for auction. On Friday, we received a message that the inconvenience was solved. On Monday, when the kids were at the daycare, we received a mail in the afternoon that they hadn’t been able to solve it, and that they would close their doors from the next day on.

Staff was in tears, they hadn’t been informed before either, it was as big a shock for them as it was for the parents. So we had to search for another daycare facility straight away. Call it luck, profecy, fate: we allready had searched for another daycare (much more focused on outdoor and natural living) and had just informed the daycare a week before that all our children would stop at their daycare in April. (The oldest will be going to school and the others to the other daycare). We could start sooner at the other daycare, but our oldest wasn’t signed up there so we kept him at home. My sisters and parents helpd when they could.

For the oldest we were still busy arranging after school care. Through the new daycare we had heard of an outside afterschool care (that means, children are mostly outside and not inside). I think a week before we heard the news of the daycare going out of business we went to visit the outside afterschool care. It was great! We loved it! It wasn’t certain when they would start as it was a new service at that place. It depended on the amount of children signing up.

We had signed up with a big company too, just in case. We had a look there and it was ok. We got the papers but were still in doubt. My mom said: take the chance and wait, things might turn out good. So we declined the big company’s offer, and hoped the outside afterschool care would soon start.

So the week of 16th of March was quite emotional and busy, moms birthday on the 17th, and I had started a facebook group for those involved with the old daycare. Staff was very upset, parents were upset and children were upset. We didn’t get a chance to inform our children, thank the staff properly, or even to say goodbye between staff and children. On Thursday my sister asked: what do you do with you birthday? I was: hmm I don’t know yet. (I thought I still had plenty of time to decide). Suddenly it dawned on me: oops, it was my birthday that weekend! Ah well, let’s celebrate it together with my son. Easier that way.
But T. had wanted to make a birthday cake for my mom and was very disappointed when we didn’t have time to make it. She celebrated it on friday, and we hadn’t been able to make a cake in the morning (or rather, I didn’t felt like making it with the way my children were behaving hten). In the afternoon, when we said we would leave to grandma, he was very very sad that we couldn’t make a cake in 10 minutes. So on saturday, we set out to make a cake for grandma. As my mom had allready celebrated her birthday, we agreed that she would come eat it at our house the next day, which happened to be my birthday ;). To help eat the cake we invited some more relatives to come eat cake.

Busy week at work, busy at home with the kids getting used to the new daycare / being at home with dad (T.). Tiring week, and no proper crafting time.

My partner had taken some time off from work because our oldest was at home now. We had asked the school if T could come practice (going to school) for a whole day as well as the half day he had been going the past 3 weeks. That was ok. We were relieved, as now my partner didn’t have to take this day off as well, the other two days T would be with my sister or mom.

Last weekend I didn’t have time to craft, due to an unexpected but very welcome visit of relatives and an unplanned visit from us to my neece in the caring facility.

Still, all went ok, we can’t complain. A roof above our heads, we can feed and clothe our children and they’re healthy.

Things did turn out ok. The outside after school care will actually start right after our son turns 4 and will go to school! What a coincidence. Or fate?
It might be too much for him to start school and after school care (for 3 days) immediately, so we will sign up for 2 days first. Hopefully they don’t fill up too fast so we can make use of that 3rd day when we need it, I think our oldest will love it.

Two great day/after school places, fitting our attitude in life much more.

Last sunday evening we spotted something. And on monday it was even more obvious: chickenpox! (waterpokken). Ofcourse informed my sister straight away (becaues of the visit to my neece). This also meant T couldn’t go to school last Tuesday and Wednesday unfortunately and my partner still had to take time off. Good thing is, T. will have it behind him and probably will not catch it again, and he had it before school actually starts, and not on his birthday, which is next week.

Plenty of exiting (and sometimes unpleasant) things for our children, so they don’t sleep very well. Last night I don’t think I (and my oldest) slept for more then 2 – 3 hours in one go. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Luckily I had some time to craft monday and tuesday, I really needed it, even in these very very busy times, I just can’t plan ahead for more then two days at the moment, too much going on. But I trust fate. Or coincidence. That all will turn out good in the end. By that I don’t mean that all turns out good according to our plans, but if it doesn’t turn out to go according to our plans, there’s something good in that new situation as well.

I think my thoughts/writing is beginning to be less coherent, as I’m going back through text and chaning alinea places. So as that is beginning, I am ending this post. I actually even didn’t want to make this post all about the past few weeks, was only meant as a small writing before I’d show my second card for Designs by Ryn, but I think I’ll post it in a separate post. I’ll add an unposted card to this post first though, as I like images.

And what a fitting card I found! I made this a month ago, before all this happened… a childrens wagon (Deep Red stamp), a Tim Holtz Sizzix heart, stitch/crosses in the background, a text in the background about imagination and a white paper (a report) flying away in the wind, and the text: Dwell in Possibility.

Daqadoodles150121wo121934011 Daqadoodles150112ma204604003  Daqadoodles150112ma204545002



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