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Altered book – canvas

I especially left the caryons in, as she had seen another crayon art piece and had liked it a lot.

I especially left the caryons in, as she had seen another crayon art piece and had liked it a lot.

With better colours - I loved the card, was fast, quite simple but perfect.

With better colours – I loved the card, was fast, quite simple but perfect.

Made back in August but didn’t take the time yet to blog about it. I still don’t have time, so I’ll just upload lots of pictures I have from it and add coments with the pictures.

The reason for this book was that my best friend got married. Her best man asked everyone to alter a book (e.g. making a simple bookcover, theme was: a dancing couple) and write something for the newlyweds in the book. (I forgot about the last part, was too focused on altering the book!). The type of book could be one you love and thought they ought to read, or an old one to be altered totally.

It was late in the evening, and I was lost. I couldn’t remember the way to the hotel. The streets seemed empty an quiet. Or not? Music… I followed it, hoping to get directions to my hotel. The music was dragging me towards it, beconing me. I turned another corner a weak light come out of a door. That was the origin of the music. I walked to the door and stood in the opening. There was a heavy aroma in the air. It was dark, not much light. There was a light moving, shining . A dancing couple – I can’t remember if there were any other people there, the dancing couple hypnotized me. They seemed oblivious of their surroundings, totally immersed into eachother. The red rose in the hair of the lady, the red dress, the stare of the man.. I don’t remember how long I stood there in the dark untill someone offered me a drink. He guessed I was a stranger here by the way I had been staring at the dancers. I felt a bit embarressed, and said I had never seen people dance like this before. This intimate, close, passionate. What dance is this, I asked.

This, the man said, is the Tango.

I am adding this to the Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge of february: Antiqued.

8 thoughts on “Altered book – canvas

  1. Hello dear Daqa! I take the liberty to call you with your nickname as I feel friendship after this warm comment on my blog (Feather and Steel) which has enlightened my heart! It took me some time to reply and visit you to have a look around on your site. Sorry for that! But what I find here is inspiring and full of positive energy! Thanks for sharing this spirit!
    Greets from Manu

    • Thank you, Manu!
      No worries about being “late” for visiting – life is busy allready as it is, my online activities are greatly reduced since december, so I appreciate it even more if someone takes the time to visit/comment as I often don’t have time to repay the visit.

  2. Hello Daqa! That is an awesome idea good job best man and you for making such a beautiful cover and card! 🙂 I think you should enter this in this months challenge … it so has that antique old world feel and charm to it! 🙂

    • Oh thanks for the tip! I know I’ve been absent a bit lately, only barely managed to enter in two challenges. I often make cards without a challenge, as my main challenge this year is to use up all those cards I started / backgrounds I saved / scraps I have left over. Or at least, use that much of it so it fits in one box again. (Yes, it would fit in 1 big box, but ofcourse I mean a smaller one :P)

      • Oh yes I totally know what you mean! I did have one giant box of paper scraps before we moved that I made myself go through and get rid of a fair amount. Now it I have a smaller box but it is filling up again. I better try to use it up as well. 🙂

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