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Octopus is not alone

One of my latest cards made for the Designs by Ryn january challenge:Daqadoodles013

Made with three stamps from Designs by Ryn:

I made this card onto a background made with bister. I couldn’t quite remember when I made it, as it wasn’t exactly how I usually did it, but it looked quite ok. Then I remembered: my son had made this one. It was an A4 sheet, where we had made on the right side some more greenish colours and a blue river flowing down into a pond. (Use your imagination – he’s 3 1/2). Can you see the river coming from the right of the card, falling down as a waterfall into the pond?

Ofcourse it was me who inked up the corners and edges more after I cut the sheet, as he allready had forgotten about this piece of paper. I found it quite amusing that I had taken a “drawing” of my son and found it good enough to use as background 😛 Ofcourse, I had helped a bit with the bister, and ofcourse you can’t really go wrong with bister (when your mom sprinkles some on the sheet and all you get is a brush and a mister).

I stamped the fish scales on twice with Versafine Smokey Grey first, Then I stamped the octopus, I think with Stazon midnight blue and coloured it with distress paint peacock feathers. Next I stamped the leafy sea dragon as kelp in the corners, colouring it slightly first with distress ink and water, and then going over it with gloss pens, also added gloss gel to the octopus thingies.

Daqadoodles150128wo203930004Took another piece of cardstock, spritzed ink on it with the spritzing-marker-airbrush tool and assembled the card.

4 thoughts on “Octopus is not alone

  1. Lovely card Debbie! Like the combination of all the stamps together and the the glossy effects, warm greet Miranda

  2. What a treasure you found! And what a great little helper you have 🙂

    But do you see what I mean when I say that if we don’t take notes we forget the stuff lol That’s why I need to do the blog post as soon as I finish the project otherwise even the notes I will lose.

    What do you do with those cards? Do you keep them or give them away? I think this would be a great piece to add to a scrapbook page 😉

    • I am keeping them and send or give them when an occasion comes. I should send out random cards more often, not just on special occasions though. I thought about something like and art journal, but don’t know if I’m ready for it yet. Sometimes I start something, then inspiration leaves me and I put it aside, and months later I finish it.

  3. Hey Debbie, hope all goes well for you 🙂 I’m sick with a cold but it’s that time of year. Really like how you continued the pattern in the background and how you used only a part of Leafy Sea Dragon. Great to hear from you as always! Bye for now!

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