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The eccentric Edwardian CASed

Take a look at this blogpost from Florence on her blog Florence and Freddie Part 2.

I liked the card a lot, and CASed it 5 days after her blogpost.


It’s quite an easy card to do. I didn’t have a rectangular die like that, but used a square one and only put it forward through the machine for about three quarters, then ran it back and moved the die to make a rectangle. Only then did I cut the paper with the man to size and inked the edges.


A closeup of the chessboard-palace image. You can see my hand isn’t very steady when drawing lines, and this gelpen draws quite thick lines. My thinner gelpen (from ranger) doesn’t work well. I still have to search for a white pen that makes thin lines.Daqadoodles141108za144117In real life people don’t zoom in that much, only cameras and computer screens do 😛 So at “normal” view it looks good. Love this card, thanks Florence for sharing yours!

4 thoughts on “The eccentric Edwardian CASed

  1. Brilliant!! I love it. I am so flattered that you liked the card enough to case it. Awww! you have really made my day. Thank you.
    Hugs Flo xx
    P.S. Have you thought about sharing your CB makes on CB facebook page.

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