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A quartet of Hugs

Why not start a post about the cards I mentioned in the previous post right away. Too late to start crafting or sewing anyway ;).

My family has gone (is going) through a rough time, so I made some cards for my sisters& their families and my parents.
Made with designpaper! – that was new to me, I find it harder to use as now I have to match my colours to the paper. I also made matching envelopes.
I like these cards. So lots of pictures incoming.

I did post about this card before, but delivered it at the same time as the other four cards.Daqadoodles140812di155614


It was made by stamping an almost solid Chocolate Baroque flower stamp onto the embossing folder and spritz a bit with water, then emboss and ink up the card. The main flower is also a Chocolate Baroque flower which I had stamped three times in three different colours and coloured them differently. Then I covered them with decoupage glue (Mod Podge), let them dry and cut them out. Then I chose the one which fit best.

I think the tag is made in a similar way as the background, but then flattened again by rolling it in my cuttlebugstack. Hmm. I think I did something else there. See, that’s why you shouldn’t postpone posting about projects, you forget some (crucial) details…


Oeh unsharp pictures. No worries, I still have separate pictures!



I stamped on the design paper, coloured it and cut one of the other prepared flowers in pieces and glued it on. Also from my stash is the Chocolate Baroque butterfly. The tag is made by inking it up and then spritzing with water, dab the water off again.


Blue embossed Christina Renee (discontinued) butterfly and iridescent (sp?) gold dewdrop ink on the other parts. Not sure which order I did these things in (you can still wipe ink off embossed parts, so embossing first then adding the gold or the other way around is both possible). Background stamps also from that Christina Renee set. Tag again inked and spritzed with water. All the frame-backgrounds are selfmade too (obviously), mostly by inking up some (white) cardstock and spritzing with water.



I stamped the rosebush with green first, but it wasn’t visible enough so I stamped again in a darker colour. The green shading effect is ok, gives more body to the card and balances well with the big flowers. 2 of the roses are clearembossed on white paper then coloured, the others are stamped with (probably) Stazon and then coloured (and cut out).


Soem cards have decopuage glue on the tag (like the bottom left one), others only got a traced outline with Glossy accents. The cut outs (A little bit magical by Sheena Douglas on the red card, Chocolate Baroque on the blue and green card, Christina Renee butterfly on the yellow card).


I also made envelopes, trying to stamp a bit “messy”. The three pictures below with a coloured label on the envelop are edited slightly, if you look closely you can see I cut and pasted in the middle to hide the names. The “white” label is unedited – hadn’t written a name on there yet. Can you guess which envelope goes with which card?

Daqadoodles140901ma233254m  Daqadoodles140901ma233311m Daqadoodles140901ma233301mDaqadoodles140901ma233341m

Backside of the last envelope, I stamped the flower on the envelop, then stamped on another piece of paper again and cut out and used it to glue the envelop closed.Daqadoodles140901ma233110

The backs of the other envelopes. I see I don’t have a separate picture of the olive/bird envelop, but you’ll see it in the next pictures.Daqadoodles140901ma233157

The tags are still in my stash, as I made an A5 sized background paper with this technique: emboss, rub over it with crayons in several different colours, then ink it while it’s still in the folder, then flatten it in your embossing machine, and then diecut it and ink the edges. Was fun to do.


The four cards, the backsides of the envelopes and the tags.


Front of the envelopes, cards and tags. Doesn’t it look great like that, the matching sets?Daqadoodles140901ma224521

It felt good to make these, using items from my stash and using design paper. The cards were well received too. I still like them now, love the colour schemes. Aah if only there was more time to craft, I’d make another set of four in a similar way!



5 thoughts on “A quartet of Hugs

  1. Love your cards and the sentiment you used very much! I’m sure it made your family smile receiving those cards! Wishing you all the very best! Hoop dat 2015 jullie enkel maar geluk mag brengen…

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