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Some other projects in progress…

…back in August. A key-hanger, decorated letter and a Darth Vader furniture knob.

(I’ve been a bit ill last week, and still very busy with Sinterklaas, now I finally have some time and engery to post what I’ve been doing. Not yet the energy to craft though).

They haven’t changed a lot since the pictures.
First, the more plain projects.

Sleutelhanger / keychain

I decorated wooden “things” to use as sleutelhanger (key-hanger?).


I tested my pyromancy skills (a wood burning tool) – I guess this isn’t the best wood to use it on. Too soft.Daqadoodles140723wo134103

And another lesson: write the text the other way around if you want to hang it by the big hole in the hanger. You can see I made a tag-shaped one earlier, sort of same process using turqoise and copper acryllic paint.


Decorated letter

My next project: decorate a letter for my daughter, to put or hang in her room. She is (now) 2 years old.

This was at the table outside obviously. Just crafting in between toys.


Time to get messy. I had allready glued design paper on the letter, and added some ribbon to the outer edges.Daqadoodles140805di125208 Daqadoodles140805di125217

I’m not sure what I wanted to do, I guess I wanted to try out the colours. They were too vibrant / not matching the design paper so I didn’t use them.Daqadoodles140805di125248

Here is what I used instead.



Gold glitter embossed edges:Daqadoodles140805di133644

These are glued on now (or 2 are) but that’s about it. And it’s standing on the piano, not in her room as we haven’t got a shelve to put it on yet.

Dart Vader furniture knob / pull
Darth Vader knop of handgreep

Now the next project is really cool, I forgot where I got the inspiration from. A Darth Vader furniture knob. (Darth Vader knop.) Could be http://ournerdhome.com/diy-han-solo-cabinet-pulls/.

I had an icecube tray and lots of leftover hot glue (due to me messing with my new mod melts mold and using toouch glue). Making this one used up a lot of glue, much more then the leftover glue I had.

I made just one. If you check out the link, you see that they didn’t put the bolt inside the glue/material. That might look better inside the drawer, I’d have to saw a bit of my bolt off (or accept that there is a part of the bolt sticking out into the drawer). Anyway, this is just a prototype.

Also, if you’d want to make more of these with the bolts in the materials, here are a few tips: take a wooden paintstick, drill holes with a diameter larger then the bolt (but only slightly larger), and glue some nuts on.

Next, turn in the bolts, all approx. the same height. Then put the bolts in the material, making sure the wooden stirring stick doesn’t touch the glue.

The glue stays hot and fluid for some time, but probably not long enough to fill up all shapes and then add the nuts. If it looks like it’s cooling too much, just dip the nose of you glue gun in.

Anyway here was my setup:


The result:Daqadoodles140820wo145843




I painted it with cheap acryllic paint. I should have used gesso first. I didn’t have black, so couldn’t use that. In case you’re wondernig what he hangs into now, it’s the side of my chest of drawers. I drilled holes in the sides and into the drawers and put a dowel in it to prevent my children from opening the drawers (with my hobby materials). The eldest is 3 1/2 now and hasn’t yet noticed how it works, he just ignores the drawers. My middle child (2 now) is occasionally trying out if the drawers open, as sometimes I forget to put the dowels back in place.

So far so good, but there will be a time when they discover how it works.


Oooh I just realized…. if I glue nuts to the inside of the drawer I could use Darth Vader to close them! I might do this after my kids have figured out how the dowels work (push them in the drawer with a pencil) as this guy stands out a bit more then dowels.

For now, the guy is lying around in one of my boxes, waiting for his final treatments and placement. it’s been fun making him. Next time I might try out other materials, although hot glue is something I have in my drawers allready.


It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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