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The Little Prince Birth Theme – Part 2: Gardensign and gifts

My third child is about 4 months and a week old now, (oh how time flies!) and here’s the second update about the designs around his birth. Ofcourse, a picture heavy post.

Part one is mostly about the design of the card.

This one is about the birth announcement sign, which we had placed in our garden, and some gifts for the visitors. Which I ofcourse often forgot to give.

Now, a sign in the garden or on the window is quite common here, so people know a baby has been born. Many people choose a white stork as that bird delivers the baby. But there are no set rules.

I followed the theme I had chosen ofcourse, and made a little planet for my little prince.Daqadoodles8

It was the Wednesday 25th of June, 38 weeks pregnant. I thought it was about time I made the sign. I started by printing out (poster size) the above image, but decided I wanted a bigger prince (or smaller planet) – so I printed the prince and planet seperately. I used the same outline for the planed as I had used on the card.

Next, I taped the pieces of paper together and cut out the shape. I laid the paper over a triplex (or whatever it was) board, and traced the outline. Time for the jigsaw!

I knew the planet would fit from a whole sheet of triplex (let’s call it that), but I had plenty to cut the not-fitting bit from another piece of the sheet.Daqadoodles140625wo101934


Oh, grease on the lens!

Here the prince is cut out, and I am ready to assemble the planet. Don’t worry, I didn’t saw on that table, I used a proper (well, proper…) old foldable workbench for the sawing, and clamped the workpieces to it.

My neece would come to help paint (and for some diversion). Painting things white isn’t very exciting for an almost 11 year old, so I had primed it quickly so it would be dry in the afternoon.

It was quite a challenge to not make the colour evenly across the surface, but we managed.

Daqadoodles140625wo144403 Daqadoodles140625wo144357 Daqadoodles140625wo144345I nearly forgot that we made the prince too then, I did the green clothing and she did his hair. We had the pictures (and the real book) as inspiration.

Next day I added some more details:


Daqadoodles140626do235248   Daqadoodles140626do235302

I also made a wooden banner with the name on it, but ofcourse that was secret untill after he was born. I left space to add the date of birth, but we decided not to put that on, it was good as it was.

A Tim Holtz tattered banners die was my model for the shape of the banner, altering it to fit on the (remains of) sheet of triplex I had. I loved painting it, wanted to give it a pirate-like look. Old parchment, paper… I am happy with the results.

The font is also the IM fell font type (see part 1), enlarged ofcourse.

Daqadoodles140704vr17271518 Hours old. The baby, that is, not my partner or the sign.

About the gifts

It’s quite common here in the south part of the Netherlands to give sweets to the people who came visiting the new born baby (and it’s family ofcourse). Those sweets can be put into a remembrance token – a little knitted sock maybe, with a tag with the babies name.

Ofcourse, I didn’t follow those rules and didn’t use sweets (ok I kind of forgot about adding those, if I would have thought of it in time I would have added them, I’m sure).

While searching Etsy for things to do with the Little Prince I found lovely little charms. So I had to get them and make necklaces / jewelry out of them, and I would hand out those.






But ofcourse, I needed something to put the necklaces in and to add my son’s name. Altered matchboxes! (As seen on the internet).



Inspiration from the internet.

Then, choosing a layout. With or without border, with or without a planet etc.

Edited: The border is taken from a freebie (bird soup aged frame) from Trishia of French Kissed.

I painted the boxes 3 times. Gesso, yellow or bronze, then gold (2 different kinds of gold). I could have saved lots of time by tinting the gesso, but only thought of that after the first batch was done.

When the boxes were gold and shiny (the trays as well) I printed, cut and  glued the little bookcover on it, selaing it with some mod podge decoupage glue.

The result:


I didn’t put the necklaces in it, as I wanted people to be able to choose. So I took an old shoe-rack (from IKEA), drilled lots of screws in it then hung it on the wall and displayed the necklaces there.Daqadoodles140709wo195548


I made even more, the rack was full.


So, I think I made about 40 treasure boxes. And made lots of necklace strands – I didn’t finish them because I wanted to let people choose their own charms – and I handed out maybe 20. I often forgot to hand them out as well and as usual, I made way too much.

Anyone want one?


It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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