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Birthdaycard for 11 yr old girl

A few posts ago I showed you some cards my neece made. Her birthday is the 2nd week of July (11 days after my 3rd child was born).

My card for her was inspired by her own style. Also, she got a kitten for her birthday. My sister never wanted a cat in the house because of the felting and the care for the cat, but now that my neeces older sister is away (she’s the one that had an accident), she ofcourse feels sad and lonely often. So they decided to give her one of the kittens of my other sister’s cat.

Daqadoodles140714ma161516She liked making the flowers, although she found it a lot of work, so I made her floweres too. The heart, letters, 2 types of leaves die cuts and cat are from my stash.

First I made the background.


choose some colours, start with the lightest ones and colour areas. I challenge myself to not make it symmetrical. Take darker colours and blend them over the lighter colour – I didn’t blend the darkest colours a lot with the lighter colours, I kept the “transition” area small.

Next I took my spray bottle – it’s a bottle which sprays quite large drops, which create this great effect. The drops the little misters (e.g. rangers) usually produce are too small for this effect. Perhaps dipping an old (tooth)brush in water and drag across a ruler might produce the same effect. So I spray once or twice, not too much: bigger drops means more water, means more possible damage to the paper. Usually right after spraying I dab the water off the card, by pressing a cloth against it. Don’t wipe!

Let it dry before putting it in an embossing folder. Too wet, and the paper will tear. A little moistness helps prevent cracks in the paper, but that is only a tiny itsy bit, usually if I try to moisten it to reduce cracking/tearing, it still tears but because the paper is weaker due to the moist then. So let it dry.


I had wante dto use this doily heart diecut as well. I had diecut it and coloured it. With an intricate die like this you’re not done in a few minutes – it needed to go through the cuttlebug several times before being cut well, then peel it off carefully, remove/cut away any parts that are still not completely loose, clean the die and colour the diecut carefully so ou don’t break it. You can see in the lower right corner a rays embossing folder, and below the paper the flower embossing folder. I had planned to use the rays embossing folder first, hence the rays on the background, but that folder is a bit smaller. So I decided on the flowers.

Daqadoodles140714ma144449The background is embossed. The little butterflies were made earlier, (see previous post, the summer card) and I was checking to see if they would fit here as well. I liked making the large butterflies: it’s a Design by Ryn stamp on the wings, embossed with gold.

The doily diecut is stored – I decided not to use it. Instead, I wanted to use the little floral diecut and make my own flowers.

For the paper flowers I took a strip of paper, coloured it roughly wit hdistress ink and stamped a lovely floral stamp on it – I think it came in a Chocolate Baroque Grab bag.


Every time I make paper flowers I make them out of coloured/stamped paper like this, and I always have to convince myself to really use the paper for diecutting – I love how it looks. Do I really want to cut this up? (This is also why I hardly use patterned paper – I’m afraid to put the scissors/knife in it, as then it’s cut and I can’t use it for something else anymore).

The final assembly:


Very pleased about this card too, very girly and suitable for a sweet, lovely 11 yr old.


Oh I nearly forgot this picture. Here’s what was lying behind me while crafting:

Daqadoodles140714ma144443So small there! Not that he’s huge now, but he is clearly bigger. Start trying to roll over and such. Time goes fast.

It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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