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A collection of cards

Some cards I made since June, some were still not quite finished like the top one and bottom left. The buddha and right one are allready presented in another post.



Here are the two unfinised card finished. I used scraps for those cards, and tried some new/different colours, wanting a summer like rich feeling. Both cards are mediocre, colourcombination could be better / composition could be better. Let’s take a closer look at the cards.Daqadoodles140630ma160252

First, the cards with the Sizzix die cut flower. I first made the purple one, this one:


It was meant as a birthday card, and it’s not finished (not matted onto a card yet). It turned out a sad, melancholic card. (Perhaps because it was only 2 weeks since my neece had the accident, and this was a card for her aunt / my sister.) I wanted the card to give hope, comfort. Fresh rain, to make things grow, to wash away sorrow. But somehow I got a bit depressed, too much purple, and the raindrops were sad, not fresh.

So I started making another background for another flower card.


After having made it, I still got a melancholic feeling. So I started once more anew. I forgot to take a picture at home, but remembered to take one when I had given it to my sister. The picture is takein with a cellphone in the evening, so not the best quality. It happened that I chose the same colours as a bouqeut of flowers she had received!


Just a week or so before her birthday, her contract/job was terminated. While that wasn’t entirely a bad thing, it did make the future a bit more uncertain.


I liked how this card turned out. Blue is the colour of communication, and I used warm, bright and light(hearted) summer/spring colours.

I turned the other background into this:


I think I shouldn’t have added that frame, but it was a scrappiece and I wanted to use them, I decided on using that before I decided on stamping the fairy. It’s more of a spring card, I think it will look best with Spring light shining on it 🙂

2 more cards to go.

The next one is a card I wanted to give a very summer feeling too, so I used lots of intense bright colours. Halfway finished:


Finished, or almost completely finished. I think the blue butterfly was still unattached at this point, as I wasn’t sure about adding it.


Last, one of the best cards of this serie (next to the card for my sister):


The die I used in this and the previous card is very unused still, as I found it hard to use it. In this last card I like how it’s used. Apart from the text and the large background diecut, all pieces were from my leftover stash.



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