Forever Sisters

At the end of June one of my neeces, the younger sister of the one that had an accident earlier that month, came over to my house for some distraction. I was still within my pregnancy leave, so she came when my two other kids were at the daycare. We made cards, ofcourse.

She really inspired me. She was 10 then. (11 now).  I explaind how the Cuttlebug worked, showed her embossing folders and some dies I have. Put the distress inks and sponges on the table, showed her the binders with stamps and then she started.


Isn’t this gorgeous? I don’t think I have used that Eiffel tower myself yet.

Also the next one really inspired me, and showed me a card doesn’t need much to be wonderful. I loved how the sponging ended up, with lighter areas. I messed up with the flowerhearts though – she/we had made the pearls in them with paper pens, and then I put her card in an envelop and pressed it a bit too much while they were still wet… 😦

I gave her some more cut flowers and leaves to take home to finish the card, as she had wanted to make more but assembling and gluing the flowers took some time.

Daqadoodles140625wo171737 Daqadoodles140625wo171756


A few days later I made this card for her sister (who was still in the PICU in the hospital).


As you can see, it was inspired on her younger sisters cards. (pictures taken with bad light late in the evening). I added the shiny swallow as she had seemed to react to some sparkly chain my sister was wearing – glinstering had caught her eye. It was/is a primitive reaction, so no conscious reaction, but enough for me to want to add something shiny/metallic on it. I had dug through my scraps for more to add, and had found an elephant I had allready for a while. It was stamped, coloured, decorated with paperpen, and cut out. Eventually I thought it didn’t fit. I send the card away. After that, my sister posted on facebook a picture of a T-shirt with an elephant on it, which was from her daugher. I think it was dressed on her bear, not sure, but my sister wrote to her daughter something like: “You’re as strong as the elephant on your T-shirt”

Coincidence or not? I felt it wasn’t. I had wanted to use that elephant, which was actually completely out of place – both theme and colourwise, still, I held it at the card, looking for a spot to put it. I really had wanted to use it. When my sister visited unexpected not long after, I gave her the little elephant.


I hoped then, and still do, that my neece is a little rebel, meaning she’ll recover a great deal so she can express her feelings, her emotions, needs and pains. So she can roll, sit, stand, walk all by herself. So my sister can once again hear her voice, so they can once again have conversations.

Ah the time is late, and the mood heavy. Time for bed to wake up fresh and with a lighthearted spirit :).